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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 26, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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at the excel plant in hesston. panic quickly spread through the plant as the gunshots began. "we heard a pop-pop and we thought it was just metal falling on the ground and then the doors opened and people started screaming coming out saying go to the front, go to the front. the shooter has now been identifed as cedric ford. he was a painter at the lawn mower plant. plant.police say ford opened fire on two cars before attacking the plant... wounding two people.. and stealing a pick-up truck. police say the first officer on the scene went into the building despite the gunfire.. and killed ford. that officer is being called a hero who saved many lives. the company had prepared for something like this. we heard gunfire and we just took our practice into place and get everybody out as quickly as we could. that;s pretty much what we did. that's basically it. police say ford used a long gun... possibly an assault weapon. there is now a stand-off at ford's home. someone at the house isn't allowing police to enter.
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for you and will have morning tri-state. now at 11.. action against two top officials at the v-a hospital here in cincinnati... following a federal probe that began in response to a nine on your side i-team and scripps d-c bureau investigation. scripps national investigative reporter mark greenblatt shows what that investigation revealed. the highest ranking v-a official in ohio, michigan and indiana-- jack hetrick is out as network director after the v-a headquarters in washington announced it substantiated misconduct allegations against himthis following mounting pressure from congress this week.... week.... talking about nepotism, lack of cleanliness, mismanagement and just one day after president obama's press secretary weighed in.... in.... " this is a situation that the white house is aware of." the agency also substantied misconduct by the cincinnati va's acting chief of staff, dr barbara temeck the agency suspended her medical privileges, and transferred
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potential further discipline. the va announced the sweeping moves, in response to a joint investigation by the scripps washington bureau and a statement, it said the misconduct by both hetrick and temeck related to temeck's prescriptions and other medical care to members of hetrick's's inspector general accepted the agency's referral for "potential criminal investigation."mark greenblatt, scripps news, in washington. there are veterans from all over ohio in cincinnati tonight -- ahead of a rally tomorrow that was prompted by our investigation.nine on your side's evan millward just talked to that group and joins us live. they call themselves concerned veterans for america.and that joint nine on your side i-team ivnestigation /scripps national bureau caught their eye - and ire.tomorrow they'll call for even more to be done - because they say what happened today wasn't enough. it's molded into the side of the v-a - a mission - to care
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the battlesteve burkhalter/concerned veterans for america 123638 we've got to hold these people to the fire, we've got to put their feet down to the fire and hold them accountable for what they're not doing.steve burkhalter was a navy engineer. now he's mobilizing local veterans after our wcpo - scripps news joint investigation uncovered misconduct at the cincinnati v-aburkhalter 123351 we're the people who are hurt by this the most, we're the ones waiting outside the vas, we're the ones waiting in long lines, waiting on lists. something he tells me is lost amid screams for changes at the top - burkhalter 123955 not all vas are horrible, but we want to make them better and we want to hold them accountable and that's exactly our message.a message now - more needs to be done to make everything here right. burkhalter 123501we're fighting on a bigger level to not only hold them accountable but to remove people like this so that veterans are the ones get the care that is needed, so desperately needed in their lives. that meeting happening downtown at the millenium
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11 a-m.i tweeted and facebooked that for you as outside the v-a in corryville, em, 9oys. nine on your side and scripps are committed to staying on top of the changes at the v-a. on w-c-p-o-dot-com... you can read more about what's happening to temeck and hetrick -- and all of our joint investigations into the v-a. the final g-o-p debate before super tuesday finished up a few moments ago. ago. the c-n-n hosted debate showed a lot more spirit than past debates. while the standard issues were touched on by everyone on stage. there was no shortage of attacks from second and third place candidates toward the current poll leader - donald trump. donald you've hired people from other countries for jobs americans could have filled. if he builds the wall like he built trump tower he'll use
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when i was leading the fight for the gang of 8 amnesty bill where was donald, he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people you should be ashamed of yourself. yourself. doctor carson pointed out several times he wasn't afforded time to talk. while ohio governor john kasich when asked to give his opinion on the fellow candidates - he deflected and said he wouldn't talk about those on stage - he'd rather talk about his own record and plan. 9 on your side once again teaming up with politifact one of the most respected fact checking groups in the nation cutting through the rhetoric... holding these politicians accountable for what they say. tonight's debate opened on the hot-button issue of illegal immigration. donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz... sparred over how to deal with people living in the u-s illegally... and how to secure our border with mexico. and trump claimed it wouldn't even be an issue if it weren't for him. "if it weren't for me (illegal immigration) wouldn't
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trump sometime around 8:47 8:47 our politifact experts found trump to be false. his talk about building a wall... and making mexico pay for it... certainly makes headlines. but the debate on america's immigration system and proposed changes came before trump's candidacy for president. politifact will be working overnight checking statements for you. we'll have their "truth ratings" for you on good morning tri-state starting at four-30.. and on wcpo-dot-com... and our 9 on your side mobile app. now at 11... a story you'll only see on 9 on your side. an injured dog stumbling to a local man's home - and weeks later, with the help of so many - getting the medical attention he needs. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live from 'noah's ark' clinic off colerain avenue with more. john. blue the dog is recovering from surgery tonight for a broken femur. he has been through a bit of everything this month of a loving family
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the month - it was about 9 degrees"and out of the woods came a guest 'robert inhuman' wasn't expecting "saw that there was like a pitiful freezing to death - couldn't move, couldnt walk at our back porch" 1-year-old blue came wondering through the woods "gave info to friends - put it online - rescue sites"robert tracked down blue's owners - the outcome wasn't good "the news was he needs surgery, i can't pay for it, we're gonna have him put to sleep" but that wasn't an option "im a vegan anarchist with a very strong belief in animal liberation - so any opportunity to help innocent animal life is the core of my life philosophy"so with the help of around 50 people - many of them robert met through the record label he owns - they raised nearly 13-hundred dollars to treat blue's broken femur and get him the dental work and neutering he needs"it was incredible" already coining a new name "his name was blue - but we think grey matter might be a suitable name too - because it implies a lot of big head"with robert's schedule - keeping him isn't else can. "anybody who ends up being the forever home for this pitbull is gonna be a
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it" blue picked up by 'i have a dream' rescue earlier today. we're told he is a little out of it - but doing well. if you are interested in meeting blue - robert's urging you to give them a call. john genovese 9oys he saves lives for a living but now craig whitham needs your help. the aurora first responder has been missing for days. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live in aurora and talked to those closest to him. craig whitham worked here as an emt for more than 20 years. his family members, and even strangers, say they've searched all throughout these him. the small city of aurora is searching for 42 year old craig whitham. take a good look at this picture. rising sun police say he's been missing since monday. 05:44 just let him know they we care and that we are out there. 45 whitham was last seen at his aunt and uncle's home in rising sun. angel adams says her cousin left his cell phone and wallet behind. something that he would never do. 02:52
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responsible person you can ever imagine. he's been an emt for 20 years. he was in the army. he has worked at the hospital. his whole life has been about helping people. 05 amber pickett worked with on the life squad with craig for 15 years.12:02 just pranks. lots of pranks and stuff and a lot of rubber band fights. we always had rubber band fights. 09pickett says it doesn't make sense for a man like craig to disappear. 10:21 i was taught a lot from craig and stuff in the field. 2411:19 i want him home. i want him safe. 20craig helped april combs when she needed it most.14:33 well i was in a bad wreck and they showed up right away and they were very sweet and him and his partner are great people and i couldn't ask for better help. 40 police say whitham may be driving a silver 2014 dodge journey. they don't have a lot of leads and need your help. if anyone has any information, call rising sun police department. reporting live,
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turning to weather.. we had a mix of things today. nine first warning chief meterologist steve raleigh is here with what to expect in the morning. for tomorrow, highs only hit the mid-30s with mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance for scattered flurries. friday night will stay cloudy with evening temps around 300 temperatures rise quickly this weekend to near 50 saturday and the low 60s on sunday! both days will be dry and on the breezy side. rain chances return late sunday night into monday morning as a cold front
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from tornados to snow storms.. the clean up underway tonight after destructive weather. the problems facing thousands of drivers in indiana. antarctic rescue mission. the u-s crew going to save people trapped on a ship in icy waters. he fooled everyone. a man from the ukraine poses as an american high school student. the charges he now faces. it almost seems human. the new google creation that can do things we've never seen a
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 its now confirmed .... the storm damage north of durham, north carolina was caused by a tornado. at least a dozen homes are damaged... some are destroyed. the twister also tore apart hangers at the local airport. amazingly.. no one was hurt. just outside philadelphia.... people are cleaning up after storms ripped down trees and power lines. the storm hit overnight.. and many didn't know what to expect when they woke up this morning. one man's grandson decided to take cover until the storm passed. he was shaken up a little bit. i think he actually went to sleep in the house, he went to sleep in the basement until it calmed down last night. in northwest indiana... it was a busy day for snow plows after a severe snow storm. there were more than 60 crashes with injuries in the fort wayne area alone. more
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control and slid off the road. the u-s is sending a specially equipped plane to rescue 30 researchers trapped in antarctica. this time lapse video of the australian research center was taken over a period of months. the icebreaker that is supposed to bring the team home from there ran aground in a blizzard. the american plane has skis for landing on ice. the nearly 70 people left behind on the ship will wait out the blizzard.. and set sail when its safe. he's struck again. a man who police say has been stealing hair growth products from local stores hits more stores in florence. police say the man usually takes rogaine and prevegen supplements.its believed he's taken several thousand dollars worth of merchandise from stores across the midwest. investigators suspect he's selling it on-line. apple tonight is accusing the f-b-i of trying to acquire.. quote.. "dangerous power".. in its demand that apple find a way to unlock a terrorist's i- phone. the f-b-i wants apple to find a way to unlock san bernardino terrorist syed farook's
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prevent another attack. apple calls the demand "unprecedente d".. and says washington can't legally force it to write brand new computer code. and.. that the court order requiring it to do so violates its rights under the first and fifth amendments. a pennsylvania high school honor student close to graduation turns out to be a 23 year old man from the ukraine. police say artur samarin used the name asher potts.. and is now under arrest in harrisburg. he was a member of rotc and the navy sea cadet program. police say he arrived on a short term visa... then created the ruse to stay in the u-s... and managed to live with people he befriended. samarin is charged with with public records. science fiction writers have predicted it for years, with sometimes unsettling results... remember "i robot?" and the terminator. terminator. but this is reality! take a look at the atlas was created by a division of google.. which
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at five-nine and 180 pounds... it opens doors, walks across snowy ground, and even catches itself when it stumbles using sensors.the company it will one day be able to preform routine manual labor now done by people... but could also have a role in law enforcement and dealing
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weather summary: for tomorrow, highs only hit the mid-30s with mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance for scattered flurries. friday night will stay cloudy with evening temps around 300 temperatures rise quickly this weekend to near 50 saturday and the low 60s on sunday! both days will be dry and on the breezy side. rain chances return late sunday night into monday morning as a cold front
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tonight in healthy living..a breakthrough that may one day lead to new infertility treatments for men. doctors in china have managed to create sperm from mice stem cells.the technique still needs to be refined and improved. but it might one day allow doctors to turn skin cells from a man into sperm. embryonic stem cells can develop into any kind of cell in the body.the method is now being tested in monkeys. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the nfl takes center stage tomorrow in indianapolis when the best college players are on display.
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lady eagles in ripley county on the verge of a state championship. the story is
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good evening everyone. the search for new bengals starts tomorrow in downtown
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nfl combine gets underway. the bengals might be there looking for receivers. marvin jones, mo sanu and brandon tate are all free agents....that was addressed in indy today. (we believe in draft, develop and retain. we're in the retain stage with some guys right now and that's going to be our focus)) back here ...the uc bearcats began the first of 15 spring practice days as they try to bounce back from a disappointing 2015. at the same time, tommy tuberville is still trying to put together a full coaching staff. to baseball..the reds are putting single game tickets on sale saturday morning at nine....that's for any regular season game other than opening day. baseball is doing away with rolling block slides aimed at breaking up double plays with
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base. . they're hoping to prevent this...when chase utley broke the leg of the playoffs. last night's xavier villanova game was a sellout and a hit on tv. fox sports says more than a half million viewers watched it..making it the most watched game this season in the big east. college ball illinois they were asking hoosier daddy....-they should have been asking...where's the defense...troy williams down the middle...untouched for the indiana.-then watch this move by yogi ferrell on the baseline..where'd he go. indiana wins tonight. also tonight in college ball...thomas more men beat bethany 68-62. nku lost at cleveland state 63-58 high school basketball tonight, the 35th district at's tyler bezold edging inside...then he spins and scores against the tigers.- beechwood was playing catch up most of the night, gannon huff drives inside and pulls up nicely.-but holy cross made things's bezold forcing the turnover....ham
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back to bezold...the indians win tonight 50 to 34. finally...this is the line for tickets i found near the office at jac cen del high school on tuesday....-their lady eagles play for the one-a state championship saturday.-they were 26 and one this season...and managed to take a big big step. the lady eagles have a sendoff friday afternoon....they play for the title saturday morning. 9 on your side continues in a moment and now beacon's corner, insight into sports
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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hoping for a big win here any south carolina on saturday and with that the momentum to propel her into next week. between now and super tuesday, she has visits to five different states plans. cecilia vega, abc news, north charleston, south carolina. >> moving on, mysterious nos at all hour coming from a silicon valley complex occupied by apple. neighbors wants to know what is going on there.
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building its car of the future. but it won't confirm or deny that. and a giant green wall surrounding the complex prevents any kind you have visual clues though it can't quiet the sounds. >> the noises that we would hear would be clanking metal, grinding jackhammering. >> well, the san jose america can i news reports in 2014, apple received permits for the buildings describing them as auto work and repair areas. another bit of information apple refuses to confirm or deny. more fallout from cheap gas prices. halliburton which provides oil field services is cutting another 5,000 jobs. the company has already laid off more than 18,000 workers since 2014. global oil prices have fallen 670% in the last two years. california drivers could be in for sticker shock. gas prices expected to increase by 30 cents a gallon. tomorrow.


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