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to the scene as soon as we get in the air. breaking news this noon hour following the police shooting of an armed man in cheviot. investigators say the three officers involved had no choice when thirty six year old paul gaston pulled a gun from his waistband ... as they commanded him to lie down on the ground. 9 on your side timyka artist joins us live from police headquarters after hearing from police -- who showed us video of the shooting itself. timyka ... we're hearing that gun the suspect had turned out to be an air gun? that is correct. but the mayor and the chief say those officers could not take any chances. they say deadly force was justified as soon as the suspect went for what hey had no other what they thought was a handgun police released this video that shows the suspect reaching for something in his waist band with his right hand they also shared 911 tapes from gaston's girlfriend and
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weapon in the streets..and others who saw him run after crashing his truck near the bp gas station on harrison avenue. less than a block away the man gaston was ordered to ground, he initially complied but the atmosphere quickly changed when he reached inside his waistband here's a first check of your
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right now a twist in the case of a wrong way driver who police say caused a fatal crash.calls to dispatchers show she was likely headed the wrong way on the opposite side of interstate 71 half an hour before the crash. jordan burgess is live at the hamilton county justice center with what her lawyer had to say for her in court this morning. they pointed to the fact she has two young kids.. and hasn't been in trouble before. but the judge still set a bond that will make it tough for her to get out of jail. that driver.. taryn chin.. looked like she was still in shock as she appeared in court a few hours ago.her bond was set at a total of 300-thousand
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vehicular homicide charges against her.right now police are trying to piece together what happened.but 911 calls show other drivers reporting a van going south in the northbound lanes of 71 just before 2:30.. starting at the montgomery road exit.but the fatal crash happened on the other side of the interstate.. chin was going north in the southbound lanes when police say she hit and killed jose arenas.. who was headed home from work at cintas.and that crash happened about half an hour after those first reports.. and about eight miles further police will have determine if that was chin.. and if so how she got turned around to go in the wrong direction a second time after these initial calls. minivan just got on exit 12 rolling southbound in the northbound lane on 71." 71." it's a white minivan and actually you know now i'm up to montgomery road so they
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according to court documents chin said she had 4 or 5 drinks and shouldn't have been driving.police are also testing her because they believe she may have been using drugs as well.reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. also in court today... a man who police say pointed what they believed was a 'gun' at an officer. officer.this man here...christopher laugle... is accused of pointing what looked like a real gun directly at the face of a mount healthy officer last month.police say that gun turned out to be fake. this morning his attorney says it was a misunderstanding.laugle was arraigned on two thousand dollars bond for a menacing charge. a man is recovering from serious injuries after police say he drove off the road and hit a power pole. pole.investigators say he was trying to beat traffic go get onto an on ramp to roosevelt boulevard from university in middletown last night.the impact of the crash left him trapped in the car.he had to be flown to the hospital by helicopter.police say they believe speed is most likely a
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the charges against an ohio man accused of stalking actress gwyneth paltrow have been dropped. the actress broke down in tears when she took the stand last week, saying letters from dante soiu scared her - but the jury says it wasn't stalking. he testified that he just wanted a pen pal, and didn't mean to hurt or harass paltrow.he was accused of sending 66 letters and packages to paltrow in recent years. he has spent time in a mental institution after sending the letters. goodbye snowballs. hello fastballs!reds pitchers and catchers report today! today!this is a look at last year's spring training .,.. they'll hold their first workout in good year arizona this afternoon ... this is unlike any other reds spring training in a long time ... a lot of new faces ... no aroldis chapman or johnny cueto.instead as many as 10 pitchers will be competing for a starting spot. the reds are coming off their worst season since 1982. so we'll be watching to see how they bounce back. check out wcpo dot com for stories on what to
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next at noon!apple is standing behind its decision to protect your security. but could it cost you your safety? a new look at the battle between apple and the fbi. a 2 year old goes missing in ohio.. and police find her crawling in the snow.what sparked the massive search.. and what the toddlers parents are saying now. winos rejoice. it's your day to indulge!coming up at noon-- a surprising health benefit to drinking wine before bed. you're watching 9 on your side
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we're learning more about a bombing in the capital city of turkey yesterday ... that killed 28 people and injured 61 more. more.the turkish prime minister says the person behind wednesday's deadly blast in ankara is a syrian national who has links to a
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according to the semi-official anadolu news agency.he also said the turkish military has launched airstrikes targeting "top figures" in that kurdish group in northern iraq.rubble from the site of the explosion is still being removed. more now on that big battle between the fbi and apple.. as customers rally in support of the company.. some legal experts say apple, refusing to unlock a terrorist's iphone, sets up an extraordinary legal fight with implications for consumers and digitial privacy. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with more. the white house wants apple to do what a california judge ordered.. hack into the i- phone used by that terror suspect in the san bernardino massacre and help investigators get some answers. josh earnst, white house spokesperson: "they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new backdoor to one of their products. they're simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device."marco rubio,
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"ultimately, i think being a good corporate citizen is important."while some of the republican hopefuls are siding with the obama administration. . these apple customers disagree.mos woman: "what apple's doing is standing up for all of our security." charlie furman, apple consumer "it's easy to imagine malicious hackers or identity thieves or really any number of people trying to gain access to it."and apple is standing firm, vowing to appeal. ceo tim cook saying: "the implications of the government's demands are chilling." adding that the software is quote .."something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create.".. arguing- if they find a way to break into *that* phone, they'll be able to then break into *any* phone.seth berenzweig, attorney, berenzweig leonard: "apple's made clear it's going to fight..i can guarantee you whoever loses that battle is going to appeal. this may end up in the supreme court." on-cam tag:legal experts say.. this really is a landmark case and now.. microsoft and google are also weighin in.. saying they're with apple on this one
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goverment back doors into your devices. eh, abc news, ny. a toddler missing for hours.. is found alive in the snow. how police found the two year old.. and how she's doing now. plus-- he tried to rob a pharmacy.. and it went horribly wrong when a professional boxer witnessing
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon short forecast tease.i'll have the complete check of your nine first warning forecast in about two minutes. happening today... a special job fair centered on the tri- state's youth.'s taking place this afternoon in newport... at the campbell county public library. employeers from more than a dozen local companies are looking for workers between the ages of 16 and 26.they're hoping to fill part-time, full-time and summer positions. there are new details right now about a missing two- year-old girl who was found alive in a town near cleveland ...she was found crawling in the snow. reporter sarah phinney has been following the story and has the latest from
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it's the ending everyone hoped for the toddler clutching a fbi agent.alive and well. ending hours of concern. "she's just a tiny little baby we need her to come home!!!" (old grandma sound) k9's, choppers, officers and deputies searched the area surrounding family's lorain home hundreds of volunteers gathered nearby. word spreading on social media reaching andrew tornabene (torna-bean) who was taking a different route home... when he spotted something. "i just threw my car in park threw the hazards on and she put her arms up and grabbed me." outlines of her tiny hands and feet visible in the snow at north jefferson and missouri about a half mile from her house. "i kept telling her i'm ambulance ride reunion possible. "thank you lord, thank you lord." although grateful- grandmother luann kurta- has concerns. "if
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walking around to talk to her another day. but if someone took her, shame on you." but for now- kurta plans to wrap her arms around the toddler. "it could've turned out several different ways. and by the grace of god. it turned out good." sarah the lorain police department says its investigation is far from over. in lorain, sp, nc5. anchor on cam police tell us the two-year-old girl's body temperature was just a few degrees below normal when she was found. that means she was likely not out in the cold the entire time she had been missing. the investigation centers on what happened to her between the time of her disappearance and the time of her recovery. we are following the story and will keep you updated. police tell us the two-year- old girl's body temperature was just a few degrees below normal when she was we mentioned it earlier here on 9 on your side at noon --
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it's national drink wine day... and coming up-- one more reason to grab a glass tonight. why some say it could
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and we're on the campaign trail.. as the candidates pull out all the stops to grab voters attention. who's in the
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9 on your side is following breaking news in middletown.a chemical spill is being reported at the pilot chemical company on yankee road.those in the area - including students and staff at amanda elementary are being told to shelter in place.crews are working to get a handle on the leak right now. here's an excuse to indulge at lunch is national drink wine day.doctors say it's something that can actually help your health... for instance... moderate drinkers have lower risks for liver disease... type two diabetes... heart attack... stroke and some cancers. and maybe you should save a glass for later tonight ... a new study says drinking wine before bed can help you 'lose weight!'that's straight from scientists at washington state university and harvard.they say drinking at least two glasses before bedtime can
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thanks to a chemical in wine called "reservatrol" ... which helps stop fat cells from gaining more for why you should drink your late night snack ... it's to 'stop' you from snacking! wine makes you feel full .. elminating those calorie-packed pre-bed snacks. next at 12-30!the moments before a man dies at the hands of cincinnati police officers is caught on camera.the new developments today in this deadly officer involved shooting! plus - the woman accused of being drunk and causing a wrong way crash heads to court. what a judge told her this morning. and race for the white house. the new push candidiates are making today for the white house!9 on your side at 12-30 is next!
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9 on your side at noon is tracking breaking news out of middletown ... where a chemical spill has been reported ... 9 on your side reporter jay warren is live in middletown with the latest on this
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we are following breaking news on an officer involved shooting cheviot ...police have released 'cell phone video' that shows the moment a gun. gun.police say they were responding to reports of an armed man waving a weapon in the streets ... they later learned that was an 'air pistol.'witnesses reported seeing 36 year old paul gaston 'run' after crashing his truck near the b-p gas station on harrison avenue.less than a block away is where police encountered gaston ...they ordered him to the ground. he first complied.. but the atmosphere changed when he
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that's when the officers opened fire in ftp. 2-18 police shooting 1230 sotit's with mayor cranley..."i just want there to be a clear, consistent message that when our officers are faced in a situation when their lives are in danger, and someone is not listening to their commands and reaching for a gun, that their lethal action is justified although, unfortunate."runs :16 :16 gaston does have a police record. the mayor says this investigation isn't over just yet. those three officers will remain on leave until further notice a wrong way driver in court this morning.. accused of causing a deadly 911 calls show she may have been driving the wrong way on the opposite side of the interstate half an hour before the crash. crash.that driver.. taryn chin.. had her bond set at 300- thousand dollars on the aggravated vehicular homicide charges against her.right now police are trying to piece together what happened.but 911 calls show other drivers reporting a minivan going south in the northbound lanes
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starting at the montgomery road exit. minivan just got on exit 12 rolling southbound in the northbound lane on 71." 71." it's a white minivan and actually you know now i'm up to montgomery road so they were going pretty fast." fast."by the time of the fatal crash chin had gotten to the other side of the interstate.. police say she was going north in the southbound lanes when she hit and killed jose arenas.. who was headed home from work at cintas.according to court documents chin said she had 4 or 5 drinks and shouldn't have been driving. a tri-state man arrested in a deadly shooting more than a year and a half ago faced a judge this morning.. morning..police say this man... william smith... killed michael hopkins in july of 20-13 in the 900 block of delhi road in sedamsville. another person was also injured in the shooting. he pleaded not guilty this morning to aggravated murder and assault charges ...he was arraigned on a quarter million dollars bond. right now 9 is on your side
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scammers' in kentucky ...the state's attorney general says scammers are calling people ... pretending to be a 'deputy' and claiming there's a federal warrant for their arrest.then they tell people they can fix the problem ... for a price. price.reports of these calls are spiking ... one sheriff says his office gets as many as 50 reports of this scam 'every week'.the attorney general says law enforcement will 'not' contact you over the phone to tell you about a warrant ..and they will 'never' ask you for money to fix it.if you get one of these calls ... you should 'hang up' office. right now president obama is the target of criticism ... over his decision 'not' to attend supreme court justice antonin scalia's funeral on saturday. saturday.instead the white house says the president will pay his respects at the supreme court tomorrow with the first lady.vice president joe biden will attend the funeral.critics say obama's decision is disrespectful to the justice ...while others say it's not uncommon for presidents to skip the funerals of justices.four out of the past seven funerals for
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had either the president or vice president in attendence. marco rubio got a big thumbs up from a popular governor. and donald trump got a thumbs down from a popular pontiff. abc's lana zak has the latest on the race for the white
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next at noon... backing out! what rights you have if you are trying to get out of a gym membership!john matarese explains... after the break! and in the market for a new ride?we have a look at some of the hottest cars on the market... and how you can see them this weekend! you're watching 9 on your side
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9 on your side is following breaking news in middletown.a chemical spill is being reported at the pilot chemical company on yankee road.those in the area - including students and staff at amanda elementary are being told to
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9 on your side reporter jay warren is at the scene and tells us that leak 'has' been contained ... that is a live look from chopper 9 ... chopper 9 is on the way to the scene ... we will bring you the latest january was gym signup month. february is when many people try to back out.that's when we discover the fine print may leave us paying....and paying. tonight a hyde park woman has a caution for everyone. emma colella wanted to take some workout she signed a deal for a boxing fitness gym called "the punch house." house.""it was kind of a new year's resolution."emma says the owner told them if she didn't like it, she could cancel after 3 months.
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quit whenever i wanted."that's what she decided to do when the gym moved .... from norwood to north avondle. avondle."after a few months i wanted to drop the personal training."but emma soon got a "punch" of reality.the gym kept billing her credit card. card."on the 15th, he had charged me the full 128...again."so i visited the gym, where the owner told me their contracts are clear: if you want to break the contract early, you still have to pay half the amount you owe....which is what he was billing in emmas case.sandra guile of the better business bureausays many people get trapped this way by their contract.chyronsandra guile better business bureau bureau "what is included in that memberships, how long that membership lasts, if something happens to they gym if it closes, what are the contractual agreements?"the bbb and the financial website says before you sign any service contract: --ask about penalties you may face if you cancel your membership early.--don't believe verbal promises about classes, child care, or how you can cancel anytime you
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monthly by check or credit card: if you give a gym your checking account number, billing can continue long after you try to cancel.emma has a string of text messages telling her "no problem" with canceling.turns out there was a problem, a big problem. the owner of the punch house told me he has been very fair, given the contract. emma though has told her credit card to stop accepting any more charges.just be careful, so you dont waste your money. money.john, later you'll help us secure our homes for as little as 200 dollars? dollars?julie i have a great story tonight at 6...and its one every homeopwner should to turn your home into a fortress for just 200 bucks! i'll show you the newest surveilleance systems, even a doorbell app that shows you
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next at noon!thinking twice.a brand new warning today for women wanting to have kids in their later years.the new
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon right now we are following breaking news in middletown where a chemical spill has
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this is a live look from chopper 9 at the pilot chemical company on yankee road.those in the area - including students and staff at amanda elementary had beem told to shelter in place. reporter jay warren is there live ... what do we know now
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let's turn to your forecast now with a live look from skycam 9. 9.i'm joined now by meteorologist jason adams ... i heard you wanted to declare it a "severe blue
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it's time to get 'geared up' ...the cincinnati auto expo is already in full swing at the duke energy center and you have now through sunday to check it out!joining me right now is charlie howard .... from the greater cincinnati automobile dealers association. -- how many cars? (400) - guests can
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these cars?- what kind of exotic cars will be on display? - what's your favorite part of the show? what's a "can't miss" display?- activities for kids (who get in for free)?-
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how much are tickets for adults? another live look from chopper 9 at middletown where a shelter in place order is still in effect at amanda
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another live look from chopper 9 at middletown where a shelter in place order at amanda elementary for students and staff ... the chemical spill that caused that shelter in place order has been contained at the pilot chemical company.9 on your side reporter jay warren is
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tells us the fire department will be speaking wtih them in a few minutes. let's get one last check of your forecast. that's 9 on your side at noon for this xx.we'll see you again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget - keep 9 on your side - at your side - everywhere you go.
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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hold onto your sombreros, because we're about to have a "chew" fan favorite fiesta up in here. michael's whipping up a satisfying sandwich that'll make you say chorizo-m-g. then, mario's in the kitchen with the hilarious craig ferguson and they've got a mexican classic that will really give you something to taco bout. burrito with a guy who has got all the right moves on the dance floor and in the kitchen -- the amazing derek huff. it's about to get deliciously loco right now on "the chew."


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