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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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we are following breaking news this morning out of michigan.michigan police have just released the name of the man arrested in connection with the random shootings of 7 people in of the victims, a 14 year old girl died earlier this morning officials sayjason dalton opened fire at three different
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within a 24 hour period. (undersheriff paul matyas/kalamazoo county sheriff's office) "we've had several shootings here in the county and the city of kalamazoo. they all appear to be related. we have multiple people dead. in summary, what it looks like is we have somebody driving finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks." tracks."authorities say at least four were killed at a cracker barrel resaurant.three people were shot and killed at a 8th person remains in serious condition at this hour this morning we are waiting to learn the identity of a body pulled from the little miami river yesterday.9 on yor side's jay warren was the first to tell you about this. he has the latest from loveland.. we are standing next to the little miami river along lyons road which is in the area where loveland police and warren county sheriff's deputies were staging.directly across the river from where we are we know that emergency personnel were staged at bettyray park and bodley
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were several police cars at that location--and we learned from dispatch that the scene was cleared around seven o'clock9 on your side called the hamilton county coroner's office which did confirm there is a death report from a scene here in loveland but they referred us to the warren county sheriff's officewarren county dispatch did confirm they had units out here but that is all--i talked to several neighbors none of whom wanted to speak on camera but did say they saw the heavy police presence earlierso what we know right now is that a body was pulled from the little miami here in loveland but if investigators know who it is they are not saying at this point.this is still quite new and i am told more information will likely be released tomorrow including a 911 call from the person who found the body--jay warren 9 on your side loveland well the rain has moved east, but the cooler air is rolling in and 9 on your side's
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smale riverfront park with how conditions continue to change this morning. good morning kristen.. well, it's hard to call the mid 50s cold, especially in february. but it certainly feels that way out here after yesterday. first came the rain overnight that caused minor flooding in some areas and now were really feeling that cool air. but the people out here yesterday certainly weren't feeling any of that. the temperature almost spring like. you can see people really taking that to heart in sleeveless shirts and shorts. and they've still got most of the day to enjoy mild weather but its not truly warm like it was yesterday and im very glad i decided to throw on this jacket. reporting live...
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a big shakeup in the wake of last night's south carolina's primary. as trump nabs a big win....once heavily favored...jeb bush bows out... he has confirmed he is suspending his campaign. the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. oh.. yeah yeah! meantime it is on to nevada for ohio governor john kasich and the republican caucus there, tuesday.kasich saying last night he will stay in the race.he didn't expect to do well in south's megan hughes in south carolina looking at what this all means for the once very crowded republican field. hillary clinton and donald trump--now each boast two wins in the race for the white house? (chant: hillary, hillary) clinton sounding confident-and taking swings--
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more than a plan for the big banks. the middle class needs a raise! and we need more jobs! [cheers] south carolina voters cementing--donald trump as the outsider- now firmly on the "inside" track. sot trump: "there's nothing easy about tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful." long lines to vote in both states reflecting a heavy turnout? ted cruz and marco rubio-both with strong performances. after another poor showing, an emotional jeb bush called it quits. . sot jeb bush: "tonight, i am suspending my campaign, yeah, yeah. (chokes up, applause)" in nevada--bernie sanders emphasizing that he narrowed a big gap with clinton. sot
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ago we were 25 points behind in the polls. over in nevada -- hillary clinton wins that state's democratic important victory for clinton. clinton. it gives her at least 18 of the state's 35 delegates.this not like iowa where we didn't know until the next day who won.bernie sanders has already conceded to clinton.we'll have more on hillary's big win in a few minutes. megan hughes reporting..we're getting close to casting our votes too. the ohio primary is march 15th. the man hunt is over.police say they have the man who shot and killed seven people.the motive behind the attacks and a look at his trail of terror. a little girl continues to fight for her life this morning.burns to more than 90 percent of her body.what doctors are saying this morning about her chances of are watching good morning tri state weekend
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an eight year old girl from buffalo continues to fight for her life herein cincinnati this morning. morning.burns cover more than 90 percent of "treasure
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injuries from a house fire that claimied the lives of two others who lived in her home. her mother's fiance, dimitrius johnson, carried her out of the fire before going back inside for his three year old son.that boy survived.but johnson and a neighbor both died before they could escape. treasure was flown to shriners hospital in corryville for treatment.and thanks to the organization, wings flights of hope, her mother and grandmother are by her side. joe demarco/wings flights of hope"they were saying on the way out they didn't know whether it was day or night i just feel so bad for them what's going through their mind neither of them have ever flown in a plane before we're dealing with people who have all these emotions." emotions."treasure is currently sedated and faces a host of surgeries.a doctor in buffalo has said she will survive but will have a long recovery. former subway pitchman jared fogle has asked an indianapolis judge for a lighter prison sentence. may remember -- fogle is serving 15 years in prison after pleading guilty
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distributing child pornography. that is more than what federal prosecutors asked for during his sentencing last november. fogle's lawyer says his client never had sex with small children and shouldnt be punished for his fantisies. "kesha" made an appearance in court yesterday.the teen pop star is fighting to be released from her contract with sony.she has been embroiled in a legal battle with her former producer for two years, unable to record new music the entire time.she claims "dr. luke" abused her both physically.. and emotionally abused her for more than a decade.dr. luke has denied those claims. however tmz is reporting the judge will not let her out of her contract. just one day after the strongest storm to ever hit fiji the clean up has begun. well take a look at the damage and tell you what officials
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side in fiji this morning workers are clearing roads, and trying restore power after the
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ever hit the pacific nation. tropical cyclone winston hit with winds topping 180 miles and hour yesterday.that's the equivalent of a catagory five person was killed there is heavy flooding, downed trees and power lines, and some forecasters worry about possible landslides.a nationwide curfew is in effect unitl tomorrow morning. it's time to check weather with meterologist jason adams. adams. monday, expect partly cloudy
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mid-40s. tuesday, we'll warm back up to around 50 with increasing clouds later in the day. overnight into wednesday, rain returns with another storm system. this one could bring a heavy rain to the tri-state wednesday along with gusty winds. thursday, snow showers are possible as the system moves away and colder air wraps in on the departing
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with sprinkles hanging around then tri state today might the perfect day to take in the cincinnati auto show.
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get a look at all the new models.400 cars from just about every auto maker are on display.and you don't just have to look.they have two different ride and drives too! organizers tell 9 on your side: it's all about appealing to american's long standing love for cars. 10.57.40 we know one third come every year and i think its because americans love cars and they want to see the latest and newest that are available 57.48 57.48the auto expo will be open today from eleven am to five pm a new report lists the best and worst airlines of the past year....whe it comes to compalints. compalints.tri staters love frontier airlines for its low fares.but it also generates a lot of complaints: only spirit gets is middle of the pack.hawaiian air had the fewest complaints. i bet being stuck on the tarmac there is pleasant. more than one million walmart
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more spending cash on their next pay checks the retails giant boosted its minimum wage from nine to $10 an hour.the change applies to virtually all of walmart's hourly workers, even some supervisors.the changes do not come cheap.with 1 point 4 million employees.. the payraises will cost the company an additional 1 point 5 billion this year. with what at times seemed like a torrential downpour overnight, it's a good thing construction on a special project in williamsurg is almost complete.a look at the ark encounter and when you'll
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just ahead of springtime rain...the ark in kentucky is nearly finished. on the outside of the "ark encounter" in williamsburg, is just about complete.the focus now turns to the exhibits inside. despite some controversy in the beginning -- people with the ark say they *have* the 100 million dollars needed to build the ark -- and they expect to be approved for tax incentives.. based on how many visitors walk through the doors. ken ham, ark encounterthings do take a long time and although a lot of accusations about funding and so on its actually gone quite smoothly 51.56. 51.56.the ark is on track to open on july are already for sale. make sure you drive carefully today, law enforcement in both ohio and kentucky have been
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in a project to keep drivers safe along interstate 75.their goal is to cut down the number of people killed on ohio roads because of drunk driving.the hope is to bring last years number of 400, down to zero. it was a big night a couple presidential candidates.not so much for one that decided to suspend thier campaign.we'll have all the highlights from a yesterday's caucuses in south
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, good morning...i'm timyka
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expect showers and storms to end by 9 a.m. with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. this afternoon, expect partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. tonight, colder air returns as lows fall into
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well...this morning is a stark contrast from yesterday's sun and warm temeratures.a torrential dowpour over night and things expected to continue this morning. morning.9 on your sides kristen swilley is down at smale riverfront park where thing look lot different than yesterday.good morning kristen. its a good thing its a sunday and not a monday morning because these roads are slick.... and can be dangerous if you dont slow down. if you are driving this morning, watch out for standing water and reduce your speed to keep from hydroplaning... giving the cars around you more space, and turn on your headlights...something that
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the people i'm about to show you. take a look at those who took advantage of yesterdays warm weather. temperature almost spring like. you can see people really taking that to heart in sleeveless shirts and shorts. and they've still got most of the day to enjoy mild weather that rain expected to move out before 6 this morning, but of course those roads are still worth keeping an eye on. reporting live...kristen swilley...9 on your side. donald trump took home a big win in south carolina last night.winning by more than 10 point over marco rubio. the score was much closer for rubio who was only point-two percentage points ahead of ted cruz.but the real news after trumps win: is the fact that now the republican side of the race has narrowed to just 4 candidates. trumps big win was followed by a big shake up.after a less than stellar showing, coming in well behind donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio, the once heavily-favored jeb bush has officially dropped our of the race .
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were cheers inside hillary clinton's headquarters in brooklyn when the results came in. but sanders did do some damage.a huge victory with young voters.. and those looking for a candidate who is honest and trustworthy.. sanders taking that category.. 82 to 12 percent!. but it wasn't enough. abc's mary bruce explains. chant: hillary, hillary sot hrc locked in a tight race for nevada? the candidates are taking no votes for granted. man: next president of the united states! hillary clinton spent the day getting out the vote with every handshake? hug? and selfie... at her headquarters, volunteers leaving nothing to chance volunteer, holding phone list: this is what it comes down to. bruce - working on phones knocking on doors until the very end. volunteer: she's gotta win. sanders today not missing a single opportunity to make his case to voters. nat in his polling place sanders practically bumping into clinton at this casino, as they crisscrossed from one
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camera bridge: here's something you'll only see in nevada, hundreds lining up to caucus?in a casino ballroom both candidates fighting for the key support of union workers and latinos. this union members telling us he's backing bernie sot: 408 because he's a person who gonna change. he's a person going to stand up for the middle class, for students, health care affordable. but this hillary supporter has something else in mind? bruce: what about bernie? woman: he'll make a great vice president. as results come in? one precinct already having to use a classic sin city tiebreaker - a deck of cards. hillary clinton winning this one? drawing the highest card. thousands gathered in the nation's capitol to pay respect to supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia.a funeral mass was held at the "basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception" week after scalia was found dead in his hotel of his nine children, the reverend paul scalia, gave the mass.longtime friend justice clarence thomas
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(justice clarence thomas) "hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us." us."scalia's family immediately left for the burial site. president obama did not attend the ceremonies. instead -- he and the first lady paid tribute on friday.. when scalia's body laid in repose. xavier, u-c, kentucky all vying for differnet spots in this year's march madness tournament.but their are wins that *first* have to be secured.ken broo is next with all of the highlights from
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a stolen handgun leads police to the man they think also stole a 12 thousand dollar guitar from a home in north bend. bend.court records say *scott arnold broke into a home on triple-crown drive while someone was inside.he then took off with several handguns and a gibson guitar. investigators say arnold had his girlfriend pawn the guitar at a store in kentucky.but when police recovered one of the stolen handguns..that led them straight to arnold.he's now charged with burglary and receiving stolen was set at 60 thousand dollars. the long arm of the law catches up with two men wanted for robbing a u-d-f store on victory parkway.both billy freeman and derius powell have been in trouble before.they are now charged with the robbery as well as having weapons, in addition to those prior convictions. investigators say the men were armed when they held up the udf, on february ninth.police
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down because they used freeman's vehicle to getaway. the highlights continue as college basket ball teams fight for a right to take part in march madness!!and there's nascar and golf too.part two of your weekend sports reort
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it's time to check weather with meterologist jason adams
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9 is on your side helping to find kids in need a home how "you" can grant a certain
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9 on your side is now working
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today we want you to meet 13 year old xavier.xavier is in the 8th grade and says he's smart, caring and loves to
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seems like an exceptional young man...if you are interested in providing for xavier or any of the grant me hope kids you can call...(513) 6-3-2...6-3-6-6. let's get one last check of
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that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always on with breaking news and
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes control. the brash billionaire dominates in conservative south carolina. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> his second straight win. >> let's put this thing away. >> now, no doubt, the outsider is the republican front-runner. can anyone stop him? >> south carolina has given us another remarkable result. >> the son of bar tender and maid from cuba tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america.


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