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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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highways.a crash in the northbound lanes of i-75 near i-74 shut down lanes for hours. chopper nine - the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first shows us the scene... where as you can see... it's pretty clear!we'll stay in the air, and bring you any breaking traffic updates as they happen! this man - timothy bray is accused of performing oral sex on another man without his consent.according to court documents - bray is the victim's caretaker.he is charged with rape and is being held on a one-hundred-thousand dollar bond. a tri-state mall is embarking on a new challenge in effort to keep teens safe! safe!security guards at northgate mall will start checking i-d's on friday and saturday nights. nobody under 17 can be at the mall after five o-clock unless they are with someone 21 years or older. the new policy is being met with mixed reviews. "they do get loud and they do
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nerves.northgate mall says this stems from customer feedback.the new policy goes into effect on march fourth. the bald bandit strikes again! again!this is video from the latest theft at a store in florence.police say this man is caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of rogaine and *prevegen* hair growth supplements.he's hit other stores across the tri-state and the midwest. investigators believe he's selling it online... and not using it. the kentucky g-o-p presidential caucus is a week from some are concerned about how many people will show up to vote. some people with the ted cruz campaign say the party hasn't done a good job letting people know about the caucus. its the first time in decades one has been held in kentucky. the change was made this time so senator rand paul could also run for re-election at the same time. tickets to cincinnati reds games go on sale in the morning! morning!you can buy single
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o-clock!tickets can be purchased in person at great american ball park, and on- line. one catch - opening day tickets are not available.the redlegs are hard at work in arizona for spring training camp.opening day is monday, april fourth. the countdown to the oscars is on... and cincinnati could shine when the academy awards are handed out."carol" the movie starring cate blanchett and rooney mara - filmed here in the queen city is up for six nominations. nine on your side's scott wegener reports from a tri-state costume shop, rooting for gold. "i have this nice big bright one."joy galbraith loves working with costumes."plaids are always important to me."as the creative director for costume gallery in newport, she has plenty to keep her busy."30,000 pieces."when the film carol came to town, she wanted a piece of the action. "but i wasn't hired because i wasn't union."but then the production got in a bind, and her phone rang.she was in."i
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sandy powell. she is the goddess of costume designers." it's easy to see why. carol is up for an academy award for costuming."i can't wait to see the oscars, especially the costuming award."and by far she's not the only local talent who was rubbing shoulders with oscar contenders."it's kind of imposing, having cate blanchette stading three feet away from you."local cinematographer jeff barklage was hired to work with carol's director of photography edward lachman."i had two roles. i was the splinter unit director of photography, which is the second unit, and i was also a b camera operator."in addition to being responsible for camera closeups, jeff also was given a list of random shots to grab:"run out to the countryside and get shots of a '48 plymouth driving through a cornfield,or shoot shots of rooney pulling off to thje side of the road and vomiting." carol is nominated for six statuesand both joy and jeff are hometown proud of the area's contribution."it was pheonomenal to look around and seeing all ther cincinnati presence on set."scott
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nine on your side has full coverage of the oscars starting at four o-clock on sunday! we want to get you back to that story we promised at the top of our show. show.rose-ann aragon reports on a the daughter hoping to make a difference after watching her mother die battling an addiction. "it's my favorite when people tell me that i look like her." for jordan stockelman--there are only good things to say about the woman who gave her life. "she's beautiful... her best friend ...if she were here...i'd tell her one more time that i love her love in the form of incredible strength--at 15-- stockelman watched her rolemodel battle an addiction with alcohol. nats: you called them demons...what made them demons? "the fight she was
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where i could really see in her eyes it was my mom and she wanted to get help. she didn't choose this. it was secret battle with herself--she fought for years."addictiction is an epidemic and it affects moe and more people every day." in january her mother passed away.she turned moment of *darkness into *light. and in her mom's honor, stockelman is starting an organization to help those beat their addictions... "heroin is becoming such a problem--addiction in general. bring the community together to help each other.. help each other understand the disease. help another person who's going through it." because the fighting *spirit of her *mother-- is *living in her. "if i could i could help one family or one person or just touch one person's life with what i'm doing--i've succeeded...they have something to fight for." her organization is also working to raise money to help get treatment for those
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planning their first event in july.back to you. coming up next at 5-30... raging wildfires! wildfires!what we're learning tonight about the prison inmate hit by a boulder while battling a southern california wildfire. what she was doing there in the first place... and endorsing trump.the reason why former presidential hopeful chris christie is stepping out in support of the donald ahead of super tuesday. i'm john matarese.hate taking a coupon to the department store....and then learning almost everything is exlcuded? i'm on your side with big changes coming to macy's and jc penney....that could mean bigger savings! you're watching nine on your
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nine on your side is following breaking news in sunman, indiana.that's where a three year old was just happened at a house on van wedding road.that runs off of north dearborn county.we do have a crew on the way.and we'll bring you any breaking news updates as we get them in... the massachusetts teenager who raped then killed his math teacher is learning his fate. philip chism is being sentenced to life in prison for the 20-13 slaying.he was only 14 when he took his young teacher into a school bathroom, and strangled her, stabbing her at least 16 times. chism will be eligibile for parole in 25 years.
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tonight on the wildfires raging in malibu, california. an inmate firefighter hit in the head by a boulder has died. officials say the boulder fell about one hundred feet before hitting the young woman. woman.the fire started burning thursday morning... inmate firefighters help cut containment lines to stop the spread of wildfires and douse hotspots. new jersey governor chris christie is throwing his support behind presidential hopeful donald trump. trump.governor christie had eyes on the white house - but backed out of the race following the new hampshire primary!after endorsing trump - he took stabs at fellow hopeful, marco rubio.christie says rubio is desperate and reflective of a losing campaign. voters in 12 states will head to the polls next week for "super tuesday!" tuesday!"and the front-runners for each of the parties nomination are leading in each state.former secretary of state, hillary clinton, leads in the polls across the 12 states.and donald trump is expected to lock up votes as well. well.his only challenge is in senator ted cruz's home state of texas... where cruz leads
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26-percent. stay with nine on your side next tuesday as the "super tuesday" results come in... we'll have complete coverage on nine on your side at 11. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. this local e-m-t missing along with a large sum of money from an emergency medical service. the mystery that has investigators scratching their heads..hundreds of dollars lost...(sot)...bitten by an i-r-s phone scam... john matarese explains the way to protect yourself... so you don't waste your're watching 9 on your side at 530.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. tonight....a victim of the irs phone scam is speaking out, letting all of us know how easy it is to fall for the scam. scam.consumer reporter john matarese shows us what the threating call sounded like. like.but the first, good news for anyone who hates store coupons full of exclusions. john? do you hate those 20 percent off macy coupons that show up in your mailbox ever other week...filled with exclusions? exclusions? customers have long complained that most macy's coupons -- except for friends and family -- exclude name brands like nike, coach, tommy hilfiger, and others.
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reducing the number of coupons it sends out...and instead will have bigger, real sales on the floor. meantime, jc penney is trying another tactic to lure sales: a penny sale.... at penneys! penneys!the department store is launching a get your penney's worth promotion. buy one arizona brand item, get a second one for just a penny. the first of these sales starts this sunday, and will last for a week in stores. the biggest phone scam ever shows no signs of that it's tax season, the irs scam is back and worse than ever: just today a cincinnati woman, lynn engleman, says she got a threatening call. tonight, one victim is now speaking out to warn others. alex gutierrez' nightmare started with a phone call from a many saying he was an irs official. alex was told his tax refund was an error and he had to return it that day or
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charges."if i didn't send the money, they gonna cut me all my rights, i can't travel, i can't use my money in the bank."panicked, he wired 700 dollars to a the irs....only learning later he really sent it to a scam artist in peru. peru. "the u.s. treasury department says that this scam has been perpetrated in just about every state, and estimates that thousands of people have been defrauded of more than 26 million dollars."it can happen to anyone. 9 on your side first reported about these threating calls targeting tri staters two years ago....and they continue to come. come."i'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the u.s. treasury."when this woman called back, she was told she could avoid arrest by immediately wiring more than 6- thousand dollars to clear her record. record."you need to go to the bank first; you need to withdraw the money in cash." when she balked, he threatened. threatened."we'll send the officers and you'll be arrested." arrested.""it's critical to know the irs never calls out of the blue. if you have a tax problem, you'll almost always first be contacted by mail." other things the irs will never do:>demand immediate payment. >threaten imminent
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action.>require a specific payment method like a prepaid debit card. >or request confidential information on the phone. alex gutierrez knows he'll never get his 700 dollars he wants others to know how to spot a scam. if you are know about this scam, that's great.but make sure your older relatives know too: most victims are over age 70.finally, on read why so many people are angry with a change at mcdonalds this week....that on
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stubborn clouds will remain around the tri-state tonight before we are treated to another nice weekend! this evening, while it's possible to see a few flurries, most areas will stay simply cloudy and cold. wind chills will make it feel like the low 20s throughout the night. temperatures will drop below freezing by 9 p.m. and into the mid 20s overnight. so, if you're heading to a fish fry, a movie, or anywhere you should definitely wear a warm
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next at 5-30...stuck in a chimney.what police are saying a woman was doing when she got caught! he's moving on after falling into gangs -- drugs -- and alcohol abuse.but a tri-state man's second chance comes with serious six-- hear his story... and see how the "surprise patrol" is helping him. and here's what you'll see
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nine on your side is following breaking news in sunman, indiana.we're learning new information about a three year old that was shot.police were called to a home on van wedding road shortly after five o-clock.emergency crews are at that home right now.we have a nine on your side crew on the way to sunman right now. we hope to bring you new information at six and again at seven right here on nine on your side.and as always on wcpo dot com. there's dramatic dash-cam video surfacing tonight out of texas...that's where a police officer barely pulls a man to safety before his truck catches as the
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couple of other people... pull the man away.the truck caught fire moments later.authorities say the driver was going too fast when he crashed into the highway barrier... near corpus christi. a texas woman gets stuck breaking into a home! authorities say she was trying to get using the chimney... but the 20-year-old got stuck. she was rescued early this morning! but her freedom didn't last long.she was taken to the local jail. "person of interest". interest".the search for a tri-state e-m-t takes a turn. carol williams joins us with that story -- new at six. craig whitman disappeared five days ago... but now we know that was shortly after meeting with authorities. authorities.tens-of-thousands of dollars missing from aurora emergency rescue... as a co- worker and friend pleads for his return. a death investigation concerning folks in a tri- state neighborhood.what we
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found dead by police...and
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following that breaking news on a three-year-old shot in
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called to van wedding road shortly after five o-clock. o-clock.right now -- this story is developing -- we're working to get more fact -- nine on your side has a crew arriving at the scene right now -- we'll hear from them live in just minutes with any new developments. he's been missing for days... and now a big twist. an e-m-t is a person of interest in a theft investigation. sources tell nine on your side it's at least $50,000 tonight -- craig whitham's family is concerned about his safety...and as tom mckee shows us... treasurer craig whitham was questioned -- and shortly after that meeting ended he disappeared. where is craig whitham?that's the big question the rising sun man was last seen monday shortly after aurora police asked him about money missing from the privately owned aurora emergency rescue, where he's the treasurer. treasurer. "we have had contact with mr. whitham regarding the theft. he is a person of interest." aurora police chief josh daughterty isn't saying exactly how much money is missing from the $200,000 annual budget, other than it's a lot. lot. "it's not a couple of hundred
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of hundred thousand. i would consider it a large sum of money." whitham has worked at aurora emergency services for 22 years, been a full-time employee 12 and became treasurer a year squad president ed opp says the fact that someone with that kind of record is a person-of-interest in a criminal case is sad. sad. "he's very well known, very well liked in the community and he's missing and we're very concerned about his whereabouts and his well being." being."aurora emergency serices makes over 1,000 runs a year and is funded by riverboat gambling profits, insurance reimbursements and donations.they just outfitted a new ambulance and hope to buy a new building soon. soon. "we're a volunteer organization. we're not for profit organization and it hurts us if we have a financial difficulty." difficulty."as the criminal investigation proceeds, the concern is for craig whitham's whereabouts. whereabouts. "very unlike him. he is the most dependable, repsonsible person you could ever imagine." imagine."opp made a plea to


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