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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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didn't do anything she spanked hi the maternal grandmother of ritchie's 4-year-old step son had a lot to say afterward.i want her to get the death penalty. she took my baby. i want her. sheri gredig said she didn't believe her daughter, jessica, when she first got the call about what happened here at the emerald edge apartments. i thought it was a nightmare and a dream. i thought she was lying to me. gredig says her daughter is a heroin addict trying to get clean. she says her daughter gave up custody of her grandson, austin, a year ago... police say the child's step mother admitted to scalding him as a punishment and sending him to bed early-- his father telling police he found him dead when he checked on him the next morning. morning. no 4-year-old can do anything that wrong to be punished like that. it wasn't hot bath water. it was boiling, scalding water off of a stove.
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walk the streets again because she's an evil evil monster. anna ritchie will remain locked up on a 350-thousand dollar bond until a preliminary hearing set for next friday. we'll be there. julie o'neill 9 on your side. for now, ritchie is facing child endangering charges, but the judge said he expects more serious charges to come soon. now at six... extraordinary surveillance video of that car going off the comb- hehl bridge and into the ohio river this week. it was recorded by a home owner who lives along the river. you can see the splash as the car goes into the water. the other big developments in this story today in case you are just joining us... police may have an idea about who was in that car. they've been in contact with the family of a missing person who was known to be in the area. and... police say it will be tuesday at the earliest before divers can go in to the river to recover the vehicle. nine on your side's t-j parker
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that surveillance video. j-t bridge. t-j. that witness describes watching in horror as that car flipped off the side of the bridge, here. he's now concerned- something like that- could happen to anyone. robert detish//witness: " 55:31 it hit the water and it bobbed up for about five seconds and then it went straight under"video surveillance- shows the moments after a car was hit on the combs hehl bridge- went over the side- and plunged into the ohio river. robert detish and his son watched the whole thing unfold- from their front porch. robert: "57:17 the next thing you know the squeals got louder, heavier, there was a succession of about five to seven bangs and the car flew up in the air here, the suv, and came down through the gertters, and when it came down it had no bridge to land on the rear end was hanging
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down like this straight into the water"he immediately called 9-1-1. his son- took off towards the river- to see if he could do *anything* to help- but couldn't. robert: "57:53 it's a helpless feeling cause obviously theres nothing you can do"in disbelief he watched as the car disappeared below the surfacerobert: "00:02 it's troubled me for a couple days"robert is now questioning overall bridge safety after witnessing the crash. robert: "00:33 something should be done to keep it from happening again, cause i sure don't want to be the one, sitting on the bridge, waiting to go to a concert in a traffic jam and wind up in the river"he's hoping something is done- to prevent something like *this* from happening again. robert: "1:59 just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else" police say the department of transportation has been involved in their investigation. to their knowledge, nothing was wrong with the bridge. live, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. this is what the car that went off the bridge might look
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grand prix. a piece of the cowling from a car like this was found downriver the night of the crash. the conditions in the ohio river make it very dangerous for anyone to reach that car. 9 on your side's jason law spoke with a diving instructor about why it's so difficult for divers to get to the bottom. the ohio river is anywhere from 27 to 40 feet deep under the bridge. but it's not the depth that makes reaching that car so dangerous. it's just not as easy as getting in the water, going to the bottom, and bringing the car to the surface. "this river is very unfriendly right now, very unforgiving. we have to have the current, the speed of the current, in a certain position before any of these divers can work." dale appel with the boone county water rescue team has spent the last couple of days putting together a plan to get to that car. "it's much more challenging than anyone gives them credit for." john hoh is the owner of aquatic dreams in florence,
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diving experience. he says right now the ohio river has zero visibility. we went out with a camera and checked to see what divers will see beneath the surface. "think about closing your eyes, wandering through a field and trying to find a car in the middle of a field." "that's what it's like?" "that's very much what it's like." also, there's big objects, like trees and branches, floating fast down the river. "they have the potential hazard of getting hit from behind by one of these objects. now, you get hit with a tree at five miles per hour, that's going to knock you unconscious. that poses a significant hazard to divers." the original goal was to get divers into the water sunday or monday. but now that's been pushed back to tuesday or wednesday. jason law 9 on your side also making news tonight... the mother of a two-year-old girl killed last year pleads guilty in her death. rebekah kinner entered the plea today
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manslaughter. her daughter... kinsley... died last year. rebekah kinner's boyfriend.... bradley young.. is accused of beating the girl to death. mystery over. an arrest is made for the shots fired at the great american tower.. more than a year after windows were shattered. the high tech device that helped crack the case. getting it fixed. when a company won't honor a warranty... john matarese starts making calls. the results... and what you can learn from them... coming up. its another ncaa apperance for the xavier muskeeters but they're in a far different situation than in the past. i'm john popovich. i'll have a lvie report at six on nine on your side. a prime suspect in the paris terror attacks has been arrested. next on world news tonight... the police operation that led to his capture. that's right after nine on your side. you're watching 9 on your side
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it was a mix of determination and high technology that lead to an arrest in the shots fired at the great american
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its been more than a year since landmark building was shot. police say the break came when rayshawn herald opened fire at people in mount auburn. a new ballistics test traced those rounds to the same gun used in the tower shootings. but it took six months of work to build a case that could be taken to a grand jury. childhood poverty is a signficant issue in the tri- state. millions have been spent trying to fight it.but one expert says setting up children for success comes down to three simple rules. ron haskins is with the brookings institution. he says three things are needed to prevent childhood poverty... finish high school.... waiting until the age of 21 to marry and have children... and full time work. he spoke to the child poverty collaborative today. we look in a random sample of the american population, we find that people who follow those rules almost never live
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earn over $60,000 a year, so they 're over 70%, so they're in the middle class. the goal of the collabrative is to lift ten- thousand children out of poverty in the tri-state. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... the steps the collabroative is taking to reach that goal.. and the concerns raised today about the comments by haskins. ohio's unemployment rate didn't change last month. it's still at four- point- nine- percent. but the department of jobs and family services says the number of people working in the state rose by construction. weather and sports are ahead, up? it's game night for the bearcats and musketeers and a tri state basketball team is
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title....when nine on your side continues. when this mom's fridge needed fixed...sot: "the warranty company said they weren't going to honor it."9 on your side's john matarese investigated. the store's response... the solution... and the steps to take so you
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the internet is replacing community cable in middletown. t-v middletown went off the air in january because of budget consideration s. now... the city plans to stream city council meetings.. and the board of education. videos of the meetings will
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a tri state mom who is caring for a disabled daughter has no refrigerator for her daughter's food tonight. the fridge broke... and the warranty company denied her consumer reproter john matarese stepped in to help out, and has a caution for everyone. john? craig and buy an extended warranty to give you piece of mind if something goes wrong.but tonight a cincinnati woman has no fridge .... because the warranty company told her she failed to properly maintain it!so we are your side getting help for a mom and her daughter in need. "it's just not working. the compressor is dead."lashawn huckabee has a problem: her fridge no longer works. works."it's not cold at all." but what makes it an even bigger problem is that she has a special needs daughter....wh o requires this formula several times a day. "she's on a special diet. and we have to keep it cold for her or else it will spoil really quickly."so lashawn is now using a cooler, and the neighbors ice, as she tries to
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fridge."lashawn says she does what a lot of hard working people do.she bought all her appliances at the same store and made sure she bought the extended warranty for her protection."------------------ so she called the warranty company -- supplied by hh gregg -- and says a repairman came over and said it needed a new compressor.but then she got some really bad news. news."the warranty company siad they weren't going to honor it."she says the warranty company refused to pay for a repair because she failed to properly maintain it, by not vacuuming all the dust under the fridge. fridge."they said because it was dusty they weren't going to honor the warranty at all." so we contacted the store, which promised to help.and an hh gregg spokesman scheduled a repairman to come over monday with a new compressor.lashawn hopes she can soon properly refrigerate her daughters formula. stinks." the warranty actually comes from a third party we want to
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the plate and being willing to resolve this quickly.but the message here: check the terms of any extended warranty.if it requries maintenance...make sure you do it.or if it sounds ridiculous, dont buy the warranty so you dont waste your money.
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one and done: michigan state, cal and dayton. all knocked out of the ncaa tournament
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the flyers were grounded today by syracuse. michael benn-a- jay to tyler robertson for the ally oopud shot just 32-percent. syracuse to the round of 32 with a 70-51 win. in st. louis, the xavier musketeers take on weber state tonight, trying to avoid that fate.john popovich is out there with them....john? toss line to's a chance for the xavier musketeers to prove that they're the real thing..they did everything they could during the regular season, but they know that there are still plenty of doubters out there the musketeers are the second seed care of weber state.a 15th seed. but you know how these things go in the ncaa tournament.some coaches say to worry abouot one game at a time minutes to other wordsconcentrate on these forty minutes tonight and that
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trt far as we are concerned."((mack: )) the musketeers had to watch what happened here today....syracuse sent dayton home...but middletown state pulled off a huge upset over second seeded michigan state. john popovich nine on your from st louis...ken..... out in spokane, it's a late night tip for the uc bearcats. they're a nine seed. their opponent, st. joe's is an eight seed.our top seed out west, is keenan singleton. ((keenan: it's hard to believe it was just a week ago today that uc saw its regular season end, in a heart breaking four over time loss to uconn. but that was then. and this is the nc-double-a
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forgiven.))((johnson: it's just a new season. and it feels good to be back here for a third time. our sixth consecutive time being here as a team. so we're just here trying to make it happen. and see if we can make a run at march. we feel like we have a good chance.))((clark: it's just one of those games. basketball gods weren't on our side at all.))((keenan: we're on your side at seven, where i'll peer deeper into uc's opponent, the st. joe's hawks. here in spokane, i'm keenan singleton, nine on your side.)) cutdown day for the reds. and the future is not now for a couple of their top prospects: pitcher robert stephenson and outfielder jesse winker were sent to the minor league camp today. newcath coach ron dawn has his team in the kentucky semi- finalsand the thorobreds play on, is senior forward ben weyer. weyer was five of six from outside the arc, had 27- points and 12-rebounds.and newcath beats murray to
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craig has a look at what we'll have for you coming up on nine on your side at seven. craig. coming up tonight on nine on your side at seven...more on what experts are saying about newly released video showing a car plunge into the ohio river. nine on your side at six is
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that's 9 on your side at six for this friday. we're always on with breaking news, weather and sports on
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breaking news this friday night. captured alive. the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks, trapped during a dramatic shootout. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- a nor'easter set to hit. severe weather across the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to eight inches or more. the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to passengers describing the jolt. the drone, the jet -- and the close call. donald trump hacked, the fbi


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