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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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into the ohio river on tuesday. and tonight police say they may have an idea who was inside that car when it went flying off the bridge. nine on your side first showed you that video on wcpo dot com this morning.and now live at five - the new details we learned only hours ago as well as expert analysis of this video. nine on your side's t-j parker begins our live team coverage with the brand new developments released this afternoon.t-j? late last night- police received information from a family- inquiring about a missing person. that person's car- matched the car police say went into the river. dramatic video- tonight- gives us a new perspective on a crash that caused *this* car to flip off the side of the combs-hehl bridge- and into the ohio river. chief sorrells: "2:28 there's a strong possibility that we believe we know who might be had been driving at the time the vehicle went over the bridge"campbell county police chief, craig sorrells- tell 9
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contacted them- in regards to a missing person. they told police the person they were looking for was last known to be in the campbell county area- and commuted across the bridge, frequently. that person also drove a red pontiac grand prix- the same kind of car police say is in the water. sorrells: "3:15 the most important aspect of this recover is the occupants in the vehicle so we're not going to rush anything that might disturb that"chief sorrells says he's not sure how many people, if anyone, is still in the car. boone county water rescue captain, dale apell, says due to river conditions- it'll be some time before dive crews can get attempt a recovery.dale: "dale 7:13 this river is very unfriendly right now very unforgiving we have to have the current the certain position before any of these divers can do their work" he says the car is secured with a line from the car to a pier. he tells us they'll first make an effort to recover whoever's in the car- and then try to get the car out.dale's familiar with water
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says- he's never dealt with a situation like this. dale: "15:27 we deal with a lot of cars a lot of different types of things in the water but nothing to this magnitude" now dale believes the earliest they'll be able to get into the water- will be tuesday or wednesday, next week. coming up at 6- hear from a man who witnessed the crash- and his concerns about this bridge. live, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. this video was captured by a home security camera as the crash happened tuesday evening. nine on your side's ashley zilka is live with a second- by-second expert analysis of the new clues this video gives us. for the accident reconstructio n team- it's all about putting the pieces together, sort of like a puzzle. the problem..the investigation can't go anywhere without the car that is sitting at the bottom of this river. dan aerni is an accident reconstruction expert. he says it's not surprising there's a
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17:44:07 i think we are in for a wait of several weeks here before it's all taken care of. 10take a look at this surveillance videohere you see the car falling off the combs-hehl bridge after a series of chain-reaction crashes.17:40:32 from what i've known before or seen before, there is a concrete barrier, adjacent to the right lane there and those barriers are typically one meter tall or about 39 inches. 46because of this factor aerni says either the car was tumbling at the time it went overor it was pushed up over the wall. let's take a look at this video again...17:40:49 this car i believe it to be a pontiac grand prix. it should have a center of gravity that is much lower than that height. so something unusual happened on the bridge to cause it to climb that wall or go over the wall. 04once the car is recovered, aerni says there will be a black box in it that the reconstruction team will use. the recorder will have to be dried out- but
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17:42:21 it also would have either 2.5 or 5 seconds of pre collision data giving speeds, whether the driver was on the gas pedal or the brake, and things like that. 31 officials have not been able to recover anyone from the car since the crash on tuesday night. but a 911 caller had reported seeing three people when it went off the side of the bridge. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. you can watch this entire video for yourself right now on wcpo dot com.we also have the 9-1-1 calls for help made seconds after the crash for you to listen in their entirety. {44:05 "i'm jason law. coming up, i'll take you beneath surface of the ohio river and i'll tell you why one diving instructor says it's so difficult for recovery crews to get to that car. that's coming up on 9 on your side, at 6." {44:18 more than 12 months later - a hard working detective solves a crime that had the city on edge.a grand jury is indicting the man accused of firing bullets into the great
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nine on your side's tom mc-kee is live in the newsroom with today's new developments. tom? it was a combination of teamwork, technology and tenacity that cracked this case. the teamwork involved local, state and federal law enforcers. the technology was a ballistics system in maryland. the tenacity was the relentless work of one very determined detective. january, 2015. shots are fired into queen city square on four separate occasions, sending fear into downtown workers. detective robin upchurch is assigned to the case. case. "i worked on this case for a solid silx months interviewing anyone that could possibly be related." related." the tower is home to thousands of employees of american financial group and western southern financial group. group. "we looked at both companies. we looked at people that might not be happy with both companies or employees." employees." a ford focus caught in this security camera provided some clues. shell casings and
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evidence, but didn't lead to a suspect. the break came in may when a rayshawn herald opened fire at people and vehicles in mount auburn. when arrested, herald was carrying a nine millimeter gun that was tested on a ballistics system called "nibin." the weapon matched the evidence from queen city square and herald was charged. charged. "very good feeling. very good feeling to see a case from beginning to end." end." cincinnati police and the hamilton county coroner's office have partnered to get a nibin machine of their own now. now. "a comparison between a cartridge case -- comparing it to the database -- it can do it in hours what would take a firearms examiner a lifetime to do." do." cracking the case was a partnership of cincinnati police, atf, the coroner's office and the u.s. attorney. ballistics data from thousands of crimes is in the nibin system and law enforcers say crimes will be solved -- no matter how old. old. "individuals that want to terrorize this community, this nibin machine is goinkg to be an additional tool in our toolbox that we can use for prosecution." the nibin system that
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hamilton county coroner's office uses costs several hundred thousand dollars, which is coming from drug forfeiture funds. carol -- craig. i hear rumors that we might see a last blast of winter this weekend! weekend!but will we really need to bundle up?nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with your first look at the friday forecast! while our friday evening looks seasonally cool and quiet, the weekend will start with a wintry mix and continue with much-below-average temperatures.over the next few hours, fair skies will give way to increasing clouds. temperatures will fall to the upper 30s, with a chilly rain likely for the morning. breaking developments are coming in tonight in the
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the suspected mastermind is now in the hands of police. "salah abdeslam" was taken into custody just hours ago in brussels. 130 people died in the november's believed abdeslam is connected with isis and was trying to get back to syria when he was being detained. next at five...strong words for the person who allegedly killed a four year old boy. boy. monster.">what the grandmother of the franklin boy scalded with hot water is saying tonight... plus - the eyes of basketball nation fall on saint louis for the n-c double-a tournament. but is the small town of ferguson coming together nearly two years after being torn apart?chris riva takes us
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the woman accused of burning her step-son's legs with scalding hot water hours before his death - is answering to a judge.anna ritchie remains in jail on 350- thousand dollars bond.her four year old step-son, austin died wednesday morning in this home in franklin.nine on your side spoke with austin's grandmother today after court.
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slow.">ritchie will be back in court on march 25-th.the warren county coroner is ruling austin's death a charges could likely be upgraded against ritchie. a liberty township barn goes up in flames.the fire ignited on property on kyles station road this morning.five horses died.the cause remains under investigation. next at five...on the court. court.we're with xavier fans hours before the team's first game in the march madness tournament.a live report from saint louis when we come back. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 we are hours away from tip-off for both the xavier musketeers and the cincinnati bearcats in the first round of the n-c double a tournament. nine on your side sports director john popovich and anchor chris riva are live in saint louis tonight with a look at the big game tonight. this is a very good time to be a college basketall team...and a very dangerous time as well. we saw baylor go down in the first round thursday....we saw arizona get beat last
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it's something that xavier players don't spend a lot of time thinking about as they play the 15th seed weber state tonight...but it is something they have to consider because they know it can happen..and it can ruin a very good season up to this point. and if pulling off the upset is the best feeling ever....getting upset is among the worst...that's what the musketeers hope to avoid tonight. tonight. riva track: while basketball has brought the nations attention to st. louis a community here just 20 miles from downtown is still reeling
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ferguson. the images from those two weeks are still fresh in the minds of residents. when demonstrators clashed with police over the death of michael brown. track the local businesses here have been rebuilt. "you know people need to come together." riva track: the pizza chain is open, the walgreens restored the street at a nearby park the residents still are not sure how much the town has really fixedjohnnie lee lucas "it feels like all that we can do is sit and watch, that's all. we hope that things can get better you know? riva: is
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luas "i seriously doubt that." rivatrack: the police station sits on the same street from where the unrest was 17 months ago, it's hard to tell by the appearance if the town has a made a comeback.riva: is this town healing? john killoran "i don't know? i really do not know. i mean there never saw a lot of conflict here to start with, just that one summer." chris riva "residents here admit, they are not sure how the town has come since august of 2014. but that all agree ferguson still needs time to heal."dina "i think the community really needs time for healing and pay attention to what the people need. so, i think it will get there."this week basketball is bring people together, in a place that has worked to find common
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we look forward to your reports throughout the weekend...guys thanks so much! while our friday evening looks seasonally cool and quiet, the weekend will start with a wintry mix and continue with much-below-average temperatures.over the next few hours, fair skies will give way to increasing clouds. temperatures will fall to the upper 30s, with a chilly rain
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coming up next at five... watching out for you. you.the new warning tonight to avoid food poisoning. and new at 5:30...the start of spring is just hours away. consumer reporter john matarese will show us 3 springtime d-i-y projects you should do around the house as
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tonight in healthy living... it's something one in six americans get every year - food poisoning. and one way of avoiding it, never leave perishable food at room always bring a cooler. and when you refrigerate your leftovers - make sure you re-heat them properly!but if you've stuffed them in the fridge for longer than a week - it's time to part ways and throw them away. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor julie dolan with what we're working on. coming up -- a mother admits to letting letting her boyfriend beat her two-year-old to death as she stood by.we find out what's in store for rebekah kinner after her emotional plea. and a tri-state man hopes his 15-minutes of fame turns into something much bigger. he's on tonight's episode of "shark tank."we caught up with the butler county man to give
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tears in court today as rebekah kinner admits she did nothing to stop the beating of her two year old daughter kinsley kinner. kinner.rebekah kinner pleaded guilty, as charged, to three separate counts - the most serious of which was involuntary manslaughter. 9 on your side is the only station with a bureau dedicated to butler and warren counties and our reporter jay warren has the story--jay?? permitting child abuse and endangering children are the other two charges--now tonight for the first time her father doug kinner spoke to reporters stating that rebekah loved kinsley. rebekah kinner cried as the prosecutor read the statement of facts this morning--that she did nothing last november as brad young beat and shook her two year old daughter kinsley so severely that kinsley died as a result ((rebekah kinner/pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter))"do you understand if you enter a plea of guilty it's a complete admission of your guilt. yes i
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guilty you'll be forever waiving or giving up your right to a trial. yes. is that what you wish to do? that's what i wish to do."in court today was scott senft-kinsley kinner's father--senft says when he sees kinner and young he can only do one thing ((scott senft/kinsley's father))"all i can do is stare at them i can't do nothing i can't talk to them i can't ask them why they did it i can't do none of that."with the court hearings heidi morgan kinsley's grandmother describes a rollercoaster of emotions((heidi morgan/kinsley 's grand mother))"i get to a point to where i need to be daily and then i come here and it's like a cycle it really is because i'll get to where i need to be and then we come back to here and i want this done and over with."and after the hearing today a new voice: doug kinner rebekah's father daughter((doug kinner/rebekah 's father))"you know i know it's a tragic thing what's happened you've heard a lot of things one sided about my daughter you know she really loved kinsley. we all loved her and it's just a tragedy."


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