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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the va substantiated "misconduct" and reported that to its inspector general. but, the doctor's attorneys, ben dusing and ken hawley, called a news conference thursday with the results saying the ig gave the case to dea. "dr. temeck fully cooperated with the dea in its review of the allegations that have been made against her. the dea has notified us that it will not be investigating dr. temeck for possible criminal charges." charges." "doctor temeck has been fuly licensed to do what sh'e doing and we dont' believe she's done anything wrong in this case" case" what her lawyers didn't say and what the d-e-a confirmed to scripps - doctor temeck also surrendered her license to prescribe controlled substances just last week. and, the dea said it is supporting the ongoing investigation from the va's inspector general, which could still result in charges from other agencies. but temeck's lawyers said that she is filing a whistleblower complaint alleging she was dpunished for financial
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"the whistleblower complaint is not about the waste and abuse.. it's about the retaliation against her and that has occurred because she has reported and tried to address the waste and abuse." we've reached out to dr. temeck's attorneys for comment, in regards to her surrendering her dea license. they have not responded. tom mckee, nine on your side.. right now on wcpo dot com.. slash... v-a... you can find all the reporting by the scripps national bureau and the wcpo i-team into the problems at the v-a hospital here.. including how cost cutting affected the care veterans recevied. you can also see all those reports on our mobile app. tonight there also concerns about the state-run veterans home in georgetown. the ohio inspector general says some doctors who worked there had a conflict of interest... because they also worked at a hospice provider that does work for the agency. that made them both state employees and employees of a
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inspector general says the hospice provider... stein hospice... also used a wing of the veterans home free of charge. the ohio inspector general has now sent its findings to federal officials and the ohio ethics commission. now at six... the developments breaking today on that car that flew off the combs- hehl bridge and into the ohio river. 9-1-1 calls are shedding new light on what happened the moments after the crash. that.. a police try to solve the mystery of who was in the car. chopper nine was over the crash minutes after it happened. our t-j parker is in the air right now with more to today's developments. t-j. dispatchers received calls from several drivers- who say they saw a red s-u-v go into the water. water.this is a live look above the bridge where this happened. one caller told dispatchers he saw three people in the water and watched as they floated down river. this is the scene from
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that the car that went into the river was hit- causing it to go over. dispatchers fielded many calls- from concerned drivers. police tell 9 on your side they have an idea of where the car is... but they're not sure what kind of car it is and if anyone was in it. one caller though- describes a horrifying scene- as he says he saw people in the water- being swept down the river. 1:03 we somebody's head two people with their heads up out the water, she said"1:24 "yeah, i see two heads, three heads" back live in the butler county mother
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enter a plea tomorrow. rebekah kinner is charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of her daughter, kinsley last year. kinner's boyfriend... is charged with beating the girl to death. police say rebekah kinner did nothing to protect her daughter. her trial was scheuled for april fourth. some convicted felons could have their records erased under a bill just approved by senate. the plan would affect class "d" felonies... which are non- violent offenses such as bigamy, illegal sale of alcohol and mail theft. supporters of the plan say felony records make it harder for convicts to get jobs and get fresh start in general. the plan would require felons wait five years before asking their record be expunged. and... their record could only be cleared once. the bill now goes to the full senate. there are extra eyes on interstates and roads across the tri-state tonight. its all because of saint patricks day. with the celebrations... often comes people who drink and drive.
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are coordinating their efforts to keep drivers and passengers safe. nine on your side's scott wegener takes inside the operation. if your st. patrick's day plans include copious amounts of green beer, don't expect the luck of the irish if you get behind the wheel."any time you get a lot of people out celebrating, consuming alcohol, we just hope they make the right decision."the ohio state patrol is adding extra troopers to the roadways starting today and through the weekend.their target:"any kind of impaired drivers."sergeant david grooms has been on the road with the patrol for nine years."we're looking for people maybe not maintaining their lane or driving off the road,.. changing their speeds-numerous things that could indicate impaired driving."state police say last st patricks day, ohio lost two hundred and seventy six lives after too much celebrating. grooms suggests if you plan to drink, have a designated driver."they would go with you...celebrate with you without consuming alcohol."or just call a cab."we just ask people to make a smart
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themselves in a bad situation." that way when you hit the road, chances are it won't hit back."trying to make sure everyone has a safe holiday." scott wegener nine on your side kenwood. just when many people will be doing the right thing tonight.. and looking for a ride home.. people who use uber will see the price of that ride increase. uber uses "dynamic pricing," which means it takes into account how many drivers are available compared to the number of rides being requested. increasing demand often leads to rising prices.. and that is expected to be the case tonight. until people start calling for rides.. its impossible to know what the rate will be. but it may be much more than usual. a leaking water main cut off natural gas service for dozens of people today in hamilton. the leaking water got into a gas service main.. forcing repair crews to turn off that line. the outage affects a wide area of south central hamilton... including parts of dixie highway at emery avenue
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zimmerman avenue. crews don't know yet when service will be restored. a child severely burned... then found dead. what investigators will likely happen next in this case. march madness is here. how people are celebrating a very special time in the tri- state... and keeping their fingers cross for their favorite teams. world news tonight with david muir is next with the latest on the race for president. donald trump warns of riots if he does not win that nomination. how will the republican party leaders respond? coming up. you're watching 9 on your side
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franklin police say a woman admitted to putting her step-son into a scalding hot bath as a form of punishment-- that child, austin cooper, was found dead this next morning. morning.this horrendous case happened at the emerald edge apartments in franklin. anna ritchie is charged with child endangerment. but that charge is expected to be upgraded.
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ruled austin cooper's death a homicide . a judge has ordered ritchie's bond be increased from 100-thousand dollars to a 350-thousand dollar bond. they are called activitist investors. and.. they have a history of shaking-up companies from the bottom to the boardroom. right now activists hold at least five- percent of eight local firms. in some cases... they can help companies survive by re-focusing their strategies. in other cases... it leads to a break-up of the company or a sale. cheviot financial corporation is one example of that. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... the other local companies with activist investors.. and how they have shaken-up companies as large as p-and-g and macy's. remained the same at five- february. that is a half percent higher than a year ago. state officials say that is because of how the rate is calculated. more people are working now than a year ago. but even more people have also rejoined the workforce.. and many of them don't have the necessary
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weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? sot: "this is a national holiday for most of us guys" "it's the ncaa tournament!" march madness hits the tri-state. basketball fans flock to local establishments. reactions... predictions... and the excitement of the game.
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are already getting busted. busted.and the local teams haven't even hit the hardwood for a game yet.but fans - especially in kentucky - are already filling bars across the tri-state.nine on your side's evan millward - right there with them this evening - in big blue nation. not a spot left in the dickmann's lot -(covered) gary lowe/wildcats fan 030206 c'mon in mister 9!inside, the sea of green will soon change to blue. as one holiday morphs into another -(covered) mike clendenen/independence 030740 it's march madness!more of a holiday for these fans than saint paddys.lowe 030108 my first vacation time i've taken off all year long.joe dodds/independence 025918 we meet here, we fill out our brackets, we disperse for our games.not everyone has it so easy.some of these people are playing hookey - i won't point them out!still others - clendenen 030715 well, i am retired so i have the opportunity to come out and do it.we found one xavier fan here - showing spirit a day before that game.but if you know dickmann's you know this is a kentucky bar.dodds 025930
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we're going to win!clendenen 030803 horrible bracket but they'll come out of it. it's brutal!lowe 030138 i'd say uk is going to win by 20.dodds 025909 it's still better than any louisville fan is going to have today.local alumni will gather here later to watch the wildcats take on stony brook. until then -clendenen 030838 you're cheering for teams you never get to see play because you pick them on a bracket. speaking of - better start checking fort mitchell - (covered) clendenen 030852 i already lost one.- em, 9oys.
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everything went according to script today....duke survived north carolina-wilmington. butler, uconn, virginia and iowa state all won.and then, there was baylor, a five seed, against 12th seed yale. without their team captain, suspended last month, yale relied on the shooting of makye mason. and he didn't disappoint his team matesand he had some help in carrying yale. anmthony dallier inside to justin sears. sears was seven of ten for 18 pionts.but the story was mason, nine of 18 fromthe field, he hit all eleven of his free throws. had yale pulls off the upset: 79-75 is the final. xavier is on the court right now, warming up for its tip off tomorrow night against weber state.chris mack has won another coach of the year award, this one from the basketball times.and first up first for xavier will be weber state tomorrow night.
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alright."((davis: i think we'd be crazy to overlook weber state. they won their conference championship. they're a very, very good team. we're going to treat weber state like we have every team this year. try to stick to what we do and hopefully, we'll be alright. )) and it'll be a late night workout for the bearcats...on the court after nine, cincinnati time out in spokane. spokane.and both indiana and kentucky play their first round games tonight, both in des moines. uk against stony brook, iu against chattanooga. and john calipari know the first step in a journey to a championship is usually the toughest. one."((calipari: the first game's the hardest. i'll throw that out there. and allthe coaches who've been here a number of years know, the teams get better as you advance. but the first one is the hard one. )) it's not rounding up the old band. but the reds dipped into their recent past today
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simon.he was looking for workno world yet on the dollars he'll make. and former bengal andre smith found work today. the vikings signed him....but only to a one year deal....and only to just one million guaranteed. and for the first time since signing up for more, with the bengals...adam jones was talking today. he said he had offers to go elsewhere. but really didn't want to leave. trt :09outcue:...that i wouldn't be back"((jones: it's a good place for me. and it's a good place for me to be at this point in my life. cincinnati's been great to me. there wasn't a doubt in my mind that i wouldn't be back )) just not a good day for the locals at the ohio division three boys semifinals. lynchburg clay has been knockd out by cleveland angela-st. josephs, 81-64 81-64 and roger bacon lost this afternoon. lima central catholic was a 74-56 winner and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on
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he was found dead behind an east price hill home and tonight his family is opening up to nine on your side.their message for anyone with information as police look for the killer - coming up at seven!nine on your side at six
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that's 9 on your side at six for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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tonight, the new backlash after donald trump warns of riots at the convention if he's blocked by the republican party. leaders now calling his words unacceptable. breaking now. the new video. the young american captured, accused of fighting for isis. you will hear his explanation, right here. now saying it was a bad decision. lead in the water. the grilling on capitol hill. our reporter, tracking down authorities. why didn't they act sooner? and the new report that this is far beyond flynt int. locations in 4 the states? the tearful plea. the young american sobbing, begging to be free.


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