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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this study looked at at nearly 59,000 bridges here in ohio. and like this one columbia parkway over 471..they found that drivers are traveling on shaky ground and it's not just this structure but ohio ranks among the worst in the country. 9-12 percent of all of our bridges and overpasses are ranked structurally defient... and in desperate need of repair. also making the list the western hills viaduct. which would cost millions of dollars to replace. virginia gall says she is not surprised that hamilton county's bridge's didn't score so well in this new report i would have say i agree....side to side actually, really scary
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bridge did not make the list although most people would agree it is one of the worst structured in the tri state the girlfriend of 37-year-old paul gaston... the man police shot and killed wednesday ... tells 9 on your side his death is "senseless". investigators say officers gave gaston several commands... and that he was intoxicated. that's when they say gaston reached for a gun -- forcing officers to shoot. that gun turned out to be an airsoft gun.take a look -- police and city leaders say it's nearly impossible to tell the difference. gaston's girlfriend says he just got it a few weeks ago. she described him as "sweet" and "caring" -- but admits he had his struggles. she asked us to change her voice. "he wasn't a bad person - he had a few issues here and
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believe that played a role int he incident yesterday - but overall he wasn't a bad person" she says funeral arrangements will be made later today. a man has been charged with robbery at a middletown speedway speedwaypolice say 31-year-old eli metcalf displayed a butcher knife during the robbery on wednesday morning. he got away with cash and lottery tickets.he was arrested about an hour after the crime...and then charged. he will be in court this morning. an update to a story 9 on your side first told you about earlier this month.the mother and grandmother of two warren children... who *ate* heroin and had to be revived with narcan... are now facing felonies. felonies.18-year-old mother carlisa davis has been indicted on two counts of endangering children.the children's grandmother... lisa davis... is charged with permitting drug abuse.the 21-month-old girl and nine-month old boy are both
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a message for mason parents - - students are using instagram to bully each other. other.but it's not just happening there.last night - parents at nagel middle school in anderson got a lesson in teen tech.hearing from experts on what apps can be misused - what the consequences can be - and the ways parents can make sure their kids stay out of tech trouble. 040331 it's natural curiosity that a child's going to want to get involved in that type of activity. you need to minimize or eliminate that activity and one way to do that is to actually create a tech-free zone. zone. 035112 if you really love and care about protecting your kids, which we all do, you need to make the time to learn about it. it.we've linked to more information from that presentation for you - just click on this story on wcpo- dot-com. happening today... a job fair for veterans looking for work.'s this morning at the anderson township center on five mile road.there will be more than two dozen major regional employers looking for
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ohio congressman brad wenstrup. that is the delicious sizzle of cod being fried up for the famous frisch's fish sandwich. the director of research and development - that's the fancy name for the guy who creates frisch's recipes - showed us how it's done. the cod is lightly breaded in seasoned cornmeal - the haddock in a flour mixture. both are flash fried for four minutes - for just the right amount of crisp on the outside. the toasted rye buns are topped with tartar sauce, shredded lettuce and two pieces of cod. chef greg grisanti/director of research & development "frisch's has always been famous for our fish. one of the reasons is, we've never bent on quality, never cheapened the product. and that goes so far with our customer. we see families coming in, now that they get to the age they're having
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traditions."the tartar sauce - equally as famous as the fish itself. the secret to their recipe - no sugar. in the next six weeks - frisch's will sell more than 200-thousand pounds of fish. a man finds any way possible into a restaurant...b
5:07 am he helped himself to something that didn't make the owners very happy. getting to know governor john kasich a little better.why one of his answers from last night's debate is now going
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we're hearing this morning from three more republican presidential candidates
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taking questions from south carolina voters ahead of saturday's crucial primary. among them... g-o-p frontrunner donald trump. during the sitdown with c-n-n's anderson cooper... trump admitted that he *may have* back the invasion of iraq back in follows his attack last weekend on george w. bush's handling of the iraq war. i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. it was probably the 1st time anybody asked me that question. by the time the war started, that was quite a bit before the war, i was against the war. is the final full day of campaigning in the palmetto state before south carolina voters go to the polls on saturday.trump still holds a double-digit lead in most polls. another candidate taking part in last night's presidential forum... ohio governor john kasich.and one of his answers is going viral this morning. morning.kasich tried to counter the tough talk from donald trump and jeb bush...
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message.he embraced a young man... who said he'd been through a rough time and has now found meaning in kasich's message.he also shared a secret about his favorite music... (gov john kasich/(r) presidential candidate)"fall out boy is one of them, you know. i like linkin park and 21 pilots, you know 'stressed out?'" out?'"his reponse is raising some eyebrows.but it's not the first time he's mentioned lincoln park as one of his favorite bands. kentucky governor matt bevin will be in the tri-state today...he'll speak at gateway community and technical college in florence this morning... he'll also take part in a government forum luncheon... hosted by the northern kentucky chamber of commerce.he'll deliver the keynote address discussing his administration and the issues
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firefighters have to snatch up a monkey on a rampage.what they said he downed just moments before grabbing a knife and going after men at a bar! horses are making even more money for the commonwealth.we take a look at the numbers from the breeders' cup and how
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" police in florida are on the
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presisent though while he was inside the restaurant.after realizing the registers were empty the crook spent hours trying to open the safe. he managed to get away with some cash but forgot to cover his face.. we hear a lot about belligerent people in bars -- but you don't really hear about beligerant for that i'm taking you to brazil..according to the united press international this monkey downed a glass of rum -- got aggressive, and grabbed a kitchen knife..not just any knife-a big knife!the fire department says the monkey was chasing men around the bar before it climbed on
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a city-wide campaign to make cincinnati shine is underway. ...and you can get involved. involved."keep cincinnati beautiful" will have events in all of the city's 75 neighborhoods this year. the kick-off last night celebrated the 11- thousand people who turned out last year to help.. and show their pride in their hometown. i love the volunteers they are definitely the best part of it all. they're passionate and its great to see them come and show up in big numbers. those numbers are impressive. organizers hope to top 11- thousand volunteers this year. also a beautiful thing.reds pitchers and catchers reported for duty in goodyear arizona. yesterday was their first practice for the spring training season.
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traffic american pharoah's history- making victory at last year's breeders cup at keeneland was a big win *off* the race track. lexington officials say the breeders cup helped deliver double-digit growth in tourism. the city's hotel room revenue was up 11 percent last year. but it's more than just playing the ponies.29 new restaurants and bars opened
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along with eight craft breweries on the *brewgrass trail.* highlighting businesses that are making products right here in the tri-state.the feature company for the week-next. and here's what you'll see
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each week we introduce you to a local company making great things in our area...we call it made in the tri-state. state.22-years ago, the owners of studio vertu created their business by accident. accident.the newport company made murals out of italian marble. when they went to a new york trade show, they could not take giants slabs of marble, so they made small ones... which turned out to be the perfect coasters.millions of coasters later studio vertu has a client list of the whose
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disney.they can custom make a design or put any type of art on the stone. riva "you have had people say i have seen your work..." dusseldorf, alaska (alaska brewing), we do 250 wineries and brewerys. we ship to aruba. it is exciting because we can put any type of image and use anyone tastes while reflecting art on stone." stone." they have 15 employees at their newport facility. one has made mroe than 3-million coasters.this is part of the busy season - they have a contract with major league baseball. studio vertu is made
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chat time the cincinnati auto show kicks off tonight.inside the duke energy center right now taking a look at all the latest and greatest cars is our own 9 on your side reporter...jordan burgess. burgess.jordan, you're not just looking at the fanciest cars-you have some good cars for those looking that might
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the 20-16 cincinnati auto show. the newest models have rolled out on the floor-but it's the features that will really rev up your engines.we're taking a look at all price points this morning. a car that can protect you from potholes??it could save you a lot of headaches... and money.we'll take a closer look at the car company's claims. good morning...the ladies are over in weather right now... excited about the spring-like
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it's a warmer and dry start to the day. skies will be mostly clear to start and then turn mostly cloudy sunset today. highs are expected in the low 60s. saturday is dry and warm but rain returns on sunday. jennifer calls for graphic full
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traffic you don't want to see it on the roads but there's one place this weekend where you won't mind looking at stopped cars in front of you. you.that's at the cincinnati auto expo.we've got a look at the cars you'll spend your daydreams on.. and the ones you'll spend your money on. jordan burgess is live with what you'll find there. they've got cars for the dreamers and the drivers. you've got dream machine boulevard with cars that you might see a secret agent get
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of others that you might see an insurance agent drive.this year you don't just have to spin your tires on the show room floor... you can do it in the streets. that's right... you can test drive certain ford and toyota cars at this year's auto expo. although the maserati's and those high end cars you'll just have to imagine how they handle.those can certainly be nice to look at.but this is also where the rubber meets the road... because along with the cars that cost six figures you also have plenty that figure into budgets.this is a great chance to kick the tires on a number of them at one time.and no worries about the kids in the back asking are we there yet.they've got games and other things for them to do. you've got today.. saturday and sunday if you want to go. tickets are 11 dollars at the door. but you can get discount tickets online and at kroger. kids 12 and under are free.
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burgess. 9 on your side. imagine a car that can resist those nasty says its next fusion will have new pothole protection technology. the company says the 2017 fusion v-six sport sedan will have a shock absorber system that automatically stiffens when sensors detect a pothole. ford says that keeps the wheel elevated.. instead of dropping into the hole. ford says that keeps the wheel elevated.. instead of dropping into the hole.currently that techology is only available in some luxury cars. and right now you can head to our website wcpo dot com where we have an article dedicated to potholes in the tri-state. where they're being repaired and how to report a pothole that "needs" to be repaired. some streets in over the rhine will be closed today for street car tests. several
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this test will affect elm street between 14th and liberty from 9:00 until 4:00. you won't be allowed to park on the east side of elm during the tests.crews will test brake mechanisms on the first two streetcars in the fleet, as well as overall movement and dynamics on the newest vehicle that arrived from the manufacturer last week. a plan to put marijuana on the november ballot is now on hold. the group "legalize 2016" has put its campaign to legalize pot on hold because its having trouble with fundraising. its political action committee had less than 300 dollars last month. "legalize 2016" now hopes to work with other pro-marijuana groups. a tour helicopter that looks more like a toy helicopter when it crashes into the water in honolulu.. this didn't happen far from pearl harbor. even more amazing... everyone on board survived... although one of the five people on board is in critical condition this morning.. "sound of helicopter crashing" crashing"firefighters and
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and started rescuing the victims. and even before they were on scene.... by-standers started jumping into the water chopper. "its dive in and help. somebody said there is somebody still in the aircraft. so i dove through from the pilots sidein the backseat and saw them and saw that it was twisted, so instinct that this point. how did the other folks get off the helicopter? they had pfds on and they were floating already." already."the most seriously injured person is a 16 year old boy. navy teams from pearl harbor joined the rescue effort. investigators haven't said yet why the helicopter crashed. an ohio woman decided to try her hand at shoplifting..with an unusual choice. choice.she stole a jar of pickles.the 40-year-old wasn't alone..she was with this guy. guy.46-year-old brian balala. they were both arrested...but he was booked into jail because he was on parole for robbery.she was charged with a
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court next month.just so you know-those pickles only cost 2-79. it's a warmer and dry start to the day. skies will be mostly clear to start and then turn mostly cloudy sunset today. highs are expected in the low 60s. saturday is dry and warm but rain returns on sunday. a new place to hang out at the banks.plans have been revealed for the replacement business rockets.
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feel it-but a new study is proving it.where the tri-state
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a live look from skycam 9 this morning-we're expecting a much warmer weekend.jennifer will have a look at your forecast- just ahead. there's a woman in cleves making it her business to look out for others. others.she does this while running a small motel - a motel we sent the 9 on your side surprise patrol to check out. out.julie"why is that important to you?"customer "being neighborly and paying it forward you know our mission is to be nice to each other."julie"we like to do that sometimes to, i'm with the 9 on your side surprise patrol and we want to give you a hundred dollars."customer"oh my god are you serious. thank
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our surprise patrol is handing out 100-dollars a day at random every monday through thursday in february.on fridays, we are picking a special someone and giving them a 500-dollar make sure you watch for that tonight on 9 on your side at 6pm. a new bar is coming to "the banks".entertainment company "four e-g" will open "the stretch" in the old johnny rockets space near the ballpark ...four e-g manages other hotspots including lachey's, keystone, igby's, and the righteous room!.look for the stretch this summer. it's a cincinnati summertime tradition ...jimmy buffett is coming back to cincinnati. cincinnati.mark your calendar for june 21st at riverbend... to buffett's "i don't know" tour go on sale next friday!they range in price from $36 lawn tickets to $136 reserved seats. it's a warmer and dry start to the day. skies will be mostly clear to start and then turn mostly cloudy sunset today. highs are expected in the low
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but rain returns on sunday. getting enough zzz's.the new recommendation from officals and where the tri-state ranks on the list for states "not" getting enough sleep. a wendy's employee is attacked while at work.but it wasn't by an animal...we'll tell you who bit her....and why she got
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a woman is facing charges in virginia after police say she attacked a wendy's worker *with her teeth* over a wrong order. order.wendy's worker latanya nelson says 25-year old lovely robinson ordered four 99-cent chicken sandwiches... but changed that order to a pair of spicy chicken sandwiches. that drove the price up... and robinson got fed up.she jumped the counter and took a bite out of nelson. (latanya nelson/wendy's manager) "she clamped down
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continued to punch her cause she was biting me." me."nelson says she was able to fight robinson off... but the attack left a biggie-sized bite mark above her left knee. robinson is facing assault charges... but nelson is already back on the job. a tribute to the greatest living cincinnatians. cincinnatians.the annual "greatest living cincinnatians" awards were handed out last night.. this year's recipients....shannon carter..... lorrence kellar... for his support of the arts... michael livingston... one of the tri-state's most influencial educators... and james votruba... who is largely responsible for n-k-y's growth as a university during the past 40 years. if you're not getting much sleep -you're not alone ...all three states in the tri-state rank near the bottom of the barrel in sleep ...kentucky ranks number 49 ...with only 60 percent of kentuckians getting more than seven hours of sleep. sleep.the centers for disease control say that's the minimum recommendation for adults
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health issues are connected with not sleeping enough ... weight gain ... high blood pressure ... and mental health issues like depression.if you struggle to sleep ... experts say keeping a consistent bedtime and wake up time can help ... and take 'all' the screens out of your bedroom . let get your latest nine
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it's a warmer and dry start to the day. skies will be mostly clear to start and then turn mostly cloudy sunset today. highs are expected in the low 60s. saturday is dry and warm
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cincinnati-1-59 at marathon avenue1-51 at udf on covington 1-55 at speedway st. for the lowest prices website wcpo dot com.
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coffee.that's what some experts are saying this morning.we'll tell you how many cups of joe you need to have to get the health
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it's a warmer and dry start to the day. skies will be mostly clear to start and then turn mostly cloudy sunset today. highs are expected in the low 60s. saturday is dry and warm but rain returns on sunday. in today's right-this-minute video, a bike messenger hits the road on a world tour for a good cause. dravis bixel just started his world bicycle tour and plans to ride twenty-thousand miles through twenty-three countries. he hopes to raise awareness and money for doctors without borders along the way see all of the day's top videos every weekday on right this minute here on 9 on your side at 10 caitlyn jenner might be getting into the cosmetic business.this is according to t-m-z:
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start a makeup company under her addition to cosmetics...the application covers fragrances, nail polish and skin care.her own daughter, kylie, has done quite well in the same business. oscar sunday is just nine days away... away...and nine on your side wants you to vote for your favorite can vote on right now. unfortunately our votes won't be sent to the academy. academy. but you can compare your answers while watching the awards right here on nine on your side - sunday february 28th. red carpet coverage begins at seven.we'll continue our coverage on 9 on your side at 11. 4 cups of java a day can supposedly reduce your risk of liver damage linked to drinking by 65 percent. the study was done by southhampton university. cirrhosis of the liver is potentially fatal and is caused by drinking excessively. experts don't
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beneficial to the liver and they say people should not use the findings to drink more
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bridges in trouble!how many of the roads you travel every day are in serious need of repair! and a major update this morning in the case of two children who *ate* heroin! why it's not just their mom in trouble today! happy friday morning tri-state. are you ready for a warm-up? up?meteorologist jennifer ketchmark is here to tell us all about it.


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