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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 1, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EST

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>> that is eugene lee yang, very funny guy. >> and very insightful. kind of like he's in our heads. >> you want to see the entire video and share it with your friends. it's on our website. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- it's a real-life game of cops and robbers, and thanks to a body cam -- >> we can see it all as if we were there. >> while rounding up suspects means danger behind every door. a baby on a ledge in brazil, but this time an adult -- >> carry on. >> the scene that had everyone below holding their breath.
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what would happen -- why this is not smart. plus, the buzz worth, your chance to win a new ipad mini. as for the one that makes sense, fork it over. and -- a guy's prank with his girl. >> it doesn't matter what she's doing, he gets her. >> what she did to deserve the pie. >> if this works for him, kudos to him. but as for me and my house, we will not be playing. until very recently when there was police activity, you heard of the story from the police officers after they've had it. now thanks to lapel and dash cameras we can see it all as if
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this officer is wearing a body cam. we get to see from the very beginning there is a gunfight between police officers and robbers. you can hear the gunshots, you can hear officers screaming orders to guys to drop down. one of them does, three of them run. >> oh, man, this is not a video game. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. it's the same perspective but this is deadly serious. >> just that moment really gives you the understanding of how difficult their job is. bravery, just bravery. >> he needs to slow down. >> fortunately, they are able to capture all four suspects that they were after and confiscated the pistols that they were carrying.
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here in our society, as common as cell phones in cars. drones, i'm talking about, but in many parts of the world drones are new. these kids in uganda have never seen a drone. >> oh, they are running away from it! >> isn't that so cool? that is mark brandon smith. he is a visual story-teller, traveling enthusist and humanitarian in this village in uganda and just thought what a great way to show off to the kids there. and they, i think, love it? maybe are a little terrified? i think that some of them might be terrified, but you hear squeals and giggles and joys and that gave me goosebumps, that is so cool. >> isn't that great? what a wonderful idea for mark to bring out the drone.
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would be a crowd favorite. >> as good as this video is, i want to see the one from the drone. >> i do, too. i love when the camera pans around and you just see all the kids smile, there's wonderment behind their eyes, they're chasing after it, they're running away from it -- it just -- it's such a pure moment in this short clip. i decided what i am about to show you is a thing in brazil. we should stop being shocked about it because here -- on the window again? on ledges? >> no! >> it's a thing. this time it's a window sill instead of a ledge, just a little bit wider before. >> the crazy part is an adult steps in the window, looks out like, oh, carry on, before it comes back to get the child. >> wow! >> that's michael jackson stuff right there. remember when he dangled the baby over the ledge and
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everybody got mad? this video i'm showing you right now a little girl we just discussed maybe two weeks ago. nervous. >> for an adult to be remarkably blaise about this baby out. >> i think the babies are trying to outdo each other. if you can do it, i can do it to, watch me. >> maybe they are raising fire babies. >> they are teaching them how to climb on the walls outside. >> let's all just agree that should stop. >> and apparently the guardian council has looked into this situation, but i just think it's bananas. it's time to give away >> that's right. all you need is monday's buzz word, be at least 18 years and and to be legal a u.s. resident. your buzz word is coming right
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stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. there could be all kinds of challenges in the day today. think about the commute to, with, you can be caught in traffic. i forgot my gym bag the other day. it was a nightmare. but, at the same time, it could be worse. here's a dash cam from a bus and quite clearly something is going wrong at the beginning of this video because it looks like we're traveling the wrong way on this highway. just so you know, that's by far the least dangerous thing in the city. because, suddenly -- >> oh! >> whoo! >> what is going on? >> this is actually footage from inside a bus in eastern ukraine. that was apparently a mortar attack. >> that looks like a tank has fired at this area as well because you can see the trace of it streaking across from the right-hand side. >> i cannot believe this is still a disputed area where something like this could happen. >> it's also weird that these people have to think, oh, there goes another mortar. >> after a while that just
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that's how you go about your day. speaking of this day, in this world everyone is after the hockey stick. this guy may have taken that too literally. he had an extra smartphone and wondered what would happen if i put that in fire. >> there's a battery in there. >> this thing just bursts into flames. >> everyone at this table seems to predict this was going to happen. however the guy holding the camera clearly had not thought that far ahead. >> didn't see that coming. >> no, apparently he didn't. [ bleep ]. >> he sounds shocked. sir, you should not be shocked. >> if you put your phone in fire, it will explode. >> if you didn't know that already. meetester. >> the wonder pig. >> the story behind the pig that fits right into the family.
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easy payments of $4.99 plus tax. >> the lines are lighting up.
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when your skin is closed captioning provided by -- and 3 vitamins. r leaves skin nourished, r healed, healthy looking. gold bond. tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. this couple, two cats, two dogs and one very big pig. >> wait! >> you guys, meet esther, the wonder pig. >> oh, my goodness, do they also have a spider named charlotte? >> no, no spider named charlotte. when she was adopted this couple
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but as you can tell, that girl grew. >> micro? >> they think somebody did a switch-a-roo and they got the runt of what was supposed to be a commercial litter. so she is a commercial pig and she is now 670 pounds. they've got to feed her a lot of love. they love this pig. they moved from a regular house to an open farm where they are able to keep her and the two dogs. >> she's like getting ready to sit in the living room. she's going to watch an episode of "house of cards." >> she's quite literally a pig in the blanket. >> you know, this pig's got to go to the bathroom. >> pigs are like dogs. they can be trained to go in and out of the house just like a dog. they are wonderful pets. it's awfully cute, too. >> she does seem to fit into the family dynamic. >> she's like, let's get this
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straight. >> she's the head pig in charge. >> she has nearly 500,000 people following her on facebook. >> wow. >> this is crazy. >> you know, she's just like a family pet. she's sweet, she hugs, she nuzzles, she gets fed with a fork. here's a spoonful of bmx riders mixed in with a heavy helping of mountain bikers and stir it up with some dirt bikers in a giant big green rolling hill bowl of new zealand. and you get this -- >> this is always a treat to do event work, not just bmx bike and smx and to see all three of these in a venue be a part of this. >> farm jam is what you get. the fru family who has a large plot of land decided to put aside a small plot of land for
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invite a bunch of guys to come on down and have a blast. oh, yeah. i forgot that little dash of ingredient called bread bowl. that just makes it -- the cool part about this event called farm jam is that the guys all get together and ride. it's a competition but it's not like a competition like x games. the guys are all out there judging each other. this looks more like a musical festival/campout. watch this trick here and -- >> wow. >> he did a triple. >> can you imagine having that much property where you say, hey, red bull, we have some hills, you think you guys want to come on down? >> there are so many extreme sports you can do. it's the number one thing to do.
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the flashmob with a big surprise. >> you have a sick sense of humor. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, he and his crew go to dinner. how they use their trips to get an unsuspected server a special tip. >> just go like that. >> but how? plus, name the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. a for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil. p r r t
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as a foreigner, one of the hardest things to figure out when moving to this country is tipping. >> it is so confusing. >> like in this video, this is dominican, pretty nice restaurant, and a few groups of people are coming in to enjoy their dinner. these guys right here, these ladies, and they have another table turned up as well. they are all being helped by the same guy. >> i don't know about you man, this looks delicious. did you make it yourself? >> no. >> and it is all about service for this server. you may have seen somebody familiar. debra hunt, we are going to be seeing some magic. one of the tables have a beef. >> not beef but something edgar can help him. >> can i get another napkin? >> move in later and he drops the check off at the table. >> we didn't have that much to actually give you as a tip. you know, you did such a great
2:56 am
to do was to give you kind of like a -- >> if only it was that easy. >> what? i didn't know that a genie could do that. >> it turns into hundreds. >> edgar as well saying, no, no, no, that's too much. it's fine. no, thank you. they are like, no, no, it's yours. >> awesome. >> of course he goes back to the kitchen and is like, the napkin ladies have another problem with their napkin. it's all the money that is definitely going to be causing a problem. the table behind has an issue. >> you know what? i have an idea. >> oh! did you see how quick? >> now it's just a ball full of cash. and as you can see right there -- >> look, there's the name on it. >> who is edgar? why is he so special? >> he's been working at dominico's for ten years. he's a dedicated worker, a
2:57 am
dedicated husband and they wanted to give something special back. and you can see the whole family coming by as well. so in the end, the magical tip -- >> that's $2,000. >> oh, wow! >> you can actually see where i'm standing with the guy from dominico's, the owner, i believe, they are doing the magic that gives back as well. you know the saying, what goes up must come down? >> yeah. >> well, it's no different on a normal day. >> you did it. you did it. you didn't do it. >> no! >> all right. >> oh, yeah, try and save it. get there, et get there. >> terrible idea. >> oh! oh! >> nobody ever said anything about a tree when they mentioned that saying. because he went straight up, tried to do a trick and snowmobile going down. >> the trick was trying to get to the top of the hill, that's the trick. he didn't make it. >> this free running start team
2:58 am
has no problem getting to the top. hurdle, hurdle, up, over a wall and -- >> is that a camera guy? >> no, that's another person on the team who just seems to be back. and -- >> that's a little embarrassing. >> yeah. the wall. >> yeah. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, need to be at least 18 resident. >> then head over to and enter to win an ipad. >> so let's reveal the buzz word. >> it's zero. >> go to click on the win ipad button and enter monday's buzz word. it's zero, z-e-r-o. >> and later this week we'll have another bonus giveaway. that means somebody will be
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so good luck, everybody! dude's getting his girl back for a hairy prank she pulled. and anything is game. >> what is wrong with you? >> she why his revenge is a
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but they are able to treat her and check to see if it spreads or if it progresses. this basically says it boils down to cat ownership in one short video. [ bleep ]. >> i have a cat door that he can come in. but nope, he wants to come in the door. >> so the cat here has its own kitty-cat door, but kitty-cat wants to use the human door. >> and he's going to get it. >> no, because he's a cat. >> welcome to the house, joe, come on in. [ bleep ]. >> so after all that it doesn't want to come in. >> mind games they are playing with us, these cats.
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now this was actually posted to twitter but bernie burns. he's been competing in the amazing race at the moment. but from the whole youtube borrowed video site, he's known as one of the creators of trail blazing red versus blue and he's the star of the new youtube red movie "laser team" as well. >> he's conquered a bunch of challenges. this one he's still working on. >> welcome to the house, joe, come on in. you [ bleep ] being the girl of a prankster has got to be the worst punishment for whatever it is that you ever did that was wrong in your life. wait until you see what robin borell's girlfriend has to go through. uh-uh! >> he just plays too much.
3:04 am
this is not even pranking. >> what is wrong with you? >> if i prepare your food, don't do this to me. you have to sleep sometime, bro. >> i think it is hilarious. >> at every turn, it doesn't matter what she's doing, he gets her. you do this to your home boys, not to your girl. >> she's about to blow dry her hair, but he -- look at the surprise she gets when she turns it on. >> this is the great thing, every time he does get it, she freezes into position. >> she does have a very calm reaction. i don't think any of us would react this way. >> especially when you're trying to get dressed to get out the door. >> she does get him back. you remember this prank we had on the show recently. she shaves his head. >> oh, my god! what the --
3:05 am
>> as a revenge for the time he dyed her hair blue. >> see? >> this is probably the worst. she's sleeping and he pours syrup on her face, her neck and then covers her in what looks like feathers or something. >> she's not happy about this one. >> it's in my eyes. that is enough. >> i feel really bad for her in this last one. distress. together. everybody. so if this works for him, kudos to you. but as for me and my house, we will not be playing these games. >> just enjoy those pranks from affair. don't say we don't know how to have fun on a monday. thanks for watching.
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now on 11 at 11... violence takes over a tri-state school. police say a 14-year-old brings a gun to class... and fires it.shooting two of his injuring two more! tonight - the lives of those inside madison high school's cafeteria... forever changed. 25:19"you just wonder what would go through a kids mind and what's going on in a kid's home that would cause him to do something like this" nine on your side is live with complete team coverage on every aspect of today's school.
3:08 am
14-year-old james austin hancock faces felony attempted murder charges. his friends call him austin.he will stand before a judge in the morning. police say he pulled the trigger of a 380-caliber around 11-30 inside the school's cafeteria.two people were hit.they are 15-year-old cameron smith and 14-year-old cooper caffery.they are both in stable condition. condition.the school says they are in very high spirits tonight. two more people were hit by flying shrapnel.they are brant murray and katherine doucette.she posted on facebook that she was grazed... but is okay. madison local schools are closed tomorrow. "it just went like boom, boom, boom, boom - like 5 or 7 times" times"tonight for the first time we are hearing from one of the alleged shooter's friends... friends...she was on the other side of the lunch table when austin hancock pulled out a gun.
3:09 am
tonight.he leads our team coverage tonight... john? that teen has been close friends with austin for three years. when the gunshots began - she froze in shock -and before austin ran outside - she says he looked at her and said goodbye beginning as a school day like any other 12:02"we all walked into the lunchroom - austin was perfectly happy - we were all laughing and giggling and talking about stuff"aleeanna carpenter was sitting with 'austin hancock' and two other friends. it wasn't long - she says - before one of them made a comment about having a problem with another student 12:38"austin was like - do you want me to shoot him?" listening in disbelief12:38"we were like - what do you mean shoot him? what do you mean? and he was like - i got a gun" it didn't take long20:05"it was a black gun - he pulled it out - and it was the loudest shot ever - and i just saw the bullets like slowly fall by my face. and i look over and there's blood everywhere." 15-year-old cameron smith and 14-year-old 'cooper caffrey'
3:10 am
shrapnel."i don't know what to say, i don't know what to do. i don't know whether to push him down or run" as he was heading for the door-aleeanna says she and austin locked eyes 17:45"i saw him running and he said goodbye - thats when i started running" 21:38 "i'm just thanking god that he was her friend and she didn't get shot accidentally"mom ladawnya carpenter can't shake it from her mind23:50"thats all i've done is just thank god all day thats she's safe and she's home and she's not hurt"happening so fast-- aleeanna just wants to know why. 14:21"he was a really good friend - he came to school happy everyday - i dont know if he had any bullying issues - i didn't know of anyone bullying him - he was cool with everyone, that i knew" aleeanna says she gave her statement to investigators. she says austin recently broke-up with his girlfriend - but before this happened - says she didnt see anything out of the ordinary. deputies tell us they believe they know the motive for this shooting - but aren't releasing those
3:11 am
tonight - we are trying to learn more about the suspected gunman in today's shooting. shooting.nine on your side lead investigative reporter jason law is live outside the butler county juvenile detention center tonight with what we've uncovered. anytime this happens, the first thing we want to know is "why?". we know james austin hancock was active in his school, a member of the wrestling team. tonight i talked with a student who witnessed the gunman who says he was running around and shooting with the gun cocked to the side. 15:22 "i don't know what was in his mind to do that." {15:23 {jtrack: jake phelps says he's known james austin hancock since kindergarten. 16:42 "i thought he was like, a good student." {16:44{jtrack: phelps says hancock had friends. he wasn't bulled and he seemed like a typical teenager. {15:15 "he was a normal kid. i played football
3:12 am
he was pretty normal." {15:21 {jtrack: by all accounts, the school day was normal until investigators say hancock pulled out a handgun and opened fire inside the cafeteria. phelps was in the cafeteria too, and watched his classmate--a boy he's known since they were both five--go on a shooting spree. 18:06 "i heard a loud pop and i turned around and i saw this kid running and shooting people." {18:12 18:38 jason: "how many shots did you hear?" jake: "i heard i think four or five." jason: "okay, and were they close together or were they spaced out?" jake: "the first one, like, the first one is where everyone turned around. then like three seconds later, he shot three more, or four more." {18:53 phelps said he and some other students and cafeteria workers hid in a closet for more than an hour before they were told it was okay to come out. jason law 9 on your side the bullets were fired in
3:13 am
moments today at madison high school. but... to get the full picture of how events have to go back hours before then. the day began without anyone suspecting.. but investigators say hancock likely arrived at school with the gun. a little after 11 o-clock.. the school resource officer left the cafeteria. then at 11:15... deputies say hancock opened fire on his classmates. "madison high school, there's a shooting. he has a gun. he started shooting people"the gunman ran out of the school immediately. the s-r-o called for help.. while taking care of the victims.hancock was arrested by 11:30 "we branched out to serach for hiome ad dog was able to track him very quickly and take him into the same time.. the school was lockdown. "one of the children who was injured had run and hid and they were missed orginally so we had to do a second search of the school"a few hours later... the students were put on buses and taken to their parents. soon after the shooting... state and federal agents arrived to join the investigation. as for the
3:14 am
gun... the butler county sheriff says investigators are trying to figure out where it came from. and as we learn more about what happened inside the school... we are hearing for the first time about the *first* first responder. madison's school resource officer. officer.nine on your side reporter evan millward continues our live team coverage tonight with that part of the story. i'm told there is some evidence tonight that austin hancock waited until school resource office kent hall walked out of this cafeteria to start shooting. hall is retired from butler county sheriffs office - and has a son who just graduated from here last year. (covered) thomas hall/madison twp trustee, son of sro 2910 he, he's a very strong man. among hundreds of reunions monday - - parents impatient to hug their child - hall 2801 when i seen him, i gave him a big hug. - there was a child, impatient to hug his dad.hall 2803 one of the greatest hugs i've ever got to give him, even if it was short. thomas hall is a 2014 madison grad, a student
3:15 am
at miami. he's even a township trustee. but monday - first and foremost - he was a son - to school resource officer kent hall. hall 2915 he's seen a lot, he's been through a lot, he's the strongest man i know and, going forward, he will get even stronger from this. hall says his dad had just walked out of the cafeteria when the shooting started.greg cox/turning point church pastor 2402 and then when the call came out today it was like, wow...that was quick, god. hall stopped by this prayer vigil at turning point church. on sundays - the church meets inside madison high - the kids do sunday school in the cafeteria. and this past week's message now gives pastor greg cox chills.cox 2313 i made the reference that the river down there, it does't keep evil away, it's everywhere even in a conservative, nice community like madison. but i never would have dreamed the illustration would have happened the next day. hall 3154 i prayed, personally, to be able to go home to my dad tonight, i was very thankful for that.
3:16 am
thomas hall if they knew the accused shooter.they both told me they recognized the name - but didn't personally know him. back to you. today's shooting rocked the small town to its core! nine on your side's ashley zilka is live with what the people of madison are saying tonight... ashley? it's been a draining and emotional day for the people of madison township. how could it happen here? that is the question plaguing people who live in this area. lexi jones: 12th grader27:51 i did hear the gunshots. i was not too far away from the cafeteria. 56joie robinson: 10th grader30:02 i heard the announcements come on like level 4 lockdown. tonight madison township is hurting. mary taylor: youth pastor24:25 it's a disturbing thing. i talked to several people today and my one comment is you always hear there is another city or anther school that it's happening at but you don't realize until it actually hits home how devastating it can be. 39the township population of
3:17 am
about 8-thousand and when you ask someone about today's tragedy...a madison student allegedy opening fire inside a cafeteria- you'll get the same answer.lexi jones28:33 i honestly did not think this would ever happen at madison. 36joie robinson30:41 at first i didn't believe it. honestly nobody would think it ever happened because it's such a small school and an 8th grader. he was a really good kid too. 50and even if you don't have a direct connection to madison high school- you still feel the sense of sadness in this small community. sarah powell is a teacher at adams elementary in middletown. her school district went on a soft lockdown because of today's shooting. sarah powell: adams elementary teacher34:57 i know our school everybody was listening to what was going on. teachers were in tears. 02 mary taylor:24:50 it's been eye opening i think for the community to see that this can happen here. 57sarah powell: 35:09 we want to protect our community and we want to protect each other and not only our school but all the other schools as well. 13 tomorrow- madison schools will be closed. their staff will still report though and come up with a plan to support all back to school. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. our coverage of the shooting at madsion high school isn't
3:18 am
the 9-1-1 calls for help made from inside the building earlier today.and wake up with good morning tri-state starting at 4-30, for live team coverage from madison high school.anchor chris riva will anchor live from outside the school. but first coming up next at 11... 11... experience.">the praise tonight for how those inside the school acted when the shots rang out. and what do you say to your kids?we have expert advice for those of you wanting to talk about today's shooting with your children. your nine first warning forecast is coming up! and grim discovery.the two people being questioned tonight after the remains of a northern kentucky woman turn up in the ohio river!nine on your side at 11 continues
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at 11
3:21 am
the madison school district wasn't the only one today dealing with a gun in school. a middletown student was also arrested today after a teacher was told he had a hangun in his backback. middletown locked down its schools when the shooting in madison took place. when that lockdown was lifted... a student came forward to told a teacher about the gun. school officials say the student will be suspended after a hearing. the madison school system is being praised tonight for its response to today's shooting. butler county sheriff richard jones says the school followed its security plan well. every school in ohio is required to file a plan for dealing with emergencies and disasterthat plan is on-file.. so police... firefighters.. and medics can get to it quickly. the school district was very aggressive in using social media to keep parents up to date on the situation as it developed. as we mentioned.. school will be closed tomorrow.. and all extra currricular activies are also canceled. when something tragic happens -- like the shooting today at madison high -- we wonder what
3:22 am
toll it's taking on our kids. what do we say? how do we ease their anxiety?we spoke with a child psychologist today to get you answers to these questions. ((sot 22:44)) "the first step is really to just start the conversation to find out if they have any fears, what those fears are and normalizing their feelings." feelings."julie bemerer is child pyschologist at cincinnati children's hospital. she says coping with this kind of stress can be handled by keeping your routine and taking a big breath. breath."just some basic coping skills of relaxation skills, deep breathing, listening to music, doing family activities together can all help decrease anxiety." anxiety."but what about when it's time to go back to school.. how do you make them comfortable enough to return? bemerer says says-start a conversation with your child.-ask them if they have fears-identify teachers or people at school who can help them feel safe.but for parents, fear that this can
3:23 am
happen again can be alleviated as easily. school shootings seem to be here to stay. stay.we used to be able to say 'oh that doesn't happen very often, or that happens far away from here'. but the fact of the matter is that's not true anymore." besides questions about your kids, you might have questions for your school. find a list of them on right now. the weather will remain dry with fair skies before rain, thunderstorms, snow and much colder air head into the tri-state over the next couple of days. this evening, the weather will stay fair with mild evening temps in the mid 40s before falling to mid to upper 30s by morning.tuesday, a strong low pressure system will bring back rain and storms chances during the afternoon and evening. some locally heavy rain along with isolated thunderstorms will hit as soon as noon and through the afternoon and evening.behind this system we are looking at a changeover from rain to snow tuesday night into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. thursday will
3:24 am
bring yet another chance of light snow to rain here in the tri-state. we are still tracking this system so we'll let you know if anything
3:25 am
3:26 am
in other news we've been covering for you today..police say there are now two people of interest in the case of a falmouth woman who's body was found last night. tara turner had been missing since january 31-st. her remains were found last night in shag creek near route eight. the kentucky state
3:27 am
investigation with help from the pendleton county sheriff. its the biggest prize of the presidential campaign season so far.. super tuesday. tonight all the candidates are making their last minute pitches across 12 states. for democrats .. more than one- thousand delegates are at stake for republicans.. nearly 600 delegates will be decided. we're following up for you on the murder of a pastor in dayton, ohio. police there are still deciding what charges to file against reverend william schooler's brother. police say daniel schooler shot his brother yesterday as services were ending. tonight in healthy living - at least nine pregnant women in the u-s are infected with the zika virus. virus.all were infected by traveling to places where the virus in spreading.another six women contracted the virus through sexual contact. among the nine cases in the pregnant women ... ...three babies have been born. one has severe microcephaly - that's the birth defect resulting in a
3:28 am
development.two women had miscarriages and two had abortions.two women are still pregnant. so far there are no signs the virus is affecting the fetuses. in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the regular season is coming to a close...and it's real tough at the top in college basketball. basketball.and it's do or die in high school gion nine play got underway tonight in northern kentucky.
3:29 am
3:30 am
good evening everyone. villanova didn't fall much after losing to xavier. xavier didn't fall much after losing to seton hall. the wildcats are 2nd and the musketeers fifth after a tough week at the top right now, the only lock for a number one tournament seed
3:31 am
is kansas...the number one ranked jayhawks scored early and often tonight in crushing number 22 texas. a costly game when vanderbilt beat kentucky saturday. the wildcats dropped to 22nd in one poll. poll.and costly in terms of money for vanderbilt whose kids rushed the court. the sec has fined the school 100 thousand dollars for that. the miami redhawks won twice last week...senior guard eric washington today was named the mac east division player of the week. week.that was well deserved and so was this. uc freshman jacob evans was named the rookie of the week in the american conference. - mount st joe men won their league title saturday....the y're going to the n-c-double a tournament for the first time. the number one ranked thomas more women are going..and they'll host the first and second round games on friday and saturday. girls region nine began tonight at b-b and was highlands against holy cross in the opener-zoie barth is only a freshman for the bluebirds...but a productive freshman...she takes the steal and scores. she had 14 points
3:32 am
night long. dajah mclendon ties this game at 41 all with less than four minutes to play- but then highlands stepped on the gas and pulled away...the blue birds win it 52-44. second matchup of the night...ryle against st henry..the crusaders cheerleaders were flipping out. -madison jones steps up big for ryle....she steals this pass and turns it into a score. -and get a load of 8th grader maddie scherr of ryle....high off the glass...that one drops thru.-here's a good basketball name..aime jump...misses the jumper...but jones puts it back.-close early...but not for long...ryle wins 61 to 32...they play highlands next. david douglas has died of brain cancer at the age of 52. he was the bengals 8th round draft pick out of tennessee in 1986..and he played on the team that went to super bowl 23. 23.and the drills can take a break....the reds and indians start cactus league play in goodyear on tuesday afternoon. nine on your side is back
3:33 am
3:34 am
3:35 am
and here is the very latest of what we know at this hour about today's school shooting in madison! this morning just after 11-15, police say james austin hancock pulled out a gun in the middle of the cafeteria and began firing.he hit two people - who were taken to miami valley regional hospital. hospital.two more students were injured by flying shrapnel while trying to get out of the way! hancock is charged with attempted murder,
3:36 am
felonious assault, inducing panic and making terroristic threats.he will stand before a judge in the morning. and you can count on good morning tri-state to bring you overnight developments as they come coverage from madison high school starts at 4-30. and for those of you wanting to see today's general hospital episode... it airs after nightline at 1-05. that's 9 on your side at 11 for this mondaylive team coverage of today's shooting at madison high school... when
3:37 am
3:38 am
>> kelly handed over command of monday. and later he and two russian crew members will ride a spacecraft back to earth. kelly says being up there so long required a lot of help. >> space flight is the biggest team sport there is.
3:39 am
important that we all work together to make what is seemingly impossible possible. kelly and the russians will land tonight in kazakhstan. when he returns to houston, he will undergo tests with his twin brother mark in order to gauge the effect that all of that time in space had on his body. >> incredible. they said it could take months possibly for him to recuperate. >> wow, it's going to be tough. coming up in "the skinny," excitement on last night's bachelor" including three young women, the fantasy suite and so much more. our senior analyst is here to explain. also ahead, the young woman who dresses up as a disney princess on a search for smiles. it's a job she takes very seriously. >> and the luxury cruise on a ship that's no stranger to problems from illnesses to rough weather. the passengers are demanding better treatment. that's after today's forecast maps and snow storms and severe weather on this super tuesday. you're watching "world news
3:40 am
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well, a close call for a fedex driver in southern louisiana during a powerful tornado. she spotted the funnel cloud in her rearview mirror and tried to take shelter inside a hardware store. but the door was locked and it was barricaded with sandbags. so the driver hid behind a soda machine outside the store. it fell over, and the tornado all but destroyed that store. but the fedex driver just fine. >> dramatic. wow. and this certainly was an adventure in moving. near detroit, a high speed chase of an allegedly stolen u-haul van began on an interstate highway, then moved to local roads.
3:44 am
the truck's tires blew out, based on obstacles police had placed in the road. finally a deputy banged into the van with his cruiser and the truck came to a halt. but i'm sure the cops didn't help with the moving at that point. well, on the high seas a back to the home port. this is the second time it's coming back home. >> we're talking about royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas." you've heard of it. damage after charging into hurricane force winds last month. well, it is now being forced to turn around yet again. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: for the second time this month, the "anthem of the seas" is heading home early, but royal caribbean says it's because of the weather, not because ten people a day are reporting symptoms of norovirus. the cruise line tweeting that a "severe forecast storm" is to blame and that norovirus in a small percentage of 6,000 passengers "didn't affect the decision to return." an abc news forecast map shows
3:45 am
the ship now racing to beat the storm, and arrive on wednesday. ahead of that oncoming storm that will hit on friday. this just weeks after the very same ship took a ferocious beating from 30-foot waves and 120-mile-per-hour hurricane-force winds. passengers forced to hunker down. >> the water kept constantly coming above the window and it looked like we were in aquarium. >> reporter: and those passengers have already filed suit. now royal caribbean says it's just trying to be extra cautious, as that new storm approaches. that ship will arrive right here wednesday morning. gio benitez, abc news, bayonne, new jersey. >> when we come back, "the bachelor" now into the homestretch. which lovely lady will win the grand prize. >> is it a prize? and speaking of prizes what leonardo dicaprio said last night to the woman who was engraving his oscar. "the skinny" is next. night to the woman who was engraving his oscar.
3:46 am
3:47 am
tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd skinny so skinny >> hey, welcome back. "skinny" time. if the bachelor was a sports competition, we would now be down to the championship game. >> oh, yeah, you're right. it's just bachelor ben and his two favorite women left right now. joining us with details of how we got to this point is our senior bachelor. he's broken up. >> was it really that bad?
3:48 am
>> there were a lot of tears. i'm trying to hold myself together for the segment. i figured instead of roses i would bring tissues for you folks. fair enough. three women started last night, on the blow, caila, our girl lauren b. and jojo. off to jamaica we go. roll that beautiful bachelor footage. that's caila. the river date with ben. you could tell that caila had something on her mind. she was melancholy as ben said. >> it is jamaica. >> they had dinner. that's when she decided to lay it on him. she said, ben, i'm in love with you. >> she did not. >> ben didn't go there. but they did go to the fantasy suite. come the next morning, everyone seemed satisfied. next up, lauren b. she and ben helping release some baby turtles into the ocean. this was very cute. >> that's cute. >> they really enjoyed each other's company as they usually do. >> how long before a shark attacks those?
3:49 am
>> give them a chance, you know. they get to dinner. lauren b. admits some uncertainty. well, she says i love you to him. they wound up back in the fantasy suite, as well. you get the idea. and the surprise was ben told lauren b. i love you, as well. so he went there. he went there on that one. then there was jojo. they took another helicopter ride. they've had a helicopter ride before in vegas, if i recall. well, they took this one in jamaica. they headed off to a very romantic waterfall. jojo decides to get in on the act. she says i do love you, ben, to which ben says, jojo, i love you, too. >> what? >> you know where that ended up. >> in the fantasy suite? >> right there in the fantasy suite where they had their own hot tub. ben's got himself in a right proper mess by now. and here comes caila. she decides that she's going to
3:50 am
deep thinking right there with the camera perfectly positioned. surprise. you know what the surprise was? she said she wanted to do something spontaneous. well, ben said something spontaneous to her like you know what, you've got to go. she is out of here. >> like he just sent her home without a rose or anything? >> without a rose or anything. caila, thanks for playing. you've come a long way. take a ride. >> he swiped left in jamaica? >> that is all she wrote. >> she is so cute. i have to say, caila, don't you worry, dear. you are a beautiful woman and just not on the show. >> it was what it was. thinking. then there was the rose ceremony. frankly, it was a foregone conclusion at this point. they went through the motions anyway. jojo got the first rose. our girl lauren b. got the second rose. and now there's just the championship game left. in essence. that's pretty much what we're down to.
3:51 am
we're still cheering for our girl lauren b. >> we think it's going to be lauren b. >> we'll see. women tell all next week. check out our videos online. analyst out. >> and he leaves us with the tissue. let's move on. in case you're not totally oscared out at this point, we had to share this adorable moment sunday night of leonardo dicaprio at the governor's ball after party. >> the little gold men are actually blank when they're presented and the winners get the name plates affixed after the ceremony. that's when the this year's best actor apparently tried to make a little small talk with his engraver and this is what came out. >> the engraver handed leo an information pamphlet that tells him how to properly maintain his oscar, to which he replied, i >> he may have to do more than maintain just that oscar of his. >> he might have fierce competition from a young up and
3:52 am
he's 21-year-old swedish musician and bartender konrad annerud. that's konrad with a "k" by the way. he just landed his first modeling gig with ralph lauren. >> for barney's here in new york. they look so much align. so we use k-y ultragel. it enhances my body's natural moisture so i can get into the swing of it a bit quicker. and when i know she's feeling like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. today you can do everything even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness flush. lysol. start healthing.
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in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. yeah, click let it go, let it go don't play that enough. >> believe it or not, there lives in a land far, far away a real-life princess and that very mystical distant land is called denver. >> well, as for the princess part, ask any one of her young admirers and they'll tell you she's the real deal. our denver station has the story. >> reporter: some princesses prefer not to live in towers. >> so magical.
3:56 am
every time it never gets so would. >> reporter: and some kids fairy tales could use a little magic. >> princesses people always think of them and they're like oh, they wear sparkly dresses. it doesn't matter where you came from, what kingdom you live in. >> reporter: that is until their favorite stories come to them. their kingdom, the inside of denver's ronald mcdonald house where an hour with elsa makes them forget about their battle with illness. now they know let it go >> reporter: her voice brings a glimmer to their eyes. >> we told her elsa was here today. she actually came up from a nap and was on the run for downstairs. if even for just a bit. and when it's time to let it go, elsa leaves behind those magical memories.
3:57 am
princess to return to real life. to a land called colorado where she's a 25-year-old marketing manager named sarah ingle. and her disney impersonations have made her an overnight international internet sensation. she's gotten so good at her transformations, she and her boyfriend started a business called princess ever after. >> i like your dress. >> reporter: but is a princess just a collection of dresses and wigs? >> everyone goes through struggles. >> reporter: or is it the way she treats others that makes her a kind of royalty. >> believe in yourself and you have the right people there to support you and cheer you on, then you can accomplish anything. >> reporter: for denver 7, i'm kristen skovira. >> must mean so much to so many girls and boys. >> you can see it in their eyes. they kind of light up just seeing her. >> they have it where you meet elsa at disney world. it is one of the most popular rides. it's a 90-minute wait. absolutely worth it. my daughter loved it. >> that's great.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, super tuesday showdown. the most important day so far in the presidential election. multistate voting with a lot at stake. we're live in washington with the candidates last-minute efforts and states seen as must wins today. violent rally. chaos erupting at a donald trump event. protesters disrupting the front-runner and a photographer getting slammed to the ground by a secret service agent. caught on camera. a driver leading police on a wild chase in a u-haul. and historic year in space. astronaut scott kelly preparing


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