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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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night.a look at the high points, the low points and wether or not they were truthful when when they addressed the facts. good morning i'm ch ris riva. riva.i'm kathrine nero... -light snow turns to freezing drizzle early-precip ends after 8 a.m.-another wintry mix saturday morning before turning to rain light snow gets replaced with freezing drizzle for the morning drive. watch out for slick spots on your way to work, especially on bridges and overpasses. skies will stay mostly cloudy for much of the day with highs in the low 40s. i'm timing out our rain
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a cincinnati mother is due in court in the next few hours.. accused of lying to police about her 18 day old baby being in a stolen car. police say that claim by nacole benton sent them on a wild goose chase for hours... looking for her newborn. police say the car was stolen.. and was wrecked in westwood. two teens are now under arrest. nine on your side's john genovese spoke to members of benton's family. and has the latest from the hamilton county jail. leading police on a frantic search for her newborn child. the whole time -- investigators say -- 'nacole benton' knew exactly where her 18-day-old baby was21:58"the fact of the car was stolen was true -- the fact that was reported to us that the child was in the car was determined to be false and fabricated"the 28-year-old 'west end' mother is facing charges for obstructing official
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and making false alarms "it comes as a surprise -- its really shocking"for hours -- officers were canvassing the city. quickly issuing an 'amber alert' and even calling in help from the f-b-i"i don't know what was going through her head -- i guess she just wanted her car back"benton's 'red ford focus' was eventually found crashed into a tree near 'western hills high'-- but as officers were still working to track it down--22:01"she left her home - - she actually snuck out the back -- jumped into a cab with the child"after her arrest.... benton's siblings returned to her 'hopkins street' home. her brother -- too shaken up to speak with us on camera. he says he's trying to figure out why she would do this--and -- for now, at least -- he's taking care of that baby and her two other kids22:05"she was not cooperative as far as letting officers come into the home initially which kind of leads to our understanding of why now" as we mentioned... two teens are under arrest tonight in connection with that stolen car. but only one of them is charged with stealing the car. one teen was arrested on hopkins street. the other was
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the crash. this moring a mother and her daughter are dead...killed in a horrific crash in cold spring. a car crossed the center line. the driver in the other car.. remains hospitalized this morning. when first responders responded to alexandria pike they discovered a mother and her small child dead. 05:07 "it's horrifying. it's probably the worst thing that you can see in law enforcement. 11cold spring police chief brian messer says the mother and her daughter were going north on us 27 when another car going south crossed over to their lane. that car hit them head-on. the female driver is now at u-c hospital with unknown injuries. messer says this area is not prone to accidents. the campbell county accident reconstruction team will determine the cause of the over at uc trying to investigate with the other person that was in the car and
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they can provide for us. 02 (donald trump/ (r) presidential (donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate): "he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you." yeah....not exactly what you planned on hearing during last night's gop debate.but that's what the campaign trail has turned into....and it continued last night.marco rubio and donald trump stealing the show.take a listen. (donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate): "this little guy has lied so much about my record. he has lied so much about my record." (marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate): "you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy issue?" the first thing he does is launch an attack on some little guy thing."(donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate): "don't worry about it, little marco," the mudslinging did finally give way to a debate.ted cruz and john kasich both trying to rise above the it.but when the
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about policy, did they go too far with their claims?nine on your side is working with politifact.. one of the most respected fact-checkers for political campaigns.. to make sure you're getting the truth. .. i beat hillary clinton more than anybody, more than 11 points pointspolitifact act put kasich's claim to a truth check. they found polling averages that show .... kasich *does* beat clinton by more than anyone else in the race.. but the polls average out to a 7-point lead. and only *once* did he beat clinton by 11-points. that is why politifact rules kasich's claim as mostly true. politifact worked all night checking statements for you. we'll have more "truth ratings" for you throughout good moring tri-state and on wcpo-dot-com... and our 9 on your side mobile app. g-o-p presidential candidate marco rubio has canceled his sceduled appearence in kentucky today, ahead of tomorrow's caucus. caucus.rubio was scheduled to make a campaign stop in lexington. but now.. his campaign says it was canceled to use his time as effectively
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contests. kansas.. louisiana..and maine also have g-o-p primaries that day. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app.. we have information about the kentucky caucus.. including where to vote. jennifer will call for graphic fulllight snow gets replaced with freezing drizzle for the morning drive. watch out for slick spots on your way to work, especially on bridges and overpasses. skies will stay mostly cloudy for much of the day with highs in the low 40s. i'm timing out our rain and snow chances for saturday coming up.
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it looking more and more like ohio voters will be heading to the polls to vote for more than the next president in november.what needs to be done before medical marijuan makes its way back on the ballot. north korea has a reponse to the newsest round of u-n imposed sanctions.why it's seen as a prverbial middle
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light snow gets replaced with freezing drizzle for the morning drive. watch out for slick spots on your way to work, especially on bridges and overpasses. skies will stay mostly cloudy for much of the day with highs in the low 40s. i'm timing out our rain and snow chances for saturday coming up. a push to put medical marijuana on the november ballot in ohio is moving ahead. "ohioians for medical marjiana" has submitted its initiative petition to the attorney general for approval.. along with more than two- thousand signatures. if the attorney general signs off on the petition... it will be sent to the ohio ballot board for further review. if it okays the initiative.. backers will have to collect more than 305- thousand valid signatures to put it on the november ballot. the provocations continue.. north korea is responding to the newest round of u-n- imposed sanctions. sanctions.defiantly firing off missiles into the sea wednesday night.and even
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to be quote "ready to use at any time".now western leaders are discussing how to respond. (patrick cronin, center for a new american security) "kim jong un is signaling to the world that the sanctions will not hurt him, he will not deviate from his nuclear and missile plans, and he will circumvent sanctions." sanctions."but u-s officials say they don't believe that the regime has the capability to hit the u-s with a nuclear weapon. it looks like you'll have your choice of airlines should you want to fly to cuba. cuba.american... ... southwest... united and jetblue have submitted applications to the u-s government to fly commercial flights to cuba. right now the number of flights of daily round trip flights is capped at 30.the airlines want more. the department of transportatio n is expected to make a summer. an elderly woman robbed of her car at gunpoint.hear her fritening ordeal and who police are looking for this morning. a baltimore on campus police
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charges for this slap.why he says the video doesn't tell
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" a 77 year old woman carjacked at gunpoint... forced to hand over her car keys. nine on your side now has her 9-1-1 call for help. our evan millward was able to get audio from that call from police .. and details on the car police are looking for this morning. 911 call 0011 dispatcher: kenton county 911, what is your emergency?caller: i would like to report a carjacking.a woman rushes into this remke market. targeted just outside these doors.911 call 0217 victim: he pulled his shirt up and he had a gun!the 77-year-old on this call - sitting in her car.911 call 0225 victim: it was just a black gun, he had it in his,
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pants.dispatcher: did he harm you in any way? did he strike you? knock you down?victim: no he did not touch me.a young guy - claiming to need this car -takes off toward orphanage road.police are still looking for it -- notice the missing hubcap - and a dent in the back.take down that license plate - kentucky 736-t-h-v. megan valley/covington 095024 i forwarded the facebook message to her this morning, as soon as i woke up i seen it, we were both in shock.megan valley's young cousin lives around the corner.valley 095045 that's why i'm to the store and she's not.nats - door closea couple doors down - sumra naz/top quality cleaners 095235 yeah it's unbelievable what i seen a couple days ago. - business owner sumra naz is astonished.naz 095544 it's very disappointing and i would hope they would not hit somebody who's an elderly lady or like that you know. customers now taking caution - valley 095110 make sure nobody's around you when you get out. make sure your key with your panic alarm is in
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it's official.... u-c blue ash is beginning its much needed expansion. officials broke ground yesterday for the school's new 16-thousand square foot building. it'll be used for both classrooms and offices. school officials say space is now at a premium at u-c blue ash. the school was designed for 35- hundred students.. and it now has five-thousand. "our spaces are so cramped and we have retrofitted so man spaces that this new building will absolutly transform the use of our college and campus." campus."when the new building opens in july of 20-17... renovation work will begin on the oldest building on the u-c blue ash campus.. muntz hall. that project will take place in several phases. the springboro school board islooking for new leadership this morning this after the president stepped down yesterday. ron malone says he is resigning because of the physical and emotional demands of the job. malone says he has agonized over every decision during the past two years. but.. he says the district has made progress since he was
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this video has been blowing up on the internet the past couple of shows two school baltimore police officers, one of them violently slapping and kicking a student on school grounds. this video surfaced wednesday. you can see the school officer yelling profanities while slapping a young man three times and kicking him as he walked away... one slap striking him so hard you can hear an investigation is underway. (mayor stephanie rawlings-blake/(d) baltimore) "as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was appalled. the video certainly something you never want to see anyone treated like that." that."this morning there are questions as to wether that teen was actually a student.a lawyer for the on-campus officers says he was told the teen did not attend the school and the young man became belligerent and angry after being told to leave.both officers seen in the video have been place on administrative leave until the investigation is completed. an oil spill more than 300 miles away on the mississippi river could affect river traffic here in cincinnati.
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all traffic in granite city, illinois overnight.a ship passing through the lock there broke a fuel tank.the tank holds up to 20- thousand gallons of fuel... but no one is sure right now how much spilled. until the spill is cleaned-up... the coast guard is keeping the lock closed. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather.
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scattered snow showers continued in the overnight hours, leaving roadways mainly wet as the snow melted. but as we head into the morning drive time, snow will fade and it gets replaced by patchy freezing drizzle. this means we could see some slicks spots again this morning. be especially careful on bridges and overpasses where pavement temperatures are colder. morning clouds will hang around for a good portion of our friday forecast. we should see a few more rays of sunshine this afternoon coming in between the clouds. temperatures are only expected to top out in the low 40s. another quick moving clipper system moves through the ohio valley on saturday. this initially brings a rain/snow mix on saturday morning as temperatures drop to the freezing mark. but temperatures will warm a bit more quickly, resulting in more rain than anything tomorrow. highs top out in the mid to upper 40s. sunday looks better with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures also increase to the 50 degree mark which is closer to normal for early march. we'll see a bit jump in temperatures as we head into the coming work week. highs will climb to the mid to upper 60s early in the week. but rain will take over later in the week, bringing in the chance for heavy rain and
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traffic rem14 bockfest is back!a full guide to help you get the most out of this years celebration of beer.. a new discovery... the research that suggests a common household medication
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light snow gets replaced with morning drive. watch out for slick spots on your way to
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and overpasses. skies will stay mostly cloudy for much of the day with highs in the low 40s. i'm timing out our rain and snow chances for saturday coming up. it's time to celebrate all that's good about beer tri- state.the oldest and largest bockfest in the country is back for its 24th year. it started yesterday but doesn't end until tomorrow so you've got plenty of time to honor cincy's brewing legacy. wcpo's digital team put together an exclusive guide of everything you need to know! you'll get full access to great deals, hot spots to eat... and of course where to enjoy the best beer!and remember to share all your fun and pictures with us on the 9 on your side facebook and twitter page! that's not all that's going on this weekend...the cioncinnati pops will performa public concert of music from john
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he force awakens".it going on tonight and ommorrow at music hall at 8pm and sunday at 2. speaking of star wars...the force will awaken for home viewing in less than a month. wars "the force awakens" will be available for digital download on april first.disney made the announcment'll be able to download other features as well, like deleted scenes and other material from director j-j abrams.not interested in the digital copy....the film will be released on blu-ray and d-v-d april fifth. chick- fil-a wants you to focus more on your family. chick-fil-a is hoping to encourage some quality family time -- minus the cell phones -- by bribing customers with in free ice cream cones.all you have to do is silence your phone. then put it in a box at your table for the entire meal.more than 150 locations are taking part. asprin...there's a bottle in just about everyone's medicine
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we are still learning about what it can do. a new study finds regular use could cut the risk of colon cancer.researchers shecked data from 120 thousand adults across the country and found aspirin use was tied to a 19 percent lower risk of developing colon cancer.of course, taking aspirin on a regular basis - whether daily or just once a week - is not without risks, including a small but definite risk of dangerous bleeding. this woman leeds police on a wild goose chase after reporting her newborn had ben kidnapped.she'll be in court this morning.why two other teens will be in court this morning too. the circus is back in the greats show on earth.why this is the lat time you'll
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through her head"
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baby in cincinnati.this morning that baby's mother is headed to court.the list of charges she faces. a first in kentucky.where voters are being encouraged to go this weekend and how it could help decide who will take over the white house. and new at 5...police are looking for a local woman after she didn't show up for court.what they said she didn't provide this dog and where she left him for dead. good morning's friday, march 4th. 4th.a live look here behind us from our balcony camera.we're looking ahead to a weekend warm-up.jennifer...? light snow gets replaced with freezing drizzle for the morning drive. watch out for slick spots on your way to work, especially on bridges and overpasses. skies will stay mostly cloudy for much of the day with highs in the low 40s. i'm timing out our rain
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happening in just a few hours.. nacole benton will be in court - facing charges of obstructing official business... inducing panic... and making false alarms. because according to police- the three week old baby she said was missing ...was never actually missing. saw it all unfold here on channel 9 as breaking news.police say --benton's car was stolen from her west end


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