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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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call now. ask about free installation and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. first at four -- we're about *who* may have been in a car that went over the combs-hehl bridge tuesday. today- we're getting our first look at first at four -- we're learning new information- about *who* may have been in a car that went over the combs-hehl bridge tuesday. today- we're getting our first look at this surveillance video that shows a car plunging into the river. campbell county police tell
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who was in the car. they say last night a family contacted them- inquiring about a missing person. the description of *that* person's car- matches the car that went into the river- which police say is a red pontiac grand prix. there are still a lot of questions though- that they'll get answers to, once divers are able to get into the water chief craig sorrell//campbell county police "the most important aspect of this recover is the occupants in the vehicle so we're not going to rush anything that might disturb that" they're not sure how many people- if any- are actually in that car. they say the earliest they'll be able to get into the water is tuesday or wednesday next week. 9 on your side's t.j. parker has more on the investigation coming up at 5. a butler county mother pleaded guilty today-- for allowing her boyfriend to beat her two year old to death late last year. 9 on your side is the only station with a bureau dedicated to butler and warren county and our reporter jay warren is live there with the
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today rebekah kinner pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter-child endangering- and permitting child abuse she cried as the prosecutor read the statement of facts this morning---stating that kinner created substantial risk to kinsley by violating a duty of careby pleading guilty kinner admitted that she allowed her boyfriend brad young to use exscesive physical discipline on two year old kinsley and failed to seek care for her after kinsley had suffered beatings about her head and body "at this time how do you wish to plea? guilty. as to count two charge of child endangering in violation 2919.22a how do you wish to plea? guilty. as to count three a charge of permitting
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2903.15a a felony of the first degree how do you wish to plea? guilty. sentencing is set for may-- kinner faces a maximum of twenty five years in prison on the three chargescoming up at five thirty kinner's father will speak for the first time about his daughter and what happenedjay warren 9 on your side at the butler warren news bureau it was tests on shell casings and bullets fired into queen city square a year ago that cincinnati police say led them to the likely shooter. rayshawn herald is already in prison for this "wild west style" shooting on reading road several months later. police say the gun he used in that crime matched the ballistics of the queen city square case to produce the new charges. plus, they also tracked the car used in the queen city suare crime to herald's family. "we detrmined later that was actually a ford fusion that happened to be rented to mr.
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mr. herald during the time that queen city square was targeted and mr. herald ended up wrecking that vehicle a day after the last shooting. so, that really helped put him in the picture." picture." the testing was done through a ballstics system called nibin to make the link to herald. detective robin upchurch is credited with the legwork that cracked the case and she tells her story on nine on your side at five. a butler county barn burns -- killing five horses inside. officials tell us they're still working on figuring out the cause of the fire on kyles station happened around 6:30 this morning and was contained to the barn. turning to weather -- a much colder weekend is in store.
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mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely chance for rain on saturday. but as temperatures drop as we head into saturday morning, we'll see conditions that are cold enough to get some snowflakes. we are not expecting anything to stick on saturday morning and this will likely turn to rain quickly during the day. scattered showers will be around for the majority of saturday with less than 1/2" of rain possible. temperatures only hit the mid could see a few flurries early in the morning but this is the that afternoon, skies will be only reach 40 degrees. the xavier university musketeers do battle tonight in their first game of the ncaa tournament. sports director john popovich and anchor chris riva are in st. louis for the game.they're with us live to look at the game plan for victory. the xavier musketeers are on mission to move past st
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philadelphia...and eventually to the final four. but they have a saying about taking it one game at time. it sounds like something from an old cowboy , shoot-em-up movie....40 minutes to houston is the title....and the xavier musketeers provide the cast: cast: it's a way of this team reminding itself to share the load...share the ball..and to
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that worked during the off season....they don't want anything to change now..thursday just before xavier practice...they watched yale upset baylorfarr farr and so now the tournament starts...and while the ultimate destination is the final four in houiston..the effort comes one step after another. another. i think we'll get a good idea tonight if chris mack's strategy is working...first weber state....then whomever comes next.-
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can you guess how much money americans spent this year on bracket competitions? nine-point-two billion dollars -- thats according to an estimate from the american gaming association. all together -- about 40 million americans filled out about 70 million brackets for this
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and get ready reds fans-- opening day tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at were allowed to get in line at nine *this morning.. and there are already a dozen or so fans out there. opening day tickets are part of a two-game package that includes a ticket to a game later in april.750 packages are up for grabs. and the reds tweeted this out today.kristy macke of bridgetown was the first fan in line at 9 can see she brought chairs and camping gear.. she's ready to get those tickets. a hail storm his mississippi and its caught on camera!a cool down is in our future too -- steve has a look at your 9
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safety.that's one way the city of hamilton is working to explain why nearly 150 customers are without natural gas in their homes.and with a cold weekend in store, the now's briana harper shows us how those families are planning to adjust. adjust. "so far we're doing ok..."its been a little more than 36 hours.that's how long some hamilton residents have been without any natural gas.the issue is affecting those who live along dixie hwy near the intersection of forest avenue. mary cooper// impacted by natural gas interruption"he says i'm gonna turn on the furnace and it was running and running and he's says well it's no heat."the coopers thought their furnace was broken.**** make sure you say broken, not broke!!!!but it turns out..."we found out from our neighbors that our gas was off."utility crews discovered water was entering into the natural gas main line due to a order to repair the issue-- the natural gas service had to be stopped temporarily.briana harper//@brianawcpo"those affected by the natural gas service interruption were given these notice slips alerting them of the situation but also offering shelter accommodations if necessary." the shelter is located at ______. we called and found
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there so far.the city says its safe for people to remain in their homes.but without natural gas, many are without heat and hot water."we stayed here last night. we have plenty of covers and stuff so we stay warm."the city expects to have service restored to approximately all 150 customers by mid-day saturday. in hamilton, briana harper, the now cincinnati. cincinnati. check your pantry again. "chicken of the sea" is now part of that tuna recall we told you about yesterday here on the now. it started when "bumble bee" recalled more than 31-thousand cases of canned tuna. now "chicken of the sea" is recalling 27- hundred cases. both products were canned at the same plant in georgia. it's possible the tuna was undercooked because of an equipment problem. so far, there are no reported cases of illness. scary moments on board an american airlines flight after its hit by lightning! lightning!:07 "like poof, out of nowhere! atc 13:16 cockpit: brickyard 4233, just got hit by lightning. the flight was headed from raleigh to laguardia airport when it hit some turbulence
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officials then diverted the plane to jfk. :38 i never had this kind of experience, it's the first time for me (crying, emotional) it was a flash of light, an explosion, the plane dipped about 100 feet experts say lightning hitting a plane isn't fact -- planes are built to withstand a lightning bolt.but even they admit its still scary for passengers. and check this out -- heavy hail hits mississippi yesterday.this is lincoln county, just south of jackson. people say when the pellets started, the hail was the size of a penny.but as the storm continued -- the hail got bigger and sent people running for sturdy buildings.strong winds also blew debris, creating even more issues for drivers. :25 "it was heavy, ice snow drops, coming at you really fast," fast,""it did it twice. it came the first time and then about 20 minute later ? it did it again," again,"the lincoln county sheriff says even with the hail and winds -- no major
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but maybe some snow this weekend right steve? a canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely chance for rain on saturday. but as temperatures drop as we head into saturday morning, we'll see conditions that are cold enough to get some snowflakes. we are not expecting anything to stick on saturday morning and this will likely turn to rain quickly during the day. scattered showers will be around for the majority of saturday with less than 1/2" of rain possible. temperatures only hit the mid 40s tomorrow. on to sunday, we could see a few flurries early in the morning but this is the back edge of this system. by that afternoon, skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures
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president obama is just
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historic visit to cuba. on sunday he'll become the first current president to go to the country in 90 years.9 on your with a look. look. right now, we're looking at what he has planned during the two day trip. on sunday he'll meet the church leader who helped with the secret negotiations that got the u-s and cuba working together again. again. monday's meeting is with cuba's president raul castro and includes a state dinner for the first family. president obama will also talk with a group of castro's critics. one person he won't meet... raul's brother fidel castro. meantime.. first lady michelle obama and their daughters will be there too in the push to improve our relationship with cuba. so where does that relationship stand right now. so far congress won't end the trade embargo with cuba. and it won't give back the u-s naval station at guantanamo bay, like cuba wants. during the trip president obama is also expected to criticize cuba for
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but communication and travel are getting much easier with cuba. you can now send a letter to and from cuba for the first time in 50 years. president obama just marked the milestone by sending this letter to his pen pal there. american, alaska airlines, delta, southwest, united and jetblue have all applied to fly commercial flights to cuba. the department of transportation is expected to make a decision on the flights this summer. another big visit we're followingvice president joe biden will be spending some time in cincinnati next week.he'll visit tuesday for an event supporting ted strickland -- who just this week secured the democratic nomination to run for u-s senate.he'll face incumbant rob portman this fall. police in new york investigate after a suspicious letter is
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son.eric trump reported to police that he recieved a letter containing white powder and a threatening note last night.and while police aren't saying much the trump organization source has confirmed the letter was sent to the trump's 32 year old son, who lives in a high-end apartment building on central park south.sources have said the letter wanted trump to drop out of the presidential race and said harm would come to the trump family, even the children, if he stayed in the field. high profile toronto politician rob ford is now in the hospital, two years after announcing he had cancer. cancer.his chief of staff said in a statement that ford was hospitalized because of his cancer battle.the ford family is asking for privacy and thanking the people of toronto for their gained worldwide notoriety in 2013 -- when as mayor -- he denied for months that he had been caught smoking crack cocaine.he then refused to is now a city council member. ebola is back!months after health officials said the
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has been reported.and efforts are underway to keep it from spreading to the u.s. a fundraiser at milford high school -- for one of their own. proceeds from tonight's basketball tournament will raise money for a teacher to get a facility autism assistance dog from *4 paws for ability.that game gets
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where all meals are under $4.
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a developing story right now - doctors are working quickly to isolate new cases of the ebola virus. virus. just two months organization declared the outbreak over... they confirmed two new cases today in guinea. both people died. there are also three more suspected cases right now, and doctors say the region is at risk of what they call "flare ups." a team of experts has been sent to track down the source of the virus. ebola has killed more than 11- thousand people since the outbreak began in december of 2013... the worst ebola epidemic ever recorded. it's cutting-edge technology
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creepy.newsy's samantha crook has a look google is reportedly breaking ties with the company responsible for making some unnervingly realistic robots. bloomberg reports google's parent company put boston dynamics up for sale because it didn't see the company making revenue in the near future. google was also concerned the robots might be freaking people obtained the information from private emails and meeting minutes leaked by a company employee.since google acquired the company in 2013, there's been speculation the advanced robots could be used against people or for military operations.the company's most recent video of someone repeatedly hassling a humanoid robot also solicited some concern. hopefully these robots never come up with algorithms for revenge.a google communications director said in an email acquired by bloomberg: "we're not going to comment on this video because there's really not a lot we can add, and we don't want to answer most of the qs it triggers."there's no confirmation on what companies might want to welcome these unique robots to their team. this video includes an image
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from google and boston dynamics. can now follow newsy on your tv or favorite streaming device. device. a big arrest in the paris terror attacks! attacks!one of the primary suspects is now in custody.a look at the raid that nabbed one of the world's most wanted men. and theres a way to get to the scripps spelling bee in d-c without knowing how to spell.
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all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and picture. welcome back to the now cincinnati...
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now coming to an end. a fugitive in the paris attacks was captured alive today.and now france's president is saying more people may have been involved in the plot than first's ray raimundi with the breaking details from new york. the most wanted man in the world --- captured this afternoon in belgium. sot --- 14:13:56 it's extremely significant form intelligence standpoint.. salah abdeslam (ab-du-slam)....wounded ... but now in the custody of belgium authorities...after a raid on this apartment in a neighborhood in brussels. the arrest --- culminating a four-month international manhunt for the french national -- who authorities say is responsible for the november 13th terrorist attacks in paris... which killed 130 people. sot -- from josh earnest us intelligence officials had been working closely with french and belgium nat. sec. officials since nov. abc news has learned abdeslam was tracked to this neighborhood earlier this week....after it's believed fingerprints were discovered in an apartment.. federal prosecutors say abdeslam was able to escape. the raid -- allegedly
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from his childhood home. sot - 14:16:58 . he's been in that comm for # of weeks and months it took that long to figure out that location.. the capture -- a victory against isis -- and a strong message to those who committ acts of terror. sot - 1416:31 this capture sends the message to basically all extremist groups that the law enforcement and the intelligence agencies will continue to look for you until they find you ray on cam tag: european officials say since november -- more than a hundred house searches were conducted and 58 people were arrested. this arrest -- by far -- the biggest and most signficant. say it isnt so!steve is
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a canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely chance for rain on saturday. but as temperatures drop as we head into saturday morning, we'll see conditions that are cold enough to get some snowflakes. we are not expecting anything to stick on saturday morning and this will likely turn to rain quickly during the day. scattered showers will be around for the majority of saturday with less than 1/2" of rain possible. temperatures only hit the mid 40s tomorrow. on to sunday, we could see a few flurries early in the morning but this is the back edge of this system. by that afternoon, skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures only reach 40 degrees. a butler county man will be featured on tonight's all new episode of shark tank. tank. inventor tom osborn is pitching what he calls the
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all time.. it's called the beer blizzard.. and it's purpose is to keep your brew cold from the first sip to the last. osborn says it was an intimidating process explaining the product to the sharks.. and tonight while we watch it live-- he'll be seeing it for the first time too. 02:35:52 i'm going to have a watch party with my wife, my friends and my yorkies. yorkies. so how did osborn come up with the beer blizzard? tonight at 5-30 he talks to craig mckee about his ah-ha moment. then tonight at 9-- watch shark tank to find out if he makes a deal. five cheetah cubs being cared for by the cincinnati zoo -- aren't doing so well. well.the cubs are now under around the clock care at the zoo's breeding facility in clermont county.those crews are feeding the cubs every three hours in hopes they'll get stronger.they were born earlier this month in a rare
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past the first week -- the first big milestone. how would you like to go to washington, d.c. this spring for the scripps national spelling bee -- even if you're not the best speller in the tri-state?9 on your side's kathrine nero is here to explain how you can do it! find details to be a
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the tri-state has already named its winners who are now headed to washington, d.c.if you missed the live broadcast saturday at wcpo dot can watch the broadcast version of the bee right here on 9 on your side.the ohio rounds will be march 30th at 7:30.kentucky and indiana will be the next night at 7:30. tonight and tomorrow -- girls who need a fairy godmother this prom season -- are getting their wishes. cinderella's closet is giving new and gently used formal dresses to juniors and high schools who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford's at the immanuel united methodist church tonight through eight and tomorrow from 9:30 am to four. it was a big craze in offices around the country -- maybe even yours.standing desks. desks.but do they really improve your health?the new research that might have you
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we love our pets... and we're spending a record amount of money to show just how much. much. americans spent 60 billion dollars on grooming... boarding and training in the last year... so why the increase? pets are living longer and so are their owners. alicia wheeler | u-shampooch dog wash and grooming10:29 definitely as they get older us wash just because it gets more difficult for them... them...danielle jarock | owner, quality paws natural pet 18:49 it's been proven that having dogs and cats help you live longer, because it creates the bond between you two and is healthier for both sides of the relationship relationship it's not just baby boomers fueling the trend - millenials are also spending more money on their pets. it's predicted to break yet another record this year... with an estimated 6-percent jump in totals compared to 2015. it's the trendy change in offices across the country, but standing at your desk may not have the health impact first thought. an analysis of 20 studies, shows there's no readily apparent benefit from standing instead of sitting all day at the office.
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sitting is that it can contribute to heart disease and obesity. but standing for too long can cause problems with veins, and doesn't really burn that many extra calories. researchers say longer-term studies are neccesary, and say the best way to improve your health is to take breaks and go for a walk down the hall or up the stairs. now here's carol with what we're working on in the newsroom... newsroom...julie, detectives have been trying to solve this mystery for a year. who was firing shots at the great american tower? well, tonight police believe they have their man...and tom mckee has the story, coming up next at 5. and you've already heard from chris riva, in st. louis to cover the xavier musketeers and march madness. while he's there, chris visits ferguson, missouri, a st. louis suburb was torn apart just 17 months ago. he's
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julie, it's a thoughtful perspective, at this time of celebration for march madness. julie -- ad lib wrap "spring was in bloom but now it's covered in snow. with the start of spring just days away should the groundhog take a hike?" and trending now at wcpo dot com.the search for a perfect home in the country leads one woman to a home that resembles the bates motel in alfred hitchcock's "psycho."check out all the photos and how this local woman made the home her own at wcpo dot can check out "home tours" ever
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... your apps could be eavesdropping on you without you even realizing it.scary thought right? now the government is trying to make
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your side consumer reporter john matarese looks at the efforts underway. underway. julie....this is scary....apps that can spy on you! the f-t-c just sent a warning letter to a dozen android app developers who have apps in the google play market that use a code called "silverpush." "silverpush." "silverpush" is technology that can pick up secret noise signals embedded in t-v shows you're watching. the audio beacon uses your phone's built-in microphone to track your habits even when you're not using the app. right now the government isn't revealing which apps have this. or if this technology is even being used in the u-s right now. but the f-t-c says the developers it's warning have the technology already built into their apps. it's not the software it's mad about... but the fact that the apps don't tell you they could track you when you download and install
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one thing to watch out for is if an app asks for permission to use your phone's microphone... and it doesn't seem like the app needs that for it to advice? say no!and dont go 5:30....3 spring d-i-y- projects you should do in the next couple of weeks so yuo dont waste your money. the south carolina teacher who resigned after a teenage student stole risque photos from her phone -- is now planning to sue her former school district. district.leigh anne arthur says she thinks the district should stand behind their teachers.instead, she says the district blamed her for the incident and asked her to step aside.since the story went public a few weeks ago -- arthur has maintained the student stole the photos from her phone while she was out of the room.that teen is now charged with crimes and aggravated voyeurism. :14 i feel raw, violated, it's something im struggling with
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basisthe district believes arthur is deflecting -- that she's the only one responsible for leaving her classroom, and phone, unattended. dr david eubanks:48 teachers have a very strong responsibility to supervise students at all times. // our information indicates that she was not where she should have been at the time this took place. place.arthur's lawsuit -- which she has yet to file -- seeks damages for defamation and breach of contract. just days before the official start of spring... the northeast is bracing for another blast of winter right now. but a new long-range forecast says the warm weather we've seen in much of the country this winter will continue. and flooding in the south could too. the now's todd walker is breaking it all down from snowy denver. (buds under snow)denver colorado today.. the signs of spring.. got a rather wintry reminder that it is not time to put away the coats and boots..9:01:45 today is the first day of spring break :47
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to a foot of snow.. fell overnight in the rockies.. just a few days before the official start of spring.. 9:02:27 this is actually hideous i wanted to see everything regrow :32 bridge standup 9:00:57 so snow in colorado in march isn't all that uncommon, but it's the principle of the matter.. two days ago i was in dc complaining about how hot it was.. but don't cry for me.. in a couple of days this will all be headed that direction 9:01:08the extra snow.. up to a foot expected in parts of the northeast over the next few days.. along with flooding in the south.. and the hottest february on record .. can be blamed on the last remnents of el nino..8:47:22 we wouldn't be getting that warmest record without el nino so it does have that effect :26 meteorologists expect the next three months to be more of the same..8:45:24 most of the country will continue to be warm with the exception of the south towards texas :30that means potentially more flooding in texas and louisiana.. and for johana.. spring break somewhere other than colorado..9:02:00 i'm going to las vegas it's going
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drought-stricken southern california had hoped it would benefit from a rainy and snowy el nino year... right now the snowpack in the mountains is only about average. the arrival of spring -- isn't looking so great here in the tri state. a canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely chance for rain on saturday. but as temperatures drop as we head into saturday morning, we'll see conditions that are cold enough to get some snowflakes. we are not expecting anything to stick on saturday morning and this will likely turn to rain quickly during the day. scattered showers will be around for the majority of saturday with less than 1/2" of rain possible. temperatures only hit the mid 40s tomorrow. on to sunday, we could see a few flurries early
4:50 pm
back edge of this system. by that afternoon, skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures
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for the first time, a woman is positioned to take over as the head of a combatant command. command. air force general lori robinson was nominated today, to take control of the u-s northern command... also known as north com. it's in charge of defending the u-s homeland. right now, general robinson commands u-s air forces in the pacific. the senate still needs to confirm her nomination. it's not a solution, but leaders dealing with the historic refugee crisis in europe hope it's the next best thing. thing. european leaders arrived today here in belgium to work out the final details of the plan. it means tens of thousands of refugees who are crossing the aegean sea from turkey to greece, will go back to turkey. in exchange, turkey will get financial help, and be
4:52 pm
european union. it also means for every syrian refugee turkey welcomes back, another can leave to a different part of europe. nearly three-times as many refugees have fled to turkey compared to anywhere else... nearly 3- million people so far. new information about a botched gun running investigation, and its ties to a notorious drug lord. the now's fay fredricks is digging into the details from the department of justice: natsfile el chapo raid video january 8, 2016(continue vo) when mexican marines raided joaquin 'el chapo' guzman's compound back in january, the bullets were flying. 5 of the sinaloa drug kingpin's men were killed - one mexican marine injured.(natpop) in the aftermath, a 50 caliber rifle ... similar to this one ... was recovered - a letter from the d-o-j *now confirming it tracked back to 'fast and furious'... (file: fast and furious) the a-t-f's notorious gun running investigation that was supposed to track the illegal sale of weapons believed to be bound for the
4:53 pm
some 1,400 weapons were lost by the a-t-f in mexico. two turning up at the arizona murder scene of u-s border patrol agent brian terry .(dip to black and come back) the rifle found at el chapo's hide-out ... sold in july of 20-10 ... purchased by a straw buyer then illegally transferred to a weapons trafficking organization.(standup) we reached out to an a-t-f spokesperson here in phoenix ... the phoenix office ran the operation between '09 and 20-11 ...(vo) the 5 page letter from the d-o-j to 2 high ranking members of congress also revealing ... (gpx) of the 14- hundred guns lost .... 885 have been recovered 470 in mexico 415 in the u-s for the now, i'm fay fredricks. the letter concludes with an apology. the a-t-f and d-o-j exressing regret over what they call the "flawed execution" of operation fast and furious. an ohio woman -- killed in her bed.and a teenager says he faught with the suspect!
4:54 pm
not at the center of a strange murder investigation. attention soccer fans -- f.c. cincinnati is taking on xavier university tonight!the friendly matchup begins at seven at the xavier soccer's free and open to
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to get hom from work and finding this blocking your way! repairs are now underway on a section of california highway that collapsed monday night. a chunk of highway slid down a mountainside cutting off the a tiny community nearby and leaving emergency officials to scramble for workarounds.the hole is big -- and growing -- so even though conditions aren't perfect, crews are starting repairs. (sergio mendoza/caltrans engineer):37 "went from probably a 200 foot failure up to maybe 500 feet and we anticipate ... we've marked
4:58 pm
monitor it but we anticipate its going to end up at about 700 feet" feet"in the meantime -- the community is using a nearby dirt road that's being used as an alternate route.that highway isn't expected to reopen for at least another two months. a woman near cleveland is killed in her mobile home -- and her boyfriend's teenage son is forced to defend himself too!deputies in tuscarawas county say the 39 year old woman waas found dead in her bed thursday morning. they think her screams woke her boyfriend's 17 year old son.he told investigators that he grabbed a shotgun and faced off with the intruder -- the two struggling before that suspect ran away. :31 "i think he killed my dads girlfriend and he was coming at me." me.""the hardest part is that someone so sweet and so nice and innocent can have something so tragic and bad happen to them." them."authorities have a very limited description of the intruder. that's it from the now cincinnati.9 on your side at 5
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now at five - moment of impact. newly released security video catches the seconds a car flew off a tri-state bridge... into the ohio river. bridge">9 is on your side with the developments - and expert analysis of this video! random shootings at the great american tower leave detectives searching for answers for more than a year. but tonight - police say they have their guy!how technology is playing a part in solving this crime. saint louis in the national eye again! as n-c-a-a games get underway - we look at neighboring ferguson - and the effort to rebuild from an entirely different spotlight. this is nine on your side at five. newly released video shows us the moment of impact between a
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into the ohio river on tuesday. and tonight police say they may have an idea who was inside that car when it went flying off the bridge. nine on your side first showed you that video on wcpo dot com this morning.and now live at five - the new details we learned only hours ago as well as expert analysis of this video. nine on your side's t-j parker begins our live team coverage with the brand new developments released this afternoon.t-j? late last night- police received information from a family- inquiring about a missing person. that person's car- matched the car police say went into the river. dramatic video- tonight- gives us a new perspective on a crash that caused *this* car to flip off the side of the combs-hehl bridge- and into the ohio river. chief sorrells: "2:28 there's a strong possibility that we believe we know who might be had been driving at the time the vehicle went over the bridge"campbell county police chief, craig sorrells- tell 9


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