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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. police say a 16-year-old girl was beaten to death by a man more than twice her age. this morning the family and friends of hailey hall are trying to build meaning of her passing passing16-year-old hailey hall was a sophomore at st. bernard- elmwood place high school. on february 29th police found her
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coma--and in need of brain surgery. monday the teen died from her injuries. 34-year-old william arnold is charged with felonious assault--police say more charges could be pending. we spoke to a close friend of the family who fosters hailey's older sister mackenzie... she says the two were close. she hopes hailey's life will inspire change. (sot) crystal prather-close family friend, foster mom of hailey's sister 12;56;59-12;57;10"we see so many kids every day, everywhere that need more help, more protection and more love and we just need to figure out a way overall to give them that." that."the school's assistant principal scott reisbord started a program called "beat the hurt" which gives students a chance to talk issues out. the school also raised more than 5- thousand dollars for the family who is now working on funeral arrangements. this morning a newborn whose mother is charged in the death of her two year old daughter
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father. we're talking about rebecca kinner's son... wyatt. he had been in foster care since he was born last month. now the boys father...jason white has custody.rebekah kinner is charged with involuntary manslughter in the death of kinsley kinner last year. police tell us kinner's boyfriend.. bradley young.. beat the child to death. this morning plice are still trying to figure out exactly what happened on the combs- hehl bridge that sent a car flying into the ohio river tuesday afternoon9 on your side's ashley zilka went to an accident reconstruction expert in hope of finding out how the mystery will be's what she found... the accident reconstruction team has their work cut out for them after a 12 vehicle crash on the combs hehl bridge. only chopper 9 brought you these pictures live as the scene was unfolding.the biggest challenge- one of the cars is still at the bottom of the ohio river.12:37 what they can learn from that vehicle will have to wait until they
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complicates things. 40dan aerni reconstructs traffic accidents for a living. he says it's normal that the bridge was closed for nearly 6 hours tuesday night. 09:34 they were gathering data from the scene. they would have debris. they would have tire marks. they would have probably fluid but that's just the beginning. 12:00 sometimes they have to match paint, whether there is red paint on one car and blue paint on another, that tells them which vehicle may have contacted another. 06aerni says most newer cars have black boxes in them. right now- it's unclear if the car in the water has one. that fact alone could be critical for the investigation. 10:45 it will give information concerning speeds and braking and other driver actions that they will want to be downloading. 53investigators still can't tell exactly what kind of car it is or even if anyone is in it. the campbell county police department said it's possible the vehicle is red in color, possibly a pontiac grand prix.12:47 the reason why it is going to take
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we are only hours away from the start of march madness.and the tri-state has many teams to root for ...nine on your side's john popovich and chris riva are in saint louis with
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the musketeers are the higher seed but cincinnati is dancing too.the bearcats are in spokane where they'll take on saint joseph's tonight a 9:57. nine is on your side sport reporter keenan singleton is there and he'll be following the team all day as they perpare to take the court. don't forget about kentucky.. u-k is in des moines this morning.tonight...the wildcats play stony brook. that's a team that's in ever...played in an ncaa tournament. so much for that 13th republican news
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in salt lake city after frontrunner donald trump refused to participate.trump cited a prior speaking engagement.he's on the record as saying there are too many debates.and when asked if he would consider future debates he declined to comment.but he's not alone...ohio governor john kasich has pulled out too. jennifer will call for graphic fullcooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours.
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battleing the zika virus right here in the ohio is taking the lead in the fight against the dangerous illness. as promised president obama nominated his pick for the next supreme court justice.the sobering words house leader mitch mcconnell has to say about the timing of the
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battling zika in ohio..ohio department of health says it's laboratory has started initial zika testing to speed up results and get them into the hands of those anxiously waiting on them.any samples taken more than a week after symptoms appear will have to be looked at by the c-d-c.the illness had made headlines in recent months -- because of the danger it poses to pregnant women should convicted felons be able to vote?that debate in the commonwealth *could* go to voters. it stands...only kentucky's governor can restore voting rights.but kentucky senators want to be able to do that... and want voters to give them that power. a similar bill would automatically give rights back to non-violent felons.the futures of both bills are unclear. president obama announced his choice forthe next supreme court justice yesterday. yesterday.he nominated merrick garland.garland currently serves on the d-c district court of appeals.he's a moderate who is highly regarded in legal circles.but it's possible non of that get him past the fron door on capitol hill.majority leader
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made it clear he disagrees with the timing of the nomination. :01 - :11"the senate will appropriately revisit the matter when it considers the qualifications of the nominee the next president nominates." nominates."mcconnell referred to the "biden rule."vice president joe biden tried to delay george h-w bush's nomination in 1992 - which was also an election year. the search is on for this man. levi garrett was supposed to begin serving a 12 year sentence this week, but was mistakenly released from an indiana jail.officials are blaming a glitch in the "i-t" system.this is actually an ongoing the last 20 months its happened 5 other times.police are confident garrett will be caught soon. cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that
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this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. a car accident ends up leading to a murder investigation.the details leading to the discovery and what you can do to help police with that investigation. it's st. pattrick's day!where you can go for two full days
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" a crash led to his discovery, and now a homicide investigation into the death of a fairfield high school senior found shot dead inside that car. 2753-02 i just want justice for jaylon somebody knows something, it's not going to bring him back, but i just
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serina knight is jaylon knight's mother.3139-44 jaylon didn't see color he didn't see money he was giving... she and his father paul got to see their son's body for the first time wednesday - 5 days after he was found dead slumped over the wheel inside this car - shot - the car coming to a stop after crashing into this home on the 300 block of charles street in hamilton. it's a scene that confuses a family who says jaylon was a good kid.2647-57 jaylon really was a great person you know he would literally give anything for anybody, if you didn't have any money and he seen you on the street he'd give you all the money he had as the investigation looks for a shooter - his friends and family remember the fairfield high football player and senior ready to graduate and take on the world.4554-59 he was the peace maker in the family, he kept us all together.3516-20 he was always smiling always laughing helping others.4504-07 he taught me the true meaning of happiness it's a loss the knight family is dealing with one day at a time. one they
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with a message to the person responsbile.2847-49 i forgive you whoever you are. just let us put closure to this. craig mckee reporting.. this morning police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. the family says they're thankful for the huge outpouring of support to the family and donations to help with jaylon's funeral. an aurora emt's time on the run is over.craig whitham sits in jail this morning after surrendering to police yesterday. yesterday.investigators say he stole about 106 thousand dollars from he aurora emergency rescue fund.whitham had been questioned about the money shortly before he dissapeared early last month. a first for the cincinnati fire department. melissa arnold is the first woman in the department's 162- year history to be promoted to capitain. arnold is a 17 year veteran of the department. are you wearing green today?
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celebrate with not one...but two free parties taking place today and tomorrow on fountrain square. square.they are going on for the next two days.the first starts this morning at 10 a-m and runs until 10 this evening. and again tomorrow starting at music from celtic rock bans, authentic irish cuisine, merchandised and of beer. should you go out be careful of having too much fun and then getting behind the wheel. the middletown police department will be out looking for both drunk and agressive drivers in various neighborhood s and business districts arond the are urgied to make arangements ahead of time. and you are urged to report suspicious activity or impaired driving by calling police, just make sure you get the license plate and description of the car. 276 drunk driving death happened over the last four year...50 on ohio about celebrating the safe way?
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are serving "mocktails"..and safety tips.what are mocktails? well non alcoholic drink of've got your choice to choosse from.the "three- leaf shamrock", "the irish rose", or the shillelagh". now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. you'll notice a change as you head out the door this morning, it's cooler! temperatures ranged from 58- 650f as many of you left on wednesday. we'll drop to the 44-490f range today for the morning rush. it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a light jacket. minus the cooler start, it's shaping up to be another beautiful day. we'll only see a few hit or miss clouds today and temperatures
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540f is considered "normal" for the 17th of march, so we are doing well! but here's your 9 first warning, it's going to turn windy this afternoon. winds will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph and will gust up to 35 mph. this is mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you pick up the kids at the bus stop or on the evening drive home. cooler air keeps taking over in the ohio valley and this sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight chance for rain. in fact, overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few course, sunday is our first
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no traffic issues, minute-by-minute updates on and at the bottom of the screen a new danger from hoverboards. why some of them are much more prone to catch fire. nine is on your side with the warning signs. have problems remembering all
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passwords?the new technology from amazon that is make it a
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cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. nine on your side has told you about the danger from hoverboards... and the tendency for them to catch fire. now.. a new warning this morning... this time about the dangers from counterfeit hoverboards. more than 95-thousand of the fake hoverboards have been confiscated nationally. customs officials say they use knock-off batteries ...
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or explosion. the easiest way to tell if a hoverboard is counterfeit their very low price. other warning signs include misspelled labels... instructions that are not properly translated into english... and batteries that don't have a name brand logo. if you have a counterfeit hoverboard.. you can ask for a refund... and if that doesn't work.. dispute the charge on your credit card. the bigger the better....big suv's are making a comback. when it comes to young people that is. says its midsize s-u-v, the explorer, is more popular than the compact escape with so-called "millennials".are people between the ages of 25 and 34. it was believed that millennials preferred smaller s-u-v's because they're less expensive and easier to park. but ford says older millennials are moving to the suburbs and having children. meaning larger s-u-v's are a better option. you may soon be able to pay for things with your smile! smile!amazon has filed a patent application for the technology allowing shoppers to pay with selfies.the company argues it is more secure and less "awkward" than passwords. customers would
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video of themselves to make payments. big changes are coming for prescribed opiate painkillers. doctors are being advised to to prescribe the lowest possible dose forthe shortest amount of time.the new guidline were just issued by the centers for disease control and prevention. officials say the move is in response to the rising number of americans addicted to them. adding the risks outweigh the benefits for most people. a dog missing for 5 weeks after being lost in the pacific ocean is back with its owner this morning. luna...everyone thought she was dead after falling overboard from a fishing boat.but as fate would have it luna survived but only after somehow managing to swim to san clemente island which is owned and operated by the u-s navy.navel staff said luna approached them earlier thsi week.luna was reunited with her gfamily yesterday. accused of stealing from the emergency rescue department he served.but craig whitham sits in jail this
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after more than a month on the run. it's a big weekend for tri-state college basketball. nine is on your side.our
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a local emt is now behind bars after going missing.what his department is saying now also went missing. a lot of people might be using their sick days today.march madness tips-off in the next few hours.where 9 on your side crews are going to be courtside. good morning tri-state,i'm kathrine nero.chris riva is in st. louis with the xavier musketeers this morning...back
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cooler out there...and it's gradually been getting colder. jennifer and ally are here now.


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