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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and we'll continue to see a few flurries this morning. highs only hit the mid 30s today. but don't worry, warmer air will arrive this weekend. highs jump to 50 on saturday and 62 on sunday. there's now action against two top officials at the v-a hospital here in cincinnati... following a federal probe in response to a nine on your side i-team and scripps d-c bureau investigation. scripps national investigative reporter mark greenblatt shows revealed. the highest ranking v-a official in ohio, michigan and indiana-- jack hetrick is out as network director after the v-a headquarters in washington announced it substantiated misconduct allegations against
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pressure from congress this week.... week.... talking about nepotism, lack of cleanliness, mismanagement and just one day after president obama's press secretary weighed in.... in.... " this is a situation that the white house is aware of." the agency also substantied misconduct by the cincinnati va's acting chief of staff, dr barbara temeck the agency suspended her medical privileges, and transferred temeck to another role pending potential further discipline. the va announced the sweeping moves, in response to a joint investigation by the scripps washington bureau and a statement, it said the misconduct by both hetrick and temeck related to temeck's prescriptions and other medical care to members of hetrick's's inspector general accepted the agency's referral for "potential criminal greenblatt, scripps news, in washington. veterans are responding this morning to our joint nine on your side i-team and scripps d-c bureau investigation. investigation.members of "concerned veterans for
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second floor ballroom.they'll demand accountability after our investigation raised questions about misconduct at the v-a.leaders tell nine on your side not enough is being done to correct the problems. steve burkhalter/concerned veterans for america local leader123522 they get to keep their retirement packages and they get to keep their paychecks and their job and the veterans are the ones that don't get any care. care.nine your side will be there for this morning's rally. we'll bring you our coverage later today... starting on nine on your side at noon. donald trump is refusing to back down this morning... repeating overnight that he *won't* release his tax dominated last night's g-o-p presidential debate... with marco rubio and ted cruz repeatedly taking aim at the issue. the candidates hounded trump all night long... once again attacking his controversial immigration plan.rubio accused the g-o-p front-runner of repeating himself on the campaign trail... without offering any real specifics. cruz also took his own punches at trump's conservative credentials... with trump firing back at the tea party
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(donald trump/(r) presidential candidate): "if you're talking about the polls, i'm beating him awfully badly..."(sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate): "but you're not beating hillary."(donald trump/(r) presidential candidate): "hey, if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed." killed."ohio governor john kasich tried to stay positive... saying he hopes viewers see that executive experience matters.he's promising that he will "hit the ground running and we will get america moving again." 9 on your side... once again teaming up with of the most respected fact-checking groups in the nation... cutting through the rhetoric and holding these politicians accountable. accountable.attacks continued on front-runner donald trump throughout the debate.ted cruz... at one point... claiming trump and him agree so-called obamacare should end... but for opposite reasons. "for decades, donald has been advocating socialized medicine. what he said is the government should pay for everyone's health care. and in fact, a couple of debates ago, he said if you don't support socialized health care, you're heartless." heartless."our politifact team
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false... his pants are on fire. trump did not say those words... or anything like them... in any recent debate. trump has advanced the idea of more competition among private insurers... and says the government should take care of those who can't afford insurance.nothing trump supports comes close to cruz's statement. politifact will be working overnight checking statements for you. we'll have their "truth ratings" for you on good morning tri-state starting at four-30.. and on wcpo-dot-com... and our 9 on your side mobile app. the search is on this morning for an aurora first responder who has been missing since monday. craig whitham was last seen at his aunt and uncle's home in rising sun.he's been an aurora e-m-t for over two decades. police say the 42 year old left his cell phone and wallet behind. angel adams says her cousin is the most dependable person she knows and his disappearance makes no sense. angel adams: cousin 05:24 it's just a whole range of emotions. one minute it's we know he's okay, he's probably just somewhere taking some
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and then we are sad. 37 facebook page to spread the word. "prayers for craig whitham, help us bring him home" has nearly 250 members. happening today... the tri- state's heroin epidemic will local law enforcement. enforcement.sheriffs from several tri-state counties will meet this morning to ask to public to help them take down drug dealers.they're asking you to report drug trafficking in your area... and they say you can do it anonymously.we'll bring you highlights of this meeting on nine on your side at noon. cloudy and cool again today and we'll continue to see a few flurries this morning. highs only hit the mid 30s today. but don't worry, warmer air will arrive this weekend. highs jump to 50 on saturday and 62 on sunday.
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picking up the pieces...their community was devestated by a freak they're start the rebuilding process.. new zika fears...where the latest case was discovered... and why it could mean big
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welcome back... and check out this close call for a police officer in missouri after his patrol car was side-swiped by a big rig.the officer's dash cam captured the accident. luckily... no one was injured or killed... but the car is totaled.there's no word on what happened to the driver of that big rig. the clean-up continues this morning just to the east of us in pennsylvania... after a amish countryside. the tornado ripped a path of destruction five miles long in lancaster county... tearing off roofs, leveling barns and destroying a schoolhouse. members of the amish community are already rebuilding the damage.they don't have
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on their fellow man. "they help each other out...their families will be assessed if need help pay for the cost and they just do the work themselves." the good news... there are no reports of any injuries. happening now... a specially equipped plane is on its way to rescue nearly three dozen researchers stranded in the australian research center... where those researchers are stuck.the icebreaker that's supposed to bring them home ran aground several days ago during a blizzard.the american plane has skis for landing on ice. there are new concerns this morning about the zika virus... and the summer olympics in brazil. brazil.a woman says she got the virus two miles from the olympic park. that woman isn't pregnant... but the the virus can cause severe birth defects when a pregnant woman is infected.many female athletes... including some from the united states... have said they are concerned about going to the games because of
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cloudy and cool again today and we'll continue to see a few flurries this morning. highs only hit the mid 30s today. but don't worry, warmer air will arrive this weekend. highs jump to 50 on saturday and 62 on sunday. the tri-state's generosity... on full display this morning as total strangers come together to help an abused dog. how you can give it a happy ending. "that was really not nice to clap at only a 7 year old." it's a story sparking outrage this morning...who a family is
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" it's a story you'll only see on 9 on your injured
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the help of so many... getting the medical attention he needs. 9 on your side's john genovese with his amazing recovery. "it was the coldest night of the month - it was about 9 degrees"and out of the woods came a guest 'robert inhuman' wasn't expecting "saw that there was like a pitiful freezing to death - couldn't move, couldnt walk at our back porch" 1-year-old blue came wondering through the woods "gave info to friends - put it online - rescue sites"robert tracked down blue's owners - the outcome wasn't good "the news was he needs surgery, i can't pay for it, we're gonna have him put to sleep" but that wasn't an option "im a vegan anarchist with a very strong belief in animal liberation - so any opportunity to help innocent animal life is the core of my life philosophy"so with the help of around 50 people -
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through the record label he owns - they raised nearly 13-hundred dollars to treat blue's broken femur and get him the dental work and neutering he needs"it was incredible" already coining a new name "his name was blue - but we think grey matter might be a suitable name too - because it implies a lot of brains - and he's got a pretty big head"with robert's schedule - keeping him isn't an option. he hopes someone else can. "anybody who ends up being the this pitbull is gonna be a lucky family. i can guarantee it" check this out.tri-state police are looking for this *bald* man... caught on camera stealing rogaine.this is video from a store in florence. police say the man usually takes rogaine and *prevegen* hiar growth supplements... worth thousands of dollarshe's hit other stores across the midwest. investigators believe he's
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the university of missouri professor caught trying to intimidate journalists during a campus protest is now out of a job. job.the university's board of curators voted yesterday to fire melissa was seen on video last fall asking for "muscle" to get rid of a video journalist.she's also charged with third-degree assault. it's going viral this morning for all the wrong reasons. we're hearing from a family that was kicked off a plane... as passengers clapped.jorge alvarado... who's fighting stage four throat cancer... says his seven-year-old son, giovanni, had an allergic reaction to a service dog.he says a flight attendant making snide remarks egged on the passengers... who cheered as they walked off the plane. "that made me sad when my dad's dying of cancer and really not nice to clap at
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alvarado says he wanted to take his family on one last vacation before he passes. allegiant says it stands by the decision to deboard the family. quite a surprise for a pennsylvania high school... after one of its honor students turns out to be someone else. else. police say artur samarin used the name asher potts... claiming to be a high schooler. but he's actually a 23- year-old man... from the ukraine. police say he created the ruse to stay in the u-s. he's now under arrest. it's a fabulous february giveaway on 9 on your side. watch good morning tri-state from 6 t0 7a for your chance to win a 100-dollar pre-paid gift card. but you'd better jump on it... because today is your *last* chance to win! win!watch for the weather word of the day and enter it at
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now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. long:the close of our workweek will be cold, but i promise you, warmer air is coming over the weekend! temperatures drop
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morning with cloudy skies and flurries across the tri-state. skies stay cloudy to mostly cloudy all day long and this will really hold back our temperatures. highs will only reach the mid 30s this afternoon. if you are heading out to a fish fry this evening, bundle up the family. the weekend is looking flat out fantastic! high pressure moves into the ohio valley and it ensures that both days are mostly sunny. temperatures improve to 50 on saturday. winds increase from the southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top out in the low 60s on sunday. a quick moving cold front rolls through the ohio valley late sunday night and into monday morning. we'll have a few linger showers for early morning drivers but the majority of monday will be dry. highs on monday only hit the low 50s but that's considered mild for the end of february.morning rushovercast flurrieslow: 27fridaymostly cloudy to overcastslight chance flurrieshigh: 35friday nightcloudy early/clearing
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saturday mostly sunny skies warmerhigh: 50saturday night fair skiesnot as coldlow: 35 mostly sunnybreezy & warmhigh: 62
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he's lobbed some big insults on the campaign trail.but donald trump *isn't* in trouble this morning.the political statement that landed some students in hot water. "i used it and my pains went away and i slept great." great."a new spa treatment... making *men* forget their aches and pains.where the glass... and tub... are both
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cloudy and cool again today and we'll continue to see a few flurries this morning. highs only hit the mid 30s today. but don't worry, warmer air will arrive this weekend. highs jump to 50 on saturday and 62 on sunday.
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to prepare for spring this weekend at the annual home and garden show. opens tomorrow at the duke energy convention center and runs through the weekend... before returning on march 2nd.this is video from last year''ll get a chance to browse everything from flowers and landscaping... to gazebos and hot tubs. you can catch the show on saturday from 10-30 a-m to nine are 13- dollars for adults... and children 12-and under are free. it's a political rally of a different kind.donald trump is causing some controversy in iowa, but it's not what you think. think."donald trump, donald trump" trump"that's youtube video of a high school basketball game in officials say the home crowd started chanting trump's name because the opposing team had several hispanic players.of course... referring to trump's call for a border wall with mexico. administrators say the chant was inappropriate and casts a
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using a drone to spy on someone could get you in legal trouble in kentucky.the kentucky house has passed a bill... that would let police charge drone operators with harassment or's in response to a kentucky man who shot down a drone last year that he said was spying on his teenage daughters on his back porch. there are spas of every kind. but this morning... there's one that's catering to *men*... using a special ingredient. ingredient.this one is being called america's first *beer* spa. it's called "hop in the spa"... and you can find it in sisters,'s owner says a bath in brew is good for soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hops and barley... and it's such a success that it's already expanding. "hop in the garden which will be our beer garden and then hop in cup which will be a new
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too."for those hoping to get tipsy off the tub... some bad news... you can *not* get drunk soaking in beer. reds season is getting even closer...tomorrow... single game tickets for reds home games go on sale... starting at nine a-m.that *excludes* opening day... which is april 4th.the team is bringing back fireworks fridays this year... after every friday home game. super saturdays... which include a premium giveaway every saturday.and sunday family days. power problem...a tri-state family says it's out thousand of dollars... and hundreds of *fish*... after their power went out.the questions they have this morning for duke energy. cancer-free nighthundreds of tri-state teens... joining the they'll spend the early morning hours raise money for tri-state cancer
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it's fristrating because it's not hte first time its happened. a local couple is blaming duke energy this morning for something that could cost them thousands of dollars. we made it through the snow this week and now we're looking forward to some warmer weather. will feel like spring is here.a little windy but we can handle that.let's get the details from 9 first warning meterologist, jennifer ketchmark. cloudy and cool again today and we'll continue to see a few flurries this morning. highs only hit the mid 30s today. but don't worry, warmer air will arrive this weekend. highs jump to 50 on saturday
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two top veterans affairs leaders in cincinnati are out but a veterans group is saying this morning it's not enough. enough.the officials were at investigation into mismangement at the v-a done by wcpo and the scripps news washington bureau.jordan burgess is live with why veterans say they still have they're getting. in just a few hours veterans will gather here inside the millenium hotel in cincinnati. organizers say to expect to hear a lot of anger and outrage. the reason for that?..the v-a


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