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auditors office offered this advice... voice of: kristi erlewine//cheif medicaid auditor"implement better checks and balances in their billing system to ensure that what's being billed to medicaid is correct and accurate."some of the discrepancies include several services with no schools listed and some were listed inconsistent with the procedure codes.voice of: kristi erlewine//cheif medicaid auditor"that code drives the amount that's paid to the provider so billing using the wrong code can then results in the wrong amount being paid."*look-live*"it's now up to the ohio department of medicaid to move forward with collecting the money. no word yet on when the deadline to pay will be."briana harper reporting 9 on your side. for the first time in the city's history -- cincinnati has a female fire captain
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duty."melissa arnold" is a 17- year veteran of the department. she was one of four females in c-f-d history to hold the rank of lieutenant.right now she works out of station 29 in madisonville .she will be reassigned due to the promotion but it sill not known where, the kentucky secretary of state is out promoting a new voting tool. tool.secretary of state alison lundergan grimes is touring kentucky to promote the new online voter registration system.grimes unveiled "go- vote-k-y-dot-com" this week. her first stop was last night at northern kentucky university.the hope is that new system will get people to vote.the deadline to register for the may 17 kentucky primary election is april 18. hillary clinton slamming bernie sanders on climate change and donald trump taking aim at one of his protesters. this week politifact put them both to the test on the
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{hillary sot "the clean power plan is something that sen. sanders has said he would delay implementing, which makes absolutely no sense". that's hillary clinton going after bernie sanders in the last democratic debate. she says he would delay president obama's plan to fight climate change. but our politifact experts say that doesn't check out {tc: 1:03:31-1:03:39sot katie sanders "what we found is that bernie sanders has never said he wants to delay implementing this law, he's actually been very supportive of it" sanders has said he wants the law to go further and experts say *that* could take longer to put in place. but there's no evidence sanders wants to delay the law. {take false truth-o-meter politifact rates hillary clinton's claim as *false* meanwhile the other big winner this week aim at one of his protestors. on meet the press, he told chuck todd that a man who rushed at him at a rally in ohio has ties to isis {sot trump "no, excuse me, you didn't see the clip. he was playing arabic music, he was dragging the flag along the ground, and he had internet
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isis. so i don't know if he was or not. but all we did was put out what he had on his internet." that protestor, 22- year old thomas dimassimo, was arrested by police. so, do those internet postings really tie him to isis as trump claims? tc: 1:02:29-1:02:41 katie sanders/politifact sot "this was kind of clearly the work of a prankster, someone not related to dimassimo. we even talked with experts and asked them if they thought he had isis ties, they said it's pretty clear this guy did not have isis ties or the government would not have released him" {take false truth-o-meter politifact ruling trump's claim false that protestor was charged this week in federal court. for more fact checks, log onto politifact dot com. now to the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state. state.chopper 9 taking a look at fort washingington waythis
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the tri-state is celbrating saint patrick's day in many different ways right now. now.for those not celebrating with a pint of guiness it was a great oppurtunity to explore their irish roots.the main library in downtown cincinnati held its 34th annual saint patrick's day celebration of song and dance. we have ... great event for all of us. us. other libraries also celebrate with exhibits, cookie decorating, and storytelling. a new cincinnati pizza joint is trying to revolutionize the way you enjoy that next slice. slice."pizzeria locale" teamed up with the creators of chipotle to streamline the up-scale pizza making process. they use fresh ingredients and the dough is made daily with no preservatives. owners of the chain already plans on opening another location in deerfield township.
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at the detail that goes into making these fast food pizzas with an upscale twist?"w-c-p-o insiders" can see how "pizzeria locale" is trying to change your mind about pizza. check it out at "" next on nine on your side at 5:30... seaworld plans to end it's controversial killer whale program.the theme park is also taking it a step further in an effort to work with animal rights groups. and a mumps outbreak among students in indiana is spreading to areas off campus. i'm john matarese. did today's beautiful early spring weather get you itching for a beach getaway?i'm on your side with a new warning about travel scams you need to watch out
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you need to see how the law works and we did.yeah -- and it failed -- you failed. another day of harsh questioning as leaders tied to the flint water crisis testified at a congresional hearing. hearing.the head of the environmental protection agency was not the only one in the hot seat today.michigan governor rick snyder answered questions after the head of the e-p-a put all the blame on the state. this was a failure of government on all levels: local, state, and federal officials. we all failed the families of flint flintthe problem started after state officials switched the city's water supply in order to save money. the move -- led to high levels of lead and an outbreak of legionnaires
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unprecedented public health emergency. seaworld will phase out its killer whale shows. shows.the theme park has announced an end to its orca breeding program.the move comes after years of backlash from animal rights groups.seawo rld says the current killer whales will remain at its parks for many years to come. seaworld is also partnering with the humane society to work against commercial whaling and sea hunts. a mumps outbreak at colleges and universities in indiana is now spreading beyond the campus. officials are urging anyone who lives near a university to protect vaccines have been provided for students and staff at many campuses.despite the availability -- some students are not taking advantage of the opportunity. i don't think i should get one here." "i've not gotten vaccinated. i'm not really planning on getting it. i don't really think i need to. to.the latest counts have indiana university at 12 confirmed cases.butler
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an alert for parents this evening -- startling new numbers reveal how many kids are getting their hands on prescription pills. pills.about 160 children go to the emergency room every day as a result of accidental overdose.these numbers come from "safe kids worldwide" -- a washing d-c based non-profit. children are finding these drugs in cabinets, pill organizers, and purses among other places. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. sot: "if it's too good to be true, it's probably not good at all."beware these spring vacation scams! john matarese is on your side so you don't waste your money.sot: "veterans are absolutely safe there."more issues swirl around the cincinanti va hospital... another whistleblower complaint... and the d-e-a's next're watching 9 on your side at
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. dreaming of a beach getaway? before you start searching for travel deals on line.. consumer reporter john matarese has a warning about some of the newest traveling scams that could target you . but first, a big ikea recall. john? craig....ikea is recalling
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its west chester store and online, beause they can be a shock hazard. hazard.these are gothem metal table and floor lamps, sold in 2015 and 2016.two table lamps and one floor lamp are affected.if you have one, return it to ikea's cincinnati store. our partners at consumer reports magazine are always talking the best new cars.but tongiht they turn the tables around! around!consumer reports has just released a list of the most unreliable new's based on extensive testing on their track, and surveys of thousands of buyers. buyers.among them: the fiat 500l.the chrysler i-miev. did today's beautiful early spring weather get you itching for a beach getaway?before you get online to look for a deal, ohio's attorney general
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springtime travel scams you need to watch out for! beautiful spring days get us in the mood to travel.but so many people have bad memories of a travel ripoff... ripoff..."the ship was really old, and bad...."...and vacations that are nothing like what's promised. promised."they told us that some of the ports would be open, and they actually weren't, and we knew it but they weren't truthful with us." us."until recently, fax machines and us mail were the scammers best friend.but now they are turning to social make you think that everyone is getting these deals. deals."last year we received over 400 complaints about travel scams..."ohio attorney general mike dewine came to 9 on your side's studio to warn about the top travel scams this year.the top ripoffs: -free airfare that isn't. isn't."you get a postcard that says you've won free airline tickets, or you've won something else. and then once youve looked into it there's always a catch." -free hotel rooms that come with high
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timeshare."what they dont tell you is that when you do this you have to listen to their speil. you are outgunned, frankly. these guys do this every single day."-and discount travel clubs with no available dates. dates."a travel club can be a couple of thousand dollars, and you see all these brochures and things you'll get to do, and the reality is much different than what they purported it to be."that offer for a 3 night mexican vacation for 300 bucks? bucks?"if it's too good to be true, its probably not good at all." finally, watch for vacation home ads on craigslist and other sites....where the owner wants you to wire him a deposit via western union or similar service.many of those ads are dont waste
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cooler air keeps taking over sets the stage for cool friday. highs only hit the low 50s tomorrow. we'll see a slight rain chance, but nothing to be worried about. this weekend, highs drop to the mid 40s with a slight chance for rain. in fact, overnight saturday into sunday, there's even a small possibility of a few snowflakes floating around. of course, sunday is our first
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it's t-g-i-t!brand new episodes of "grey's " and "scandal." plus -- it's the season two finale of "how to get away with murder!"it's all right before 11 minutes of non-stop news and weather on nine on your side at 11. next on 9 on your side at 5:30... 5:30...five weeks after falling off a boat an into the ocean a dog is found.find out what led to this miraculous rescue. and coming up tonight at six -- march madness is underway!9 on your side's evan millward is out with fans cheering on
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fiive weeks after falling off a boat -- a southern california dog has been rescued by the u-s navy. navy.the 18-month-old pup was assumed dead.but as fate would have it -- "luna" survived.she somehow managed to swim to san clemente island -- which is owned and operated by the u-s
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sailors and was finally reunited with her family. a viral video of a souped up v-w seen tearing up the streets of san diego earned the driver a trip to jail. jail.since it was posted -- this video has received a million shows the car ripping through neighborhoods and jumping though intersections.the video also caught the eye of police. the driver plead guilty to reckless driving -- among other charges..he now has to spend 45 days in jail. a second gader has his sights on a n-b-a career.and what he did on the basketball court shows he has great potential. potential.this eight-year-old sunk not one - but two half court shots in the same game. his los angeles area team was down by three points with just seconds left on the clock. that's when he made the first basket -- sending the game into overtime.with just two seconds left -- he got the ball and did it again ! my friend jimmy, his dad
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jack is no stranger to basketball -- he started playing when he was four- years-old. nine on your side at six is next. carol williams joins us with the stories we're working on for you. we have new information in the wake of the scripps national.. wcpo i-team investigation into the v-a hospital in cincinnati. we've learned one of the officials involved has surrendered more of her medical privileges. and there is a new whistleblower in the case.. and it is the last person most people expected it to be. and... on patrol on st patricks day.the warning from state troopers to keep
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track: v-a disclosuresot: they have informed us there is no investigation, no further investigatin that will come of that, no criminal charges. track: a federal investigation triggered by a scripps national and wcpo i-team probe leads to new revelations... and a new whistleblower. track: plunge into the ohio. what the 9-1-1 calls right after the accident on a bridge are telling us about the possible victims. track: on
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being taken right now to make sure everyone gets home from saint patricks day celebrations safely. you're watching nine on your side at six. major new developments tonight in the i-team and scripps washington bureau investigation into cincinnati's v-a hospital. the former acting chief of staff has surrendered her license to prescribe controlled substances. now, she won't face criminal charges from federal drug officials. officials. nine on your side's tom mckee has been digging into this new information and is live with what he's found. doctor barbara temeck was acting chief of staff for the cincinnati va. but was suspended after our investigation uncovered evidence she had prescribed controlled substances without a license to do so privately. tonight.. we've learned she has surrendered her license to prescribe controlled subastances altogether. the joint wcpo scripps washington bureau probe turned up records indicating doctor temeck wrote prescriptions for valium and hydrocodone for the wife of former va network
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the va substantiated "misconduct" and reported that to its inspector general. but, the doctor's attorneys, ben dusing and ken hawley, called a news conference thursday with the results saying the ig gave the case to dea. "dr. temeck fully cooperated with the dea in its review of the allegations that have been made against her. the dea has notified us that it will not be investigating dr. temeck for possible criminal charges." charges." "doctor temeck has been fuly licensed to do what sh'e doing and we dont' believe she's done anything wrong in this case" case" what her lawyers didn't say and what the d-e-a confirmed to scripps - doctor temeck also surrendered her license to prescribe controlled substances just last week. and, the dea said it is supporting the ongoing investigation from the va's inspector general, which could still result in charges from other agencies. but temeck's lawyers said that she is filing a whistleblower complaint alleging she was dpunished for financial


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