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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this there was no way to see it coming"jon deibold- on edge, tonight- after he says his son, max, was punched in the face and knocked unconcious- in front of the kroger in over-the-rhine. it was immediate just hit him and was gone"his son was walking to work in o-t-r- with a buddy of his- when it happened. he didn't really see anything he just it happened max was taken to the e-r- where he spent several days for a broken nose- multiple facial fractures, and a concussion. he underwent surgery to repair the damage. "23:16 it's been a very emotional long four days" days" it all comes down to being mindful of your surroundings" cincinnati police lieutenant- steve saunders- tells 9 on your side- this type of random attack doesn't happen often- but it's a good reminder for people to be cautious. it seems like this was an unprovoked attack or an assault on the victim that is again a very rare circustance" his advice- be watchful of of what and who's coming towards you. tonight- jon diebold believes there was nothing is
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prevented this. be minding your own business and have someone just reach out and change your life forever regardless of what happened to his son- he still thinks o-t-r- is safe- he just wants to warn people- something like this- could happen to anybody. just always watch out whats going on around and get a look at people that are around ya cause you never know what's going to happen" jon expects his son to come home from the hospital, tonight. if you have any information on the attack- you're asked to call police. live in o-t-r, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. developing at six... an indiana e-m-t who went missing shortly before an investigation into theft... has turned himself in. in.prosecutors say craig whitham stole 106-thousand dollars from "aurora emergency rescue".his family reported him missing in late february -- about a week-and-a-half before charges of theft came
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of aurora emergency rescue. tonight -- a 14-year-old tri- state student arrested... for a bomb threat that led to a school's evacuation! evacuation!this happened at springboro high school. yesterday -- a student found a threat written in the boys' restroom.the freshman who's accused of making thr threat is charged with inducing panic. democracy 2016...ohio governor john kasich - riding high today in philadelphia as he held a town hall.his win in his home state over donald trump nearly guarantees a contested g-o-p convention this summer.but - for all the celebration - nine on your side's evan millward was with kasich last nightand now brings us another view - kasich's harsh reality. nats cheers, confettiamid the confetti -nats confetti- and kisses -nats cheersinside this gym - the air was as electric as if kasich clinched the g-o-p nomination.but hold on - he's far from it - in fact -zac haines/northeast hamilton county republican club president 014642 it's statistically unlikely that he's going to walk away with the nomination, but, you know, rubio has suspended his
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dwindled down to three candidates.if you play the numbers game - kasich's 143 pledged delgates put him almost impossibly far behind donald trump.nats - town hall villanovathe celebration and energy remain today in philadelphia -gov. john kasich/(r) - ohio - we're just going ot take advantage of what happened and we're going to move, that's why i'm here today in philadelphia and we're going to be all over the country.- and the governor knows well he'll need as much momentum as possible as the party considers chaos at the convention.sean spicer/rnc communications director "...there's 3 candidates now who believe they have a path to the nomination so from an rnc perspective we'll continue to prepare for all contingencies including an open convention." haines 014716 i'm not going to say there's no chance for governor kasich to walk away, stranger things have happened but it all hinges on a contested convention. and if you get to that second ballot, ok, who knows what's going to happen? it could be someone who hasn't been considered so far.kasich said tuesday he's running for a return to cleveland - and that nomination.with the governor's campaign -haines 015048 it's going to be a
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going to happen?i'm em, 9oys. this was a scene that caught many peoples' eyes...a blast of confetti as kasich ended his speech after winning ohio. many of you talking about it on social media... a reporter at the event says she learned why.quoting a campaign staffer -- a buzzfeed correspondent says kasich complained that the confetti was "weak" after his second- place finish in new hampshire. and w-c-p-o contributor kevin necessary weighed in on kasich's chances to win the republican nomination... with this can see it on the w-c-p-o facebook page. ohio's top elections official says a federal court order adding an extra hour of voting in four counties was unjustified. the judge behind the order disagrees. disagrees. traffic tieups from an accident on the combs-hehl bridge prompted judge susan dlott's to act so people
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vote. hamilton, clermont, butler and warren county polls closed at 7:30 p.m., the secretary of state reopening them a minute later. elections boards heard about it at 8:01 p.m. later and scrambled to contact poll workers, many of whom had already closed up shop. "we had some poll workers letting us know that there were people that were actually caught in the traffic, but they said they had a few others who heard it on tv so they jumped in their shoes and ran to the polling place to vote at that last minute." minute." judge dlott says the order was justified, adding "i did what i thought i needed to do. i did wehat the law requires me to do." tonight -- we know how a polar bear briefly escaped its enclosure... the cincinnati zoo says the bear walked through an open door! door!a zoo spokeswoman says "berit" breached a behind-the- scenes containment area around 11-30 this morning... but was never loose *in* the zoo.
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moved indoors as precaution. a local design company is already having fun with today's news."cincy shirts" on main street released this shirt design today... a take on the cola-cola reads "enjoy cincy" with a polar bear on it. president obama announces his pick to fill the empty supreme court seat...and it's one that has ties to a tri-state leader. leader.merrick garland served in the justice department during the investigation of the oklahoma city bombing -- this is video of him from 1995. at that time -- n-k-u president geoffrey mearns was a trial lawyer... and was picked by garland for the team prosecuting terry nichols. here's how mearns remembers garland. "he is thoughtful, very intelligent, very personable, very modest, he was unassuming
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very balanced in his approach" approach"republicans in congress -- including house majority leader mitch mcconnell -- are vowing to block the president's nominee until someone else assumes the white house. a strong current and high river levels means it will be days before crews can pull out a car that went off a tri-state bridge and into the ohio river. river.and tonight -- police still don't know how many people were in that car -- or if anyone was in there at all! that car went over the combs-hehl bridge after a chain-reaction crash yesterday evening. butler and warren county news now... the death of a fairfield high school senior is officially homicide. 18-year-old jaylon knight was shot to death according to the butler county coroner.he was in a car that later crashed into a home on charles street in hamilton.the crash woke up neighbors there.knight a former member of the football team and was supposed to graduate in may.police want anyone with information about a possible shooter - to give
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voting rights...some kentucky lawmakers saying the governor shouldn't be the only one to decide who has the right to vote.the specific group of people they want to help get into a voting booth. kids demanding change...these teens going to the city -- asking for a missing part of their playground to get returned.why they think it could help *police*. you're watching 9 on your side
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should convicted felons be able to vote?that debate in the commonwealth *could* go to voters. voters.right now -- only kentucky's governor can restore voting rights.but kentucky senators want to be able to do that... and want voters to give them that power. a similar bill would automatically give rights back to non-violent felons.the futures of both bills are unclear. giving stuff away for free -- to make money!it's p-and-g's renewed approach to business.'s not a new technique... but the cincinnati corporation has seen success with it in the past.and they're using premium
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one marketing analysts says it's a clever approach. but p-and-g says it's *not* about adding more consumers. w-c-p-o insiders can read more about p-and-g's mission to reach lifetime customers. a private covington high school -- with a connection to the bengals -- is getting a big donation to help student- athletes succeed. -- a member of the bengals organization presented holy cross high school in covington with a check to help the athletics program.bruce kozerski is the head football coach -- he played for the bengals in the 80s and 90s.he says the bengals have helped out holy cross a lot in the last decade. "we're a small community school, we do an awful lot of good stuff, and it's nice when peoploe help us the way they do, and we need to continue to give thanks to those people" people"students attended the check presentation today... kozerski says it's important for the school to show its thanks to the bengals for all their help. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? temperatures fall a bit more
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above normal for mid march, the last few days. the ncaa's lounge act is ready to go again tonight, otherwise known as the first four. and a local high school is one step closer to a state basketball title tonight. when nine on your side continues. sot: "all we see in front of us is negativity, so we see, oh a park, kids playing, i want to join in too"teens want to fight crime in their neighborhood - with a game.the basetball courts... their plan... and the petition to change this're
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there's something missing in
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of activists hope to to change that. that.there are no public basketball hoops in the city -- and our scott wegener tells us how a band of middle school students are taking on city hall. if you visit a park in norwood, you can find tennis courts, baseball fields.swings, playgrounds and even a tank.but there is one thing you won't find."there is no places to play basketball." and for people like steven rice that is frustrating."i love playing basketball."and so does generra canady-slade. "bring more kids out. bring more adults out. i would like to see more basketball courts." enter teen empowerment:"hi. my cameron.""logan allen." "christina adamski.""kamren williams." these seventh, eighth and ninth graders and their classmates at norwood middle school are taking on city hall.they plan to petition the mayor to bring back the hoops."i'm a person that likes to play sports.""we don't have other places to hang out at, so this is really the only way we can.""not many
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"they got on board with it and really started to work on creating how do we present this to our city in a way that they will listen to us and hear us.""teen empowerment!" tuesday they held a petition signing party in the gym. nat))"did you sign them?"young people pour in to have their names added to the list.nat officials say the hoops were taken down because they were constantly being broken and stolen.but these kids say basketball will give young people something positive to do and may actually cut down on crime. as well as equipping a new generation with leadership skills.("are you going to be successful?")"yeeees!"scott norwood the basketball hoops have been
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weather summary: temperatures fall a bit more tonight, dropping into the mid 40s. while this is still well above normal for mid march, it's a bit of a change from the last few days. skies will be partly cloudy overnight. thursday is a partly cloudy and mild forecast. highs will end up near the 60 degree mark, which is again on the
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the opening act for the ncaa tournament, otherwise known as the first four continues tonight....holy cross against southern....tulsa against michigan...wichita state closed on a 20-2 run to beat vanderbilt in this game last night. xavier loaded up the bus and headed to the airport this afternoon.the musketeers have arrived in st. louis and friday, they open the tournament against weber state. myles davis was sizing up his team's side of the bracket, before heading off. trt west virginia, anybody."((davis: of course you see the other teams that are in there. and of course you want to pay them some mind too. but, you have some really good teams in this bracket from weber state, to wisconsin, pitt to west virginia, anybody)) uc is off to spokane. the bearcats of course, have a friday night tipoff against st. joe's. if the bearcats win that game, they'll face the top seed in the west:
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and stunned by michigan in the big ten tournament with a last second three point shot....the indiana hoosiers are in des moines. and senior guard yogi ferrell said today, he wants to go out in style. ferrell said today, he's talked with his team mates about living in the moment trt :15outcue:...onto the next play."((ferrell: playing out there, i just told these guys just to play free. can't play with any jitterbugs. play the game like it's any other game. like our coach says, it's an imperfect game. so people are going to turn the ball over. so you gotta get onto the next play. )) and if they win....and if kentucky beats stony brook in their opener...its kentucky against indiana in the round of 32 on saturday. wright state fired a very successful head coach today. billy donlon is out. 22-13 this year, made it to the horizon league title reason given. but donlon went 'off' on the horizon league in a post game news conference about ten days ago. might've been that.
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for the bengals.they re-upped with another one of their free agents today, defensive lineman, pat sims. newcath is playing on to the kentucky elite eighttoday, against louisville trinity ben weyer muscled his was inside. and brennan hall had it dialed in from the outside. and the thorobreds beat trinity, soundlyhere's weyer, this time for thre.. 48-33 final, newcath wins. and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. a tri-state paramedic goes missing amid allegations that he stole money to feed his gambling addiction.if you've been watching - you know that he turned up and turned himself into jail.but all new at seven - hear how his friends are reacting.we'll see
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ohio health officials are starting to take on testing of the zika virus... in an effort to get potential patients
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faster.right now -- the ohio department of public health is testing blood samples from some people with symptoms similar to the zika virus.any samples taken more than a week after symptoms appear will have to be looked at by the c-d-c.the illness had made headlines in recent months -- because of the danger it poses to pregnant women that's 9 on your side at six for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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tonight, the supreme court showdown. the president names his pick. a judge who took on timothy mcveigh after oklahoma city. who took on the unibomber. but now he faces republican leaders who have intention of taking any action. tonight, the phone call the republican leader who called the judge. the race for the white house. fresh off major victories for donald trump, tonight, trump's new warning. could there be riots if republicans try to block him at a contested convention? new details emerging tonight. the young, undercover detective shot and killed by a fellow officer.


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