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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  March 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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now at aurora paramedic who was missing for weeks turns himself into police.the alleged addiction he could not break coming up in a live report. the car that went over a tri-state bridge into the ohio river is found...but there's one problem preventing crews from getting to it.why police are turning to you for answers tonight. plus - he says he was attacked on his way to work.but police say what appears to be a random act of violence could be much more.this is nine on
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the search for a missing aurora e-m-t is over.but it's not the happy ending his family was hoping for. tonight- craig whitham is in jail. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live with what we're learning about the thousands of dollars he's accused of stealing!ashley? we're talking about 106- thousand dollars. and craig whitham told police he stole it by writing checks to himself.. that were worth more than his own salary. he vanished without a trace- but now craig whitham is back in dearborn county after disappearing almost a month ago. his friends and family... relieved.sot: amber pickett - former co worker00:47 he is safe. he's back home in jail probably but he's safe and that's all that we care about. whitham went missing from rising sun on february 22. the aurora emt left his cell phone and wallet behind. shortly after- the dearborn county prosecutor announced he was charging whitham for allegedly stealing 106-thousand dollars
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amber pickett worked with craig on the life squad for 15 years. she says despite his troubled past- he is alive and that's all the matters.04:00 i thought the worst. that's just me. i mean i thought the worst. 04 ..but it's not and i am glad and i am grateful. 09 whitam worked as an emt for 22 years and became the company's treasurer in january of 2015. the president of aurora emergency rescue reported discrepancies in the company's books and officials questioned whitham about it shortly before he disappeared. 2:26 a lot of us have faults. we are not perfect. 31friends like pickett say craig did the right thing and turned himself in...something they hope the judge takes into consideration. 01:56 i am with craig a thousand percent. he's a great guy, friend, just a great guy. 09 according to court papers,
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serious gambling addiction and had spent almost all of the money on gambling, specifically at different casinos. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. tonight - it's still unclear who - if anyone was inside a car that went plunging into the ohio river.chopper nine captured the search late yesterday after the crash on the combs hehl bridge.and tonight-- nine on your side's jason law reports takes us back in the sky-- to explain some of the serious unknowns about the car in the river.
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a 14-year-old found guilty of raping another teen at a party is being sent to a rehabilitation program. program.the party happened after a springboro high school football game in september.the teen could face jail time if he doesn't complete the program.a judge will decide if he'll be classified as a sex offender after the treatment. tonight - a cincinnati father is warning others after his son was randomly attacked while walking in over-the- rhine. in a story you'll only see on 9 on your side. t.j. parker- spoke with the father- about his son's assault. t.j.: "max diebold is recovering, tonight, from
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punched and knocked unconcious."max's father- jon diebold- says his son was on his way to work- with a buddy of his- when out of nowhere- somebody ran up to him- and attacked. he was immediately taken to u-c medical center- where he spent several days for a broken nose, several factial fractures and a concussion.cincinnati police are investigating- they do say- though- this type of attack doesn't happen often. tonight- jon is warning others- that if this could happen to his son- it could happen to anyone. just always watch out whats going on around and get a look at people that are around ya cause you never know what's going to happen "jon expects max to come home from the hospital, tonight. if you have any information, you're asked to give police a call. in over the rhine, t.j. parker, 9 on your side." the attorney for the man who's girlfirend went missing says he's unaware of new developments in the investigation. just yesterday -- middletown police re-classifeied lindsay
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a homicide investigation.her boyfriend, eric sexton, has pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution in relation to the case- but denies any involvement in her disappearance.sexton's attorney claims the case is over and his client is now serving his time. bogan has not been seen for six months. a wild day at the cincinnati zoo-- two polar bears managed to escape out of their exhibit. exhibit.officials say the bears took advantage of an open den door and found themselves in a service hallway.zoo workers were able to contain the bears - and get them back to their exhibit in about two hours. nobody was ever in danger-- as there are multiple security layers between exhibitis and the play it safe, though, zoo officials did ask everyone to leave while they handled the situtation. thane maynard//director, cincinnati zoo"we take security very seriously at the zoo particularly big dangerous animals so there are a number of levels of containment." containment."the polar bears are resting in their den - and will be back on exhibit on friday. visitors who were asked to leave will be allowed
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extra cost. he won ohio - but what's next for john kasich. kasich.a look at the new delegate count and what it means for the gop candidates moving forward. and prison yard brawl.the attack that injured former
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covering the race for the white house.governor john kasich takes his campaign to philadelphia after beating donald trump in ohio. ohio.although last night's win doesn't get kasich anywhere close to getting the delegates he needs to get the party's nomination, kasich is optimistic that it paves the way for a contested g-o-p convention later this summer in cleveland. party.">marco rubio lost his home state of florida to donald trump... and bowed out of the race.trump leads in the delegate count... ted cruz is second and john kasich is in third. for the democrats-- hillary
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sanders in the delegate count. the former secretary of state beat sanders in the buckeye state with 5-percent of the vote.. to sanders 42. president obama said he'd do it-- and he the president announced his nomination to fill the open seat on the supreme court. court.merrick garland is the chief judge for the u-s court of appeals in the district of columbia.he was introduced this morning in the white house rose garden.if approved - garland will fill the seat once held by late justice antonin scalia.but that approval may be difficult because senate republicans want to wait until a new president is elected. tonight the u-s state department is calling on north korean leaders to release an ohio teen who was just sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. labor.otto warmbier was arrested and detained in north korea on january second.he admitted to stealing a political banner from his hotel.the wyoming, ohio native is said to have made the admission under extreme duress by north korean leaders. the state department says the
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on the run! run!a brand new invention that gives women a peace of mind when they hit the pavement. and it's a beautiful start to your wednesday night!but will this nice weather stick around? your nine first warning
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covering bulter and warren county news now.the death of a fairfield high school senior is officially being investigated as a homicide. 18-year-old jaylon knight was shot to death according to the butler county coroner.he was in a car that later crashed into a home on charles street in hamilton.knight played football and was supposed to graduate in may.police are still looking for a shooter. convicted pedophile and former subway pitchman jared fogle is attacked in a prison yard. fogle is serving time at a low security federal prison in colorado.according to a new report the disgraced sex offender suffered a swollen face, scratched neck, and bloody nose.fogle was sentenced last november to 16 years in prison. amazon wants to come up with a new way to pay!the on-line giant is filing documents to allow you to pay by simply taking a selfie!amazon's facial recognition system would ensure it's the actual customer -- and not hackers, thieves or kids using their parents' did
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the new technology be available. a virginia woman invents a bra with self-defense in mind! mind!it's called a "booby trap bra!"and it allows women to hide a knife in it for protection.she came up with the idea after being attacked on a run.she says that wearing it gives her the confidence she needs to continue running. lucky.">the "just in case knife bra" retails for 54-99 with the knife sold separately. and "just in case pepper spray
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and if you're making plans on
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eggs in the morning, we've got you covered.right now on wcpo dot com - our entertainment team has outlined some of the top places around town... to celebrate throughout the day. i've posted the link on my facebook page to make it easy for you to find! nashville returns after a long break with a brand new episode. here is a sneak peak of the what nashville fans have always been waiting for... the wedding of rayna and deacon. deacon. chances"> tonight's brand new episode of nashville airs at ten right
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breaking news right now..a 25-year-old mother is accused of killing her four year old step son.police in franklin, ohio say anna ritchie put her step-son's legs in scalding hot water as punishment last this morning - he had stopped breathing.ritchie is in the warren county jail.we are working to learn more on this and will have new information coming up on nine
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and traveling with the u-c bearcats is nine on your side sports reporter keenan singleton.he is getting on a flight to spokane, washington tonight for coverage of friday
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this wednesday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at
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it's going to be a good night. the list starts now. you can control your dreams, all you need is our list of things to do before you fall asleep, and -- we have alarm clocks coming up on the list. and later, wine can expire. a list of things you didn't know could go bad.


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