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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good morning, we start live pictures of the bridge. there was a serious evening rush hour. >> of course, politics major head lines tonight. the winner of the
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marco rubio campaign after losing his home state of florida badly to trump. the former secretary of state won big in ohio. that race the polls closed. >> good evening, thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> we are constantly updating the your screen. >> the governor state. >> not to mention, it is a game changer for kasich and for the white house. anyone on your side kasich's watch party. evan?
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governor a huge it didn't take long for this race in ohio to be called the second term governor. it was his name. one donald america great again was yelling and that man was removed. a second speech hitting all the ohio's economy. saying this wasn't about him. >> in my mind's eye is the need to forget the politics, forget all the focus groups see, i represent you. situations and these problems
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fix if that means i have to take the heat that is the price of leadership many america. >> i'd run a positive people that comes through. at the end of the day what i think people vote for. >> reporter: as they clean up here, consider this, now marco rubio's for grabs. he dropped race. i'm evan >> trump lost to kasich here in ohio. he took florida,
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so far this increases large lead over his rival. trump says he is in it to win it. >> most people said i would never run. he is having a good time. i am having a good time. you know, time but i'm working very hard and there is great believe me, there is great anger. >> he is bringing the republican party. carolina. these wins strengthen over sanders. she has about two-thirds of the delegates to nomination. >> we are
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>> a federal judge keep polls open for an extra hour here in our community. the poll message. doors were locked at this polling location tonight. 9 on your side has coverage how this last-minute message go through. we are live with jason tonight. jason? >> reporter: just confusion for everybody involved. she reached out to the secreta of state office at 7:00. the secretary of state office told us they didn't hear from the judge 30 minutes after the polls were closed the video we took 8:20. this is video we rerecorded of the polling place. you can't see but it is packed up and closed. they were turning voters away. i reached out to the polling
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you have on? you guys don't know about the federal order from the judge? >> never heard anything. >> we are with channel 9. >> the board of director would have called me as it happened when we were staying open until 9:00 and that's all i can tell you is that call. >> reporter: the district judge involved in this susan dalott. did she call 8:00? >> that last-minute decision is getting criticism by both democratic and republican leaders. >> reporter: board of elections to be sure.
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the election had gone smoothly. they all were corrected. the polls closed as scheduled at 7:30 p.m. the board of elections didn't get the word until 8:01, 31 minutes later. there they are still right now. many of the election supply with vote totals on them were headed downtown when down. there was no way to open all 361 polling places in the county. voters who were able to find an open one will get their's counted within ten days. tim burk was asked about the judge stepping into this situation. >> this one, quick.
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that folks had to know we weren't going to get until we were violation of the order. we were worried are we content of court. >> nobody told us they could remember a j this case. tim burk, again, told me he is disappointed in this situation because t well. the most v ever. >> all right, tom, thank you. be sure to take on 9 on your side for extensive coverage.
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up donald trump supporters are keeping his message alive. it is unclear how many people were inside a car when a semi forced it off to the bridge and into the ohio river. >> the chain reaction shut down the highway all night long. where the search for that stands at this hour? ashley? >> reporter: crews are trying to find out the bes that car. you will see one of the rescue boats across the river. during rush hour a chaotic scene. >> it's been a mess.
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cause it to river. >> at some point in that, the one vehicle did go over to the side of the bridge river. >> multiple police ag on for hours. >> they were trying to piece this together and take time to get the pieces together. >> reporter: the car that went off the bridge was fully submerged. >> the vehicle is pretty close to the bridge. . >> now police say a few people
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injuries. side. >> thank you very much. mother nature got my vote for today's forecast. >> will we re-elect her for the days to come? >> temperatures in the 70s today. how could you not? we may see a little spring-like rain. take a look at the bigger doppler. weather to the west. tonight. it does look like that area as it swings up to northern indiana will see severe weather. take a look at the temperature outside it is 68 degrees. we will see some rain shortly. as we break it down for you
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around 2:00 we will see rain and perhaps isolated storms. as we head to 4:00 things will start shutting down. it will already be rather mild in the 50s. it looks to be a nice day but cooler and windy, 66 degrees. i'm back to show you we have another chance for rain. >> i'm not going to argue with 66 degrees. coming up next, it is the end of the road for a republican hopeful. here from marco rubio. it was a tough contest. we will see how senator --
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welcome back. here are the big headlines tonight. >> trump picks up three wins. >> it wasn't long into the night before rubio called it quits. he trailed by trump nearly 19 percentage point. it is clear the republicans want something different. >> we need a new political establishment in our party. not one that looks down on people, not one that tells people they need to wait their more interested in winning principals.
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campaign rubio could jump into the race. >> in the democratic race between clinton and sanders that race called minutes after the polls closed. with kasich's win in ohio a lot of trump fans were a little disappointed that he didn't win in the buckeye state. >> joining us live with their reaction, t.j.? >> reporter: a little disappointed but regardless people came out here to watch the trump party here. there were still happy with how trump did nationally. a lot of people stuck around to make sure.
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sporters who were happy he won here in the buckeye state. even though kasich one in ohio he believes he still has the chance to win the nomination. >> this is the guy who won one lap and doing a victory dance and talk about going to washington. if he won 106% of the delegates it is impossible for him to win. >> reporter: you heard, they are still hopeful that trump will win nationally. we are live in blue ash. >> thank you. the republican portman beating ekhert badly.
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challengers in the primary. strickland one that one easily. strickland a statewide regular nation. at the age of 27 he was the youngest person to win a seat on ending. people of ohio. they have hopes and dreams and aspirations and concerns that i think i learned a lot about myself and i think there is, you know a resilience there. i'm not someone who will ever give up. >> he always reached out to strickland to congratulate him. warn davidson won for ohio's eighth congressional seat. >> reporter: through that door,
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he just walked in to great his supporters and we want to show you that right now. [ cheering ] >> it is just amazing where we are at today knowing that we gathered signature tures on december 14th and filed paperwork. 90 days later we are getting ready to move forward to the >> reporter: while he says he is not taking anything for granted washington. >> all right, jay, thank you. now that the votes are in, what comes next?
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side political -- the big head line tonight is kasich. we asked poll lit kal reporters. >> i think the biggest thing to watch is the -- it is not only affect ohio but affects it is entire country. it could swing the entire senate so whoever wins will determine the majority of the democratic or republican. >> you heard paula talk about it. what do you think? >> keeping a eye on everything.
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>> we are seeing a sea change. we will see some rain overnight but much colder air leading right up to the first day of spring. look at this warm air packed up across the south. it is that cooler air that you see back in the middle of the nation by wichita, chicago, minneapolis. that will spill over the top of us. it is due to this weather system right here. you will see it is causing showers and storms. for us, we are just seeing clouds right now. as the system rolls in we will get clouds and scattered rain. as we head into the morning, i think we will be dry. we will be clearing out, in fact, as we go through the day. maybe a few clouds go by. mostly sunny skies. wednesday night there will be a little jet stream that cuts
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there is an off chance for a shower. but more importantly is a re-enforcing shot of colder air that will spill out temperatures trending down for the rest of the week and into the weekend. in fact, it looks like temperatures will be in the 40s by the time you get in the afternoon for saturday and sunday. temperatures very mild and above average. 53 is our normal afternoon high. you can see what's going on right now. maison is at 56. in the morning we look at temperatures dropping down to the middle 50s first thing. it will be a very mild start around here. it will be windy. gust to 25 or 30. 54 in cincinnati to 66. there is that 53 i was talking about and mostly sunny skies then clouding up a little bit with that chance of a shower. it is slight but it is there
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windy and 66 but here comes that re-enforcing shot as we go through the weekend. chancing for showers in the coldest day. 36 in the morning, 46 into the afternoon. and finally of course, take a look at st. patrick's day. in the morning it will be colder than usual. as we head through the afternoon, 53 right around lunch time or just after. guys a lot cooler air on the way.
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making headlines tonight she
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>> police searched a field for the body of lindsey. she was reported missing six months ago. her boyfriend has been charged in relation to the case. the arrest of -- uc responded today that parker has been suspended and barred from university property. we are back with your final check forecast and tonight's
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joan kasich takes ohio nomination for president. trump's win in florida led marco rubio to suspend his campaign. in the democratic race clinton and sanders. the race called just minutes after the polls closed.
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>> many of you received those push alerts tonight. you know immediately when the numbers -- lean one way or the other. >> very helpful. >> you get push alerts about weather. >> not any time soon. things look pretty good for us. we are looking pleasant weather coming up for your wednesday. it will be windy tomorrow. you will know how the temperature trend will go down. the irony is too think. spring coming up on sunday. >> at least it's here. the flowers are blooming. >> it is starting to change. >> next, allergies.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kirsten dunst, from "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice" gal gadot, and music from jake bugg. with cleto and the cletones. and now, to get things rolling,


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