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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, another win for donald trump taking the nevada caucuses and winning big with large
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its feet. a good wednesday morning. we begin with another decisive victory for donald trump living up to expectations in nevada. >> trump won the nevada caucuses with a dominant lead over his rivals moving one step closer to the republican nomination. it is his third win in a row. in his victory speech he claimed to have won a broad spectrum including evangelicals and hispanics. >> marco rubio and ted cruz bratling it out for second place. the race still too close to call after a bruising week on the campaign trail. >> as the candidates count down to super tuesday trump is promising to pull off similar votes. "your voice, your vote," abc's lauren lyster has the latest from las vegas. >> reporter: reena and kendis, entrance polls showing the
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highs. they helped vault donald trump to victory. the top candidates spoking to their supporters last night. >> we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. it's a great state and they have great people and i was so proud. you know, i went to caucus. i was all over the place tonight. the people are amazing. the enthusiasm. we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> we can't just elect someone that's angry. we have to elect someone that will make a difference and someone that will win and you know why we're going to win if you nominate me, because i will unify this party. we can't win if we're divided against each other. >> the role of the first four primaries historically has been to narrow the field and we have seen the first four states do exactly that, narrow the field.
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washington dealmakers. or one proven consistent conservative. >> now, there were just 30 delegates at stake in nevada. up next for candidates is super tuesday, march 1st. 11 states will vote and nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs. reena and kendis. >> late morning there in las vegas where they're still counting some of the votes. our thanks to lauren there. the republicans are fanning out now. trump to virginia today. others to texas. >> as for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking to sway voters in the battleground state of south carolina. that's ahead of saturday's primary. >> the candidates did take part in a town hall event last night. we get the latest right now from abc's kenneth moton. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, shgs , kendis and reena. hillary clinton was fired up after a federal judge ruled the former secretary of state's top aides should testify over her use of private e-mail, but ahead of this weekend's democratic primary in south carolina, the focus was on african-americans
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the electorate. >> we must sustain and strengthen the historically black colleges and universities. >> racism along with economic issue, educational issues and all the rest have to be addressed. otherwise, you know, we are never going to be the nation we should be. >> reporter: bernie sanders admitted he's got some work to do to connect with black voters. clinton got endorsements from black mothers who lost their children in high-profile killings and deaths. eric garner, trayvon martin, sandra bland. sanders also hit clinton on several issues involving wealthy donors demanding she release her wall street speeches but clinton said the real issue was having the best plan to crack down on wall street. reena and kendis. >> all right, abc's kenneth moton joining us live in washington, thanks. stay with abc news throughout the morning for more political coverage including a complete wrap-up of the nevada caucuses, results later on on "good morning america."
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weather sweeping across the south overnight as you can see in this radar, that severe storm system bringing thunderstorms, hail, heavy rain and possibly more deadly tornadoes to the rehman. >> today the storm system sweeps up from the gulf coast into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. more than a dozen tornadoes were reported late yesterday. such as the one that tore through a trailer park in louisiana. at least two people were killed and dozens others injured. seven of them in critical condition this morning. several people are unaccounted for. rescue workers are searching through the night for more victims. >> a lot of debris is piled up in areas. some of it we just couldn't really get down into and we're hoping that's where the dogs and some of the teams with more equipment, we could get down into those piles and try to find people. >> not far from that this scene, a tractor trailer knocked over onto a car. a tornado brought these strong
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mobile home resident killed in mississippi. president obama's new plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, facing strong opposition. the most controversial part would transfer some of the detainees to prisons here in the u.s. such a move is against u.s. law. but the white house hasn't rolled out executive action against the president. the rest would be sent to other countries. the white house and senate locked in another battle over replacing the late justice antonin scalia. a defiant majority leader mitch mcconnell with his strongest words yet ruling out any action on whoever president obama nominates. he won't even meet with the person. president obama is expected to name a nominee in the next few weeks. some new details this morning about the man accused of killing six people in kalamazoo, michigan, last weekend. jason dalton was a regular customer at a nearby gun shop and even stopped there just hours before his alleged rampage began.
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that visit, just a jacket, the owner says the uber driver appeared to be in good spirits. police still do not have a motive. well, now to the showdown between apple and the fbi over a smartphone privacy rights. outside an apple store in san francisco. crowds. the internet rights group fight for the future organized the protest and had hoped to support support for apple in its fight with the fbi over unlocking a phone used in the san bernardino massacre. apple said doing so would set a precedent. the fbi director says the bureau wants help in just this one case but in court documents apple says that's not true. the justice department is seeking similar help in about a dozen other cases but none apparently involve terrorism and most are for older ios phone software easier to unlock. coming up the new list of the best new cars on the road. a massive explosion levels this home sending debris flying into the treetops.
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>> a special delivery, a baby born on ang amtrak platform. apparently she just couldn't
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ah, little trinny christina stokes couldn't wait to get here. mom was riding amtrak from north carolina to philly, that's when she went plus labor. the baby was due march 4th. thankfully everybody is fine. >> wow, trinity was a little bit early. the train was on time. federal health officials investigating more than a dozen reported cases of sexually transmitted zika virus in the u.s. all the cases involve men who visited areas with zika outbreaks and may have infected
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according to the cdc, that suggests sexual transmission is more likely than previously thought. johnson & johnson must pay $72 million for a woman's death from ovarian cancer. the alabama woman had blamed her illness on years of using the company's baby powder and shower to shower products. johnson & johnson's faces hundreds of lawsuits failing to warn consumers a talc based pod could cause cancer. she filed it before she died last fall. "consumer reports" out with its annual rankings of the best new cars. top five include also luxury car, audi followed by subaru, lexus, porsche and bmw. the top ranging domestic brand is buick at number seven. "consumer reports" considers performance and reliability while compiling this list. boston dynamics have introduced a new series of their
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incredible scenes of destruction in livingston, louisiana, after tornadoes strike, hit the baton rouge suburb. what may be pieces of aluminum siding are restaurant around like crumped aluminum foil. power lines and trees are down, yet nearby homes appear untouched.
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martha moxley when they were in their teens in 1975. he was found guilty of her murder in 2002. but granted a new trial in 2013. he's been free on a $1.2 million bond ever since. several top figures of a polygamist sect in utah will make court appearances to face fraud and money laundering charges taken into custody at their compound along the utah/arizona border. two brothers arrested of sect leader warren jeffs in prison for child sexual assault. federal prosecutors say the suspects tried to defraud a food stamp program and hid the proceeds. more testimony in the $75 million lawsuit by sports casper erin andrews, at issue those naked videos of her that were posted online. the "dancing with the stars" co-host was in a nashville court tuesday. andrews blames a hotel manager by not keeping her safe by
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guilty to stalking her to stay right next door. >> they cannot step into her shoes and understand the humiliation that can come from the violation of a standard of care. it's not in their dna to understand it. >> the attorney for the hotel companies andrews is suing told jurors while the incidents were terrible, andrews' stalker is the only one to blame. the friend of a california teenager who found instant fame with a viral video has become the victim of a dangerous prank. the so-called daniel video of a high school student's outfits has been retweeted over 100,000 times. the teen has been targeted in a s.w.a.t.'ing incident. police swarmed his home after someone made a hoax call to 911 saying he had killed his mother. the family told police they've been receiving strange calls since the video went viral. well, a seattle area couple
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explosion ripped apart their mobile home. the blast in port orchard so powerful it sent debris 30 feet into the air. people up to eight miles away from shaken by the explosion. the atf has joined the search for a cause and one fire official said leaking fuel could have caused the blast. two workers found themselves stuck on a scaffold more than 60 feet above the streets of midtown manhattan replacing glass panels when the weather got nasty so they decided to come in and they were stranded for an hour. firefighters cut a hole in a window to bring them to safety. the scaffold's operator said the rescue was not necessary. >> okay, so once again let's return to the safety of the studios and terra firma for sports highlights. >> we get those from our guys at espn. >> he's stan, i'm neil. he has an nba highlight.
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>> rockets and jazz battling for eighth spot. less than 20 seconds left in overtime. derek favors on the offensive glass puts jazz up by three. last chance for the rockets. trevor ariza gets a look. no, sir, rebound out to jason terry, can't hit it from the corner. james harden had 42 points. eighth 40-point game tied with steph curry but jazz got a little from everybody.
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time for "the pulse" and we're going to get started with an emotional return to the stage for celine dion. it happened last night in las vegas. her first concert since the death of her husband last month. >> the show started with a written message and a video collage of their moments through
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>> on the far left, mom with a baby bottle but dressed for the office, there in the middle a bearded dad doing the mr. mom thing, pushing a baby carriage. >> by the way you see the character on the right. it's a child in a wheelchair who also has a guided dog, not pictured there but the dog's part of the set. i love this. >> advancing, all right, very cool. this video is actually hilarious, budding artist in australia you might say going viral. okay, so the little girl managed to turn her sister into a zebra using permanent marker before being caught in the act. >> oh. mom is an artist so she obviously understands a creative impulse and doesn't seem too upset. come on, this video is so cute it was viewed more than 10 million times. you got to give it to the sister. baby brother does look a little like a zebra. >> she was saying she wants to do a zebra and the little australian accent, it was very cute. >> it was very cute.
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hi. good morning.i'm chris riva. riva.i'm kathrine nero. a violent night in cincinnati...police officers looking for the suspect who shot a man sitting in his car. it happened just after midnight at the intersection of orion and ridge avenues in pleasant ridge.police say the victim was hit twice in the leg... but is expected to be okay. another shooting at the same time in college hill...a man was shot in the leg at the 11- hundred block of north lynnebrook word on his condition.cincinnati police are still searching for the suspects. this morning's rain... partially to blame for an accident just a few hours ago in bond hill.the driver of this car lost control and smacked into a power pole at landgon farm and reading.he
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get a ticket.9 first warning meterologist jennifer ketchmark is tracking this storm... and joins us now with the latest. the soggy forecast is underway as rain morning drive. and isolated storms will continue throughout the rest of the day we'll switch to snow overnight as temperatures fall.
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good morning tri-state at 4:30 starts right now.
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the soggy wednesday forecast is underway as rain falls for the morning drive. scattered showers and isolated storms will continue throughout the rest of the day as highs climb to the mid 50s. we'll switch


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