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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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but failed to destroy a flash drive with thousands of child porn images and that he said he sometimes used his wife's uc email account to access his daddy cruel accounthe has since been banned from the campus of ucaccording to the f.b.i. parker made sordid comments about child sex in emails and chats and was actually identified by yahoo for sending emails containing pictures of prepubescent girls additionally the f.b.i. says in one of his chats he bragged about having sex with an 8- year-old girlparker holds a phd in classics from yale and according to his bio he has published on sexuality slavery and sadism------jay look live------during the f.b.i. search parker reportedly apologized to his wife for ruining their livesparker is currently held in the butler county jail on charges of distribution and receiving of child porn and one count of destruction of property to prevent seizure he is being held on a 250-thousand dollar bond--jay warren 9 on your side downtown the attorney for the boyfriend of a missing middletown woman says he is unaware of new developments in the investigation. just yesterday -- lindsay bogan's case was re-
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investigation.her boyfriend has plead guilty to promoting prostitution in relation to the case.eric sexton's attorney claims the case is over and his client is now serving his time.bogan has not been seen for six months. wyoming native otto warmbier has been sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in north korea after a so-called confession to stealing. stealing.state and federal officials are calling for his release, but as our scott wegener tells us, the north koreans may not be listening. "he's in a tough bind right now."that is no understatement. wyoming native otto warmbier has been sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in a north korean prison camp after the college student's so called 'confession.'"i understand the severity of my crime."that crime-- allegedly trying to steal a political banner from his hotel in pyongyang. warmbier was in north korea as part of an adventure tour organized by a chinese travel company.laura neack, professor
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university says something else is going on."the sentencing has very little to do with the student. it's really about solidifying the regieme at home and then standing up to people abroad. especially given recently stepped up sanctions at the u.n. against north korea."in a statement issued wednesday, governor kasich says 'north korea should immediately release otto warmbier and let him return to his family here in ohio. his detention was completely unjustified and the sentence north korea imposed on him is an affront to concepts of justice."neack says warmbier's release won't work with more sanctions."i don't think that pressure being brought to bear on north korea works very well."she's hopeful former u.n. ambassador and arizona governor bill richardson may better luck flying under the radar."people who are not official u.s. representatives-they probably have clearer paths into to
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this afternoon the state department called on north korea to pardon warmbier, grant him special amnesty and release him on humanitarian grounds. the ohio supreme court rules that the state can execute an inmate who survived a botched execution. execution.romell broom's 2009 execution was called off after a team tried to find a suitable vein for two hours. broom was sentenced to die after killing and raping a cleveland girl in new execution date has been set. the grant county health department may be launching a game-changer in the fight against heroin. it launches a needle exchange program -- the first in northern kentucky. it's an effort to stop the spread of diseases associated with heroin addicts and sharing needles.even though the program doesn't require users to gve their names -- they expcet it will take a while to kick-off. what everybody tells us is that it takes some time for them to build trust. maybe for the first second week nobody will show up upto participate -- you don't
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county -- or even kentucky.the program is available every wednesday from 1p-m to 4 p-m. now lets take a look at the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state. chopper 9 taking a live look i-71 atthe lateral this evening.the back up extends to dowtonn matthew 25 ministries in blue ash is sending a team down to louisiana to help people in dire need. need.the state is finally starting to dry up after nearly a week of flooding. about five thousand homes were damaged by the water.the team left early this morning with boxes full of first aid and hygiene supplies. 19.57.34 so the team can get in just as the people get back into their homes and get them a little normalcy as they clean up and rebuild 19.57.42 19.57.42the storm took the
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help the team out by making a donation on their website -- m-25-m-dot-org. children's hospital is using the radio airwaves right now to help kids who are suffering. suffering.the hospital teamed up with the children's miracle network and cumulus radio for the 13 hour fundraiser.the 2016 "radiothon" is being hosted by our friends at warm 98 and nash f-m.the money they raise will help kids who are really in need. you should donate,,,,, so it can be better. there is still time to make a donationthe radiothon goes until 7 pm tonight-- . you can find the number to call on warm 98's facebook page. donatations can also be made online at cincinnati childrens dot org. some good news this evening -- the only litter of shark ray pups in the world continue to grow into healthy adults at the newport aquarium. aquarium.the pups were born
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program is helping biologists write the book on shark ray development.the research will help scientists learn how to save the species. the task of taking care of this litter is a lot more difficult than you may think. w-c-p-o insiders can get an exclusive look into what it takes to keep these animals alive.just log on to our website and see. next on 9 on your side at 5:30,... a massive fire takes the lives of dozens of dogs. dogs.find out what may be to blame as the humane society pleas for help this evening. and it's going to be an empty stage in utah next week as the g-o-p cancels its next debate. hear why debate officials suddenly decided to pull out from the planned event. "i'm john matarese. have you used the new chip card readers at kroger yet?i'll tell you why some shpppers are not so up on 9 on your side." you're watching 9 on your side
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close to seventy dogs are dead following a massive fire at a texas humane the time -- about 200 animals were inside the shelter. investigators believe the fire was caused by a dryer.the society is asking for donations and foster families for the animals that survived. next week's republican national debate in salt lake city is canceled. canceled.the decision to cancel the debate followed donald trump and john kasich's announcments that they would not last night's primary elections trump took every state but ohio...
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carolina, missouri, and illinois.that's still not enough to win the nomination. governor kasich won here in ohio last night -- but what is *his path to the nomination? coming up at six ... evan millward takes a look at what kasich plans to do next. in the democratic race -- bernie sanders needs a lot of support if he wants to defeat hillary clinton. clinton.analysts from the associated press say he must win 66 percent of the remaining delegates to erase clinton's of right now she has about two-thirds of the numbers she needs to clinch the nomination. the nation's second-busiest transit system is closed for inspections. inspections.the shut-down was prompted by a series of electrical fires in the underground line.hundreds of thousands of commuters are being forced to turn to "plan b" as they head to and from work today. get on one of these first buses to try and get into dc and figure it out from there. it's going to be a nightmare, nightmare, nightmare. nightmare.other commuters are taking advantage of the
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take the day off or work from home.the metro system is expected to re-open tomorrow at five a-m. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. sot: "you have to put your pin number in, you don't have a choice." "it just puts the customer at more risk."chip debit cards are supposed to make shopping safer. john matarese is on your side with a kroger controversy so you don't waste your money.sot: "be minding your own business and have someone just reach out and change your life forever"a random attack in broad daylight injures a man walking to work. you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. have you used the new chip card readers at kroger yet? consumer reporter john matarese is here with why some shpppers are not so sure they like them.but first....a big change is coming to new cars. john? emergency-braking systems can prevent a car accident. today, twenty automakers committed to making this life-saving feature standard by 2022. 6 years from now, major carmakers will make automatic braking as standard as abs will use cameras to
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hit the car in front of you, and apply the brakes.carmakers say it could prevent more than a million accidents each yaar. a warning tonight about misspelling common websites...because you could end up with malware in your phone or computer. insider reports that if you mis-type a web name, you could end up on a fake site.once you are there it will try to download viruses or malware into your pc. pc.the report it happens if you type in ".om." instead of ".com."example: typing in have bought domain names like and to specifically spread malware. have you been to kroger the past week? if you have a new chip card, you now have to use it.but a number of customers are not happy with the changeover, and worry it could cost them more. remember when checking out at
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card?not anymore. cincinnati- area kroger stores this month are making the switch to emv chip cards....for added security.but some customers are not thrilled, saying it's slow! slow!"it takes longer. and when it does work, it slows everything down. you have to wait, the process is even longer.but the bigger source of angst: you now have to enter your pin if using a debit card...even if you use it as "credit." "credit.""i don't like it. whys that? you have to put your pin number in. you have no choice!fred lemkuhl of northern kentuckysays he tried to refuse...... refuse......"i said i'm not going to put my pin in. they said they we cant continue with the transaction."so he reluctantly pulled out a regular credit card. card."i didn't have to use a pin."fred doesnt want people in line watching him enter his code.other customers, meantime, say their bank hits them with a small fee every for using debit."the whole goal of emv chip cards is increased security. and stores say if you have to enter a pin along with that chip....that's even more security to protect you.---------------kroger
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issued a statement saying... "our primary concern is protecting our customer's security and reducing fraud. we are taking the additional step of requiring a pin on chip-enabled debit cards to make transactions even more secure. two layers of protection are better than one. "but fred's sticking with credit for now. now."i will pull out my pull out my credit card and use it temporarily, to figure out whats going on." finally, i want to thank toni rossi and anyone else who voted for me in yesterday's ohio presidential primary. primary.tony posted on his facebook page he wrote in my name on the ballot, because he knew i wouldnt waste anyones money.thanks tony but i'm not running for president.. president..i will save you some money thought tonight because it is you win wednesday....and on you'll find st patricks day
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waste your money. temperatures fall a bit more tonight, dropping into the mid 40s. while this is still well above normal for mid march, it's a bit of a change from the last few days. skies will be partly cloudy overnight. thursday is a partly cloudy and mild forecast. highs will end up near the 60 degree mark, which is again on the warm side. friday is another dry day but it's definitely going to be cooler. highs will stay chilly only near 50 degrees. in fact, this weekend highs drop to the upper 40s with a chance for rain on both
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a homeless man's good deed is turning his life around.see
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thousand dollars richer. teens fighting crime...norwood middle schoolers signing up to support a plan... that some think could lower crime in their six -- the one playground staple this
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a homeless man in san francisco is getting a large reward for helping police recapture two escaped inmates. inmates.he will recieve a one-hundred thousand dollar reward for his efforts.the homeless man was living in a park when he spotted the fugitives.he knew what they looked like after seeing their pictures in the newspaper.when asked about the cash reward - he shrugged it off -- saying " he did the right thing." you may soon be able to pay for things with your smile! smile!amazon has filed a patent application for the technology allowing shoppers to pay with selfies.the company argues it is more secure and less "awkward" than passwords. customers would take a picture or a short video of themselves to make payments. a road sign aimed at saving lives of both people and deer is causing controversy in iowa. iowa.every year the state has thousands of deer related crashes.the "suicidal deer" sign is meant to get the attention of drivers.since the
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getting a lot of backlash on social media.that's not stopping county officials from keeping it up. we don't want anybody injured or killed. we just felt that this would be an attention getter, and it has been." been."even though the sign may be a life saver -- others are calling it inappropriate. similar signs recently went up in illinois. his father says he was simply walking to work...before a random attack sent him to the hospital. hospital.that man's story new at six... carol williams joins us now. that father was shocked about the attack in over-the-rhine that happened in broad daylight! daylight!now -- that family wants answers.and hear the warning from the victim's father for *every* tri-state person visiting downtown. some are calling it a big win... but what does john kasich's victory in ohio mean for the eventual republican nomination?we talked to political experts -- they weigh in on last night's impact on the republican
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i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in! could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable internet.
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dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get internet with unlimited data starting at $14.99 per month. and ask about free installation. call now. downtown attack... attack..."be minding your own business and have someone just reach out and change your life forever"
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punch in the face.. the victim knocked unconcious.nine is on your side with a warning about unprovoked attacks. kasich's chances...confetti and cheers for the governor's win in ohio. but can he wn the nomination? middle schoolers take on city hall.. demanding the return of a playground staple that was taken away. the change *some* think will help fight're watching nine on your side at six. a cincinnati man walking to work in over-the-rhine... -- when his father says he was randomly attacked! attacked!and this happened in broad daylight -- that attack led to hours of surgery.nine on your's side's t-j parker spoke with the victim's father -- --it's an interview you'll see only on nine on your side. tj? jon deibold says his son max was walking along vine street, here in o-t-r, when out of nowhere- he says someone came up and attacked him- sending him to the hospital.
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this there was no way to see it coming"jon deibold- on edge, tonight- after he says his son, max, was punched in the face and knocked unconcious- in front of the kroger in over-the-rhine. it was immediate just hit him and was gone"his son was walking to work in o-t-r- with a buddy of his- when it happened. he didn't really see anything he just it happened max was taken to the e-r- where he spent several days for a broken nose- multiple facial fractures, and a concussion. he underwent surgery to repair the damage. "23:16 it's been a very emotional long four days" days" it all comes down to being mindful of your surroundings" cincinnati police lieutenant- steve saunders- tells 9 on your side- this type of random attack doesn't happen often- but it's a good reminder for people to be cautious. it seems like this was an unprovoked attack or an assault on the victim that is again a very rare circustance" his advice- be watchful of of what and who's coming towards you. tonight- jon diebold believes there was nothing is


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