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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 17, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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newly released video shows inmates scrambling for a helicopter. >> do you see what is happening here? >> the elaborate plot between one daring prison break. >> something you see in a movie. >> crazy. >> it is nature in motion on a grand scale. >> one line forms and then a second line forms. >> see the wildebeest migration on the serengeti. >> an experiment. the revealing results about who spent what. >> and the talker on the internet. too soon but --
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>> the fitness model work out for two. >> it doesn't get much more bizarre and incredible than this one. montreal, canada, security cameras pap s s panning the ground. do you see what's happening here? >> escape attempt. >> escape attempt. two guys scaling a road to the top of the prison, up above waiting is a small helicopter. those two guys identified as benjamin basho and danny provincial. those two bad guys, one in prison for murder, another for arson, now get this, two of their accomplices went to the helicopter as tourists. they pulled a gun on the pilot, hijacked the helicopter to go fly over to this prison so they
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this escape going on for about six minutes. guards really can't do much, because according to reports, they don't have weapons inside prison walls. fire on these guys. so they're pretty much left up to their own devices here to pull off the escape. a few different times, they troy and hoist the guy up with the helicopter. that doesn't work. >> this is why people are working out. >> yes. this is why. even if they had arms, they can't fire because that poor pilot is being held hostage. >> good point, gayle. eventually, when they can't climb that rope, they just hang on for dear life. the accomplices say pilot liftoff. >> something you see in a movie. >> crazy. >> after the guys were pulled from the yard, they hung on to the rope for about a three-minute flight where the helicopter goes to a waiting cadillac escalade.
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and their two accomplices were caught. this is happening back in 2013. the video however just being released. one of the escapees got -- the other accomplice, an escapee are awaiting sentencing. >> when you're looking at are tens of thousands of wildebeests and they're about to begin their migration over the river. in the serengeti. >> spectacular to watch. just full-on chaos and danger. >> it looks like at first they're going to be swept away. but i assure you many make this crossing very common. what you see here, one last form, then a second line forms and they all start jumping in and moving across. >> just to get from one place to another is what they have to go through, the instinct that drives them into the dangerous situation like that. >> the instinct is looking for
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in the video, makes it look like old newsreel footage. but right here, as they cross that river, as they get closer to greener pastures, the video starts to change a little bit. starts to green up as they get to greener earth, which is what they were looking for. >> they're lucky. you've seen videos where you get them. there you go. pretty spectacular to see them. >> this is in the cougar national park. when this was shot not long ago, it was very hot. little creatures decided to come in and just take a dip and play around as kids. >> can you blame them? >> there are those that say no good deed goes unpunished. they're right. i'll prove it with a couple of
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this motorcycle rider is thinking ahead, he sees there are cars parked in front of his suv and they have to move over. he does not want to be sideswiped by this car. so everyone watches this, he slows down to let her in. yes. >> no, no. >> that's the danger with this. he was doing the right thing and saw the indicator lights. also got to check his rear view mirrors. at the same time, the guy driving the car behind him should have been looking through his wind screen. posted another video, see a whole chunk of the car got jammed in the back. well. the insurance is going to cover t everybody is fine. big learning experience for everybody. this next video comes from the uk with this fellow, total good he spots something on the left-hand side of the road. it is a bicycle lying in the
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this guy spots it, pulls over to the side of the road. he then moves that bike so it is not going to cause any kind of accident. couple of young punks who happen to be by the side of the road looks around. >> no, they do not take off with his motorcycle. >> this guy, he throws the bicycle town. he uses some language. [ bleep ]. >> the guy comes back over. waves to the camera. camera. tried covering his face, tried smashing the camera. picks up the bicycle. as he does, the young punk tries to go for his motorcycle again. so throws the bicycle to get him out of the way. up. picks up the bicycle and for no road. the guy riding the motorbike
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police. an update. the 24-year-old male, the guy we see waving at the camera i believe has been arrested on suspicion of attempted theft of a motorbike. so hopefully they'll have time to think about -- >> $100, . >> watch. eight different households, 100s to spend on groceries. they wanted to see how it would break down for each household. >> i'm striving. >> i live on campus with three other girls. >> we met on vine and love at first e-mail. >> i am married and i have two kids. >> in each of the boxes on the screen, they show you what each family bought and it is very different.
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>> a couple of days worth of money or one frivolous night of indulgence. >> how much did that bottle of wine cost? almost no food. >> that's like a monthly income. >> having kids now is crazy at times. >> getting by. they have done well. they have gone for fresh fruit and vegetables, they stretched it out nicely, got good meat there as well. >> i don't think i'm good with money at all. >> pizza rolls. >> pasta. >> staples of your college career. so you see how the money breaks down in different households. >> just how you decide to use it. >> tim and pat sure know how to
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these guys use their bicycles like extensions of their bodies. the incredible tricks they're able to pull off. >> oh, come on, dude! >> bike gymnastics. >> i have to subscribe to these guys immediately. >> plus -- >> this is how you make bath time enjoyable. put the kid in the bath, the puppy, rottweiler next to the bathtub. >> too bad it isn't much fun for this puppy. choose one delicious entr\e at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today olive garden hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you just take with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? quicker payment, quicker back to normal. but maybe you can find
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jelly belly jelly beans. the closed captioning provided by -- this guy is trying to get investment for something -- >> i invented a time machine and i just need the funding to help complete it. >> that's the moment i turn the volume up on my headphones. >> thank you so much. >> the money in the cup. >> what's the worst that could happen. >> please do not give this man any money. >> he's like -- >> from the future, oh, my goodness. that is super cool. >> he's saying, don't do it. there will be dire consequences. >> not everybody is heeding that warning. >> take your money back. >> no.
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couple who just put the money into the cup. they too have come back in time to warn the world. don't do it. >> so are lots of people on the train, particularly that guy with the glasses. >> do not give the same money. >> the guy is warning everybody else, don't do it. this could mean the end of the world. is the world coming to an end? to find out, go to our website,, click on tv show or use our mobile app to see the entire thing. trust me, watching the entire thing is totally worth it. >> this is how you make bath time enjoyable. you put the kid in the bath, you put the puppy rottweiler next to
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the puppy wants to get in. that's the only time the dog is excited about taking a bath. >> give it a few months. >> this dog, a little dachshund pup, found the potato chip bag. like any human, this pup knows that's deliciousness at the bottom. >> and the bag is crinkled around his head. it is not like he can slide out. >> the owner is like, okay. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. no idea is too crazy for
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timothy knoll and pat fisher, they use their bicycles like extensions of their bodies. it is incredible what they're able to pull off from bmx tricks, transferring to skateboards, back to their bikes. i don't know how they even come up with these ideas. never mind, pull them off. >> this is crazy. >> on his head, puts the bike up in the air on a hand stand and then -- >> oh, come on, dude. >> bike gymnastics. >> i have to subscribe to these
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it is phenomenal. >> they're going to have to invent an entirely new competition at the x games for these guys because it is amazing. >> they're in a class by themselves, no doubt. >> did you ever wonder how to get more creative with your lipstick? >> creating actual art on her lips. >> see the results when christiane gives it a shot. >> i have to say, though, easier said than done. >> well -- >> boys will be boys. >> two people in that box of ping-pong balls and they're going to push that box on the trampoline. >> why this wasn't such a great
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my skin's back. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at i'm embarrassed about my lip color. we all have to step up our lip game. this is lip art makeup in the process. we add some nude on her lip and then she takes a thinner brush and starts outlining her lip. it is like she's creating thorns. >> actual art on her lips.
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>> well, you did it. similar, but not precise. >> i don't know how well this will work on darker skin tones, right, because it blends in a little more with your mouth and mine probably wouldn't do at all. >> her name is andrea reid. she has an instagram account where she has other lip art posts. >> that is like small art. that's not just re-creating something on the pallet. >> she made her lips look like a wreath. >> i know. really amazing. this girl really has now officially challenged me for sure. >> apollo has talent. >> playing the piano.
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>> this video posted by the juke squad. ping-pong balls on trampoline. >> looks cool. maybe use some low mo. >> shot from multiple angles. not quite. >> this is so sick. going to be hilarious to put all these on the trampoline. >> the next thing they do is hit the box up on the roof. two people in the box. ping-pong balls. they're going to push that box on the trampoline. >> that's when everything goes wrong. >> three, two, one. >> at first, both guys are moving around. the guy with the dark hair, look what happens to him.
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>> don't move him. careful. careful. >> everybody is concerned and this goes on for multiple minutes. they realize he's breathing. he starts to slowly move. >> call for help. >> they ask him if he's okay and then he starts smiling, but he does not move from that position after this stunt they say was something gone horribly wrong. >> did he hit the ground underneath? he landed feet first. the surface area is less than he came with it and took a hit to the head. one of these guys is going to push it through. someone is going to kill themselves trying to get clicks, trying to get like, trying to get views. >> i hope nobody tries this stunt at home thinking they can replicate it. as you can see, this could have been a lot worse.
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to hit the gym -- >> motivated. >> see her impressive workout.
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with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't the spring home event is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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ke me, you overwater stuff. >> looks like they thought of everything. he takes play time very seriously. >> chantal motivated to get to the gym because if she can do it, you can too. >> okay. >> chantal is clearly very pregnant. in fact, she is due in roughly two weeks. she is still hitting the gym. watch her punching those pads, picking up weights.
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>> she can do squats against the wall that i can't even do. i love this video of her boxing, you know. she's punching, kicking. >> that's extremely awesome. this is the part where you tell me people are the internet are outraged. >> yeah, because they think she's hurting the baby but she's not. some doctors will say that staying fit through your pregnancy is actually a good thing. including abdominal workouts because it will strengthen your pelvic floor and assist during labor and delivery. >> i think chantal on the delivery table going -- >> right. >> i understand why people would get freaked out by seeing this because we don't see stuff like this very often. but doctors -- >> she knows her body. >> this is becoming a lot more common. >> our bodies are complex.
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>> that's all. we'll see you on the next "right
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iew" is live right now. disorder in the court. republicans vowing to block the president's supreme court pick. call? the ball player who just walked away from $13 million because he couldn't take his son to work. then "the big bang theory's" melissa rauch talks about training for her mind-bending sex scene on the big screen. it all starts now on "the view" with whoopi, michelle collins,


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