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guilty you'll be forever waiving or giving up your right to a trial. yes. is that what you wish to do? that's what i wish to do."in court today was scott senft-kinsley kinner's father--senft says when he sees kinner and young he can only do one thing ((scott senft/kinsley's father))"all i can do is stare at them i can't do nothing i can't talk to them i can't ask them why they did it i can't do none of that."with the court hearings heidi morgan kinsley's grandmother describes a rollercoaster of emotions((heidi morgan/kinsley 's grand mother))"i get to a point to where i need to be daily and then i come here and it's like a cycle it really is because i'll get to where i need to be and then we come back to here and i want this done and over with."and after the hearing today a new voice: doug kinner rebekah's father daughter((doug kinner/rebekah 's father))"you know i know it's a tragic thing what's happened you've heard a lot of things one sided about my daughter you know she really loved kinsley. we all loved her and it's just a tragedy."
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daughter didn't protect kinsley ((sot))"i think he was threatening her i recently found out that he was beating on rebekah and i just think that she became afraid." kinner faces a maximum of 25 years in prison--brad young is scheduled for his trial on april 25th--jay warren 9 on your side in the butler warren newsroom. funeral services and a visitation are being held right now for a teenager beaten to death outside of a night club. club.hailey hall died monday -- after spending two weeks in a coma.the 16-year-old's visitation is happening now at the "hodapp funeral home."she will be buried tomorrow. william lamar arnold was arrested - and - according to cincinnati police could be charged in hall's death. police in south-east indiana believe the criminal justice system is being targeted in two pipe bomb explosions. explosions.the first explosion was across the street from the
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most recent one happened in the driveway to the home of a jefferson county superior court judge.there were no injuries in either incident. federal, state, and local authorities are investigating. you see them right there... they're little babeis ... those little babies are cheetahs and they are receiving critical care at the cincinnati zoo. the tiny little felines were born prematurely via a rare c- section last week.right now they are at the nursery where they will stay for eight to twelve weeks.the early birth means their immune systems are not fully developed..zoo staff are working to keep them healthy. we have history ... they are getting the best of care care visitors may get a glimpse of the cubs at the zoo but most of their care is behind the scenes, now to the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.
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at i-275 this friday evening as people get their weekends started. a man from butler county hopes he has *the* idea of the century but will the sharks of shark tank take the bait or swim away from the beer blizzard? 022355-00 this is a terrible idea go home throw it away - we've seen that before.... inventor tom osborn knows the shark's on abc's hit show shark tank can have a pretty serious bite. he also knows he likes a cold beer. 021453-58 our product is quite simply the second greatest in the invention of all time. it was an idea sketched on a napkin and launched on the web based crowd funding site kickstarter. where a video showed potential investors the very basic the concept. 021623-27 turned the beer can
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compound on the bottom of the can and went to bed.021635-36 and beer blizzard was born tiny discs that slide into the bottom of your beer or soda can - that keep your drink cold. the online kickstarter brought in more than 800% of their goal. 021732-37 at the end of that 45 day campaign we had product sales to all 50 states at 45 countries around the world and we knew then we had a hit. that's when the sharks decided to wade into colder waters so to speak.... the show reaching out to have tom and his partner pitch the idea. 022225-30 and you walk into the room and the five sharks are starring you down tom won't say if the sharks melted his dream or swam toward the beer blizzard.021805-11 i'm not allowed any spoilers but i can promise you if you're going to watch it it's an entertaining time entertaining show. will he get the shark's to bite?don't miss tom on an all new episode of "shark tank" airs right here on nine on your side at nine o-clock.
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students are getting a taste of what their future careers may be like. like.many companies and organizations took part in "job shadow day" -- put on by "junior achievement." cincinnati police were also there..... teaching students that they are on their side. a lot of people think..... can find people... it's a small part. part. this is the "job shadow day's" 19th anniversary. coming up on nine on your side at 5:30... 5:30...a big break in the hunt for the man accused helping plan november's deadly attack in paris. this is what happens when you play with fire firea fire breather badly burned by his own trick is recovering and explaining what happened.hear what was going through his mind as terrified students watched from the stands. i'm john matarese: the start of spring is just hours away. im on your side with 3 springtime d-i-y projects you
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soon as possible! you're watching 9 on your side
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the main fugitvie behind the islamic extremist attacks in november has been captured according to french police. police."sah-lah abdeslam" was arrested in belgium this afternoon after being on the run for four months. investigators say he was among
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cafes, a rock concert, and a stadium in paris.130 people were killed."abdeslam" was shot in the leg during the raid.the french president says more arrests will come. the florida fire breather who caught fire during a pep rally is speaking about the scary mistake. mistake.ricky charles says he was trying out a new lamp oil when he went up in flames. charles, suffered first degree burns on his facehis nose got the most damage.he says the kids watching from the stands scared he was. right now i am on fire and you guys taking pictures and watching whether it's a show or is he for real. youi know" know" seven students also went to the hospital after breathing fumes from the fire extinguishers. they were later released. the current front runner for the g-o-p nomination is receiving multiple threats. threats.a suspicious piece of mail containing white powder was sent to donald trump's son. a preliminary test shows the
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also ... the hacker group "anonymous" is launching an offensive stance against trump. they have already released his social security number and cell phone number.the group plans on putting more of his personal information online. a christian website is being ordered to return millions of dollars for a "pay for prayer" scam. scam.the "washington attorney general's" office says the "christian prayer center" preyed upon tens of thousands of unsuspecting victims.a digital collection plate had a price tag for every even used the names of unsuspecting religious leaders not affiliated with the church to get money. "people are really upset and angry at pastor john carlson. and i'm pastor john carlson." carlson."the leader of the church now has to pay back seven million -- when you go the the website it says the site is closed and they "thank you for your prayers." students are now being tested for lead poisoning in new jersey. jersey.the move comes a day after officials announced that lead levels in the district's
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at least 2012.17-thousand students attend schools with elevated lead levels. results are expected to be mailed to parents within a week. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. spring starts this weekend --- is your home ready? john matarese is on your side with three d-i-y projects you should do now, so you don't waste your money.sot: "she is the most evilest person in the world"a four year old boy dies after a scalding... his stepmother before a judge today... his distraught grandma speaks're
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. you wouldn't know it by the forecast, but the start of spring is just hours away. consumer reporter john matarese will show us 3 springtime d-i-y projects you should do around the house as soon as possible!but first... why tri state gas prices could be heading up again! john? tanya....we've been enjoying gas prices under two bucks since december.but those days could soon be coming to an end. end.just this week, we found gas for 2.09 in florence and
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the result of crude oil moving form 30 dollars up to 40 dollars a barrel in the past month....and analysts say stations everywhere may soon push past the two dollar mark. starbucks tonight is facing a latte time you order starbucks....check to see how much you really got in your cup! cup!a lawsuit filed in california, claims strarbucks routtinely shortchanges customers on the size of its says their recipe does not hit the advertised amount 16 ounces for a grande latte.starbucks disputes the claim, saying its a "latte" garbage. spring will be here this weekend so you might start thinking about some household projects to tackle in the next few weeks.tonight, 3 important d-i-y projects that most people can do, and not have to pay a handyman. spring cleaning season is here. and there are many projects
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"when deciding whether you should do a project yourself, you really need to think about three things: do you have the time; do you have the resources; and do you have the proper tools to do the project right?" our partners at the consumer guide angies list have named 3 d-i-y spring projects most people should be able to do.. the most important: cleaning your dryer vent, because it can be a fire hazard.angie says disconnect the tube fom the dryer, and use your vacuum cleaners long attachment to clean it inside. next: look for paint chips and cracks that popped up over the winter, and cover them up.but but professional painter neal fine says dont try to save money buying the cheapest paint....instead look for paint that includes primer. primer."it's very typical for most paints to have a built-in primer now. it will help it adhere better to the surface, and it also helps to cover in two coats and give you the true color."finally, check for mold that may have grown in your kitchen or bathrooms during the winter.if it is minor, a bleach water mixture can kill it. it."you can probably tackle that yourself with water and a
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key to tackling that project is making sure that you find the source of the moisture, otherwise it's going to come right back,"but angie says if that mold is below the a pro. finally one last diy chore you should do in the next two weeks....get that first round of spring fertilizer down on your yard.dont go away: i'll be back at 6pm to tell you about a tri state woman/s warranty claim denied....becaus e her refrigerator was too dusty!what you need to know about warranties so you dont waste your money. a canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for a likely
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there could be a mix of rain and snow tomorrow morning, with the best chance to see snowflakes north of the ohio river.scattered showers will be around for the majority of saturday with less than 1/2" of rain possible. temperatures only hit the mid 40s tomorrow. on to sunday, we could see a few flurries early in the morning but this is the back edge of this system. by that afternoon, skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures only reach 40 degrees. next on 9 on your side at 5:30... 5:30...the pope has a new way
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next on 9 on your side at 5:30... 5:30...the pope has a new way of reaching his millions of followers.see the latest way
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a modern day pontiff. murky waters. new at six... a going under the surface of the ohio river to show why it will take so long to recover that car that went off the combs - hehl bridge. and here's what you'll see tonight on nine on your side. don't forget to watch shark tank'll see a tri- state man pitch his interesting idea to keep your
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a pair of bald eagles known as "mr president" and "the first lady" welcomed their first eaglet this morning and it was caught on camera.the "eagle cam" caught the tiny bird break its shell at a washington d-c conservatory. another egg is expected to hatch very soon.people are encouraged to predict when that will be-- post your guess on twiter using the hashtag "d- c eagle-cam." pope francis is taking a page from justin bieber, selena gomez, and taylor swift. swift.the head of the catholic church will soon be reaching millions of admirers through instagram.the account is scheduled to go live tomorrow -- on the third anniversary of his inauguration.this is not the pontiff's trip to the social media rodeo.he has close to nine million twitter
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a four year old died after being scalded. next at six.. the grandmother of that boy is speaking out. carol williams joins us with that story we're working on for you. the grand mother of austin cooper calls anna ritchie "pure evil" for what she is accused of doing. "what could a 4 year old do to get scaled to death?" death?"ritchie was arragnged today. the punishment that should receive. and a tri-state mom who is caring for a disabled daughter runs into a brick wall when trying to get her refrigerator fixed. the warranty company says it won't cover the repairs. then she called john matarese. what happened
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track: some call her "pure evil.""sot: people watch out for your kids because you never know who they're with." track: the stark comments about a stepmom accused of scalding a four year old to death.track: under the surface. sot:think about closing your eyes wandering in a field and tring to find that car in the middle of that field. track: after a car plunges of the combs- hehl bridge.. the divers challenge
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witness who saw it happen. track: stuck with a bill. sot: but the warranty company said they weren't going to honor it. track: nine on your side steps in when a warranty company says it won't pay to fix a woman's fridge. side. an evil monster. those words used tonight to describe the step-mother of a 4-year-old boy. she's accused of scalding him ... which led to his death. death. the accused step-mother faced a judge today. the grandmother of the little boy held nothing back outside the our julie o'neill reports. it is rare we hear an interview so frought with anger and pain- this grandmother... i'll warn you... making clear in descriptive words, what authorities believe happened to this little boy...calling the accused pure evil.please state your name: anna marie ritchie..appearing in franklin municipal court via video anna ritchie said little else to judge ruppert. - she has no
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didn't do anything she spanked hi the maternal grandmother of ritchie's 4-year-old step son had a lot to say afterward.i want her to get the death penalty. she took my baby. i want her. sheri gredig said she didn't believe her daughter, jessica, when she first got the call about what happened here at the emerald edge apartments. i thought it was a nightmare and a dream. i thought she was lying to me. gredig says her daughter is a heroin addict trying to get clean. she says her daughter gave up custody of her grandson, austin, a year ago... police say the child's step mother admitted to scalding him as a punishment and sending him to bed early-- his father telling police he found him dead when he checked on him the next morning. morning. no 4-year-old can do anything that wrong to be punished like that. it wasn't hot bath water. it was boiling, scalding water off of a stove.


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