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tv   9 On Your Side Noon  ABC  March 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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police say it might be a red pontiac grand prix. that's a four door sedan.but several callers describe it as a red s-u-v. and just after the crash -- one man who lives by the bridge is almost certain he saw three people in the water. caller: car flipped off the bridge into the water. we don't see anything now. we see somebody's head. two people with their heads up out of the water she says. dispatcher: okay. caller: yeah, they're not going to make it. dispatcher: water rescue rolling. caller: yeah, i see two heads. three heads. oh man. dispatcher: i'm going to stay on the line with you because you see them. try to keep an eye on them if you can for me. caller: okay. okay. dispatcher: we've got 3 in the water for sure right now. caller: yeah, i see their heads. for a minute that 911 caller
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debris -- but then tells dispatchers again that it is a head he sees in the river. our tj parker is tracking this story today -- he'll have the latest this afternoon. julie, back to you in the studio. here's a first check of your
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a former bridgetown middle school student is in custody after something his step-mom saw on social media. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live with where that student is now and how parents are reacting. we know that 17-year-old boy is in juvenille detention and is charged with obstructing official business after he tried to run from officers. that's on top of the six juvenille court charges he was
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green township police chief jeff bart explains this all started after a call came in about a runaway possibly tied to a picture of a hand holding a gun. but no face was visible in the picture and it was unclear whether or not it was taken on school grounds. police did arrest the teen, and former bridgetown middle student, last night after he tried to run twice. there was no gun found on the suspect or in the surrounding area. family member say they're just happy no one was hurt. "19 seconds, john miles "it's real scary knowing that someone's at your school. your kids can't come to school. you have to worry about stuff like that. this is the first i've heard of it. i'm the grandparent. but it's real scary this happened." that granddad did not get a call, but many parents tell me they did receive an automated call from the school.
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swilley...9 on your side. breaking news out of florida.a pep rally turned into a disaster inside a high school when a fire breathing performer caught on fire. school officials say they hired the man as part of the st. patrick's day pep rally. the man was the only person that was reportedly word yet on the extent of injuries. secretary of state john kerry has officially used the term "genocide"... to describe the attacks against christian groups and other ethnic and religious minorities in iraq and syria.. syria..the u-s believes isis is committing genocide in iraq and syria.he made the distinction official today at the state department.genocide is a word the state department has been reluctant to use.the last time the government declared a genocide was in darfur in 2004. a warren county stepmom is in custody after police say she put her four-year-old's legs in boiling water as punishment. that boy later died. anna ritchie is now charged with child
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degree felony. she is also being held on 100-thousand dollars bond. an autopsy will be conducted to determine exactly how the boy died. ritchie is due in court tomorrow at noon. march madness is "here"and the kentucky wildcats are ready to dominate the court.the team is in des moines right now. now.tonight...the cats play stony brook-- a team that has never played in an ncaa tournament. ((ulis: they're gonna come excited. a lot of them are seniors. they're gonna come out and give it their best shot. so, we can't try to look past them. we have to focus on this game and come out ready to play. )) kentucky's tip is late ... around 9:40 if all goes well tongiht.and i-u is looking for a strong effort tonight against chattanooga. trt :15outcue:...onto the next play."((ferrell: playing out there, i just told these guys just to play free. can't play with any jitterbugs. play the game like it's any other game. like our coach says, it's an imperfect game. so people are going to turn
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9 is on your side with everything march madness.our crews are in st. louis with xavier and in spokane with u-c. we'll have reports on 9 on your side starting today on the now at 4. a driver slams his car into a building.....but the victims hurt in the crash don't have to go far for treatment. there are reports of mumps in at officials are now warning the public that it's spreading... you're watching 9 on your side
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patients are recovering inside a hospital emergency room this afternoon.. after a car crashed into that very building.four people were hit by the car and debris in north carolina this morning.police say the driver was headed to the hospital and likely experienced a medical emergency.the car went through the emergency department lobby.
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were hurt. new at noon.indiana health officials are warning "everyone" to protect themselve.sthe mumps virus has been reported in bloomington- on indiana university's campus....and within the past few hours we've learned the virus has spread *beyond the i-u campus. now health officials are urging *everyone to get their vaccine boosters. rtv6's derrik thomas reports. the mmr vaccine is highly effective. everyone is recommended to have 2 vaccines. 2 vaccines gives you 88 percent protection. check your records. if you don't have it. get that done right away. " free vaccines have been provided on campus, and insurance usually covers the cost of vaccines at other health providers. despite that availabilty, some students are not taking advantage of those opportunities. sot yanzhang
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vaccination is not popular in malaysia. i don't think i should get one here." sotsydneynickerson "i've not gotten vaccinated. i'm not really planning on getting it. i don't really think i need to. they are giving free vaccinations around campus. i might. i've thought about it." symptoms for the mumps include salivary glands. health officials have not revealed the exact locations where new cases have popped up, off campus. nevertheless students are impressed with the job officials have done. sot kellyn patros "i think they are doing a good job. they sent an email out. they are not trying to cover it up. seems like they are being proactive by offering the vaccines for students and faculty. i appreciate them for being open to us that is always good to hear." it's st patrick's day..and the
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you can go to get a little
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon
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the complete check of your nine first warning forecast in about two minutes. {bagpipesthe bagpipes were playing -- and the green beer flowing -- all before the sun even came up this morning!the line was out the door at molly malones in covington this morning.if you're headed down there -- they'll have live music on all three stages throughout the day. going early for kegs and eggs has become a big tradition! 18:42:16 jessica pauley "my friend and i actually met on st. patrick's day, we've been friends for 10 years and it's
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thing."the party lasts into the wee hours of the morning. if you're still trying to nail down plans later tonight-- we have a list of the top 9 places to sport your green on our website -- wcpo dot com. st. patrick's day is a popular holiday when it comes to drinking.and police across the tri-state will be looking for drunk drivers.there will be a d-u-i checkpoint later tonight in middletown... and officers tell 9 on your side they're also looking for aggressive drivers and people who aren't wearing seatbelts.if you spot an impared driver... you can text *star-dui* or call 911 to report it. if you're in the mood for a festive st. patrick's drink without the booze... head to your neighborhood triple-a office.all triple-a offices in the greater cincinnati area are serving up special non- alcoholic mocktails today... along with some recepies and safety *don't* need to be a triple-a member to enjoy one.organizers say they want you to celebrate the safe until 6 p-m.
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of march 8-year-old who's scoring big buzzer beaters -- saving his team in the final seconds -- sinking not one, but two half court shots in the same game. abc's nick watt went one on one with the second grade superstar jack jeffery is in second grade. he's 8 years old? oc: nick watt with jake (and a measuring tape)04:27:32 and he is 4'6'' tall. now watch this? the championship final. jack's beloved blue devils: down by three, 6 seconds left? jack? from way downtown? video: it goes in. sot: jack jeffrey 32:42 n: do you always think it's gonna go in? yea. (laughter)video: it goes in. a half-court buzzer beater. grown men are dancing. now we're deep in overtime? scores tied. jack, again from the half court? just one second jeffrey33:03 my friend jimmy, his dad didn't think i would do it! (lovely smile) video: it goes in. eat that jimmy's
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devils win! sot: colin jeffrey? video: it goes in covering first part of bite? 39:16 clean, swoosh, straight through. and the place erupted. it was amazing. video: it goes in. his dad's home movie collection, and today's practice confirm? it was no fluke. sot: jack jeffrey 04:32:06 you have to hold your form. upsound: jack and nick on court. nick misses a basket by miles. 04:22:23 j: more like it (cut to my ball going nowhere) n: i didn't even? j: i know? (very patronizing) sot: jack jeffrey04:31:04 n: what do you want to be when you grow up? j: i want to be an nba player. video: show both buzzer beaters again. jumpin' jack jeffery: king of the clutch. for good morning america, nick watt, abc news,
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you'll notice a change as you head out the door this morning, it's cooler! temperatures ranged from 58- 650f as many of you left on wednesday. we'll drop to the 44-490f range today for the morning rush. it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a light jacket. minus the cooler start, it's shaping up to be another beautiful day. we'll only see a few hit or miss clouds today and temperatures warm to the 60 degree mark. 540f is considered "normal" for the 17th of march, so we are doing well! but here's your 9 first warning, it's going to turn windy this afternoon. winds will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph and will gust up to 35 mph. this is mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you pick up the kids at the bus stop or on the evening drive home. cooler air keeps taking over in the ohio valley and this sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight chance for rain. in fact, overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few snowflakes floating around. of course, sunday is our first
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entering a plea.the local mother expected in court tomorrow...and what charges
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the newborn baby of a woman charged in the death of her two year old... is now with his biological dad. tomorrow rebekah kinner will enter a plea in the case of the death of her two-year-old daughter kinsley. you'll remember the child died after rebekkah kinner's boyfriend allegedly beat her. the child was transported to cincinnnati children's hospital but never took a breath on her own and later died. jason white, that biological father of her newborn, says he has custody of their son... wyatt. the baby was put into foster care right after he was born. rebekah kinner is charged with involuntary manslughter in the death of kinsley kinner last year. a crash led to the discovery and now a homicide investigation into the death of jaylon knight...a fairfield high school senior found shot dead inside a car. car.2753-02 i just want justice for jaylon somebody knows something, it's not going to bring him back, but i just want justice for my son. son.serina knight is jaylon's
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got to see their son's body for the first time yesterday.5 days after he was found dead slumped over the wheel inside this car - shot - the car coming to a stop after crashing into this home on the 300 block of charles street in hamilton. 2647-57 jaylon really was a great person you know he would literally give anything for anybody, if you didn't have any money and he seen you on the street he'd give you all the money he had had police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. the family says they're thankful for the huge outpouring of support to the family and donations to help with jaylon's funeral. keeping you safe while driving. the feature on cars that is about to become this technology could potentially prevent "thousands" of crashes. we'll be right back're
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here's a first check of your nine first warning forecast.
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morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west
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nine on your side is following breaking news.the warren county coroner is ruling the death of a four year old - a homicide. homicide.the four year old's step mother, anna ritchie, is already facing child endangering charges in the case.police say that ritchie put the boy's legs in scalding hot water tuesday night as punishment.on wednesday morning - he was found dead. ritchie is behind bars on 350-thousand dollars bond. she has not yet been charged in his death.. but steeeper charges could now be comng. our butler and warren county reporter jay warren is working this story right now and will have new information coming up on nine on your side at five. a 17-year-old is in custody after police discovered a potential threat at bridgetown middle school. they learned of it-- thanks to a tip that came from the boys mom. green township police chief jeff bart explains this all started after a call came in about a runaway possibly tied to a picture of a hand holding a gun. but no face was visible in the picture and it was unclear whether or not it was
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did arrest the teen, and former bridgetown middle student, last night after he tried to run twice. there was no gun found on the suspect or in the surrounding member say they're just happy no one was hurt. "i was saddened and a little bit worried about sending the kids to school today but the principal assured me the school was safe today, so i love oak hills high school and bridgetown. i don't have a problem sending my kids cause i know they're safe here." that granddad did not get a call, but many parents tell us they did receive an automated call from the school. police say a 16-year-old girl was beaten to death by a man more than twice her age. this morning the family and friends of hailey hall are trying to build meaning of her passing. passing.16-year-old hailey hall was a sophomore at st. bernard-elmwood place high school. on february 29th police found her at the hospital--in a coma--and in need of brain surgery. monday
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injuries. 34-year-old william arnold is charged with felonious assault--police say more charges could be pending. "we see so many kids every day, everywhere that need more help, more protection and more love and we just need to figure out a way overall to give them that." that."the school's assistant principal scott reisbord started a program called beat the hurt which gives students a chance to talk issues out. the school also raised more than 5-thousand dollars for the family who is now working on funeral arrangements. now at noon--we are learning why army sergeant bowe bergdahl left a post in afghanistan back in 2009. new documents released yesterday, bergdahl says he left to draw attention to what he saw as leadership problems. bergdahls attorneys also released a july 20-15 document showing that an army sanity board evaluation concluded that bergdahl suffered from schizotypal personality disorder when he left the
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court-martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. two hospitals in washington are urging almost 15-hundred patients to get tested for hepatitis and h-i-v... i-v...that's because a former technician is now charged in colorado with stealing a syringe of painkillers and replacing it with one containing something else... hospital officials say the risk for patients is low, but they want them to get tested to be safe... it's the wearing of the green tonight for the cincinnati cyclones.this is the st. patrick's day-inspired jersey that players will be wearing tonight and tomorrow night at u-s bank arena.the jerseys will be auctioned off after the games.the cyclones will also be serving up green beer today and tomorrow. how did this happen?!take a look at this crash in baltimore maryland yesterday morning.police say that s-u-v ran a red light, was hit by a car, went airborne and flipped, and landed on top of another car!!the three people
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hospital and somehow are all expected to survive... now to a major safety announcement at noon.automatic break systems will become standard features in nearly all cars within the next several years. the added technology could potentially prevent thousands of crashes ---and save lives. abc's
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happening now...a major tuna recall.bumble bee foods is recalling more than 31 thousand cans of chunk light
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the packing process.officials say the cans were not sterilized properly ..the cans affected have a "best by date of february 2019. invite as many friends as you have over for movie night.what some hollywood producers are proposing that could turn your house into the new hot spot. parts of the lone star state are under water this afternoon flooding has forced some people from their homes...and some just to the top of them. we'll explain. you're watching 9 on your side
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forget long lines for tickets. you may soon be able to watch movies at home the same day they open at the theater. john matarese shows how this would work... so you don't waste your money. imagine being able to download a brand new theatrical release to your tv.,...and watch it the day its released in theaters!it could become a reality if some hollywood producers have their way. --------------steven speilberg, jj abrams, and the founder of napster are pushing a concept called screening would let you watch the next star wars movie, for instance, the day of its initial release, in the comfort of your own home.only downside: it won't be cheap. cheap.screening room would charge you 50 dollars to stream a just released film at pacify theater chains, 20 dollars of the bill would
12:41 pm keep them in business.and you could split the bill with friends and neighbors, so that everyone would pay just 10 or 12 bucks...normal movie prices! prices!but don't send out invitations to your friends just yet.the national association of theater owners is opposed to the idea.... due to the risk of people making and selling copies....and the fact theaters make most of their money selling cokes and always dont waste your money. john matarese 9 on your side. and john will be back today starting at 5....with a warning about springtime travel scams that could take your money, and leave you with a horrible cars that consumer reports says are not that great.later today on 9 on your side. a new warning now at noon. experts are saying more children are accidentially overdosing.what you can do to stop the trend. cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that
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this afternoon and gust up to
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon a parenting alert about kids accidentally overdosing -- we've got an exclusive look at startling new numbers from safe kids worldwide -- it reveals how many children end up in emergency rooms every day after getting their hands on prescription pills -- abc's
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details. script: this morning a new report says accidental medicine overdoses sends 160 kids to the emergency room every day. in 2013 almost 60,000 young children were seen in er's - from vitamins, pain relievers, or prescription drugs that adults left within reach. where are they getting the meds? ? dropped on the ground, in pill organizers, a purse or diaperbag, on countertops, in cabinets. kate carr, president and ceo, safe kids worldwide *** she must get a chyron!!!**** kids will find medicine in all kinds of places. pills on floor. medicine, nightstand. // we found that 23% .. one out of four kids, were finding and getting into medicine from a pill box nat pill boxes and organizers are not meant to keep kids out. i recently sat down with some toddlers, and it took this three- year-old nine seconds to open one. 15:26:18 rich: okay. you got that one open. 15:26:33: that one open, gabriella? (yeah) 15:26:34 rich: let me see. yep. mom kelli konop (luke's mom): 16:10:39;06 i guess i was surprised that he could open this one. (holding a pill organizer) i didn't really think about it. and as we
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packaging doesn't always work. rich besser: 15:51:30;16 get one open, kai? this four-year- old was able to open a properly closed child- resistant bottle with just a little tinkering kate carr / is watching over that moment and that day has the responsibility of keeping all children parts of texas are completely under water this morning ... flooding there has buildings surrounded... roads are now rivers.even an interstate had to be shut down ...people who live along one river have been ordered to evacuate.... pretty much the entire town of deweyville texas is under water... and that's forced the people who live there to head elsewhere.these guys have moved their entire living room to the roof!you can see the t-v... couches... and there's a guy even sweeping the floor
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let's turn to your forecast now with a live look from skycam 9. 9.i'm joined now by meteorologist jennifer ketchmark... cooler out the door this morning with dry conditions means a quiet start to thursday. skies stay mostly sunny today as highs increase to 60. you will notice that winds pick up from the west this afternoon and gust up to 35 mph for a few hours.
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right around the corner.. and sometimes the best kind of break is a staycation. there's so much to do here in the tristate.. including the newport aquarium.joining us now with more on spring break discounts at the aquarium is chief conservation officer ric
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which starts next
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a look out over the city from the nine on your side skycam. we'll have a final check of the nine first warning
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later today at 4 on the now cincinnati...learn about big changes that seaworld's planning for one of its biggest attractions. . . .no keys, no cards, just your phone to unlock everything you value! we look at the pros and cons. cons.and drunk driving is dangerous, but what about drunk walking? some surprising new safety information!join tanya o'rourke and me today at 4. let's get one last check of your forecast. that's 9 on your side at noon for this xx.we'll see you again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget -
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side - everywhere you go.
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grab a shamrock, because we're bringing the emerald isle straight to you with the ultimate st. paddy's day party plan. mario's got a dish that'll get the party started in no time. plus, i'm in the kitchen with the fabulous kim cattrall, and we're whipping up a sweet treat that'll have everyone buzzing. st. paddy's day party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> top of the afternoon to ya! thank you. welcome to "the chew," everybody.


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