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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we're live in chopper 9 -the only local helicopter bringing you breaking news first. i want to switch you to the outside camera view to show you the two factors that are keeping divers from getting to that car at the bottom of the river. 1) the current is strong, moving around 5 miles per hour. 2) the water levels are already high-and still rising. right now recovery crews are devising a plan to get down there, but it's going to take a few days. somewhere under the combs-hehl (hail) bridge, at the bottom of the ohio river is a car. investigators say they still can't tell exactly what kind of car or who owns it, or even if anyone is in it. the campbell county police department said it's possible the vehicle is red in color, possibly a "pontiac grand prix" captain dale appel told 9 on
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river is the biggest problem." the current is strong and the water level is rising. the depth of the river is anywhere from 27 to 40 feet, and appel says but it's just too dangerous for divers right now. investigators may release more information on friday, but unless weather conditions improve, it's going to next week before divers can get in the ater and try again. right now, the best clue could come from you. the campbell county police department is asking anyone who has a loved one they believe is missing - to please contact them. jason law in chopper 9. following breaking news out of dearborn county - the e-m-t accused of stealing more than one-hundred grand from the medical service he works for - has turned himself in. nine on your side's ashley zilka is live - with where he is now - ashley?
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prosecutor's office has confirmed to 9 on your side that craig whitham is in custody. he turned himself in about two hours ago. friends and family members say they don't know what's next but they will support him no matter what.whitham went missing on february 22nd and left his cell phone and wallet behind. shortly after, the dearborn county prosecutor announced he was charged for stealing 106-thousand dollars from aurora emergency rescue. whitam worked there for 22 years and became the company's treasurer in january of 2015. the president of aurora emergency rescue reported discrepancies in the company's books and officials question whitham about it shortly before he disappeared. amber pickett work with craig on the life squad for 15 years. she says she's relieved he's alive- despite the circumstances. he is safe. he's back home in jail probably but he's safe and that's all that we care about. according to court papers, whitham told police he has a serious gambling addiction and had spent almost all of the
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live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. talk about moments of panic. the cincinnati zoo says for a brief time - one of its polar bears was unaccounted for. for.nine on your side's briana harper has brand new information about how that bear got out - briana? berit the polar bear had a short-lived adventure here at the cincinnati zoo when she wandered out of her enclosure and was eventually found in a connecting tunnel back stage. stage.but the brief uncertainly madezoo officials take action.visitors were asked to go inside the buildings for safety.and the zoo was temporarily shut down. luckily no one was hurt-- but the situation had aome zoo visitors startled. kelly dole// zoo visitor"polar bears attack people i mean i'm sure these are tamed but you don't keep when they're going to snap and they could attack somebody."thane maynard//direc tor, cincinnati zoo"we take
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zoo particularly big dangerous animals so there are a number of levels of containment." containment."officials the zoo say they plan to have a debriefing to figure out how the polar bear managed to escape and hopefully avoid a similar situation from happening in the future. the male and female polar bears here at the cincinnati zoo werent harmed but did have to tranquilized as protocol to help secure the area. again all zoo staff as well as the visitors were all uninjured. reporting live briana harper 9 on your side. what would a polar bear escape be without the creation of a polar bear twitter page?at "cincy polar bear" has been busy tweeting... one example: "wanna go for a run? maybe around the cincinnati zoo and botanical gardens? asking for a friend."and she tweeted at 9 on your side: "bear with me 'at wcpo,' i'll be right over. caught me in time."
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second big election in the tri-state voters faced barriers at the polls.some of you were turned away - after learning polls were open one hour longer.tom mckee is on your side - digging into the confusion to get answers for you. "we now know it was a court reporter for federal judge susan dlott caught in traffic because of the accident on the combs-hehl bridge that triggered a series of events that kept polls open for an extra hour tuesday in four ohio counties." counties." a total of 136 people cast ballots in hamilton, clermont, butler and warren counties. anderson township's jamie ford was not one of them because she left work early, got caught up the tieup from the accident and didn't reach her polling place until 7:45 p.m. -- 15 minutes after closing time. time. "i was asked if i got stuck in the traffic and i said yes. there was another woman that was inside and yelled from across the room to me and told me they were closed." closed." ford went home, but heard the news the polls were open until 8:30. 8:30. "that's very, very frustrating
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mje -- that i couldn't do my god given right and that was to vote." vote." judge dlott told me she first heard about the problem around seven o'clock while at dinner and issued her order. the ohio secretary of state's office got it at 7:31 -- a minute after polls closed -- and elections boards had it in ther hands by 8:01 p.m. p.m. "it was a bit of an inconvenience." inconvenience." clermont county board of elections director judy miller had workers quickly try contact her 66 polling places. places. "the problem was it came at a time when many of the polling locations had already shut down and we alreadyk had some of them en route here to the board of elections." elections." hamilton county, elections board chairman tim burke was upset they didn't have a say in the matter. "this one was i think too quick." quick." ohio secretary of state jon husted went one step further calling it an "unjustified intrusion by the federal court into the election system. judge dlott told me she was unaware of the time when issuing the order, but added, "i did what i thought i needed to do. i do what the law requires me to do."
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which should be counted in 10 days, depending upon whether there's an appeal in the case. tom mckee, nine on your side." as he promised in his victory speech yesterday - ohio governor john kasich went straight to pennsylvania after his huge primary win in ohio. today he took his campaign to villanova university to speak to a crowd of about seven- hundred people. republican candidate donald trump admitted that facing kasich in the governor's home state was a challenge for the trump campaign... :06 - :19"i did well in ohio, but i was running against a popular governor and it's not easy because they have the machine working. and, i didn't have time. i ran out of a little time. i think if i had a day or two more it would have been, perhaps, a little bit different." different."while trump congratulated kasich on his win. trump did win four other states yesterday including florida where he picked up 99 delegates. there was nearly a record breaking turnout in ohio's are the unofficial results - there were more than three million
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more than 41-percent ... the second highest turnout in a primary election. county boards are still sorting through absentee and provisional ballots. for the complete list of your election results visit have the complete election breakdown posted on our homepage. republicans standing firm. firm.president obama makes his supreme court pick.we'll tell you how a decades-old rule - could keep this man from reaching the highest court. a breast cancer patient reveals a very personal photo. we'll tell you her self-less ahead. you're watching 9 on your side
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new at five - a 14-year-old found guilty of raping another teen at a party will be sent to a rehabilitation program. program.the party happened after a springboro high school football game in september.the teen could face jail time if he doesn't complete the rehab program.a judge will decide if he'll be classified as a sex offender after his treatment. splitting party lines. today president obama nominated judge merrick garland as a supreme court justice. "he understands the way law affects the daily reality of people's lives in a big complicated democracy and in rapidly changing times." times.""fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the cornerstone of my professional life."
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before republicans - including kentucky senator mitch mcconnell vowed to block obama's nominee until after november. :01 - :11"the senate will appropriately revisit the matter when it considers the qualifications of the nominee the next president nominates." nominates."mcconnell referred to the "biden rule."vice president joe biden tried to delay george h-w bush's nomination in 1992 - which was also an election year. a personal photo - with an important message. message.a woman shares the image that turned her life upside down.what she wants everyone to know about the unusual signs of breast cancer.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 new at five - a woman's very personal photo - carries an important message. message.the photo shows an unusual sign of breast cancer. and despite its private nature - she wants everyone to see it. kylie armstrong's facebook post caught the attention of women worldwide. she says this picture - showing 3 faint dimples on the bottom of her breast - turned her life upside down. kylie - who lives in melbourne, australia, writes: "this is what my breast cancer looks like. i felt no lump. the general practitioner felt no lump." lump." in kylies case, an ultrasound
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breast. "and the reality is bc can ways." dr. deanna attai (ah-tie)- who is president of the american society of breast surgeons - says posts like kylie's are important. that's because while a lump may be the most common indicator of breast cancer it's not the only the sign. "it does stress the importance of the being aware of even minor changes in their breast.. get a sense of what their normal is because subtle changes like this cud indicate bc." bc." other changes to watch out for include: rash, redness and inflammation that won't go away with antibiotics. antibiotics. "if something does not seem right to do.. make sure you see ur dr and get evaluated." as for kylie - she's recovering from a recent surgery.she says she's touched by the number of women who decided to get checked out by their doctor after hearing about her story. the xavier basketball team and its crew are headed for saint louis for the n-c-double-a
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to send them off right -- the players showed their gratitued by taking time to shake hands and take pictures with anyone wanting them.the littlest fans and even the more mature got their moment to say thank you to the musketeers and wish them luck. brittany conley/2010 xavier alumna"i think it's a great experience they both love baseketball and to be able to get this close to the players that they've cheered for all year, they love it."ray zwolinski/1966 xavier alumnus "he truly likes it he started coming to, how old were you aj when you started coming to the games, don't know, probably five." five."the team, cheerleaders and band loaded up buses this afternoon.their first game in the tournament is friday night at 9:20 versus the weber state wildcats.the musketeers ended
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temperatures fall a bit more tonight, dropping into the mid 40s. while this is still well above normal for mid march, it's a bit of a change from the last few days. skies will be partly cloudy overnight. thursday is a partly cloudy and mild forecast. highs will end up near the 60 degree mark, which is again on the
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uncertainly over sleep. parents have no idea how much sleep their child really needs. the risks - and how many hours of shut eye your little one should get. and disease-fighting beer. we'll tell you what's in beer that may prevent illnesses down the road. "i'm john matarese. have you used the new chip card readers at kroger yet?i'll tell you why some shpppers are not so sure they like them...coming
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the are taking a live look from chopper nine over i-71.we want to warn you about some heavy traffic in the southbound lanes.this is near the gilbert avenue exit.this is south of the norwood lateral. tonight in healthy living - many parents have no idea how much sleep their child really needs. a study out of new zealand - one in four parents thought their children needed less sleep than what is recommended. parents often blame the t-v, tablets and late dinners for throwing off regular bedtime schedules. here's reminder of how much
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getting: pre-schoolers: eleven to twelve children: at least ten hours. and teenagers: nine to ten hours. a lack of sleep can cause learning, health, and behavior issues. disease. this is a crazy story from the university of idaho.scientists there say they're closer to crafting a beer that can help fight disease.they're looking at hops - that's what gives beer it's bitter also has compounds that stop bacterial growth - and maybe even certain diseases including cancer. as of right now - beer's purpose remains exactly the same. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. a u-c professor makes his first court appearance following his child porn charges. charges.we have new and graphic details on what led police to make the arrest. and a tri-state college
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korea learns his fate.governor john kasich is among many leaders calling for his release.but how likely is it that north korea will listen?
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he traded in child porn every day--that's what the f.b.i. is saying uc professor holt parker told them. them.the professor of classics stood before a judge in federal court this afternoon to answer to child porn charges.9 on your side reporter jay warren has the story from downtown. according to the f.b.i. holt parker used the online handle of *daddy cruel* and said he would committ suicide if he was ever caught-------pkg------ the f.b.i. arrested parker on tuesday morning at his house--in their afidavit
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but failed to destroy a flash drive with thousands of child porn images and that he said he sometimes used his wife's uc email account to access his daddy cruel accounthe has since been banned from the campus of ucaccording to the f.b.i. parker made sordid comments about child sex in emails and chats and was actually identified by yahoo for sending emails containing pictures of prepubescent girls additionally the f.b.i. says in one of his chats he bragged about having sex with an 8- year-old girlparker holds a phd in classics from yale and according to his bio he has published on sexuality slavery and sadism------jay look live------during the f.b.i. search parker reportedly apologized to his wife for ruining their livesparker is currently held in the butler county jail on charges of distribution and receiving of child porn and one count of destruction of property to prevent seizure he is being held on a 250-thousand dollar bond--jay warren 9 on your side downtown the attorney for the boyfriend of a missing middletown woman says he is unaware of new developments in the investigation. just yesterday -- lindsay bogan's case was re-


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