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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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first at four -- new information on tuesday's chain reaction bridge crash that sent a car plunging into the ohio river. new 911 calls released today -- are giving
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people were in the car that's now at the bottom of the river. the now cincinnati's tj parker joins us live with the latest information.t.j.? campbell county dispatchers received several frantic calls from drivers - some who saw a car get hit and fall off that bridge and into the ohio river. right now- officials say the river is to dangerous for search crews to go in to get the car- and look for whoever *may* have gone off with it. several concerned drivers- who were stuck in traffic as the interstate was closed- called dispatchers- saying they saw a red s-u-v flip over the side of the bridge- and into the water. now- police have an idea where the car is- but they're can't confirm what type of car it is- or if anyone was inside. campbell county police say it all happened after a *series* of crashes tuesday afternoon. 9-1-1 calls depict a horrifying scene- for drivers who saw what happened.
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and a red suv fell into the river, i watched it, it went over the bridge into the river, i don't know how many people it had in it"1:24 "yeah, i see two heads, three heads" that last person you heard- had a longer conversation with dispatchers- as he watched- people float down the river. tonight at five i'm going to walk you through more of what he was seeing.that call is also posted at wcpo dot com if you wanted to listen to the full in anderson township, t.j. parker, 9 on your side also today -- the death of a four year old warren county boy has been ruled a homicide. investigators say the step- mother of four year old austin cooper put the little boy in scalding hot water tuesday night as punishment.austin was the morning. morning.that was the step-mother, anna ritchie-- who is already faces child endangering charges in the case. that was before the death was ruled a homicide. ritchie is due in court tomorrow-- and could face
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being held on 350-thousand dollars bond. a potential threat at bridgetown middle school ended with an arrest on campus... and police say it was all thanks to the stepmom of the suspect.9 on your side's kristen swilley was in green township today and spoke to parents. vo:parents at bridgetown middle school showed up at morning drop off concerned after an arrest on campus last night. sot: john miles clip id: slvy0001_01in:06:26:25out: 06:34:53"it's scary knowing that. you know that something like this is at the school you can't can't come to school without worrying about stuff like that." vo:the step mother of a 17-year-old former bridgetown middle student told school officials about a facebook posting showing the teen with a hunting rifle. she thought the picture may have been on school grounds. police never found that picture, but followed up on the tip and tracked him down. he refused to answer questions and tried to run away twice before being gun was ever found. he now face two charges in *this case -- obstructing official business and resisting arrest.but he also is faces other charges from previous incidents.sot: john milesclip id: slvy0001_01in:
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after the shooting at madison? oh yeah, absolutely. you know it's just... it seems like this is happening a lot...too much. ya know? it's happening all the time."sot: cheryl hadleyclip id: slvy0001_01 in:07:29:47out:07:35:57"i was saddened and a little bit worried about sending the kids to school today." vo: cheryl hadley says the school communicated with parents and that while there are dangers everywhere... she feels school is still one of the safest places her children can be. sot: cheryl hadleyclip id: slvy0001_01in: 07:55:32out: 08:02:41"i told them about it last night and i told them this morning. everything's fine, so they're not worried." clip id:slvy0086_01 in:23:06:08:01out: 23:06:21:32 "parents we spoke to this morning tell us they received an automated phone message letting them know there was a threat on campus and that someone had been arrested. reporting in green township...i'm kristen swilley....for the now cincinnati." bridgetown middle school released a statement on its facebook page saying some evening activities were cancelled and that the building was evacuated for safety precautions.
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skies.. and near perfect weather to celebrate st. patrick's day. will it last through the evening? cheif meteorologist steve raleigh joins with your first look at four. hi steve. winds will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph and will gust up to 35 mph. this is mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you pick up the kids at the bus stop or on the evening drive home. cooler air keeps taking over in the ohio valley and this sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight chance for rain. in fact, overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few snowflakes floating around. of course, sunday is our first
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adam pacman jones isn't going anywhere!today he's talking about the three year contract he signed to stay with the bengals. bengals.jones is the team's top cornerback and in the offseason when anything can happen -- today's news brings some welcome stability to the team.jones says staying in cincinnati was an easy stressful. 1.56.40 the calls started coming in and the offers started coming na dnad in the back of my head i didn' twan tto leave here so that was that part 1.56.50 1.56.501.56.56 it would have had to be a lot for me to leave. i have well content. my family loves it here. i love it here. the city has been good to me. i have built a great relationship with the community 1.57.13 1.57.13the three year deal comes with a 20 million dollar payday for jones. today is the day when march madness takes over the country. and the tri-state is well
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ncaa tournament.john popovich, chris riva and keenan singleton are following our local teams to keep you up to date. we begin with john who's live in st. louis covering xavier. hey, popo! they started this journey some 5 months ago with practice........and this is where the xavier musketeers wanted to end up....and what did they do today in st louis....more practice: march madness has busted out at four different sites around the country..but not yet in st louis-this is still the eve of the madness..dribbling toward a bi friday at the scot trade center-it's a public practice today..the dayton flayers were among the first teams on the court early this afternoon, and this is the time to have some show off and's a good time to be here if you're a fan....because it's free...and there are few things free at tis tournamement-michigan state..a two seed was also on the court...doesn't seem like you can have this tournament
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seven different states are here....practice and then a lot of's a good way to promote an even tthat frankly doesn't need any promoting anymore. xavier is coming onto the court in about two hours....we'll give you a look tonight at seven. that's the story on the to the bearcats....let's go to nine on your side's keenan
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from starting your car to opening a hotel are letting us become the what risk? it's the big reveal -- that's going viral.a deaf woman hears the people she loves for the very first time. 02 ready? crying you hear yourself but that's not the only surprise in store for her!what her boyfriend did next.. when
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former subway pitchman jared fogle, is suing him in federal court. it comes as we learn new details about his beating in prison in january. january. fogle is serving 15 years for child sex crimes. this is video when he was sentenced last november. it now appears the extent of fogle's injuries from the beating were exaggerated. and that he may have only been punched once in the face. the inmate's family says he did it, claiming fogle was exploiting his wealth and paying for protection. meantime, the victim in the federal lawsuit is known only as "jane doe." she's suing fogle and another man for emotional distress and invasion of privacy.. because she says they secretly recorded video of her taking showers and baths. you could call this the 'keyless' generation. smartphones are now taking the place of traditional keys in our everyday lives. the now's anne mcnamara asks -- what's the risk to our personal security? natspushes keysout with the with the new. nats replaces with cell phone our generation is witnessing a technology takeover...1:25
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extension of yourself and an extension of your phone...take ford's latest models for example...controlled completely by your smartphone. nats2:20 your top one allows you to go in and lock, unlock or start your keys and no fobs necessary. just imagine the possibilities!wade jackson | ford fusion marketing manager:56 you can actually set it like an alarm so that everyone morning if you leave at 6:30, your car is nice and warm waiting for you. it's fantastic technology almost like setting your alarm for you iphone in the morning. natshotel front deskand it's not just are doing it, too. now you can bypass the front desk...and anne mcnamaraso the phone shows you the room number...then you hold it up to the door...wait for the green light...and voila!nats 19:24 it's hard to argue with the expert dr. steven beaty says -- stop and think about the risk. dr. steven beaty | metropolitan state university denver21:04 we really wanted the convenience but now we have to worry about another whole aspect of just how exposed does this particular convenience make us? and just because you can't physically
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they can't be lost -- or worse -- stolen. 22:18 it's no longer we're losing a key or a set of keys. we're losing all of them. and we might not even be aware that we've lost them. a security hurdle...for what's sure to be an exciting -- and keyless -- ride into the future. 5:38 you could easily see a world with no keys. our children are going to laugh at us. they already are. i'm laughing at us. they probably already are. for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. several carmakers plan to debut keyless vehicles in their 2017 model years. as for could take five to 10 years before all of them transition to 'keyless' technology. new cars are getting safer with a feature you soon won't have to pay more to get. today nearly two dozen carmakers agreed to put automatic braking in nearly all of their cars as a standard feature. 9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese looks at the life-saving potential.
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pledge are all the major ones including ford, g-m, honda, subaru and toyota. toyota. they say they'll be adding automatic braking within six years. the system uses cameras, radar and other sensors to see anything in your way on the road. it will then slow your car down or stop for you if you don't do it yourself. this technology could do a lot for our safety on the road. a recent study from the "insurance institute for highway safety" shows automatic braking can cut rear-end crashes by about 40- percent. that adds up to 700-thousand fewer crashes every year if the technology is in all cars in the u-s. adding the feature is a voluntary agreement... not a rule from the government. safety advocates say voluntary agreements aren't enforceable. and they've now filed a petition asking the government to issue mandatory rules.
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traffic safety administration" says it could have taken up to three years longer to get the technology in cars if it went through the long process of issuing mandatory rules. turning to weather -- get ready to bring back the jackets. winds will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph and will gust up to 35 mph. this is mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you pick up the kids at the bus stop or on the evening drive home. cooler air keeps taking over in the ohio valley and this sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight
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overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few snowflakes floating around. of course, sunday is our first
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it's a video -- gone viral.a deaf woman is finally able to hear after getting cohlear implants in mississippi. take a look :02 ready? crying you hear yourself huh? (shakes head yes) :17 :17but that's not where this story if that wasn't enough to make her day-- watch what happens next. 1:42 "well baby, i wanted to make one of the first things you hear, because i love you so much and you're my best friend baby, i wanted to make the first thing you hear was
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yes. 1:59 1:59that's her boyfriend -- now fiance -- asking her to marry him.and you heard her say *yes.this video is now being shared by people all over social media. easter is a big season for candy makers... thanks to things like easter egg hunts and baskets. and we know-- most of the sweets are for the kids. but that soon could change.carol williams explains why.. and breaks down the numbers. this year, americans are expected to spend two- point-four billion dollars on easter candy. candy. but there's a major change for where children will see those sweets. six candy companies have now agreed not to advertise to kids under 12. or to advertise their candy in school to kids from pre-k to sixth grade. these companies make everything from jelly bellys to peeps to mike and ike. chocolate makers including herseys, mars and nestle have already promised
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young kids. but we'll have to wait and see if these companies actually follow through with their promises. a study from last year shows kids are seeing more candy ads on t-v now than in the past. that's even after candy companies started pledging not to target their ads at young children. the council of better business bureaus says the companies have kept their voluntary pledges. but researchers say the findings show companies need to tighten their definitions of what advertising directed at kids really is. a tuna fish recalled!get ready to check your pantry when we return. and as we go to break, we leave you with a performance by the mcging irish dancers who performed at the cincinnati ppublic library today. more from the celebration later on the now.
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check the canned tuna in your home. there's a big recall right now because it could make you sick. newsy's ryan biek found out what you should look for. umble bee foods is recalling 31,500 cases of of its canned chunk light tuna over possible contamination issues. the california-based company said the recall comes from "an abundance of caution." there have been no reported illnesses at the time of this publication. however, customers are advised to throw out cans of three types of tuna because of "deviations" in the usual sterilization process. there's a chance this led to contamination by pathogens, which could be life- threatening if consumed.the company said customers should avoid cans with codes starting with the letter t. the recalled tuna was packaged at a facility not owned or operated by bumble bee. you can now follow newsy on your tv or favorite streaming device.
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if you have kids or grandkids... you know about keeping their curious hands off of medicine in the house. toddlers testing pill bottles popped some of them open in less than 10 seconds... rich: okay. you got that one open. 15:26:33: that one open, gabriella? (yeah) 15:26:34 new numbers out today show just how many kids are ending up in the emergency room after getting hold of medicine. the organization "safe kids worldwide" says accidental overdoses send 160 kids to the emergency room every day.. that covered overdoses from vitamins, pain meds, or prescription drugs left within reach. the most common places kids are finding medicine? on the ground, in pill organizers, purses, countertops, and in cabinets. drunk driving -- not the only danger this st. patrick's day. day.why there is concern about those planning to *walk too!
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indiana college.what we can all learn from the health
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... and there are plenty of st home today. like this one at the cincinnati public library's main branch. this is the 34th year for the celebration which is sponsored by the friends of the oublic library. it kicked off just before noon with performances by irish
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05:14:35 we have people come for it every year... fun event 05:22:08 05:22:08organizers say the cincinnati library gets an especailly large crowd thanks to the city's rich irish geneology and history. that celebration was mellow compared to the one at fountain square. a lot of people took the day off work to party! nat montage here31 57 57 girl dance (2 seconds)24:35:50 cheers (2 sedconds)21:10:37 (photobomb scream)20:17:49 we're going to be drinking beer all day day the party started at 11-am.. people out there enjoying irish brew.. as well as the traditional corn beef and cabbage. live music will be playing downtown all day.the drowsy lads played this morning.. "two 2-many" will take the stage at 5:30.. and the blue rock boys perform at
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says he's 100-percent irish and he comes to fountain square every year. 22: 30:34 i have to do it because i worked down here for 20 years. i always have to come sit in front of the people in my office. office.tom phalen says he's turned it into a family event.. and the whole gang goes with him. the wcpo digital team is here to help if you're still trying to finalize your plans for today.entertainment reporter brian mains has done the legwork for you -- listing the best places to hang out tonight.check it out at wcpo dot com. a lot of those festivities include pubs and bars.. and you can bet people will be drinking tonight. drinking and driving is always a top concern for police, but as the now's anne state found, "drinking and walking" can be a problem too. vo source: gaslamp -- clips start at 8058. i didn't hear any nat sound on the shots tho??? the calm before the saint patrick's day storm. sotnat beer truck
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being unloaded. and at irish pubs like "the field" -- bartenders like dermot owens -- are getting ready.sot"oh yeah. definitely excited. the policy here? they won't serve someone who's too drunk. but dermot told me - outside the bar -- he's seen people stumbling in the streets.sot "how do you know? you can tell. after years of working in a bar you can tell the difference between a drunk person and a sober person." the shop owner next door, at "my yogurt" echoed that sentiment. sot"weekends is when you'll see the drunk walking." sot "yeah, it's pretty ridiculous lauren salem says people who've had too much to drink will wander into her store looking for food. then they'll wander out...sot"stumbling, holding onto their friends, tripping over things sometimes. you see it all here."source: you tube -- search "drunk walking st. patrick's day" -- use the video titled, "epic fail drunk girl on st patrick's day" do not show her face. use the shots where you see the back of the head @00:22 beware of cuss sotquick nats from the youtube video. watch for cussing tho this youtube video claims to show a drunk girl struggling to walk on st.
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while *drunk driving* may be the main worry on the "drunk walking" can problem.sotcop: officer travis easter: "if you have a little too much to drink and you think, 'hey i'm not going to drive.' smart decision. you're going to walk? not a bad decision. but the thing is -- how much did you drink? the most recent stats on the c-d-c website show: 34-percent of the pedestrians killed by cars.. were legally drunk. shop owner lauren salem says she's seen many close calls in the gaslamp.sot"cross the street to go to a bar, the driver will honk their horn and get all upset. they won't even use the sidewalk! lauren -- and bartender dermot owens -- both told us: they often see drunk people outside walking *alone*sot "yeah, single guy, single woman"vo source: show video of youtube drunk girl again -- no faces please. watch for cussing, too and that -- say police -- is another mistake.sotofficer easter: "we say this quite a lot - but we say it for a reason - it's important to have somebody with you... looking out for you, after your back." for the now, i'm anne state. state. the c-d-c says most pedestrian deaths happen in urban areas at night... in the middle of the street, as opposed to an intersection. so if you have plans tonight - - what is the weather going to be like? winds will pick up from the
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mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you pick up the kids at the bus stop or on the evening drive home. cooler air keeps taking over in the ohio valley and this sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight chance for rain. in fact, overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few snowflakes floating around. of course, sunday is our first day of spring! a mumps outbreak has expanded beyond the campus of indiana university in bloomington... officials are warning everyone to protect themselves... by getting a vaccine. the university is offereing those for free. students say officials have been up front about the health crisis since it started. "i think they are doing a good
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they are not trying to cover it up. seems like they are being proactive by offering the vaccines for students and faculty. i appreciate them for being open to us that is always good to hear." more than a dozen cases of mumps have been diagnosed in the bloomington area so far. a home near cleveland -- is hit by more than 100 eggs over the course of a year!now the suspect is behind bars. bars.the victims first contacted reported it in march 2015 -- claiming their home had been egged and hit with canned food on multiple occations.but police were never able to zero in on a suspect, until now.police arrested a man who used to live on the couple's street and charged him with vandalism. ::08 "you know he seemed like such a wonderful guy. i don't think he did that." :49 "i think they wanted us to move and i have no intention on moving." police say they made the arrest because they never gave up on their was set at two thousand
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sea world ending its orca breeding program. program.why its giving it up it's iconic show and what
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all across america families are coming back to time warner cable
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pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 30 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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bowe bergdahl -- the soldier held captive by the taliban for nearly five years -- has now been diagnosed with a personality disorder.the diagnosis, schizotypal personality disorder , was found in documents recently made public.bergdahl was captured by the taliban after leaving his base in 2009.he was released following a trade for five taliban prisoners. bergdahl is now fighting a charge of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the air force needs pilots. not just for its fighter jets... but for its drones. drones. the air force says it's facing a shortfall of nearly 1-thousand pilots to keep up with its current missions. it uses drones for intelligence and surveillance. the air force's top general calls drones "one of the most valuable battlefield assets"... and that they're using drones five times more
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you've heard of carrier pigeons delivering secret messages back in the day but now they're on pollution patrol. patrol. this pigeon is wearing what looks like a tiny backpack. it's actually a device that measures nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and other air pollution we can't see. this is happening in london. researchers outfitted ten trained pigeons to help them track the pollution over the last three days. a vet's been monitoring their health. air pollution contributes to the deaths of an estimated seven-million people around the world each year. they've become synonymous with sea world, and maybe that's the problem. bowing to increasing pressure, the water park announced today, it's ending its captive breeding program of killer whales. whales. sea world's come under intense scrutiny ever since a documentary three years ago questioned its treatment of orcas. all 29 of the killer whales at sea world right now were either born there, or have spent most of their lives there. they will not be released into the wild because they don't have the skills to survive on their
4:41 pm
what it calls a "natural orca encounter" in which the animals no longer have to perform but are kept in a more realistic environment focusing on enrichment. 9 on your side at 5 is minutes away. craig mckee is what's ahead. sadly, heroin is making headlines again. we're following developments after 12 people die from a heroin overdose in four days in one ohio city. what the coroner's office is focused on tonight. then it was a scripps washington and 9 on your side i-team investigation that blew the doors off issues at the cincinnati v-a. tonight the last person you would expect becomes the newest whistleblower. the tune they're whislting now tonight on 9 on your side.
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the governor of michigan and the head of the epa come under fire for what they did and did not do in the flint water crisis. hear the fireworks and
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... michigan governor's and the head of the e-p-a faced four hours of brutal questioning today about their roll in the on-going flint water crisis. the now's todd walker was there. he tells us the hundreds of people from flint who showed up for answers today, didn't get what they were hoping for: three bus loads of people came from flint to hear their governor face an angry congressional panel... members from both sides dug for answers... but only found more blame shifting... and no straightforward answers.*pkg full=(rep. elijah cummings/(d) maryland) "they should have rushed in sooner to rescue the people of michigan from governor snyder's vindictive administration and its utter incompetence at every level." "you did not act when you had the chance. and, if you are
4:45 pm
you too should step down."if these members of congress sound mad..-nat outside--it's nothing compared to the anger of the hundreds of people here.."we wanted them to see faces, because to many of them we are statistics, we're numbers."3 bus loads of people from flint michigan packed into a small hearing room.. spilling out into the hallway and overflow rooms to hear and see their governor.. and the head of the e-p-a face a verbal firing squad.. trying to get answers for who is responsible for the flint water crisis.."you did not declare a state of emergency until january 2016 isn't that true? i took immediate action giving filters to people doing blood testing governor snyder plausible deniability only works when it's plausible." 24:43 "i'm highly upset with what has happened to my town and i'm willing to stick it out and find out what's gonna happen with the governor with the epa with the deq."(gov. rick snyder/(r) michigan) "this isn't about politics, nor partisan ship. i'm not going to point fingers or shift blame. there's plenty of that to share and neither will help the people of flint."
4:46 pm
partisan.governor rick snyder and republicans blamed the epa.. epa administrator gina mccarthy and democrats blamed the state.lee-anne walters: 8:20:36 the fact that they're not owning up to things makes it very hard to rebuild the trust in the community :41 several times there were calls for both the snyder and mccarthy to resign.. neither felt they needed to.28:11 put your big pants on , be a man about it, and call it like it is. i'm wrong, i'm sorry, i didn't do what i needed to do do, i'm outta here.25:25 i saw a guy in a motorized wheelchair carrying water then i had enough. that right there had struck me. i had enough. that drove me to get on that bus to come up hereif the people who came here today were angry and looking for answers.. they likely left angry because they didn't get many..26:50 we want it taken care of. we are doing this for our health our families and our children and for flint. *todd looklive tag= there are still people drinking from bottled water in flint.. no one has been charged.. and no one from the epa has been fired. when asked multiple times if the epa did anything wrong.. the administrator would not give a straightforwa rd answer.. the governor says he takes full responsibility.. but should not resign because he needs to help fix the problem. in washington, i'm
4:47 pm
thenow we've told you here on the now about recent heavy rains in california -- caused by el nino -- and the impact its having on the drought there. and while its helped -- we are now learning it's not enough. smaller reserviors are now filling, but the larger bodies of water are still down.and it's water from those bodies of water that eventually make it into the water supply. 1:51 (bill patzert, ph.d./ nasa jpl climatologist) it will take more than a decade of above-normal snowpack and rainfall to get us out of this drought. drought.experts say this el nino is behaving a lot like the one in 1998 -- that year, a lot of rain came very late in the season. pretty nice today but changes are coming. winds will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph and will gust up to 35 mph. this is mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you
4:48 pm
stop or on the evening drive home. cooler air keeps taking over in the ohio valley and this sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight chance for rain. in fact, overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few snowflakes floating around. of course, sunday is our first
4:49 pm
more fallout today following president obama's nomination to the supreme court.despite a lot of support -- many republicans say they will fight judge merrick garland's nomination.
4:50 pm
leader mitch mcconnell insists that garland will not be considered in an election year on principle.they want the next president to pick antonin scalia's replacement since mr. obama is in his final term.but today the white house defended garland's nomination. (denis mcdonough/white house chief of staff) "the president has submitted a nominee with unquestioned qualifications, experience and excellence. he's done his job pursuant to his responsibilities under the constitution, now the senate should do its." its."mcdonough is also rejecting an argument made by some republicans that democrats have blocked conservative supreme court nominees in similar circumstances in the past. meantime -- president obama announced plans today to visit cuba.the first lady and both his daughters will join him for the historic trip.the first family will be gone for four days, starting monday, and also visit argentina.the president is expected to visit historical sites in havana and be part of a meeting at havana cathedral with the cardinal there.
4:51 pm
genocide. that's what the u-s is now calling the ongoing terrorist attacks in syria and iraq. iraq. secretary of state john kerry says isis attacks on christian groups and other ethnic and religious wake up call: john kerry | secretary of state: "we know for example that in august of 2014, daesh killed hundreds of yazidi men and older women in the town of kocho, and trapped tens of thousands of yazidis on mount sinjar without allowing access to food, water or medical care. without our intervention it was clear those people would have been slaughtered." slaughtered." this is the first time the u-s has declared genocide in more than a decade. it does not mean the u-s has to take any specific action against isis, but could clear the way for more aggressive military action or humanitarian efforts. the u-n has been trying for years to punish north korea for its nuclear program. it added new sanctions just this month. month. but now we're
4:52 pm
how limited those rules may really be. despite the sanctions... this ski area in north korea has the perks of a world-class resort. that includes a luxury hotel, european chocolates, imported snowmobiles and heineken beer. north korea isn't supposed to be able to import any of those luxury items. a report by the u-n security council says part of the problem is countries disagree over what items are banned as part of the sanctions. tragedy at a florida high school. school.a man catches fire as dozens of students watch!what investigators think went wrong! as we go to break -- we leave you with dark moll's performance at the cincinnati library's annual st. patty's
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baseman adam laroche is retiring before the season even begins. begins.laroche's decision, which he announced earlier this week, will reportedly cost him his 13-million dollar salary.that was how much he was set to make this season. the move follows rumors the team's vice president asked laroche to dial it back on bringing hi son from the clubhouse.the 14 year old has traveled with his father for several years.officials say the retirement isn't finalized though and laroche still has time to change his mind. eight people taken to the hospital after a fire performance gone wrong at a high school pep rally in florida. it happened in the school's gymnasium....several students took video as the fire performer caught on fire himself.palm beach county fire rescue says the performer was doing fire breathing tricks when something went wrong and the fire went out of control. the performer was taken to the hospital with severe burns.. first responders say seven students also needed treatment
4:57 pm
captain ed beardsley/delray beach fire rescue"it's scary and especially, if you can't breathe and that can be very scary, so we did treat several individuals for non life threatening or just kind of calmed them down make sure everything was gonna be okay." okay." the fire performer is still in the hospital-we're told he has severe burns-- but he is expected to be okay. no students were seriously hurt. a group of colorado middle school students is getting an education on using guns.and it includes more than just a classroom lesson! it's all part of a program brought to the middle school through "project appleseed" students learn all about guns and how to shoot them.they then practice on a range. instructors say its all about safety and many parents are on board. :37 (tristin baker, 7th grade student) "it's kind of like passing periods in school where first they'll explain something and then they'll say all right, get ready, then load, then prepare and then fire."
4:58 pm
parent) "i'm actually very excited. we are new to the area so this is kind of new but our son is very, very interested and i'm actually very encouraged that the school has decided to teach the young kids how to do this type of stuff." stuff."all of the students made it through the class without a problem. that's it from the now cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. now at five - deadly punishment.the brand new information at this hour on four year old boy who died after having his legs put in scalding hot water.who could now face murder charges.
4:59 pm
after watching a car crash off a bridge and into the ohio river. 2:11 "we know about where they're at i mean i could point that way, yeah, i can see one head, now." now."the new clues we are uncovering about tuesday's horrifying crash. and ready to play!we're with muskie fans as they prepare for the first round of the march madness fans are getting ready tonight. nine on your side at five starts now! all new at five.a tri-state woman could face murder charges after the death of her step son is ruled a homicide. homicide.anna ritchie is already behind bars. police say she put the four year old's legs in scalding hot water as a form of punishment. punishment.the little boy was dead hours later.nine on your side's butler and warren county reporter is outside the lebanon correctional institute with new details unfolding in this terrible case...
5:00 pm
ritchie told them she put her four year old step son in a scalding hot bath as a form of punishment and then put him to bed--the next morning the father called 911 to say that his son was deadanna ritchie is in jail tonight on a 350- thousand dollar bond--it was here at the emerald edge apartments in franklin that police say four year old austin copper suffered abuse that would lead to his death his father robert ritchie called 911 yesterday morning ((911 call))"i think my son died-do you know how old your son is? he's four--he's not breathing? no he got into a hot bath last night with my wife and she thought it would be ok so he said he wanted to go lay down in bed."today i spoke to franklin's police chief russ whitman who told me what his detectives learned after they started asking questions((chief russ whitman/franklin police department))"subsequent investigation lead us to interview the step mother and she admitted that she was punishing the child by putting sticking him in scalding hot water and then ended up putting him to bed early and when they woke up the next


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