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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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those rescue boats went into the water shortly after. an this crash has caused a major traffic issue.this is a shot of the combs-heil bridge... of course traffic is stalled there. but here's the impact... this is i-275 near the interstate 471 interchange.just a standstill in that one direction of the interstate. and here's a look at all of the delays from our traffic map covering the tri-state. areas in red showing the slowdowns and stoppages along the road. and just moments ago -- we spoke to a becky stratten.she what she told us. us.2.46"i looked in my rear view mirror and i swa a semi carrening toward me and i saw
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its path. i was just praying that he or another car didn't go over the bridge"3.02 today's vote is crucial for john kasich...political experts agree tonight is do- or-die for the ohio governor. nine on your side's evan millward is live near cleveland -- with how much kasich's campaign has been relying on a ground game in his home state. we'll see a lot of the people who made that ground game happen right here at baldwin wallace university later tonight -- watching,
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governor. just the super pac that supports him - has made 315 thousand calls and 20-thousand door knocks in the last week or so.they paid for one and a half million robocalls.and opened offices in eight counties.and that's not even the official kasich campaign. sound overwhelming?the governor is starting to feel it too - just listen to what he had to say after he voted - for himself, for president - in columbus this morning. "it all starts here in ohio, though. i think the nation's watching ohio to see where we
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support john kasich over donald trump and his rhetoric. and what's going to happen tonight is kasich's going to win, not just with undecided voters but with the early voters. this is the race to watch tonight though - governor kasich has indicated he may be done if he doesn't win ohio. and by all accounts the race is neck and neck between kasich and donald with kasich campaign in berea ohio, em, 9oys. ohio not the only state holding a primary today...ted cruz and marco rubio also t.. and rubio needs a big showing in his home state of florida -- where one poll shows he trails trump by more than 20 points.donald trump has kept a quiet public profile today. on the democratic side of the ballot...supports for hillary
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efforts to get people out to the polls.volunteers calling to tri-state homes.and the campaign got help from a "project runway" star... cincinnati native "asha ama daniels".she knows there's a lot of hype surrounding this primary. "i think it's never been so divisice in which way it could go, , so dont' be lazy don't say hopefully everything will go my way, you have to cast your vote" clinton's opponent senator bernie sanders is bouncing around the map to get last-minute votes.he stopped in chicago today -- illinois is one of four other states holding a primary.the vermont senator will watching results tonight in phoenix. there are lots of headlines that will come out of today's we're making it easy to find the important information.w-c-p-o insiders can read what to watch for once the polls close... analyst says higher turnout in big cities could help clinton and kasich --but a strong showing in the
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and trump. and our election coverage continues on-air as well... including an hour-long special edition of nine on your side at seven.look for updates on-air during primetime.and catch reaction from candidates and full election results tonight at eleven. the man who tried to rush on stage at a donald trump rally in dayton now faces federal charges.22-year-old thomas dimassimo jumped over a high metal railing -- and escaped two security staff before he was caught at saturday's rally. he's charged with entering a restricting building with lawful word on *local* charges being considered in dayton municipal court. (/2sh)let's go back to that crash on the combs heil bridge...ashley zilka is live there -- ashley what are you seeing? nine on your side's ashley zilka is live near the scene... ashley -- what are you seeing?
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tonight, a cold front is heading our way. it'll bring a few showers overnight and possibly a storm or two. the severe threat is low with this
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and we're staying on top of
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and we're staying on top of that breaking news... tonight -- the university of cincinnati is responding to allegations -- that a professor has been distributing and receiving child porn.f-b-i agents arrested holt parker today at his home.nine on your side's t-j parker -- --is live on campus with reaction to this shocking arrest.
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this morning- at his home in clifton. i spoke with students- today- who say they're disgusted with him- after learning about his charges. ?hailey pinkerton: "00:33 definitely disgusted"u-c third year student- hailey pinkerton- shocked- to find out a professor was arrested and charged distribution and receiving child porn. hailey: "1:14 uncomfortable to say the least you know especially because a lot of the professors here have very personal relations with the students" 00:26 it's just something very unexpected and something you wouldn't think to see something around here like that"f-b-i agents- and officers with the violent crimes against children task force arrested 60 year old holt parker- at his home. according to the university's website- parker is a professor in the department of classics- specializing in gender students, literary theory- and linguistics. he's been teaching at the university since 1991. u-c sent out a statement today- in part saying: "the university takes these charges very seriously and is cooperating fully with authorities. per university
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suspended from his position, barred from university property, and is to have no contact with students."naomi hardin//3rd year: "7:10 it's just kind of weird like you'd think that they'd be professional in the classroom and they're there to teach you not to be caught doing things like that its kind of gross" third year student- naomi hardin- says it's disturbing- knowing parker's charges- and the relationships students sometimes have with professors. naomi: "7:25 you go to like their office hours and you're in a closed situation with them most times and so to find that out would be a little gross and weird" parker made his first appearance in federal court this afternoon-he's expected to be in a detention hearing- tomorrow. live in clifton, t.j. parker, 9 on your side.
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it starts with a mere doubleheader in dayton tonight. the n-c-double a calls it the first four...and tonight it's florida gulf coast against fairleigh dickinson...then vanderbilt against wichita state. two more games will be played at ud arena tomorrow. for every basketball team...the tournament is a second season. and no team needs a second season more than the uc bearcats.-when they lost....they lost in heartbreaking can be summed up with this disputed shot..and a four overtime loss to u-conn over the weekend.
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knows you have to be more than lucky....xavier knows it as well as they get ready to play weber state on friday. as a number two seeed in the east..they know they're a target: and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. nine on your side is following breaking news. news.a river rescue is underway after a car crashes off the combs helh bridge.we have new information from an eyewitness to the crash coming
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let's recap our breaking news...a car into the ohio river near the combs-hehl's the scene right now -- rescue teams trying to find the car and anyone inside.
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that's 9 on your side at six for this tuesday. tuesday.our election coverage is only beginning... we'll be back at seven with a special hour of democraacy 20-16. 16.our tony mirones shows you a behind the scenes look at our newsroom -- and field crews who bring you the news on-air, online, and on your
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breaking news tonight. the exit polls coming in right now. what the voters are revealing already. will donald trump essentially seal the deal? >> this is the place i want to win. this is the place. >> his rivals looking to stop him tonight. home state of ohio. and hillary clinton. can she finally put it away? or, another sanders surprise tonight? clinton tells us she's optimistic. >> but not confident? that's a word a lot of your supporters might want to hear >> okay, i'm confident. >> our team standing by on it all. also tonight, the severe weather hitting right now in several of the states voting. now images of the tornadoes in ohio. where the storms track next.


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