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risk to recovery workers and divers ... the team needed to temporarily stop looking for people who may have inside. we want to show you another exclusive look at this crash from chopper 9. police say it involved 12 cars in four different collisions here on the combs-hehl bridge that carries interstate 275 over the ohio river.right now police say they don't know who the car belongs to and if anyone was inside.police have reports the car was red and possibly a grand prix type vehicle.. but they stress that hasn't been this point they're asking anyone who might have missing family or friends who would've been traveling this way to give them a call.they think it could be sunday or monday before they could go down to try to recover the car and learn more about what kind of car it is and whether anyone is inside. in the meantime.. road crews have been up here doing some work on the bridge.but the interstate is still open. reporting live.. jordan
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the president has named his nominee to the u-s supreme court. a press conference in the rose garden just under an hour ago ...president obama announced he would nominate federal appeals court judge merrick garland to fill the late justice antonin scalia's seat.garland is known as a moderate who has drawn bipartisan support over the years. judge garland has earned a track record of building consensus as a thoughtful fair minded judge who follows the law. law. garland is the chief justice for the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit, a court whose influence over federal policy and national security matters has made it a proving ground for potential supreme court justices.coming up on 9 on your side at noon ... the republican reaction to the nomination. here's a first check of your
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the student from cincinnati arrested in north korea was sentenced to *15 years of hard labor in prison. please, i've made the worst mistake of my life, but please of my family. family.that wasotto warmbier's tearful confession last month. the wyoming graduate and university of virginia student says he tried to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area of the hotel he was staying in... but it's unclear whether his confession was coerced.he was convicted and sentenced in a trial lasting just one hour. john kasich and his campaign team are celebrating last night's big win in the ohio republican primary ...but now political experts on both sides of the aisle are
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for the eventual nomination. nomination.kasich has virtually no chance of winning the number of delegates required to reach the nomination outright.his team is hoping for a contested convention in cleveland this summer ... where a nominee can be decided by delegates over a period of days. up in northeast ohio .. a major upset in the race for cuyahoga county prosecutor... tim mcginty was the incumbent ... he's come under fire for several cases in cleveland involving high profile police shootings.parma safety director michael o'malley defeated him yesterday.mcginty has faced criticism for his handling of the grand jury in the tamir rice case, and other cases involving police use of force.mcginty released a statement overnight saying he will do everything he can to office.. another big race -- the u-s senate seat in ohio. incumbant senator rob portman won the republican nomination.he will face on democratic challenger -- former governor ted strickland in november. strickland defeated cincinnati city councilman p-g sittenfeld.
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of the primary results from across the country. a federal judge is expected to hear arguments over changes to ohio's voting laws. at issue in the case in columbus are several modifications to requirements for absentee or provisional ballots.ohio's democratic party claims the state has created new hurdles for minority voters.but the state says the challenged laws are reasonable, nondiscriminat ory and impose little burden on voters. police in springfield township are investigating a stabbing on blue hill happened a little after 1 this morning. the victim was taken to u-c medical center.police k-9's were out looking for the attacker... no word if a suspect was found. the ohio state highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash in clermont county.around 9 last night, troopers say randell marsh ran off u-s 50 in his truck, hitting a traffic sign, ditch, utility pole, and embankment. investigators believe alcohol
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a changing race for the white house...what the results from super tuesday mean for the presidential hopefuls. a daring stunt in kentucky gets the attention of onlookers.but hear why those kayakers are in trouble today. and march madness is officially underway ... have you filled your bracket out yet?we'll show you who the commander in chief thinks will come out on top! you're watching 9 on your side
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95-thousand ohioans are newly covered under the federal healthcare marketplace created by the affordable care act. act.federal officials say the national marketplces signed up nearly four point nine million new customers for coverage in 20-16.nearly 244-thousand ohioans signed up for private insurance ... or renewed their coverage.most will receive
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credits for moth for that health care ... and the average ohioan was paying 164 per month in premiums after the credit.more than half the state had the option to pay less than 75 per month under the healthcare law. now to the race for the white house....where the results of tuesday's primaries in five states -- helping to narrow down the republican candidate field. and on the democratic side...hillary clinton...inchin g that much closer to the's ray raimundi... with the latest. a win-win situation for both donald trump and hillary clinton. both candidates -- victorious last night after voters made their choice during super tuesday number 3! trump's focus now -- to unite the partyfrom gma interviewsot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidatethere is a tremendous fervor out there and i think the republicans... should grasp it. // third party guarantees --100 percent that...the democrats would win. his overwhelming win in the sunshine state -- devastating enough to suspend the campaign of florida senator marco rubio. sot - marco rubio / (r)
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are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side.and while rubio dropped out...nats - of confetti coming down on john kasick (x-1634-john kasich confetti tuesday)john kasick....pushing forward with a full steam ahead....after taking all 66 delegates with a win in his home state of ohio sot - john kasick / (r) presidential candidate"we are gonna go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination."nats - hillary clinton victory party to the democrats ... where hillary clinton....swept four of the five states up for grabs -- including the coveted winner -take - all states of florida and ohio. the democratic front-runner now has a laser focus on the g-o-p frontrunnersot - hillary clinton (d) presidential candiateclinton florida (must trim): when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants. that doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. as for bernie overall disappointing night. as the math for his path to the nomination -- looking extremely grim. pkg tag: most of the presidential candidates don't have any scheudle events today -- except for john kasich who will be in
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republican debate is scheduled for monday in utah. a debate trump says he didn't know about and will likely not participate in. ray raimundi abc news. nine on your side is following breaking news.a polar bear has escaped from its cage at the cincinnati zoo.zoo security tell nine on your side the polar bear is secure... and nobody at the zoo is in danger. we have crews on the way to the zoo and will bring you live updates when we get there. a dynamic hollywood duo pairs up once again...the blockbuster movie franchise a famous director and actor are taking on. march madness hits southwest ohio!the latest on action from dayton -- and what to expect
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon short forecast tease.i'll have the complete check of your nine first warning forecast in
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harrison ford will not be returning for any more star wars movies.but he will be picking up his hat and whip. whip. he'll play indiana jones once again - for a fifth movie, due out in 2019. steven spielberg will also be back as director. right now the movie doesn't have a name, and we don't know the plot, or who else will star. at one time there were rumors chris pratt would take over the franchise from ford, who will be 77 when the new movie comes out. two kentucky kayakers walked away from this terryifing plunge with more than just bragging rights.they also got a hefty fine after trespassing onto the cumberland falls. going over the waterfall was a personal goal for the extreme sporting duo.the two say they hope to do it again.they just might want to find a way to do it legally. the n-c-a-a-a tournament is officially underway with the first four in dayton ...and
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the early game in dayton ... florida gulf coast absolutely rolled over fairleigh dickinson ..96-65.that's the most lopsided victory ever since these play-in games started the late game ... wichita state took on vanderbilt ...a bit closer here ...the shockers win 70-50. tonight -holy cross takes on southern ...followed by tulsa and michigan. the president has faith in two local teams when it comes to march madness ...for a few rounds at least. the white house released president obama's bracket for the n-c-a-a tournament .. he chose the university of cincinnati bearcats to beat saint joe's in the first round ... but picks oregon to beat them in the next.but he thinks the musketeers of xavier will advance all the way to the sweet sixteen ... before being defeated by west for the dayton flyers ... the president has picked the syracuse orange to upset the
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the work of a famous genius is coming to cincinnati --we'll tell you what renaissance master will be on display this spring. battling heroin...a tri-state county's new program to keep drug abusers safe launches today.why leaders thnk it
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a renaissance master is coming to cincinnati ... and you can see the work of a "genius" in person.good morning tri-state's katherine nero introduces us to the new exhibit coming to the
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next at noon...president obama picks a nominee for the supreme court vacancy.reaction from lawmakers to the president's pick. battling a tri-state -- grant county is launching a program to keep heroin users safe.the trade they're offering up to addicts.
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for a car -- that went into the ohio river during a chain reaction crash.the challenges
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it could be a game changer in the ongoing struggle against heroin addiction in the tri-state. in just about thirty minutes, the grant
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opening its needle exchange program, the first in northern kentucky. 9 on your side's jason law has more on how you or your loved ones can get the medical attention - and clean needles - they need. jtrack: it's no secret heroin addicts share needles with other heroin addicts. and when they share needles, they're more likely to share diseases. {0 population that we were hepatitis c positive was jennifer hunter works with the northern kentucky health department. several years ago health officials were startled when they discovered hepatitis c cases in northern kentucky were 19 times the national director of clinical services:> {04:08 "they had sharing needles with other people in northern kentucky.'" {04:13{jtrack: if hunter can't help people get clean, she says can at least help them be more safe. hunter is helping launch the first needle exchange program in northern kentucky. the program begins wednesday afternoon in williamstown in the grant county health department . to participate you don't have to
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kentucky. you also don't have to give your name to get fresh needles. nurses will be on hand to offer treatment. the challenge hunter says, will be getting addicts to try something new. < jennifer hunter, director of clinical services, northern kentucky health department:>{07:35 "what everybody tells us is it takes some time for them [the addicts] to build trust. maybe the firs tor second week nobody will show up." {07:43{07:55 "we're ready for that. it might not happen. we might not get anyone tomorrow, but we'll just keep offering it week after week." {jtrack: the program will be available every wednesday from 1 to 4. participants are encouraged to come back every week with their dirty needles in these red or black containers. < jennifer hunter, director of clinical services, northern kentucky health department:>{11:15 "this is really needed. it's not going to solve the heroin problem in northern kentucky, and we don't tout it to be [a solution]. what the main goal is to prevent disease and those that are positive for disease, get them into treatment." {11:27county is the first location says hopefully not the last. the goal is to eventually open up exchanges in kenton, campbell and boone county. jason law 9 on your side. nine on your side is following breaking news from the
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cage!this is a first picture from one of our crews at the zoo.we just spoke to zoo officials who tell us the polar bear only got out of its containment area behind the never came into contact with any zoo visitors. they know where the polar bear is right now... and nobody is in danger. right now a car is at the bottom of the ohio river and it could be days before police find out if anyone is inside. inside.this is exclusive footage from chopper 9.. the only local helicopter bringing you breaking news first.. of the crashes here on the combs- hehl bridge that involved 12 cars.police say one of them went over the bridge. they have reports it was red and a grand prix type vehicle but stress that's not confirmed. they tell us the river is too swift to pull the car from the bottom so it could be sunday or monday before they recover the meantime.. they're asking anyone with missing family or friends who travel this route to give them a call.. because without the car.. they're not sure who..
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a university of cincinnati professor arrested on child court today todayholt parker was taken in by f-b-i agents at his clifton home yesterday.u-c responded -- saying that parker has been suspended... and is barred from university property.he's accused of distributing and receiving child pornography. the woman accused of driving the wrong way in both directions on i-71... killing a man... will also be in court today.taryn chin is accused of driving south in northbound lanes... starting at montgomery road. officers say she then crossed over and ended up going north in the southbound lanes.police say she hit jose arenas head-on in the construction zone between dana and taft. the names of those involved in a shooting in russellville have been released by police. police.officials say 34-year-old joseph harris, of lewisburg, pulled into a mcdonalds parking lot walked up to his former girlfriend, 28-year-old amanda harper of russellville and shot her while she was waiting in the
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in critical condition.harris ran to a nearby store.police tried to stop him. he pulled a gun on them and they shot him three times.he was pronounced dead at the scene. if a bill is passed in kentucky becomes law, businesses could invoke their religious beliefs to refuse service to gay, lesbian or transgender just passed the republican-led senate yesterday.the bill's creator says it's meant to protect businesses from civil damages and legal fees for refusing to participate in same-sex marriage celebrations. the bill goes to the democratic-controlled house next. breaking news ... despite uniform republican opposition ...just in the last hour, the president named a nominee to the supreme's bazi kanani is at the supreme court with more on who he wants to fill the late justice scalia's seat ... and what republicans say. " today, i am nominating chief judge merrick brian garland to join the supreme court.and with that announcement a
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president obama's nominee , 63- year-old merrick garland is chief judge of the dc circuit court of appeals? known as a moderate who has drawn bi- partisan support over the years.(sot obama)judge garland has brought his trademark diligence, compassion and unwavering regard for the rule of law to his work.judge garland called the nomination an honor. sot for me there could be no higher public service than servicing as a member of the united states supreme court. president obama says garland is "eminently qualified," but republicans have repeatedly vowed to block the nomination regardless.sot mcconnell "this vacancy will not be filled this year. we will look forward to the american people deciding who they want to make this appointment through their own votes."it was a promise senate majority leader mitch mcconnell first made within less than an hour after justice scalia's death was announced.senate judiciary committee chair chuck grassley then announced he would not even hold a hearing to consider the, senate democrats say they're
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president's pick.(sot reid)i hope that president obama nomination of an exceptionally qualified nominee will get republicans to change course. obama also racheting up the pressure on republicans to relent.( ==bazi live tag==the republican party has already formed a task force to block the nomination. they will attack garland's record and used the issue democrats facing re-election. democrats are also responding with a coordinated effort to get public support on their side in this battle. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. making sure no kid goes hungry in the tri-state. tri-state.the freestore foodbank has teamed up with with design impact and no kid hungry.they've created the summer feeding program..but they need to make sure teens show up for it...students from western hills university, owen county high school and glen este middle school got together yesterday to try and come up with creative ways to get more teens to attend the programs. you can see the
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making your march madness bracket a success!you might find office pools to be a fun game... but john matarese has tips to help you score big! illness outbreak...a sudden rise in some illness -- that some thought doctors said were long gone!the reason -- and the simple fix to keep you healthy. you're watching 9 on your side
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have you filled out your ncaa bracket yet?regardless, you need to see this next report! report!consumer reporter john matarese shows you how to improve your odds of winning the betting pool, so you dont waste your money. so you are filling out your ncaa bracket....and you'd really like to win the office pool this year.well, we have some tips from the pros so you don't waste your money choosing your teams. ----------------the website savings advice dot analyzed past winners and say many people blow their bracket by using their heart, not their says this is not a time to vote for the little guy.that 15th or 16th seed you have fallen in love with? savings advice says a 16th seed has never beaten a number one seed.and 15 seeds rarely win. improve your odds, the report says choose teams from big conferences...they
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also, a #1 seeded team wins it all 52% of the thats your best odds. while it is fun to root for a cindereall team that makes an upset or two...the odds say they wont go all the are almost always big schools from big conrerences with a recent winning streak.of course i will probably be wrong...but as always dont waste you rmoney. john matarese 9 on your side. and john will be back today starting at look into confusion over kroger's new chip card you have to enter a pin at checkout? john answers your questions so you dont waste your money. protecting yourself from illness...preventable diseases are becoming more common -- and we're on your side with the one step you can take to keep your risk low. painkiller guidelines... federal officials make a new
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what they want doctors to do first -- before prescribing
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon the federal government just published the first national standards for prescription painkillers-- citing what they call substantial risks of prescribing them. the c-d-c guidelines are nonbinding.but they are the broadest measures yet to address opioids.the guidelines recommend what many addiction experts have long called for - that doctors first try pain, and that opioid treatment for short-term pain last for three days. it's all an effort to curb abuse, that can also lead to harder drugs. outbreaks of vaccine-
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measles and whooping cough are becoming more common. now new research sheds some light on why.\with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. it starts with a runny nose? fever and a cough. and then a rash that spreads. it's measles? a vaccine-preventable illness that had been declared eradicated in 2000. but there has been a resurgence in recent years. and the concern is that in some cases, measles can spread to the brain and cause meningitis, blindness or even death. past research suggests these recent outbreaks might be in part a result of parents refusing vaccines for their kids. now, a new study provides even more evidence to support this concern.researchers in an emory-led study found more than half of the people who contract measles? were not vaccinated. seventy percent of those opting out use what is called a "non-medical exemption" - that is using religious or philosophical reasons instead. these
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trends that are being found for pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, a disease which can be deadly to babies. bottom line - get vaccinated? and make sure your kids are up to date on their shots. a little pain now? will go a long way in protecting you and those around you.with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. let's turn to your forecast now with a live look from skycam 9. 9.i'm joined now by
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the cincinnati ballet is teaming up with "ballet-met" columbus to bring you three beautiful works of art ... including one that your kids will to tell us about this special triple bill is victoria morgan, c-e-o and artistic director of the cincinnati ballet.- what
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you to choose these pieces to work with another company?- you provided us with video of
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sweet love" ... can you tell us about this?- what's it like collaborating with another ballet company?- for people who may not have seen much ballet, what would they enjoy most?- you have a special one night only performance of a family friendly ballet, tell
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the nine on your side skycam. we'll have a final check of the nine first warning
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later today at 4 on the now google is protecting your search habits from hackers hackerspresident obama's secret weapon for filling out
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bracketsand a closer look at new guidelines for painkillers that could change healthcare for millions.join tanya o'rourke and me today at 4. let's get one last check of your forecast. that's 9 on your side at noon for this xx.we'll see you again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget -
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side - everywhere you go. download the wcpo 9 on your
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