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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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ritchie told them she put her four year old step son in a scalding hot bath as a form of punishment and then put him to bed--the next morning the father called 911 to say that his son was deadanna ritchie is in jail tonight on a 350- thousand dollar bond--it was here at the emerald edge apartments in franklin that police say four year old austin copper suffered abuse that would lead to his death his father robert ritchie called 911 yesterday morning ((911 call))"i think my son died-do you know how old your son is? he's four--he's not breathing? no he got into a hot bath last night with my wife and she thought it would be ok so he said he wanted to go lay down in bed."today i spoke to franklin's police chief russ whitman who told me what his detectives learned after they started asking questions((chief russ whitman/franklin police department))"subsequent investigation lead us to interview the step mother and she admitted that she was punishing the child by putting sticking him in scalding hot water and then ended up putting him to bed early and when they woke up the next
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anna ritchie is currently charged with child endangerment but more is sure to come--today i spoke to a neighbor at the apartments logan million((logan million/neighbor))"you can only imagine what that four year old had went through you know and just coming from how close it is here and i have a two year old it's really really sad."million had this to say when she described ritchie"she didn't hardly interact with anybody she always kept her head down and kept to herself a lot."whitman says no child deserves what ritchie said she did to austin copper((sot))"if there is a family out there or a mother or father is so stressed there's help out there call a friend call a neighbor call the police take a break from a child before you do harm a child."ritchie will make her first court appearance tomorrow by video in lebanon municipal court--that case will most assuredly be bound over here to the warren county court of common pleas--jay warren 9 on your side lebanon
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allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend is expected to take a plea deal tomorrow morning.rebekah kinner faces involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of her daughter kinsley.her boyfriend - bradley young faces murder charges. new tonight.a liberty township man is facing child porn charges. charges.the butler county sheriff says phillip holmes downloaded child porn off the internet.the "internet crimes against children taskforce" was first tipped off to holmes' alleged internet activity and contacted the sheriff's office.holmes could face deportation to england -- if he's convicted. tonight - we're gaining new insight on the mystery of who - if anyone- was in a car that crashed off the combs-hehl bridge- into the ohio river on tuesday. nine on your side obtained 9-1-1 calls from witnesses who say they saw the car go into the river. one witness - even saying he saw a couple of people in the water... nine on your side's t-j parker goes through the conversation that caller had with dispatchers - live from over
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the man who called- seemed very frantic on the phone with dispatchers. he said he was calling from his home along the river- here- just below the bridge. he says he saw a red s-u-v flip off the side- and into the water. what he saw next- gives us insight into who *may* have been in the car. 1:03 we somebody's head two people with their heads up out the water, she said"1:24 "yeah, i see two heads, three heads" back out live in chopper nine, over where search and rescue crews believe the car is located feed below the surface. the man- is on the phone with dispatchers- as he describes in horror- several people floating down river. he says he can see those people on the other side of the river from where he was. 2:11 "we know about where they're at i mean i could point that way, yeah, i can see one head, now."
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disbelief- describes seeing three heads- then one head- bobbing up in down in the water. dispatchers- ask him to stay on the line as they request emergency crews to respond to the area as quickly as possible. dispatcher: 1:32 "i'm going to stay on the line with you since you see them just try to keep an eye on them if you can for me" ***dispatcher: 1:48 "we've got three in the water for sure, right now" that's pretty much the extent of the conversation.. and still no signs of anyone in the river. campbell county police tell me they could have new information on search as early as tomorrow. if you have any information- on any missing persons- you're asked to call police. we're live in chopper 9, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. a tri-state mother turns her son over to police. township police say the woman saw a picture of her son holding a hunting rifle on facebook.she didn't know where he was... and she was concerned that he may be at bridgetown middle school.
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year-old was found...but he didn't have the hunting rifle when he was arrested. the xavier musketeers are getting ready to tango in the big dance.the team is in saint louis ahead of tomorrow night's game in the first round of the n-c-double a tournament. nine on your side anchor chris riva is traveling with the musketeers and joins us live
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nine on your side is traveling with both the xavier musketeers and the cincinnati bearcats as march madness begins...expect reports all
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sports director john popovich as well as keenan singleton who is in spokane with the cats. tickets to reds opening day go on sale this saturday morning. can start getting in line outside great american ball park at nine o-clock tomorrow morning.that's 24 hours before the ticket office even opens!you may laugh - but camping out for opening day tickets is an annual event for die hard reds fans. there are 750 ticket packages for sale... each cost 75 bucks. reds opening day is monday april fourth against the phillies. next at five...a deadly batch of heroin is hitting an ohio town. town.where 12 people died over the course of four days - coming up next. plus - six zoo animals are killed when a storm drops golf ball size hailstones from high in the sky.we'll take you to the animal kingdom grieving
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we turn to a fast developing story out of cleveland tonight. 12 people die in heroin of four days. days.the cuyahoga county medical examiner says all 12 people died between last thursday and monday of this week.their deaths were caused by heroin or fentanyl-laced heroin.all 12 people range in
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a hailstorm kills five flamingos at the fort worth zoo.the intense storm blew through this morning - dropping golf ball size hailstones across the zoo.a number of other buildings at the zoo were damaged. in addition to the five flamingos - a pelican and a couple of other small birds also died. coming up next at five.drunk in the classroom.who just lost their job for showing up to school with a buzz. - the hottest gift to give is catching on fire. hear from a woman who almost lost her home because of a hoverboard. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 new tonight.a south florida teacher is fired after getting caught drunk in the classroom. the 46-year-old you see on your screen worked in an elementary school near fort lauderdale. a fellow teacher noticed her acting strangely and reported it to the school's principal.after taking a breathalyzer test - it was revealed that her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit to drive. firefighters come to the rescue when a hoverboard catches fire and it spreads to the floor's more proof that last year's most desired toy - comes with a surprise gift threemonths later. "so i came here and i opened that door and it was just a big cloud of smoke..."melissa
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so thick she couldn't see across her livingroom."it's a very scary thing, that's for sure, very scary."she rushed home from running errends saturday night after a neighbor heard an alarm going off inside her baltimore home. "this all happened within 35 minutes, 35 to 40 minutes while we were out.", , 10-year-old kay'von had left his hoverboard plugged into a wall outlet-- charging while they were was a $450- dollar christmas gift that was a lot of fun and worked without any problems..."the fire department said four more minutes the house would've burned down completely to the ground.", , this is what the device looked like after firefighters got to the house. the blaze destroyed the hoverboard, and the floor beneath it...crews had to cut down through the wood to make sure the flames were all out. "it just went throughout the whole home, the smoke, it destroyed everything, our furniture can't be saved, nothing can be saved.", , it's a frightening reminder of what can go wrong."as of february there were 52 fires in the country that were determined to have been started by
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million in damage.", , and that's just in the last 10 weeks.the u.s. consumer product safety commission beleives many of these fires would be prevented if hoverboards were manufacturere d in compliance with existing safety standards.this family is counting their blessings. "i'm grateful that the house didn't burn completely down to the ground, this can be repaired, it's gonna take several months, until then we're just worried about shelter and whatnot while this is all being repaired.", , except for, the hoverboard. the "u-s trade commission" is banning most of the hoverboards coming into the country. not because of they are prone to catching fire... but over a patent complaint filed by "segway."
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a red flag warning is in effect across most of the tri- state and continues 8 p.m. due to low relative humidity, high afternoon winds and warm temperatures, fires could spread very quickly today. outdoor burning should be avoided. and as i mentioned above, it's going to turn windy this afternoon. winds will pick up from the west at 10 to 20 mph and will gust up to 35 mph. this is mainly from 1-6 p.m. which means it won't last long. but you might notice it as you pick up the kids at the bus stop or on the
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today is saint patrick's day... a day where those who aren't irish... can pretend and celebrate those who have irish roots. we stopped by just one of the many celebrations today on fountain square... day."> office.">and right now on my facebook page - i'm sharing this picture that i took on my trip to ireland last year. let me know if you have ever visited - i would love to hear what you have to say...
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dive.why going for a swim might be the best form of excersice.the powerful effects a dip in the pool has on the
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tonight in healthy living... could a few laps in the pool be the best form of exercise? exercise?according to an article in the huffington post... it is!the article says the water is calming and that element has a powerful effect on the brain.going for a swim, or doing water aerobics, also means there's a low impact on your bones and joints... which is beneficial for seniors and people with arthritis. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor julie dolan with what we're working on. coming up
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facing a costly pay-back . we'll show what led to this expensive mistake. donald trump and hillary clinton may be in the lead for the race for president but how honest have they been.were seeing how they score on the truth-o-meter in this week's
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a costly payback for one school district in the tri-state.ohio auditors claiming poor billing controls are to blame. blame.9 on your side's briana harper breaks down the oversight and how school administrators hope to avoid the same mistake twice. from july 2011 to june 2014 state auditors examined more than 450 medical services on behalf of milford schools-- but at least 40 of those were exceptions.officials at the auditors office say this oversight cost the state to overpay about $22,800.but according to milford schools the district doesnt actually owe any money to medicaid-- instead the school system simply won't receive
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auditors office offered this advice... voice of: kristi erlewine//cheif medicaid auditor"implement better checks and balances in their billing system to ensure that what's being billed to medicaid is correct and accurate."some of the discrepancies include several services with no schools listed and some were listed inconsistent with the procedure codes.voice of: kristi erlewine//cheif medicaid auditor"that code drives the amount that's paid to the provider so billing using the wrong code can then results in the wrong amount being paid."*look-live*"it's now up to the ohio department of medicaid to move forward with collecting the money. no word yet on when the deadline to pay will be."briana harper reporting 9 on your side. for the first time in the city's history -- cincinnati has a female fire captain


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