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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 16, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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a drone captures riders curving along the famous mull holland highway. >> it just feels so good to get around that corner. >> but see why the view from a helmet cam is not always so scenic. this guy takes his girlfriend diving in the sea of cortez. >> this is a successful trip. >> why they might want to watch what is under that rock. combined with kite surfing
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>> that's 25 stories high, guys. >> this spectacular stunt all done in a suit. and exploding bag. see who is getting stung by the feared lady prankster. many motorcyclists are out in the search of that perfect road. and there's one road in california called mull holland highway that attracts so many motorcycles because it seems to have been engineered for enjoyment. our guy who posted the video is out there week after week getting incredible video just like this. with the help of a drone up above and multiple camera angles provided by his buddies, this group is tightly packed together as they make their way through the different corners. up ahead, followed by a bike. >> he's become notorious on youtube.
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put this in one and everyone will see. >> see whoo this y this video is getting so much attention. >> oh! at the exact spot where he could go over the canyon. >> right. that left-hander the reason so many guys go out there. it's that particular corner that curves around and goes uphill, it just feels so good to get around the corner. >> he didn't slow down enough to take it and what happened? >> it's hard to tell, you can watch it from a lot of different angles. two guys go down -- >> he's on the other side of the guardrail. >> he went right through it. here it is from the drone shot. finally, the clip i think is the most telling is the slow-motion video from right behind the rider that first went down. he may have been going in a little too hot because it looks like his peg comes down, his first starts to rub, the bike slides out from under him.
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>> man. you might recognize the beach goer as one of our editors. he and his girlfriend went to cabo and captured amazing images under water when they hit the sea of cortez. there's always kinds of different fish. in fact, he even encounters a puffer fish. >> look at the red one. >> as far as diving goes, this is a very successful trip because there's a lot to sea. but then this was by far my favorite shot, look at this right next to that rock, that eel. >> coming up right there. >> they are not going to bother you, but it still looks like a giant sea snake.
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mind my own business. and check this shot out of the ee eel swimming next to those rocks. >> look at it go. para aqua man. this one is from the coast of florida where these kayakers were out there fishing. >> that is a fish. >> it's a really big fish. >> a hammerhead. >> i guess the fish is kind of in his blind spot. >> you can't really see it. >> because the eyes are on the side. he's like, i smell it, i know it's here, i'm right on its tail. >> this one's going to bite a lot harder. >> i used to think of lucky escapes were a little like winning the lottery. then i came to work at "right this minute" and realized it happens all the time and it's incredible how many are caught on video.
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classic railway crossing. some people are jammed up in pretty serious traffic. watch right here the black car is trying to get caught behind the silver car and then -- the lights start to flash and down come the barriers. now that car tries to get out of the way, sees what is happening, but in fact makes it worse and ends up smashing the window there and crashing the car on the end of the barrier. the other barrier comes down and rests on top. this good samaritan gets out of the red car to head over. >> lift up on the gate, back up a little bit and get yourself unstuck. >> people think along those lines, especially once the door opens and they pull out the 3-week-old baby who was also inside the car. the 27-year-old mother still there. now what happens is these guys try to rock the car a little bit to get it off the barrier. in the end, she's able to reverse it, unstick it and bring it around. she gets the car parked and then goes back over running to claim her tiny little baby.
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fast she didn't have time to do all that. >> imagine if it was the express or something like that. the baby was completely unharmed and the driver has a little injury to one of her fingers. a bit more injury from this video from thailand. the tourist riding his motorbike and the wheel goes it from under him. >> oh! wow. >> you see how close that was. >> if the person driving that truck hadn't been doing except paying attention to the road, those are now pancakes. >> you can see how hard the driver hits his head. you can see how discombobulated he is as the driver tries to get him up. he tries to stand up and -- going down, bang. that's a concussion. >> for real. i think that's a trip to the hospital, but let's be honest, it was almost a trip to the morgue. another event went down in dallas, texas. oli, you are going to regret it because you were close by and you're going to regret it
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i'll let draft the vampire tell you how it went down. >> i've never been in texas for the world record attempt at the world largest toy gun battle. >> oh, yeah. >> a huous e humungous nerf board. >> which is where the cowboys play. >> he and his buddy -- >> we can do this professionally? >> yes, up knee, you can. >> this is jared. >> he lives in texas and created the jared epic nerf battle to raise money for tornado relief. tornadoes touched down in garland, texas. 2,289 people showed up with nerf
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as you can see, lots and lots of ammo flying around. but they did this also to set a guinness world record. guess what, y'all? they did. >> everything is bigger in texas, man. even the nerf battles. >> this looks like so much fun. in all, there were nearly 4400 individual nerf blasters used. not only was the money from the event donated to charity, so were the nerf blasters. >> oh. >> so there's only one thing left to do. start a war! >> oh, gayle. please! >> stop it! >> i'm going to get it stuck in your hair or in your fro! >> oh, my gosh. stop it! i'm going to kill you, that
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you are like the crazy lady in the neighborhood. you are not getting those nerf blasters back! a new presidential candidate -- >> her name is amallah. i say amallah for president. >> why we should consider electing a toddler for president. >> i vote for amallah. >> for real. and they're about to launch a paper airplane out the window. but see where it winds up. >> no, no! >> that is not true. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena . buy one take one is back at olive garden because there's nothing like a great meal with the family except maybe another great meal with the family buy one take one choose one delicious entr\e
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one day it appears. closed captioning provided tre results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. these are just fun to watch. just turn your brain off, watch and enjoy. this 84-year-old granny in the u.k. saw the kids outside playing with a little hoverboard thing and just couldn't resist. went outside to join in the fun. >> oh, my gosh, i'm a little scared. >> look at the smile on her face. she's loving it. >> her body is trying to make it move. >> another fun video to watch.
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watching a paper airplane out the window. drifts off to the left, flitting about in the sky, almost like a butterfly. diving, dodges, left, right, spinning around. how far will the airplane go? it is not how far it goes but where it winds up. >> no, no! >> that is not true! that is not -- no. >> a paper boomerang. >> i watched it a couple times and it could be debated whether it is real or fake or not. but i'm going with the face value, man. >> i'm with you, man. that is just one of those moments that just happens. i have a breath of fresh air for you. her name is amallah. her dad went in to an interview
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let's test amallah's knowledge. >> who is george washington? no, no. >> i think a lot of people would answer that question that way. >> yeah, he wrote the constitution. >> did he write a bill? they couldn't get it right so they wrote a bunch of amendments. >> who is the speaker of the house? >> let's move on to her campaign strategy. >> i want to go over a couple things in the paperwork that your campaign sent me. it says you want to be president of the world. >> and the moon. >> duh! >> do you realize that's not the way it works, radioi thought ight? >> because here in the united states -- i'm just trying to tell you, i don't know if you thought this through. how often do you take time to plan your campaign strategy?
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know about the issues. >> i have seen the major issues you are focused on are baby and toddler voting rights. freedom for babies and toddlers to touch everything. >> oh, yeah! >> freedom for babies and toddlers to put anything they find on the floor in their mouth. >> it's about to start getting dark here. >> babies and toddlers get access to all food on the parents' plate even after they have already eaten. >> i vote for amallah! there's a rumor swirling around hollywood they may be looking for a new james bond. which means they are looking for someone around my age, ethnicity, i can't think of anyone. as confident as i felt, though, i've got nothing against this guy. this is alex thompson. he's got a swanky car, a
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the amazing suit and, of course, he's got the swapg nky watch. he's done two incredible stunts and is back to complete the trial have i with the greatest of them all, the skywalk. he's tight surfing behind. he manages to grab onto the line. you can see as he attaches it behind his back. and then -- >> wait, where is he going? where is he going? why are you going up? >> he flies up using that kite to a height of 280 feet. that's 25 stories high, guys. but when he reaches -- >> release the line. >> now he is just straight up in control as he parachutes himself back down before the epic finale, prepare yourself. he lands! he's amazing! >> i really did not think he was
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there is no way in heck that could happen. >> so he does these stunts. is hollywood calling or just an international man of mystery and going on living like that? >> this is just how he lives his life. he likes to push the extremes. alex thompson, the next james bond. she's got a surprise for her hubby. >> yes. >> look at his face. he is so excited. >> see the gift that brought him to tears. >> are you crying? come here, honey. plus, time to put this drone in the air. >> but easy, mate. easy, tiger.
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like toasted marshmallow. get real. get jelly belly. have you ever flown a drone? >> no, i haven't. >> i'll bring mine in to get a feeling of what it is like to fly one. a couple drone videos coming. this guy begins to lower the drone down to land safely in the parking space below. >> everything is going according to plan. >> but as the drone gets very close to the ground, it suddenly goes on the warpath. >> oh! oh! easy mate. easy tiger. whoa! lookout! he goes into the pedestrian walking down the road there. >> the pilot really just took that guy, did he target him? what is going on? >> apparently the drone just got out of control. >> that's what we want, machines
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>> luckily the pedestrian was was there. shot. about a $3,000 to $4,000 unit. he's following this boat along at pretty good speed. that thing can move along at a good clip. >> no, no, no, no! >> i'm going to guess it did. because the footage is up on youtube. you need to get the drone back to put the footage up. like that. >> you still want me to fly my drone? >> oh, absolutely. one man is excited. one man says he's going to be excite in a couple of days. we'll start with this guy. he pulls out the tell-tale -- he's so excited, like ronald mcdonald grin. >> what a super sweet moment. and i'm glad that was his reaction.
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>> no, are you serious? >> yes, i a m. how do you feel? >> this dad a little more stoic. >> surprise! >> okay, whoa. >> his defense, he did just walk in after a long day of work. >> you got me pregnant. >> think about it, when you walk in the door, you're not really connected. when you do, you're like -- >> we're having either a boy or a girl. look at your little surprise right there. >> like he's excited but deep, deep, deep, deep down under until he processes this information and then he can bring the excitement out. >> you are so right, christian. and he does explain to the baby why he reacts like this. >> i'm in shock. it's going to take me a while to process this information. fathers process things slow.
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lot of men are probably like this dude. >> if you're like me, you need to process this information. what to do when someone leaves their purse behind? >> excuse me, you forgot your purse, give it back.
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question, guys, when you see that someone's forgotten their purse, what do you do? >> go excuse me, you forgot your purse and give it back. >> yes, right? not the people in this video. but karma's got them quick. this fine lady is at the atm. this guy watching, though, realizes what happened, picks up the purse and instead of taking it back to the lady who forgot
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and the purse explodes in his face quite literally. >> that's why you don't steal purses. >> but this is all being recorded. here is guy number two. [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> the bag explodes on his face and he takes off running. and this one -- and this one, too, explodes hot pink in his face. they all fell for this. that's what the guys over at twin tv would have you believe. >> they tried but it is so fake with three cameras on them. >> they checked the bag in plain sight. >> once you steal something you stop right in the middle of the street. >> yeah. watch this and use it as a reminder to keep your purse close and to not wear those shoes. >> watch this lady, watch her eyes.
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she looked right at the camera. thanks for joining us today. we'll see you on the next "right
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report.le for the supreme court. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> good morning, we are breaking in now because president obama is about to enter the rose garden with his pick for the supreme court. and abc news has learned that the president will nominate


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