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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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cooler out there...and it's gradually been getting colder. jennifer and ally are here now.
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a warren county stepmom is in custody this morning after police say she put her four- year-old's legs in boiling water as punishment. that boy later died. 9 on your side's kristen swilley is live from the warren county courthouse with what charges she's facing. four year old austin derreck cooper was put to bed early tuesday night... but never woke up. his step mom found him not breathing the next morning...after she placed his legs in scalding water as punishment. emergency responders arrived soon after and he was rushed to atrium hospital. but was pronounced dead. that stepmom anna ritchie is now charged with child endangering... that's a second degree felony. she is also being held on 100-thousand dollars bond in the warren county jail. an autopsy will be conducted to determine
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ritchie is due in franklin municipal court tomorrow at noon. further charges may be filed. reporting live kristen swilley nine on your side. we just received this mugshot of the aurora emt accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from his own department.investigators say craig whitham told police he stole about 106 thousand dollars by writing checks to himself. whitham actually disappeared back on february 22nd.prior to that, he worked as an emt for 22 years and became treasurer of aurora emergency rescue in january of 2015. the company president reported discrepancies in the books and officials questioned whitham about it shortly before he disappeared. his friends say he did the right thing and turned himself in, and they consideration. 01:56 i am with craig a
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great guy, friend, just a great guy. 09 09according to court papers, whitham told police he has a serious gambling addiction and had spent almost all of the money at different casinos. they have arrived.take a look at this picture chris riva sent us from st. louis. the xavier musketeers got into town yesterday. and now we're just hours from the madness to begin. rarely have things looked so good for xavier before the tournament. chris riva and nine on your side sports director john popovich
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u-k is in des moines this morning.tonight...the wildcats play stony brook. that's a team that's in ever...played in an ncaa tournament. ((ulis: they're gonna come excited. a lot of them are seniors. they're gonna come out and give it their best shot. so, we can't try to look past them. we have to focus on this game and come out ready to play. )) and the indiana hoosiers are looking for a strong effort tonight against chattanooga. yogi ferrell says he's given his indiana team mates a pep
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trt :15outcue:...onto the next play."((ferrell: playing out there, i just told these guys just to play free. can't play with any jitterbugs. play the game like it's any other game. like our coach says, it's an imperfect game. so people are going to turn the ball over. so you gotta get onto the next play. )) stony brook's nickname is the seawolves in case you're wondering ...tip is late ... around 9:40 if all goes well tongiht.9 is on your side with everything march madness.keep track of it all on we're on top of breaking officials in green township say a former bridgetown middle school student is in police custody... after a potential gun scare. scare.the district posted on its facbook page that the student was apprehended last night on campus... and several after-school events were canceled as a's unclear if the student had a weapon.9 on your side is reaching out to green township police... and we'll bring you any new developments as soon
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tracks when i saw it. but i don't know how it happened, intense." it was an early morning wake-up call to some commuters. we'll show you more of this amazing video...just ahead. a live look inside molly malone's in covington right's saint patricks' day. may the luck of the irish be with you today...we'll be
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it's the wearing of the green tonight for the cincinnati cyclones.this is the st. patrick's day-inspired jersey that players will be wearing tonight and tomorrow night at u-s bank arena.the jerseys will be auctioned off after the games.the cyclones will also be serving up green beer today and tomorrow. how did this happen?!take a look at this crash in baltimore maryland yesterday morning.police say that s-u-v ran a red light, was hit by a car, went airborne and flipped, and landed on top of another car!!the three people in the s-u-v went to the hospital and somehow are all expected to survive... celebrating a grand opening today in west chester. chester.the good will company is opening their newest
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located on cincinnati dayton road.there will be a ribbon cutting at 8-45 and shoppers will be allowed inside at 9am. parts of the lone star state are under water this morning. flooding has forced some people from their homes...and some just to the top of them. we'll explain. trying to draw attention to leadership issues.just one of the new developments we're learning after documents have been released in the case against army sergeant bowe
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gmts anim"you're watching good your side!" this morning--we are learning why army sergeant bowe bergdahl left a post in afghanistan back in 2009. new documents released yesterday, bergdahl says he left to draw attention to what he saw as leadership problems. bergdahls attorneys also released a july 20-15 document showing that an army sanity board evaluation concluded that bergdahl suffered from schizotypal personality disorder when he left the post. bergdahl faces a general court-martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. a live look now at molly malone's in just a couple of hours this place will be packed with folks celebrating st. patrick's day. there's a tent set-up for and everything irish will be
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holiday...and of course march madness games playing in the background competing with irish music.this is just one of many restaurants in the area ready to help people celebrate the irish holiday. head to our website for a list of others. st. patrick's day is a popular holiday when it comes to drinking.and police across the tri-state will be looking for drunk drivers.there will be a d-u-i checkpoint later tonight in middletown... and officers tell 9 on your side they're also looking for aggressive drivers and people who aren't wearing their seatbelt.if you spot an impared driver... you can text *star-dui* to report it. if you're in the mood for a festive st. patrick's drink
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your neighborhood triple-a office.all triple-a offices in the greater cincinnati area are serving up special non- alcoholic mocktails today... along with some recepies and safety *don't* need to be a triple-a member to enjoy one.organizers say they want you to celebrate the safe way. parts of texas are completely under water this morning ... flooding there has buildings surrounded... roads are now rivers.even an interstate had to be shut down ...people who live along one river have been ordered to evacuate.... pretty much the entire town of deweyville texas is under water... and that's forced the people who live there to head elsewhere.these guys have moved their entire living room to the roof!you can see the t-v... couches... and there's a guy even sweeping the floor
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let get your latest nine
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traffic let the dance begin.which teams made it through the first four in dayton last night and the final scores. just ahead. and here's what you'll see
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keeping up with 9 on your side's ncaa march madness's a look at the famous arch in st. louis.the picture sent to use from chris riva.he's there with 9 sports director john popovich and the xavier musketeers. the field of 64 is now set after the second night of the first four games in dayton last night. holy cross beat southern by four for the shot to face number one seed oregon. and michigan takes game two ... next stop: brooklyn to face notre dame. pizza in a flash...with a the new venture. venture.we're talking about pizzeria locale.the new pizza joint located in kenwood opened just a few days ago.and our crews went to check it out. the restaurant is a joint concept with local chipotle locations pizzeria locale...the dough is made fresh in house each day...and it only takes a couple minutes for your pie to run through
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cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. mapping out what happened before a car landed in the ohio river.the steps that have to be taken "before" it's
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there's panic in the northwest
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patients must be tested after stolen syringes were discovered inside two hospitals...what was "supposed" to be inside them. good morningn tri-state, i'm kathrine nero. nero.and i'm jennifer ketchmark. was a little colder out there this morning when i came into it going to get even cooler? cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to
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traffic this morning a car is still at the bottom of the ohio river two days after a major crash on the combs hehl bridge.for the accident reconstruction
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out what exactly happened on tuesday night. but the team will have a difficult time moving forward without that car. police say it may take weeks before new information is released. dan aerni reconstructs accidents for a living. he says it's normal that this investigation is taking so long. 11:14 if there is 12 vehicles involved, the vehicles hit and went to some intermediate position and then a lot of them got hit again, and so they went somewhere else, so that makes it very tough to follow the trail. 25 25investigators still can't tell exactly what kind of car is in the river or even if anyone is in it. the campbell county police department said it's possible the vehicle is red in color or could be a pontiac grand prix. we're continuing to learn new information about the breaking news we brought you at the top of good morning tri-state. school officials in green township say bridgetown middle
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after a former student was apprehended last night on campus. here's the message the school posted on its facebook page last night.according to the post... the student's mother contacted school officials.she said her son's facebook post showed him holding a gun... and she didn't know where he was.some evening activities at the school were canceled as a's unknown if the student actually had a gun with him... but he's now in police custody.9 on your side's kristen swilley is heading there now... and we'll bring you any new developments as soon as we get them. the newborn baby of a woman charged in the death of her two year old... is now with his biological dad. tomorrow rebekah kinner will enter a plea in the case of the death of her two-year-old daughter kinsley. you'll remember the child died after rebekkah kinner's boyfriend allegedly beat her. the child was transported to cincinnnati children's hospital but never took a breath on her own and later
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biological father of her newborn, says he has custody of their son... wyatt. the baby was put into foster care right after he was born. rebekah kinner is charged with involuntary manslughter in the death of kinsley kinner last year. a crash led to the discovery and now a homicide investigation into the death of jaylon knight...a fairfield high school senior found shot dead inside a car. car.2753-02 i just want justice for jaylon somebody knows something, it's not going to bring him back, but i just want justice for my son. son. serina knight is jaylon's mother.she and his father paul got to see their son's body for the first time yesterday.5 days after he was found dead slumped over the wheel inside this car - shot - the car coming to a stop after crashing into this home on the 300 block of charles street in hamilton. 2647-57 jaylon really was a great person you know he would literally give anything for
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any money and he seen you on the street he'd give you all the money he had had police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. the family says they're thankful for the huge outpouring of support to the family and donations to help with jaylon's funeral. police say a 16-year-old girl was beaten to death by a man more than twice her age. this morning the family and friends of hailey hall are trying to build meaning of her passing. passing.16-year-old hailey hall was a sophomore at st. bernard-elmwood place high school. on february 29th police found her at the hospital--in a coma--and in need of brain surgery. monday the teen died from her injuries. 34-year-old william arnold is charged with felonious assault--police say more charges could be pending. "we see so many kids every day, everywhere that need more help, more protection and more love and we just need to
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that."the school's assistant principal scott reisbord started a program called beat the hurt which gives students a chance to talk issues out. the school also raised more than 5-thousand dollars for the family who is now working on funeral arrangements. two hospitals in washington are urging almost 15-hundred patients to get tested for hepatitis and h-i-v... i-v...that's because a former technician is now charged in colorado with stealing a syringe of painkillers and replacing it with one containing something else... hospital officials say the risk for patients is low, but they want them to get tested to be safe... new this morning.we've learned that the people being investigated for allegedly helping two volent convicted felons escape prison in new mexico...might not be charged. that's because they may have found a loophole. loophole.after both men were arrested in albuquerque last week..police shifted their focus to those who might have *helped them. but are at a cross roads now.according to new mexico law, if you are the fugitive's husband or wife,
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or grandchild, brother or sister - you will not be charged with harboring a fugitive. the reasoning behind it? ("you know, blood is thicker than water.")("best friends don't matter - but it's the family member connection that counts.") counts.")in *federal cases, *family members are *not protected and can be charged like anyone else.officials are still investigating. cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. invite as many friends as you have over for movie night.what
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proposing that could turn your house into the new hot spot. a new round of warning this morning about hoverboards.the specific type officials say is creating new problems. happy st. patrick's day from all of us here at safe
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welcome back to gmts.and the ncaa is welcoming teams and fans to cities across the country.this picture was sent into us by chris riva.he's in st. louis now with the musketeers.we'll have complete coverage of the tip-off to march madness coming up. new this morning...a major tuna recall.bumble bee foods is recalling more than 31 thousand cans of chunk light tuna due to problems during
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say the cans were not sterilized properly ..the cans affected have a code that starts with a "t" and have a "best by date of february 2019. now to a new warning this morning about hoverboards... specifically - fake ones.more than 95-thousand counterfeit hoverboards have been confiscated nationally. customs officials say they use knock-off batteries ... making them more prone to fire or explosion. the easiest way to tell if a hoverboard is counterfeit---their very low price. other warning signs include misspelled labels... instructions that are not properly translated into english... and batteries that don't have a name brand logo. if you have a counterfeit hoverboard.. you can ask for a refund... and if that doesn't work.. dispute the charge on your credit card. you may soon be able to watch movies at home the same day they open at the theater. steven speilberg, jj abrams, and the founder of napster are pushing a concept called screening room. only downside: it won't be cheap.screening room would charge you 50 dollars to
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at pacify theater chains, 20 dollars of the bill would go to local movie theaters.but don't send out invitations to your friends just yet.the national association of theater owners is opposed to the idea.... due to the risk of people making and selling copies. cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. you see him sitting there? he'll sit there like that till he has to go pee.
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a woman is fighting the state to keep her pet alligator at home.why officials say it
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a florida woman is fighting this morning to keep her pet...alligator. you want to get on the bike bikemary thorn has had rambo the alligator for 11 years but now officials say she might have to give him up because he's gotten too big.the alligator lives inside mary's house. wating by the fridge for food. even watching tv. mary says you may think she's crazy for treating rambo like a family member - but she insists she's not. i get that all the time. and then once they meet him his personality takes over. you see him sitting there? he'll sit there like that till he
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pee. she has a license from the fish and wildlife commission to keep rambo. but the renewal has been put on hold..officials say she might not have enough land to meet regulations due to rambo's size. now to honolulu where folks on board a charter boat got the catch of a lifetime.they reeled in an 823-pound marlin took both families on board the boat about six hours total to reel in the huge catch.after pictures ..the marlin was taken to the fish auction. one lucky german shepherd decided to get help from the navy after falling off a boat in the pacific.18-month-old luna was missing for nearly five weeks. weeks.she was assumed to be dead after going overboard from a fishing boat.she somehow managed to swim to san
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owned and operated by the u-s navy.she has since been reunited with her family. it was a windy day in the windy city yesterday and late last night.this is video just into our newsroom from chicago. you can see people fighting the wind as they're walking around the city. a massive lightning strike is caught on camera at the end of a news broadcast.this was the last shot viewers saw during new york's wabc's newscast. lightning struck the top of one world trade's not the first time one world trade center has taken a lightning strike but the multi-forked lightning bolt
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let get your latest nine first warning forecast. cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to
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a texas mother says a frightening encounter left her.. inspired.she ended up inventing a product to help women protect themselves during an attack. attack.jennifer cutrona developed "booby trap bras" after she was almsot mugged by a man while running.the bras have have a pocket in the front, where a small knife or pepper spray can be hidden. cutrona says her goal is to empower women in case they are faced with a potential threat. :43-51 (jennifer cutrona/ inventor, booby trap bras) it had to happen for me to move forward i guess. i'm really excited that i got away. but i know a lot of women aren't was not out of fear, to live in fear, it was just to be prepared, just in case." case."the bras range in price
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perfect for st. patrick's day: drink having a couple
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cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours. on this saint patrick's day...why not drink a pint that could make you healthier? scientists at the university of idaho say they're closer to crafting a beer that can help fight disease.they're looking at hops - that's what gives beer it's bitter also has compounds that stop bacterial growth - and maybe even certain diseases including cancer. as of right
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breaking this morning.a former middle school student taken into custody at the school. we're live with the latest. he's a great guy, friend frienda brand new look this morning at the tri-state emt department. the madness coverage of our local players in the big dance. good morning tri-state.happy saint patrick's day.what will


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