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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 18, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EDT

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good evening. the pictures were deeply troubling... windows shot out at the great american tower downtown....a cincinnati landmark under attack. tonight.. months after nine on your side first showed you this video... an arrest in the case. nine on your side's ashley zikla is live with more on the suspect.. and his other run-ins with the law. ashley. almost 14 months. that's how long it took for an arrest to be made in the great american tower shootings. i spoke to people who say they can sleep better tonight. for months- people in downtown cincinnati were on edge. 17:32:17 it was absolutely a topic of conversation. 23the great american tower became a target. bullets shattered windows in the middle of the nighton several january 2015. 17:35:14 there had to be somebody crazy. everybody was speculating. perhaps a guy that got fired or something like that and was looking to come back and get even. 24 now more than a year later, this man rayshawn herald faces a federal charge
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shootings. 17:35:32 i am glad that they have somebody, at least that they are making progress with it, you just don't want to see that go on and nothing is done. 41those shootings happened after business hours and only security officers were inside great american tower. investigators say herald had the gun used in the shootings.. but he not charged with the shootings themsleves. shakira lewis works at in between tavern, a bar right next to the tower. this arrest is a big relief. 17:32:28 we didn't want to stay open past 6 o'clock because of that. it lowered our business and it was bad. 37herald is no stranger to police. he is also suspected in what police call a "wild west" style shootout on reading road last spring. a stray bullet hit a cincinnati metro bus. herald was sentenced to spend a total of 6 years in prison.17:31:38 it makes me feel a lot more safe to know that, that person is off the street or at least they got a lead and it's going to be over. 48 police will hold a formal news conference tomorrow morning at 11:30 to discuss the investigation. reporting live ashley zilka 9 on your side
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there for you tomorrow when police answer many of the questions we have about that car that went flying off the combs- hehl bridge on tuesday. 9-1-1 calls out today indicate witnesses may have seen three people in the water after the crash. but .. it could also have just been debris in the water. only chopper nine was able to bring you aerial pictures tuesday as the search for survivors was underway. one of the 9-1-1 callers said it was a red s-u-v that went off the bridge after it was hit by a semi. while rescuers located the s-u-v on the river bottom.. the high water levels and swift current are preventing them from retrieving it a tri-state mother who police tell us admits putting her four year old step-son into scalding water is due in court tomorrow. anna ritchie is charged with child endangerment... but that will likely be changed to a more serious charge. the warren county coroner says austin cooper died from those burns.ritchie's bond was more than tripled today to 350-
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found by his father... who called 9-1-1 because his son wasn't breathing. rebekah kinner is charged in the death of her two year old daughter. and tomorrow... enter a plea. plea.kinsley kinner died last year.rebekah kinner is charged police say her boyfriend.... bradley young... beat the girl and kinner did nothing to stop murder. new on 11 at 11... the driver of a car in a deadly head-on collision with a school bus had three times the legal amount of alcohol in her system. that informaton just released by the miami county sheriff's office.taylor dickey was killed in the crash january 28-th on kessler - frederick road. police say she crossed the center line and was thrown from her car. nine children on the bus were treated for minor injuries. saint patrick's day is a great time for many. but we may be entering the most dangerous time of the holiday right now. people are hitting the roads after a night of celebration. and police are doing everything they can to make
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9 on your side's rose-ann aragon spent the day speaking with officers and partiers. she joins us now from fountain square. all night long the streets here and across the river have been filled with green-- (describe what's going on) nats: you got to come out! you got to show your irish heritage. -- i'm not irish. nats: i saw the suit. i said i got to have it.nats: we went to the cock and bull and we're headed to zazu's and we're here to have fun. from downtown cincinnati to downtown covington --it's hard *not to know what today is. nats: happy st. patty's day! but with the festivities, the crowds and of course -- the green drinks -- troopers say it's a time where decisions count (***sgt david grooms-ohio state highway patrol***)"any time you get people consuming alcohol we just hope they make the right decision and not make the choice ot get behind the wheel." some sobering facts--in the last four years the national highway safety administration says there were 276 drunk driving deaths--more
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the legal alcohol limit. in ohio just last year--50 alcohol related crashes. roe: so what do police suggest? get a designated driver, call a cab or use a rideshare app like uber or--but know what they're charging. with demand uber drivers say-- the price surge could skyrocket some even than 6 times the normal rate-- person: uber does hike it's prices during times like this but i don't want to drive drunk and i don't want to be around drunk drivers because it's dangerous.troopers say-- they're ready. "we're looking for people not maintaining their lane maybe driving off the road, changing their speeds, numerous things that could indicate impaired driving... the goal-- a smooth and *safe holiday."it's a good time. it's a good atmosphere and the weather is amazing." police here and across the river say --so far it's been very smooth--agencies beefing up their security in places like this. so far--so good. reporting live ra 9 oys. for those heading home.. at least the weather shouldn't be a problem. nine first warning chief meteorologist steve
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what you can expect in the morning. steve. while we'll see plenty of sunshine for the day tomorrow, clouds and colder air will roll into the area by saturday morning. the canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely rain/snow mix for late friday night into saturday morning. just as the weather is getting colder again... hundreds of people in hamilton don't have any natural gas to heat their
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repairs may not be complete until saturday. the leaking water got into a gas service main.. forcing repair crews to turn off that line. the outage affects a wide area of south central hamilton... including parts of dixie highway at emery avenue to fairview avenue to zimmerman avenue. once the gas is turned back on... crews will tell customers to re-light the pilot lights of their appliances. it doesn't get much more exciting than right now for college basketball fans. and that is doubly- true for xavier supporters. nine on your side anchor chris riva is with the musketeers in saint louis. he says the run-up to the first game is a family affair. it's a special moment at xavier's practice... chris mack center court with his two daughters hailee and lainee. this tournament is a family affiar... the two girls are part of the program. amanda steele, the wife of associate head coach travis steele says the closeness comes with the
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wife "everyone sacrifices, everyone benefits. when you are losing you have to put things into perspective and realized when you come home there are better things to come home to."from center court to front row - rex flannert and his dad make the first round of the tournament a father/son trip every year. rex "every year my dad and i go to the first couple of rounds. luckily they have been real successful in the past. it is real exciting."john "this is a great bonding experience with my son. he now lives about 4 hours away so it nice to get together in the first round of the ncaa every year."a couple of rows back... mary wuestefeld from cold spring was elated the muskies played in st. louis. the home of her sister. both are xavier alums.mary jo "we had our hotel reservations a month in advance because we knew they were going to come here and just had to wait for the final sunday to come."from the stands to the court... xavier basketball brings families together.riva su close "the entire basketball family here
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basketball team extends the season at least one more game. at the ncaa tournament - chris riva 9oys." the kentucky house today overwhelmingly approved a bill that would provide two years of free tuition for thousands of kentucky community college students.students would have to maintain at least a two - point- oh grade average to qualify... and be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours a semester. the bill now goes to the senate. deputies disciplined. five officers at a donald trump rally now face severe penalties for what they didn't due when matters got out of hand. poisoned bald eagle. the odd meal that nearly killed the bird.. and why she won't be allowed to fly in the wild again.. even after she recovers. a local mom wanted to look like a barbie doll. many surgeries and hundreds of thousands of dollars later...
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different. what her family says about the dramatic change. there's been a lot of talk about unhealthy school lunches. schools are trying to do better. is it working?the new findings, coming up. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 new video tonight concerning that college student from the tri-state who is being held captive by north korea.
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video shows 21 year old otto warmbier stealing a political banner from the hotel where he was staying with a tour group. warmbier.. who is from wyoming.. is now sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. his family is now hoping former new mexico governor bill richardson can help win his release. new at 11... north korea fires a ballistic missile in the direction of japan.these pictures are from past missile tests. the missile went down in the sea of japan.north korea also fired two missiles last week. five deputies in north carolina are now on suspension because of what they didn't do at a donald trump rally in fayetteville. you probably recall this incident. a protestor being taken out of the rally by sheriff's deputies... another man punches rakeem jones. now.. the sheriff there is disciplining the deputies who were there because they did not take any action. three of
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and 'suspended without pay' for five days. two were 'suspended without pay' for three days. "i don't think anyone could have anticipated the environment we had at the crown coliseum wednesday night. it was not something that any of the security or law enforcement were expecting to have." the man accused of hitting rakeem jones... john mc-graw.. is now charged with assault. new at 11... a bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning. the bird is now at a rehabiliation center outside of milwaukee. the female bird was found by people on a trail and not doing well. the amount of lead in her system is 15- times what's considered safe. experts say its possible she ate a fragement of a bullet. left eye. "unfortunately she is not releasable, because of that eye injury. we think that eye injury happened before of her exposure to lead, we think it was from a territorial battle with another female that might
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eye."so instead of being released... she will be an environmental ambassador... bringing awareness to the dangers of lead bullets and fishing tackel. a northern kentucky mother is getting international attention tonight because of her extensive plastic surgery. nannett hammond has reshaped her body to look like a barbie doll. doll.the surgeries have cost about half- a million dollars. hammonds story published on the daily mail website - seen by people around the world. these pictures are from her instagram feed. the surgeries include three breast enlargements. hammond was born a brunette. she and her husband have five children. hammond says they are all
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weather summary: while we'll see plenty of sunshine for the day tomorrow, clouds and colder air will roll into the area by saturday morning. the canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely rain/snow mix for late friday night into saturday morning.temperatures will fall close to freezing by saturday at 7am, so we could simply see light snow melting on contact.saturday's high will only reach the low to mid 40s with a couple of rain showers possible through the day. at night, the temps fall again to freezing or back on sunday, we could see a few flurries early as afternoon temps only reach near 40
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tonight in healthy living... are school lunches getting healthier? in recent years... many officials have been campaigning to take unnecessary fat and salt out of school lunches. researchers at boise state university and the university of illinois analyzed data on more than 46-hundred elementary schools. the good news: today's schools put more fresh fruit, veggies and salads -- and less fried food -- on kids' trays. the bad news... poorer schools are still more likely to have less
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for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports anchor ken broo. coming up, a rough day for our local high school basketball teams. a couple of upsets in the ncaa tournanment tournanmentand in st. louis, the musketeers spent tonight loosening up for their ncaa tournament spokane, the bearcats were doing the same. we're limbered up too.
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little rock beating purdue? let's see your bracket.while most of the usual suspect won their first round games today, little rock made most of west lafayette miserable tonight. baylor with the ball against yale today, down two, seconds to go. and when the shot didn't fall and yale wound up with the ball, the bulldogs had their first ncaa tournament win in school history. 79-75 final. are the uc bearcats over this: the shot that shook their world last week in the american conference tournament. they'd better be over it. the bearcats seemed anything but affected by 'that' tonight, when they went through a practice at the tournament site in spokane. mick cronin missed this tournament last year, recovering from his brain anuerysm. trt :13outcue:...during the game tomorrow."((cronin: i know tomorrow is not promised to any of us. so, it definitely changed the way i think about everything. so year, i'm absolutely thankful to be coaching. i just hope i have that opionion during the
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xavier won't play until tomorrow night. but chris mack won today: another coach of the year honor. this time, it's the basketball times that's honored him. that's two...with the musketeers in st. louis tonight, is our john popvich. 8 teams spent some time at the scott trade center thursday.....the xavier musketters were the second to last team on the court.-it wasn't grueling........and because it was open to the didn't show much...but it was a chance for fans to see one of the top teams in the country.- -actually this was xavier's second practice of the day. the bused to a local high schol gym at mid morning for a hard workout. this one was shorter, light...but important in another way wayit was a way of getting acclimated to a facility that xavier hasn't played the players aren't familiar with:james farr bite...what he
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about the practicechris mack biteeach team spent 50 minutes on the court.......but there were hardly any fans in the stands....hardly any noise in the arna...that all changes on friday.john popovich, nine on your side with the musketeers in st louis just not a good day for the locals at the ohio high school final four. lynchburg clay has been knockd out by cleveland angela-st. josephs, 81-64 81-64 and roger bacon lost this afternoon. lima central catholic was a 74-56 winner winner and in the division two semifinal, akron st. vincent st mary knocked aiken out of the playoffs, 85-68 the reds figured out today it 'might' be a good idea to put a veteran pitcher in their inexperienced pitching rotation.alfredo simon figured out today it 'might' be a good idea to have a job this summer. so they guy they traded to
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back. simon has signed on, for one year. and former bengal andre smith found work today. the vikings signed him....but only to a one year deal....and only to just one million guaranteed. 9 on your side continues in a moment and now beacon's
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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november. investigates found isis propaganda on a laptop belonging to mohammed and that he had visited several terrorist web sites before launching his attack but they say he whacked alone when he stabbed and wounded four people before police shot and killed him. now that lawsuit by the michigan driver accuse confidential killing six people turned out to be a hoax.
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jason dalton who told police the uber app was controlling his mind. now officials in kalamazoo say he denied filing the suit and didn't authorize anyone to do so on his behalf. furthermore, the handwriting on the suit did not match dalton's. bizarre extreme weather across a number of states. >> we had an ice storm amid 60 degree temperatures in the south. lightning striking, a plane en route to new york and snow head together east coast just in time for spring. >> to wrap it up lauren lyster joins us now. >> good morning. i'm not excited for na possible winter storm. let's start with that american airlines flight. shall we? so here's what happened. it was struck by lightning thursday evening. it was forced to make an emergency landing on the way from north carolina to new york. did i verred to jfk airport. it was supposed to land at laguardia. it was damaged on the rear wing. passengers on the ground still shaken. >> there was a flash of light.


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