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stickers like this one.. posters.. even business cards to get people's attention and get heroin dealers off the streets. the program was introduced by the hamilton county sheriff's office and the police chiefs of cities around the county. it's called not in my neighborhood.they plan to put posters up in spots like police stations and hospitals places where the people impacted by heroin often end up.the posters have a number for an anonymous tip line for reporting heroin dealers.the number is pretty easy to remember.. 3-5-2-dope.those in this fight say they are determined to stop heroin use.. and that tips are often what lead to their investigations. 17:05 we need the public to get involved. when the public gets involved it empowers law enforcement and all of our neighborhoods to take a stand and tell those who use heroin,
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and it's not just dealers they're targeting. they've also got cards like this one.. for those they revive with narcan.. giving people contact information on how they can get off the drug.reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. taking a live look outside right now on your 9 first
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breaking news at noon ... 9 on your side has learned that the aurora police department has 'subpoenaed' the bank records of a missing e-m-t ... in connection with an investigation into theft of funds from "aurora emergency rescue inc." inc."court documents obtained by 9 on your side show the subpoena was filed on february 24th -- two days after e-m-t craig whitham was last seen in rising sun.dearborn police requested the records dating back to january last year ... for an investigation
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acts.police are seeking information about whitham's whereabouts ... they say he may be driving a silver 2014 dodge journey. if you know anything, call dearborn police. right now veterans are expressing their frustrations over the treatment they're getting.a w-c-p-o and scripps joint investigation looked into issues with care detailed by more than 30 current and former v-a staff members. members.that led to the removal yesterday of two top cincinnati v-a "concerned veterans for america" is hosting a meeting at the millennium hotel in cincinnati ....organizers say even though the v-a didn't find issues with the quality of care ... there are problems that have to be dealt with. last summer todd frazier became a hometown hero when he won the home run derby in great american ballpark ...he was wearing a reds uniform then he's traded his red legs for white sox. sox.9 on your side sports reporter ken broo sat down with frazier at spring training to find out how the former red is doing with his new team ... the chicago white sox.spring training is only a
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says ... he already misses you, his fans. ((frazier: that's the one thing i'll miss, how nice they were to me. and you know i took pride with those guys, tried to give them as many autographs as i could. you know, just be one with the fans and i'd like to thank them for sure.)) sure.))frazier compared his trade from cincinnati to chicago to being a young student forced to move schools in second grade ... hoping to make new friends and succeed. you can pick up tickets for this season starting 'tomorrow' ...single game tickets go on sale at 9 am. that *excludes* opening day... which is april 4th.the team is bringing back fireworks fridays this year... after every friday home game.there's also super saturdays... which include a premium giveaway every saturday.and sunday family days. a couple in loveland is paying a hefty price following an overnight power outage. they say they lost more than 3 thousand dollars worth of live fish after their power went out for 12 hours. now they're asking why it took duke energy so long to get the power
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out what happened. all of this has left the couple swimming in frustration...and on the hook wondering what to do now. and holy mackerel just take a look at this...hundreds of dead fish inside of 30 breeding tanks belonging to kelly lewber's husband. they were only able to save about half of these acquatic creatures when they lost electricity went just before 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. she says duke energy initially told them the power would be restored by 7pm ..but that did not happen for another 8 hours two more calls to complain it's just frustrating to hear them say they're on their way ..there's nobody duke energy tells nine on your side that crews were sent out immediately to respond to downed tree on a power line near lewber's home. the job was more complicated that they first thought which is why it took so long. restoration times are just an estimate. this couple says their next big investment will include a
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well know the couple has even bigger fish to fry. they are out thousands of dollars because of all this. home insurance does not cover the loss of pets birds and fish. in loveland ta 9 oy side plus ... are your kids' high tech toys putting their personal info at risk?how playtime can turn dangerous thanks to the internet. plus ... a unicorn on the loose!your eyes aren't playing tricks on you ...where this mythical creature was spotted ... and what it's doing dodging traffic! you're watching 9 on your side
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the economy is on the rebound from the great recession ... but cincinnati is among the cities left behind.that's according to a new report from the "economic innovation group" according to the study ... cincinnati is the 'tenth most' distressed city ... with cleveland in the top spot.44 percent of adults are not in the workforce ... though they
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...cincinnati's median income is only 70 percent of the median income of the rest of ohio.and about 1 in three cincinnatians lives below the poverty line.the organization says many distressed cities' problems pre-date the recession ... but any recovery has not had much impact in solving them. police are looking for the man responsible for terrorizing a family up in elyria, ohio.they say he tried to snatch a 10- year-old girl right out of her own bedroom window! window!just before four in the morning yesterday, the girl ran into her parents' bedroom screaming.she told him a hooded man woke her up, grabbed her legs, and tried to pull her out of her bedroom quiet, and no one would get hurt.she kicked herself free, and the man got away. "it's the scariest thing i've ever been through in my life." "it's important he gets caught, so no other kids try to get taken." taken."the girl's father says the would-be kidnapper appeared to have taken a ladder from the family's yard and leaned it underneath the window to get to the girl. a warning for parents in whitewater township and
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say a man tried to lure children 'twice' in one night. deputies say his "m-o" is to offer drugs and alcohol to kids.. this is a picture of the car he's driving.they say the man is around 50 years old...about 5 foot 8, round face and has dirty blonde hair. call franklin county deputies if have seen him. coming up ... are your kids toys puttnig them in the path of hackers?why even barbie can
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon short forecast tease.i'll have the complete check of your nine first warning forecast in about two minutes. many toys meant for kids nowadays are as complicated as smartphones and computers ... but are those high tech toys to hackers? (37-45)jennifer wayman // parent(nats toys)239g3950 03:05:09"it's really cool. (beep)((unless we have a
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beep. chirp.barbienats239g3950 you've put together a fun outfit."even chat.sot - alyia 02:49:49"well i think it keeps me entertained."high tech toys that connect to the internet.. elijahsotaubs640614:00:16"i have this game called rainbow 6 and you can baricade doors and stuff."placing potential targets on your kids. lauren -- parentsot239g394902:58:10 the mix it's disgusting. it's horible it should have never happened."*****fade out techy music******hackers hit popular electronic company v-tech in december.10 million online accounts -- including more than six million child profiles.. stolen. jennifer- very scary especially that this breach has put parents and kids both at risk." nats of hello barbie239g395903:19:27 "when you feel good on the inside you look good on the outside."the new wifi -- hello barbie -- priced at around 75 bucks is being blasted as risky.. mattel and tech company toytalk - created the toy.. with the push of a button...nats 239g395903:19:56 beltshe listens and **responds** to your kids over the wifi smartphone app.nats 239g395903:20:18"great! let's play."the conversations between barbie and your child.. are the
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02:56:30"that's why parents are going to have to wise up and the tech companies that are creating these toys are definitely going to have to step up their game."v-tech just relaunched its online app two weeks ago.. apologizing for the security breach..assuri ng parents its plugged the security holes.jennifer wayman sot aubs645013:57:16"we're paying outragous money for these toys the extra added security peace of mind for parents should be in place." mattel and toytalk maintain they've taken steps to improve and ensure safety of hello barbie.but other tech toys could be next.burton kelso - tech expertsot - tech guy 239g396003:24:31"it's always connect directly with your children with these smart
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coming up ... a unicorn on the loose!how this supposedly mythical creature went on the run ... and ... the oscars are just a few days away ...and we're learning a little about what the producers have planned for the big show! all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service,
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in california ... police were hot on the trail of what unicorn.' 'juliette the pony' ... who masquerades as a unicorn at children's parties, escaped from a party and led police and bystanders on a chase for hours... even darting in and out of traffic on a busy highway.officers even called in a helicopter and finally managed to catch her. it's almost oscar night!last night documentary filmmakers
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nominations...the films cover a wide range of subjects. there are two music documentaries nominated.... one about amy winehouse and another about singer nina simone. other uncover world issues like genocide and honor killings. the director of "cartel land" ... which focuses on the mexican drug war.... hopes it broadens people's understanding. matthew heineman, director: "it's great that this nomination can help further put a spotlight on the suffering of the mexican people high-profile introduction at the oscars. when gaga performs the song "til it happens to you", she'll be brought to the stage by vice president biden. the oscar nominated song is featured in the documentary "the hunting ground" -- which is about sexual assault on college campuses. biden has focused on the issue during his time as vice president. the academy awards are right here on 9 on your side 'this sunday.'the red carpet show starts at 7 o'clock ...and the awards ceremony, hosted by
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at 8-30.make sure you keep it here for 9 on your side at 11 -- craig, tanya and steve will be here.. take a look at this insane video of a news photographer's close call with chunks of falling ice. "oh... big stuff david..."out: "...geez louise" louise" that's outside w-j-e-t's tower in northwest pennsylvania. you can see those huge ice spears crashing into the roof above him and another man.neither person was hurt. coming up ... a shooting spree in kansas kills four people... what we're learning about the gunman today. a loveland couple says a power outage cost them 'thousands' of dollars ...why they say duke energy kept them in the dark about repairs. and ... not in my neighborhood! a new program to fight heroin dealers in heroin county ... how officials say 'you' can
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we are learning more about thursday's deadly shooting rampage in kansas.the shooter, who was killed at the scene, has been identified... as officials work to piece together a possible motive. steve nannes has the latest. sheriff t. walton, harvey county, kansas) "he was
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a new program just unveiled this morning in hamilton county to fight the heroin epidemic by getting all of us to help. help.the program is called "not in my neighborhood". it's being done by the hamilton county sheriff's office and local police chiefs.the idea is to put out posters.. bumper stickers.. and business cards with an anonymous tip line to report heroin dealers.those in
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tips often lead to their investigations. (sot)tom synanhamilton county coalition task force17:05 we need the public to get involved. when the public gets involved it empowers law enforcement and all of our neighborhoods to take a stand and tell those who use heroin, "not in my neighborhood." a loveland couple is blaming duke energy for an overnight power outage that they say has left them on the hook for 3- thousand dollars!! dollars!!nearly half of these exotic fish belonging to kelly luber and her husbands died when their breeding tanks lost electricity for 12 hours. the lights went out around 3 oclock yesterday. power wasn't restored until almost 3 oclock this morning it's just frustrating to hear them say they're on their way ..there's nobody nobody 9 on your side contaced duke energy directly. they say crews were dispatched immediately to fix the problem...however..the job of
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complicated that expected. lewber and her husband say their next big investment will include a backup generator a bald bandit strikes again in the tri-state. state.this is video from the latest theft at a store in florence.police say this man was caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of rogaine and *prevegen* hair growth supplements.he's hit other stores across the midwest.investigators believe he's selling it online... because it's obvious he's not using it. in kentucky a new bill aims to spare teens from being charged with a felony for sexting. sexting.under the bill, anyone under 18 caught sending such pictures of themselves or their friends by cell phone or online would be spared a felony offense.the charge would instead be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and time in juvenile detention. squaring off ahead of super tuesday ...the republicans hold their final debate before the big primary day next week ...while the democrats fight for every vote in south
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(pkg)on the debate stage in houston-marco rubio and ted cruz- pouncing on republican front-runner donald trump.. rubio: "you're only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. you hired some -- workers from poland."trump "no, no, i'm the only one at people. you haven't hired anybody. (applause) //cruz: "marco is exactly right, that a federal court found donald guilty of being part of a conspiracy -- // to hire people illegally and entered a $1 million judgment against him."//rubio: "if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it."trump: "so cute. such a cute sound bite." //this morning- the jabs continuing?ru bio on good morning america: rubio: he's a con artist. he consistently tells people that he's out there fighting on their behalf but he spent 40 years sticking it to the people he now claims to be fighting for. trump- firing back on twitter calling rubio- "mr. meltdown.";but political
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aren't likely to impact trump's leaddowd:i think the only thing that could hurt donald trump is if in the aftermath some of the allegations that they made and attacks they made stick over the next three days. hillary clinton on msnbc's morning joe today- saying it appears- trump will be the republican nominee?but that she is focused on her own message: clinton: break down the barriers to america and americans live up to their potential. that is it. that's what i care about, clinton- leading in the polls here in south carolina-as sanders travels here today-nat last night rallytrying to rally last minute support ahead of tomorrow's democratic primary.tag-the schedule is packed here today for hillary, while, sanders- started today looking ahead to super tuesday. mg abc newspreview: some 1-thousand high schoolers are getting ready for a big night....joining the battle to knock out pediatric cancer. cancer.they each had to raise 100 dollars to be able to participatelast year's group
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cancer research and they had a lot of fun doing it. this year some of the participants held bake sales, went door to door in their neighborhood asking for donations. they did whatever they had to do to get in in the "night for the fight" ... full of games, dancing and good food. we give each of the students glow sticks....lot of fun all night night this year they wanna raise 100,000 dollars for cancer free kids. the event starts at morning it's the final friday of the month and you know what that means ... cincinnati art museum's "art after dark!"this month's theme is "romance, revival, and rumba" ... the event runs from 5 to 9 at the museum. museum.also this weekend ...
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'whiskey trail' ... where you can sample eight varieties of whiskey ... try whiskey-themed foods ... and pick the brains of master distillers.looking for something a little more family friendly? the macy's arts sampler is bringing a slew of free arts performances and hands on activities to venues around greater cincinnati. you can find the schedule at the arts wave dot org slash sampler.for the rest of our w-c-p-o entertainment editor's top 9 picks of things to do this weekend just visit us at w-c-p-o dot com. coming up ... how does an oil change end up costing forty dollars?how one man got slapped with a much bigger bill than he expected ... and .... are americans putting down the soda can?what new research shows about how much of the sugary stuff we're drinking.
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a coupon can seem to offer a good deal ,.,but sometimes that little slip of paper ... hides big prices!9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese explains what happened to one man who didn't an oil change. change. brian chamberlin figured why bother changing his own oil.... cheaper at a shop? shop?"i went online and saw a voucher for $14.99 for an oil change."so he clipped this coupon for a $14.99 oil change
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cincinnati area monro muffler shops.but when the shop presented the bill, he says... says..."it was $14.99 plus $34.99"almost 50 dollars! turns out... out..."there is a $34.99 additional charge for disposing of the oil..."...and other things. he says the shop billed extra for:--oil disposal.--filter disposal. --recyling fee.--shoip supplies.--equipment costs. costs."so what does it really cost to change the oil in your car? we came to an independent shop that does more than a dozen oil changes a day to find out." out.""it can range here at my establishment anywher from $28 to $60."todd adams is the general manager of a family owned repair shop.... smith muffler in covington.he says no shop can make money doing an oil change for under 25 dolalrs....saying the oil and filter alone costs... costs..."i would say $22 to $25 if you purchased it yourself."what about the 14.99 coupon?turns out the fine print says they can charge up to an additional $39 for fees!
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first."car's already up, they've already got the oil removed, then they show you be." and john will be back today starting at 5....with a man who fell for the irs phone scam....wait till you see what can happen if a relative of yours takes the bait!plus, angry mcdonalds customers speak out about the end of 2 for $2 deals....later today so you don't waste your money. coming up ... how many gallons of soda do you think the avg american drinks in a 'year'?
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon the cleveland clinic is making history.this week.. surgeons performed the first uterus transplant in the u-s.the hosptal says it was on a 26-year-old woman.. using organs from a deceased donor. cleveland clinic says the surgery will be used to help women born without a uterus.. or who have abnormalities that prevent pregnancy. forty-five gallons. that's the average amount, per american, of sugary drinks produced in the u.s. in 2011. and believe it or not, many of us are actually drinking that much. now a new study suggests that a change is on the way.with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. soda? fruit juice? sweet tea? and energy drinks. when it comes to refreshment, sugary drinks are a popular choice. but all those calories from sugar pose real health
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which is a higher risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. now, new data from the cdc show that the trend may be going down. in a 2013 survey, 1 in 3 americans reported drinking at least one sugar-containing drink per day. if true, a sign of a positive trend? since previous research suggests up to half of americans drink one of those sugary drinks daily. the new survey also found that men drink more sweet drinks than women. breaking it down by age, 43 percent of young adults have at least one per day. their elders? only 19 percent. more research will be needed to confirm this trend. but with national dietary guidelines recommending that only 10 percent of our total daily calories come from added sugars? it may be a good time to keep trading that soda for a sugar-free alternative. with this medical minute, i'm dr.
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let's turn to your forecast now with a live look from skycam 9. 9. the close of our workweek will be cold, but warmer air is coming over the weekend!skies stay cloudy to mostly cloudy all day long and this will really hold back our temperatures. highs will only reach the mid 30s this afternoon. if you are heading out to a fish fry this evening, bundle up the family! the weekend is looking flat out fantastic! high pressure moves into the ohio valley and it ensures that both days are mostly sunny. temperatures improve to 50 on saturday.
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southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top out in the low 60s on sunday. a quick moving cold front rolls through the ohio valley late sunday night and into monday morning. we'll have a few linger showers for early morning drivers but the majority of monday will be dry. highs on monday only hit the low 50s but that's considered mild for the end of
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if you are looking for a magical experience for you and your family-- "a little night magic" might be just the thing. joining me now are "sir pat- trick" and mike woodward ... who are the stars of a theatrical show in town this
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- sir pat-trick, are you excited to be performing in your hometown? you went to
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a look out over the city from the nine on your side skycam. we'll have a final check of
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later today at 4 on the now cincinnati...dogs in shelters get breed labels... but mis-names may mean these canines aren't getting a fur-ever home.join tanya o'rourke and me today at 4. a weekend warm-up is on the way... we'll hear more about that from jason in just a moment ... and you'll get a chance to prepare for spring this weekend at the annual home and garden show. opens tomorrow at the duke energy convention center and runs through the weekend... before returning on march 2nd.this is video from last year''ll get a chance to browse everything from flowers and landscaping... to gazebos and hot tubs. you can catch the show tomorrow from 10-30 a-m to nine are 13- dollars for adults... and
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let's get one last check of your forecast. that's 9 on your side at noon for this xx.we'll see you again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget - keep 9 on your side - at your side - everywhere you go. download the wcpo 9 on your
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