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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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breaking now at seven...a car plunges into the ohio river.. shutting down a major interstate and prompting a water rescue tonight.we're live with the latest in the search for the vehicle. plus- it's primary day in ohio and the polls are open for another 30 minutes. we have special coverage across the state.. and the country tonight. good evening.thank you for joining us for this special edition of nine on your side at seven on this potentially historic night. night.the polls in ohio are open for just another 30
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in.and nine on your side will bring you up to the minute results as the races are called. look for updated numbers on the bottom of your screen and push alerts on your phone from the nine on your side app. we want to get you to breaking news tonight in the ohio river. chopper nine - the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first is over head as search and rescue crews look for a car that crashed off the combs hehl bridge.nine on your side's ashley zilka is live with new eyewitness accounts as the search for the car in the river continues. police have allowed 9 on your side onto this bridge. you can see there is still a massive scene behind me. dozens of police cars are on the bridge right now. now. i was just told this bridge will be closed for at least several more hours. as we know- a car has plunged into the ohio river. rescue crews are in the water trying to locate that vehicle. no word on how many people were
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additional vehicles were involved in the crash on this bridge. it's unclear of any injuries but i did see several ambulances come by within the last hour. as far as traffic goes, police have done a really good job at allowing cars to make a u turn one by one. i spoke to one truck driver who was at the front of the traffic jam. now if you take a look over here - there are still several cars and trucks that decided to wait it out. they said there was no other way for them to get home. interstate 275 is closed between 471 and kellogg avenue. motorists should use an alternate route. again, a car has plunged into the ohio river and we have just learned that 3 other cars
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here on the bridge. stay with nine on your side and wcpo dot com for breaking developments as the search for the car continues.if we learn new information over the course of the hour - we'll let you know. we'll also send you a push alert from the nine on your side mobile app. turning back to our coverage of democracy 20-16.we have live reporters across the state and in florida monitoring those results as they come in! here are the big races we are following tonight. in the ohio g-o-p primary - frontrunners donald trump and governor john kasich... are tied in the latest poll from quinnipiac university. ted cruz and marco rubio fall behind among ohio voters. on the democratic side... hillary clinton is going up against senator bernie sanders. poll numbers show clinton with a slight lead in ohio. another big race here locally is the democratic u-s senate primary.cincinnati councilman p-g sittenfeld, former ohio governor ted strickland, and kelli prather are competing for the seat!
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for a shot at john boehner's vacant house seat in southwest ohio. nine on your side has crews throughout the state to get the first reaction when the results come in.reporter evan millward is live near cleveland at kasich's watch party... evan, what's it like? just an hour away now from supporters gathering here - -- check out this video we took coming in this afternoon - - a little behind the scenes look at how they get a watch party like this set up.there is media here from around the world.and
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the eyes of the nation are on this race.john kasich sparring with donald trump not just over issues like immigration and economy - and rhetoric - but also over tghe nomination. a win in ohio for trump could put him in the sights of that nomination - and knock kasich out of the race entirely. here's what the governor had to say about that this morning while voting - "it's very exciting to come into ohio and cast a vote for me for president of the united states, pretty amazing." (reporter): what do you have to say john to donald trump? (governor kasich): you're not going to ruin my day after i voted myself for president. i have nothing to say to him." there is a guarded optimism here leading up to this event - - kasich's camp is telling us early voting and some exit poll numbers show him with a pretty sizeable lead.but they're preparing for a long night.later - hear from a
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kasich campaign in berea, ohio, em, 9oys. (julie 3shot)our continuing coverage continues in just a moment as we wait for the results to come in.(tanay live) the polls close in about 20 or so minutes.we'll check in with what's happening at the hamilton county board of elections when we come back. your nine first warning
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republican presidential candidate governor john kasich is scheduled to cast his ballot in westerville, ohio this morning and then talk to reporters. here in the live alert center -- i want to show you what's happening on social media.of now happening on facebook, twitter and instagram.let's start with ohio's governor.. john kasich's campaign making a last ditch effort to get your vote by calling on all 'buckeyes'... now is the time ohio proud. proud.donald trump? he spend his 140 characters essentially saying that john kasich can't
7:10 pm what is hillary doing? she's taking on donald trump -- saying he's encouraging violence and chaos... chaos... and bernie sanders?? he's just asking for your vote --and giving you info on how to help him win the nomination. today's primary drew a large turnout of voters...and now we wait for the results. nine on your side reporter tom mckee is live at the hamilton county board of elections.tom - just how many people came out to vote? as of just a few minutes ago, more than 150,000 people had cast ballots in person. while there some long lines because of high interest in the election, there were not the same sorts of delays and equipment problems of just a few months ago. clarence harris spent several minutes tuesday scouring an e- poll book for the elusive name of a voter. finally, the
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cast at the bond hill recreation center. that success story contrasted with last fall's problems with the new e-book technology. technology. "the difference is you're more familiar with what you're doing and you're more comfortable with it because you've done it before." before." at the anderson hills united methodist church, voters noticed the difference in poll worker familiarity with the equipment. equipment. "last time i just don't thing the people were schooled well enough on how to do the process of it and this time because of last time they all pretty well know what they're doing." doing." phones at the board of elections help desk weren't ringing as much this time because of significant procedural changes. changes. "everything's going well." well." that mean troubleshooters like margaret reis found themselves ready to jump into action. but, there wasn't much to do in west price hill. "very boring. very, very boring. everything seems to be running very, very smoothly. we had a few problems at startup, but by 6:30, time to open the polls, everything was set." set."
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connections on the equipment but board of elections chair tim burke says the problem didn't last long. long. "we sent a troubleshooter there. before the troubleshooter could get there, the one high school student on the team fixed it." it." in college hill, the equipment worked. ballots were quickly cast. voters were happy. "i've been voting up here for 12 years and i've never had a problem. it's usually in and out just like it was today." today." "it was easy. it was quick. in and out. no problems. no real issues." the people i've talked with say the republican presidential race is driving most of the interest. there have even been some crossover voters -- republicans voting for democrats and vice-verson. just an amazing election so far and this is only the primary. tom mckee, nine on your side, live at the hamilton county board of elections. our coverage continues in just a moment as we wait for the results to come in.
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or so minutes.stay with us...
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tri-state republican and democratic party supporters are coming together to watch the results come in tonight. tonight.we are with both of them. we have tj parker with the bernie sanders watch party.
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and we'll check back in with both t-j and jason later in
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it was a great day to get out and vote.but we could see storms's nine first warning chief
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our coverage continues in just a moment as we wait for the results to come in. in.the polls close in about ten or so minutes. minutes.this is a live look at the hamilton county board of election. new insight on voter back. republican presidential candidate governor john kasich is scheduled to cast his ballot in westerville, ohio this morning and then talk to
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breaking news -- we have just learned from authorities that they have located the vehicle that went off the combs-hehl bridge and into the ohio river. crews are now trying to assess how deep into the river that car is before bringing it to
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on that bridge near coney island started just after 4:30 this afternoon.some of the cars involved in the crash have been towed away but the area near i-275 and i-471 remains slow. joining us is amanda seitz... she reports on government and politics for wcpo dot com. -kasich and
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2008 election-hamilton county? amanda - thank can read all of her stories on
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republican presidential candidate governor john kasich is scheduled to speak in berea, ohio-- outside of cleveland tonight between 7:30 and 9pm. our evan milward is there now on the campus of
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on nine on your side. good evening.we are live on nine on your side with continuing coverage of today's primary! primary!the polls just closed! closed!and nine on your side will bring you up to the minute results as the races are called. look for updated numbers on the bottom of your screen and push alerts on your phone from the nine on your


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