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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  March 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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now at seven - a young man is found dead behind a house in east price hill.and tonight his family is calling for the killer to come forward. sunny skies greeted you on your commute tonight.but will mother nature cooperate the rest of this st. pattys day? your 9 first warning forecast - minutes away! and let the madness begin.we check in with john popovich and chris riva who are live in st. louis-- covering the xavier musketeers ahead of their first round match-up. seven! we begin with breaking news.a grand jury is indicting rayshawn herald.he's accused
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into the great american tower in january 2015.herald is behind bars tonight.a news conference is planned for tomorrow morning - where we expect to learn how police connected herald to the shootings. it's been a week but cincinnati police still don't know who shot and killed a 23 year old in east price hill. tonight- his family is speaking out for the first time. nine on your side's ashley zilka is live in that neighborhood where came together for that young man. ashley?. jamar givens was found dead in a backyard here in this neighborhood. his father says the violence needs to stop before someone else loses a son. the pain of losing a child is unbearable for carl givens. carl givens: father 17:19:34 the only reactions i had are hurt and pain. what could have happened? who could have done it? 43 these community leaders say they're not staying quiet. (nats: stop the shooting, stop the killing. 17:28:04) their message will reach everyone in the neighborhood. mitchell morris: phoenix program for cincinnati
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the people in the community to know that there are some good people out here as well. we won't get sucked into the poison. 27 tonight... prayers and hugs for jamar givens. the 23 year old was found dead behind a home on elberon avenue on march 9. his sister says she won't rest until her brother's killer is found. nikki mooney: sister 17:23:43 it hurts. and it's something that we have to deal with every single day but if it were my choice, i would never want another mother and father or family to have to suffer the way we have suffered everyday since this has happened. 55 carl givens: father 17:20:10 when i looked at it. things happened to other people other moms and their dads they grieve and such a tough time they were having, even then i was hoping i would never have to experience it with my son. 21 police are looking for any kind of information they can get on this case. if you know something, call crimestoppers. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. it was a beautiful saint patrick's day....but will it last? last?nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with your saint patrick's
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tonight a warren county woman could soon be facing murder charges after a her four year old step son is found dead. dead.anna ritchie is accused of putting the boy's legs in scalding hot water as punishment tuesday night in wednesday morning - the boy identified as austin cooper was dead.the warren county coroner ruled cooper's death a homicide today.
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child endangerment charges. again, that could change tomorrow. the mother of a little girl allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend is expected to take a plea deal tomorrow morning.rebekah kinner faces involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of her daughter kinsley.her boyfriend - bradley young faces murder charges. a liberty township man is facing child porn charges. charges.the butler county sheriff says phillip holmes downloaded child porn off the internet.the "internet crimes against children taskforce" was first tipped off to holmes' alleged internet activity and contacted the sheriff's office.holmes could face deportation to england -- if he's convicted. a tri-state mother turns her son over to police. township police say the woman saw a picture of her son holding a hunting rifle on facebook.she didn't know where he was... and she was concerned that he may be at bridgetown middle school. and that's where the 17- year-old was found...but he didn't have the hunting rifle
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vice president joe biden is coming to cincinnati. cincinnati.he'll be here tuesday stumping for former governor ted strickland -- who just this week secured the democratic nomination to run for u-s senate.strickland is running against incumbant rob portman. biden's office says he'll be attending an event for strickland. no word yet how big of a role he'll play. you can read more about the senate race on the first xavier fans are arriving in saint louis ahead of the muskies first round game tomorrow night.among them are nine on your side's sports director john popovich and chris riva who join us live with all the excitement tonight!hey guys! good evening everyone......wh ile the rest of the basketball world was enjoying the start of march madnes.s..the other half was getting ready and that included chris riva....myself and the xavier musketeerrs.... xavier took the court at the scott trade center just about an hour ago.....they had finished all their
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thru what chris mack called a non-competitive workout.they had actually practiced late ths morning at an area high school...that one was closed and they went pretty hard....this one was for show...for the public..and there were a num ber of xavier fans watching.xavier will take the court fridaynight around 9:20 against the wildcats of weber state. " it's neat you know to come here. we follow the team all season long enough to be here at the shoot around we get up close to the players and you see their personalities it makes them a little bit more real. it adds something
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event." nine on your next at seven.out of a job. what a florida teacher is accused of doing that has her in the unemployment line tonight. - a deadly batch of heroin has made its way to ohio.the death toll its already taken in just four days! and a hailstorm kills five flamingos at a texas zoo.who else in the animal kingdom
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heroin is hitting cleveland hard tonight-- in just four days, 12 people die in heroin overdoses. overdoses.the cuyahoga county medical examiner says all 12 of their deaths were caused by heroin or fentanyl-laced heroin.the victims people range in age between 28 and 62.. a hailstorm kills five flamingos at the fort worth
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through this morning - dropping golf ball size hailstones across the zoo.a number of other buildings at the zoo were damaged. in addition to the five flamingos - a pelican and a couple of other small birds also died. a south florida teacher is fired after getting caught drunk in the classroom. the 46-year-old you see on your screen worked in an elementary school near fort lauderdale. a fellow teacher noticed her acting strangely and reported it to the school's principal.after taking a breathalyzer test - it was revealed that her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit to drive. it's the luck of the irish. irish.coming up next at seven at look at some of the events around the tri-state celebrating saint patrick. and will it stay clear for the rest of your night?steve is has your forecast which
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at 7! check it out -- it's st. patrick's day and celebrations are happening all over the world.especially in ireland! this is a live look from earth-cam-dot-com. the camera is set up in dublin outside the popular temple bar. the streets have been full nearly all day. there are plenty of st patrick's day celebrations around the tri-state today. like this one-- at the cincinnati public library's main branch. this is the 34th year friends of the public library sponsored the event. it kicked off just before noon with performances by irish
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05:14:35 we have people come for it every year... fun event 05:22:08 05:22:08 organizers say the cincinnati library gets an especailly large crowd thanks to the city's rich irish geneology and history. this was fairly mellow compared to the party outside at fountain square. nat montage here31 57 57 girl dance (2 seconds)24:35:50 cheers (2 sedconds)21:10:37 (photobomb scream)20:17:49 we're going to be drinking beer all day day the party started at 11-am.. people out there enjoying irish brew.. as well as the traditional corn beef and cabbage. live music is playing all day.the blue rock boys took the stage minutes ago-- at 7. we talked to one man who says he's 100-percent irish and he comes to fountain square every year. 22: 30:34 i have to do it because i worked down here for 20 years. i always have to
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people in my office. office.tom phalen says he's turned it into a family event.. and the whole gang goes with him.for a look at the events yet to come, head to our website. just when many people will be doing the right thing tonight.. and looking for a ride home.. people who use uber will see the price of that ride increase. uber uses "dynamic pricing," which means it takes into account how many drivers are available compared to the number of rides being requested. increasing demand often leads to rising prices.. and that is expected to be the case tonight. until people start calling for rides.. its impossible to know what the rate will be. but it may be
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a second gader has his sights on a n-b-a career.and what he did on the basketball court shows he has great potential. potential.this eight-year-old sunk not one - but two half court shots in the same game. his los angeles area team was down by three points with just seconds left on the clock. that's when he made the first basket -- sending the game into overtime.with just two seconds left -- he got the ball and did it again ! it!"> jack is no stranger to basketball -- he started playing when he was four- years-old. next at's the end of an era. era.the reason why seaworld is phasing out its killer whales. you're watching nine on your
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a big announcement from seaworld.after years of controversy... the company is ending it's orca breeding program as of today.sea world's killer whale shows are also coming to an's brandi hitt has more from los angeles. nats -- (music/splash) these killer whales... will be the *last* to live in captivity at seaworld theme parks.sot -- john reilly, seaworld san diego park president // "the company will end orca breeding this year... // "to that end... we also reconfirmed our commitment to end theatrical orca shows."the entertainment company announced thursday... it's been listening to growing criticism. nats -- (protests) // "boycott seaworld!"after years of mounting protests... the 2010 death of whale trainer -- dawn brancheau... and the release of cnn's scathing documentary -- "blackfish"...sot -- (from: "blackfish") // "when you look into their eyes, you know somebody is home." sea world is changing with the tide...
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long-time critic -- the humane society.sot -- wayne pacelle, ceo, the humane society // "this is something that every animal advocate in the nation can celebrate as progress." sot -- richard bloom, (d) california state assemblyman // 13:19:58 - :03 // "i applaud seaworld's forward looking, humane and market responsive leadership." as for the 29 killer whales now in captivity... that's where they'll stay.sea world says it's for their own safety.the company is now building them... larger, more natural orca enclosures for guests to observe... with a message of conservation.sot -- joel manby, ceo seaworld // "the best place for them is at seaworld. no whale born under human care has been released successfully." ((on camera tag))seaworld's current theatrical orca shows will end here in california next year... its parks in texas and florida will follow suit in 2019. brandi hitt -- abc news -- los angeles. tickets to reds opening day go on sale this saturday morning. can start getting in line outside great american ball park at nine o-clock tomorrow morning.that's 24 hours before the ticket office even opens!you may laugh - but camping out for opening day
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event for die hard reds fans. there are 750 ticket packages for sale... each cost 75 bucks. reds opening day is monday april fourth against the phillies. that is 9 on your side at 7
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all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11..."the list" is next...
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it's your green on. the list starts now. these easy garden hacks will make your backyard better. there is a worm in the. and our list of the newest, yet kind of bizarre flats you'll see in the super market. >> i wish i tried it sooner. plus three affordable insurance plans for your vet. welcome to the show. i am donna ruko.


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