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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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set a bond last night at five thousand dollars attorney: he can't make that, no.*pilot breaks down*anthony pilot - charged with theft.police say he nabbed a 49-thousand dollar wedding ring from the home he was hired to work in.then took it to a cash america to pawn it.and he got 25-hundred bucks. raph tincher/ ted's pawn shop president 135005 you'd have to be really stupid to bring something stolen to a pawn shop.and yet it happens.raph tincher at ted's pawn shop says he's seen it before - as recently as this week.three guys from florida wanting to sell *really high-end watches. tincher 135626 when he came in, then he got arrested. something like that is rare - tincher 135413 career criminals, the people that break in places and steal, break into your cars, they don't things to places where they gotta show this pawn shop - they i-d, take a full description of each item - and send that to police - and hold them for 15 days.nats 085744 thank you, your honor. why anthony pilot might have done it - he feels about was clear as crystal. anthony pilot has no relevant
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reaching out to the woman who reported that ring stolen today to clarify more about this case - but haven't had any luck getting in touch with her.reporting live, em, 9oys. new at 5-30...the blows just keep coming for former attorney stan chesley.a federal judge is ordering him to court next month to explain fraud accusations.the judge says it appears chesley wants to avoid paying former clients who sued him for taking too much in attorney fees as part of a 2001 class action lawsuit against the maker of diet drug, fen-phen. phen.last december - chesley and his wife, judge susan dlott were robbed at gunpoint in their indian hill home. he was minutes from death... but tonight - a local 17-year- old is talking for the very first time about the day he almost ended his life. he spoke exclusively to 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon who is here tonight with the
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tanya - he tells me it was the darkest time of his now - he is making it- his mission to help *other teens who feel like there is *no other option. "it was an attempt to overdose on prescription medication (pause).. at 17-years-old -- romell roberts wanted to die. ...that was probably the biggest mistake of my life." this came after years of bullying. "it comes in all different forms. it comes in peer pressure, social media." he writes: "i never had the perfect life most teens envision. i never had fancy shoes or fancy clothes..i was never popular like i wanted to be." he was tormented. (chandra nealy gray- aunt) (no cg-too quick)"when he was walking home from school he would avoid walking certain ways because the kids were cruel and say different things." "high school is not easy parents think it's just a place where kids go to learn." those same kids also created - the suicide game.teens making a pact--to die. just weeks ago -- a third teenager took own life... was only 12 years old.
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miss them. i thought that. " on top of that-- his mom had passed away last august -- and in october he overdosed on clonodine-- --and woke up in the hospital. "they had told me that they were basically just waiting for me to flatline...ready to do compressions." his heart almost stopped beating- but then he felt god's presence. "i do believe in my heart i visited heaven."he credits god and his friends for keeping him alive.and now he's using his second chance at life - to inspire others to live. "breaking the silence. that's what it have to reach out. even if you have to cry out...learn to speak. there is too many silent people in the world." and while the pain is still fresh-- he wants everyone to know-- there is *always hope. "you just have to keep pushing. no matter where you are. even if you're about to take pills, you just have to convince yourself not believe you can get through anything." suicide is such a *difficult thing to talk *openly about - and we *have resources on wcpo
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going through a similar situation.back to you. 9 on your side's dan carroll is live in chopper 9 - the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first! there is a new there is a new push tonight to keep you safe on the road! extra troopers with the ohio and kentucky state police will
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it's apart of a six state project!nearly four hundred people died last year on ohio roads because of drunk driving! and officials are trying anything they can to bring that number down to zero. a new bar will open at "the banks".entetainment company "four e-g" announced plans today to open "the stretch" in the old johnny rockets space across.that's right across the street from great american ball park.four e-g manages other hotspots including lachey's, keystone, igby's, and the righteous room!it is expected to open this summer! parrotheads rejoice! rejoice!jimmy buffett is coming back to town! town!tickets for his june 21-st concert go on sale next friday!he is bringing the coral reefer band along for his performance at riverbend music center for the tuesday night show! next at 5-30...holy sparks fly between the pope and trump!
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christian!">the back and forth tonight as the pope questions donald trump's faith! and pay up!the new lawsuit against the woman that helped bring charges against bill cosby!what's on the line - when we come back! this weekend is the cincy auto expo downtown....and thousands of tri staters will get the bug to start car shopping.but before you begin shopping...i'm on your side with a warning about crooks rolling back odometers!
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the house where four children died early this morning didn't have any working smoke detectors.the kids range in age from 11 months to 11 years old.their mother and 14 year old sister were able to escape the blaze inside their florida home. family members believe the water heater started the fire... because it caught on fire last night. presidential hopeful donald trump says pope francis is disgraceful.trump is coming under fire for wanting to build a wall on the mexican boarder.pope francis says that trump is a very political person - and is not a christian.trump responded by saying the pope is a pawn of the mexican government. bill cosby is back in the headlines. headlines.tonight -- he is demanding that one of his accusers repay money he gave her in a confidential settlement. settlement.the 2006 settlement with andrea constand bans her from discussing the case with law enforcement.she helped
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sex-abuse case against the actor last recall - she's the former temple university employee who says that cosby attacked her in his philadelphia home.cosby reportedly paid her 75 thousand dollars to stay silent. one million walmart employees are getting a raise.starting on saturday - minimum wage will increase to ten dollars an says the pay raise effects just about every single employee!the changes aren't cheap!the raises will cost the company one point five billion dollars - just this year! your nine first warning forecast is coming up. odometer fraud... (sot) "there were two people in the transaction, a buyer and a liar. and i was the buyer." used car season is upon us... and john matarese is on your side with the one easy step you need to take... so you don't get ripped off.(sot) "how can you be laughing and
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within hours they're dead." this tri-state woman was one of the last to see this man alive... before he was shot by police... (sot) "keep your hands where we can see them." the dramatic scene from new angles. (sot) "oh my god!"
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. this weekend's warm weather
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shoppers out to used car dealers for the first time this year. year.but consumer reporter john matarese has a warning about cars with rolled back odometers on the lot.first though...why your tax refund is taking longer to arrive. john? filing your taxes this month, to get that refund as soon as possible?unfortunately, we are already hearing reports of long waits. waits.kentucky today became the latest state to warn of slower refunds.just like ohio, it is trying to weed out fraudulent returns,to prevent scammers from filing in your name.the irs, meantime, says allow 21 days for a refund this year, not 14. next time you fill up, look around: if you see a lot of toyotas and hondas there's a good reason.a new report in forbes magazine says those are the cars people hold onto the longest. says the cars drivers keep more than 10 years are:the toyota camry, corolla, and
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just to shake things up a bit, the subaru forester. this weekend is the cincy auto expo downtown....and thousands of tri staters will get the bug to start car shopping.but before you take advantage of the warmer weather and begin shopping....we have a warning about crooks rolling back odometers! just as the 2016 car buying season begins....a woman has already fallen victim to odometer fraud. fraud."therre were two people in the transaction, a buyer and a liar. and i was the buyer." tracy schmidt purchased a used ford pickup truck that looked like a great deal.but after a mechanic found all sorts of probelms under the hood, she ordered a carfax report...uh oh!her low milage pickup really had over 200 thoudsand miles on it...leaving tracy... tracy..."shocked, disappointed, angry." angry." christopher basso - many of us think that odometer fraud doesn't even exist anymore. that makes it extremely easy for criminals to rip you off
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reported on a woman who found a car on craig's list for $53- hundred dollars. melissa collie thought the car had 124- thousand miles on it. but when she went to the county clerk's office to get it registered... registered...melissa collie - we found out it had over like 230,000 miles, something like that and it had been registered several times. the turned out...had fallen victim to odometer fraud. its easy with todays computerized dashboards. carfax estimates more than a million cars in the us had their odometers tampered with. but you can protect yourself. find the car's vehicle identification number or vin on the dashboard.then go to carfax or a simialr service, for a free odometer check. all you need is the vin and your zip that you dont end up with a rollback, like tracy and melissa did. and dont go away: at 6:00 i will show you how to turn your home into a fortress for 200 dolalrs or doorbells....surveillance systems....and alarms you can install yourself....coming up at 6 so you dont waste your
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turning now to our weather!and the all important weekend forecast! forecast!9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with a glance into the weekend! the warming begins in just hours as temperatures will dip into the upper 30s overnight before rising toward daybreak. we'll still see a few clouds tonight but still keep fair
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it's t-g-i-t all night on nine on your side. side.and we have a special sneak peak of tonight's scandal! scandal! and here's a look at your t- g-i-t line up tonight on nine on your all starts at
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next at 5-30...a boy with special needs says he is tortured by his own mother!the story that has so many parents outraged tonight, coming up... remembering a chili man... customers say he *always* made you feel six -- how they're celebrating the life of a price hill worker -- who
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the search for a three day old baby continues at this hour near orlando, florida. authorities say the baby's mother gave birth at her apartment complex and then hid the baby.she won't tell police where she put her son.nobody has seen this baby... not even the woman's boyfriend!police have her under arrest - as they desperately search for this baby boy! a texas mother is in the hot seat tonight for allegedly water-boarding her special needs son! son!the teenaged boy told police he was punished because his mom believed he mistreated the family dog.authorities also say his mom and her boyfriend beat him for not maintaining perfect form while
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a "serial stowaway" doesn't get far at chicago's o-hare airport.police say this woman is no longer allowed at airports.she has a history of trying to board planes without a ticket.she even wears an electronic monitoring device! it pinged when she got to the airport.and authorities were able to move in and take her into custody. one woman says he was acting "out of order" -- just hours before police and shot and killed him on the west side. side.nine on your side at six is next.carol williams has more of that woman's account. that witness says paul gaston was doing construction work for her salon... before he left -- and never came back. back.hear from her and another woman who spoke to him -- and see more of the video that police say confirms firing on gaston was justified. affordable and secure...crime causing some tri-state families to make sure their familes are safe at home.and consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with the best ways to protect your
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just hours before death...this tri-state woman -- one of the last to see a man shot and killed by police. police."how can you be laughing and talking with someone then within hours they're deaded" what she said to him... and the new
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shooting. decades of memories...a beloved member of the "price hill chili" family -- patrons are remembering a man who they say gave back to so many. affordable safety...tri-state break-ins leading some families to buy top-of-the-line security systems.but consumer reporter john matarese has ways to keep peace of mind -- and keep your budget intact. she expected to see him again -- after telling him to leave. then he was shot dead by at six we're hearing from two women... who spoke to paul gaston just hours before that scene caught on camera. and it appears *police* saw gaston more than once before yesterday... we've been digging into his past. past.and this evening -- we have *three* perspectives of that shooting... cell phone video capturing the confrontation that turned deadly. and police say this video proves that the officers were justified in pulling the trigger.they say gaston ignored repeated commands -- then reached into his
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thought was a pellet gun. folks along glenway avenue this happened. happened. nine on your side's john spoke to them...he's live with what they had to say. gaston was in the process of doing some construction work for this hair salon off glenway avenue. he was told to leave around 3-30 than two hours later police say he reached for what looked like a real gun. before crashing into this pole on harrison avenue-before police say despite several commands airsoft gun that looked like the real thing"i don't look at him as no crazy nut he was just under the influence" 37-year-old 'paul gaston' was doing construction work at the 'house of shears' hair salon in westwood "he did my floor - he was coming to do the desk" the stylist we spoke with didn't want to show her face "he was just extra - he was just playing to much, super


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