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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaking news this friday night. captured alive. the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks, trapped during a dramatic shootout. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- a nor'easter set to hit. severe weather across the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to eight inches or more. the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to passengers describing the jolt. the drone, the jet -- and the close call. donald trump hacked, the fbi
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and the threat sent to his son. and diane sawyer with the famous actress. did she lure in one of the most hunted men in the world? the interview right here tonight. good evening. we begin tonight with the shootout. tonight, one of the most wanted men after the terror attacks in paris, now captured alive. a series of explosions, smoke, several arrests, including the man believed to be at the center of a manhunt in europe. salah abdeslam, wounded but alive tonight. and authorities plan to grill him. here's alex marquardt with the question, who was helping him to
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authorities had been for months? >> reporter: tonight, gunshots ringing out as heavily-armed s.w.a.t. teams moved in. residents running for cover as one of the world's most wanted men is cornered on this brussels street. salah abdeslam, believed to be the man in the hooded sweatshirt, dragged off the pavement by police. shot in the leg, you can see him limping as they force him into the car. the special forces training their guns on nearby buildings, looking for possible accomplices. as an ambulance whisks abdeslam away to the hospital. now in custody, guarded by masked men. the 26-year-old abdeslam was the only survivor of the group of terrorists who carried out the highly coordinated deadly paris attacks that claimed 130 lives. a french citizen raised in belgium, he rented the car that drove a team of suicide bombers to the soccer stadium. a match between germany and france was under way, interrupted by those powerful blasts. abdeslam also rented the car
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at the bataclan theater, where an american rock band was performing, freezing in fear as shots rang out. a pregnant woman hanging out the window, begging for help. not far away, abdeslam's brother ibrahim opened fire on this cafe, and later detonated a suicide vest. the chaos captured in this "daily mail" video. authorities believe salah adbeslam planned on carrying out another attack that night himself, but got cold feet. abc news has learned he then called two friends in belgium, asking to be picked up. this surveillance image, taken before he slipped across the border into belgium, where his brother mohammed later spoke with reporters. "we do not know where he is," he said.
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belgian authorities conducting more than 58 people. abdeslam's friends told abc news he was trying to get to syria. police got their big break tuesday, raiding this house in brussels. a gunfight ensued, one man killed by sniper fire. two others escaped. abdeslam, reportedly jumping out but he left something behind. and found his fingerprints, a cache of weapons and an isis flag. the net tightened, and this morning, after more than four months on the run, authorities finally got their man. tonight, the neighborhood still rocked with explosions, as the anti-terror operation continues. the police on guard, the streets sealed tight. >> and alex, on the scene in brussels at this hour. we understand four others also arrested in the raid. police investigating how much
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and whether any of the other suspects had a role in the paris attacks? >> reporter: that's right. we understand three of them arrested today were from a single family. and this neighborhood has been under such a microscope, but he was able to avoid capture for this long. back home to the united states, and a major storm, a nor'easter just as spring starts. gaining steam, moving up the coast. a powerful blast of winter causing more than 100 accidents in denver. this fedex truck jackknife ing on i-25. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tonight, winter is refusing to give way to spring. a snowstorm pounded colorado
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up. in boulder, more than 11 inches. streets and highways around denver clogged with crashes. even taking out this snowplow. thanks to the weather, a lot of cars look like this. there have been more than 50 crashes in the denver area already. by midday the number of wrecks doubled. in the south, another round of hail. and in louisiana, near shreveport, classic weather whiplash. >> it was hot this morning and now it's hailing. >> reporter: now, the same system that dumped all this snow here in denver and is now slamming the south is headed east. david? >> let's get right to rob. >> considering this time of year, it's very cold. severe thunderstorm watches, and
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boundary, gets over the midatlantic. rain, snow, d.c. into baltimore. monday morning, a mess from boston to new york. we'll get an inch or so from d.c. to philly, lesser down i-95. i think we'll see some school closures, and it's the first day of spring, so it's a significant storm. now to the air scares tonight. in the east, lightning striking a jet. and at lax, the pilot calling it a drone. david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: this is the storm over new york passengers and the pilots saw. >> gonna give you a right turn real quick. >> we gotta do it now. >> reporter: suddenly, the american airlines commuter jet struck.
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dipped about 100 feet. >> and brickyard 4233, just got hit by lightning. >> roger, everything okay? >> yeah, don't send us through there again, it's pretty bad. >> reporter: the jet with 55 onboard from raleigh doesn't make it to laguardia, diverting instead to jfk, with what looks to be the marks of lightning. >> poof. like out of nowhere. >> reporter: lightning strikes are not uncommon. >> reporter: the pilot reports a drone passing above him, just 200 feet above the jetliner arriving from germany. other pilots did report seeing
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altitude at the same time. david? >> thanks. now to the race for the white house, donald trump under attack from all sides tonight. his personal investigation reportedly hacked, and a threat also reportedly sent to his son mitt romney also speaking out. here's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump fending off attacks from two very different forces -- the republican establishment and international hackers. >> greetings, citizens of the world. >> reporter: the fbi and secret service now investigating claims the hacker group anonymous posted trump's social security number and cell phone information. >> we are very serious about stopping any proposed fourth reich by the fascist donald trump. >> reporter: trump's son, eric, now also fending off threats. a letter containing suspicious white powder delivered to his new york apartment. the powder turning out to be harmless, but the letter, frightening.
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drop out of the race, the next envelope won't be fake." and now in a closed-door meeting, conservative groups strategizing ways to deny trump the nomination. and some prominent republicans, like senator linsey graham, rallying around senator ted cruz. >> i think he is a conservative who i can support. >> reporter: listen to what three weeks ago. >> if you killed ted cruz on the floor of the senate, and the would convict you. >> reporter: late today, will caucus for cruz in next he's hoping enough people will vote for cruz to deny trump the delegates to win the nomination outright, forcing a contested convention. trump firing back on twitter, posting, "mitt romney is a mixed up man who doesn't have a clue. no wonder why he lost."
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tom llamas with us. mitt romney, saying he's voting for cruz, not because he's a longtime supporter, but because of his continuing strategy? >> yes, he says a vote for anyone other than cruz makes it extremely likely that trumpism will prevail. >> tom, thanks. now to new hampshire, and a case that made national headlines back front and center tonight. the high school graduate, tried for sexual assault, now behind bars. convicted of luring an underage girl, but out on appeal, but a reporter spotted him on a train. now, a judge revoking his bail. here's gio benitez. >> i'm going to revoke bail -- >> reporter: tonight, owen labrie is behind bars,
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violated his curfew. the now 20-year-old convicted last fall of misdemeanor sex assault on an underage schoolmate at st. paul's school. his victim testifying at trial. >> i was raped! >> reporter: labrie was acquitted of felony rape charges, but was convicted of luring an underage girl by computer, and was sentenced to a year in jail. he was out on bail pending appeal. but last month, a reporter for "vice" spotted him on a train and began tweeting about their conversation. "he's in town visiting his girlfriend." that launched an investigation. >> your honor, he lied to the jury. he lied to your honor. and now he's been walking around, not only with his chin up, but with his nose up in the air snubbing your honor's court order. >> reporter: the defense arguing he was traveling to meet with lawyers and attend a lecture for his classes. >> so he chose, wrongly, your honor, admittedly, to try to fly under the radar. he's sorry.
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now could spend a year behind bars. david? >> thanks. next to a drug scandal at a nuclear missile base in the u.s. 14 airmen under investigation for illegal drug activity while off duty. the air force says the security of the nuclear missiles was never at risk. next tonight to the dramatic story of the notorious mexican drug king, el chapo, and the actress. el chapo reached out to her about making a movie of his life. three months later he was captured. and now, that actress, breaking her silence.
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fell for her, or the character she played on tv. >> he had a crush. >> had a crush? >> it looks like -- maybe, i don't know. maybe an admirer? i don't know. okay, maybe, yes. [ laughter ] i don't know. we'll have to ask him. >> didn't you know you were under surveillance? >> no, i didn't think about it. i thought he knew what he was doing by texting me. if i knew i was being followed, i would have never gone down there. it's a lot of risk. >> you thought you would get in and out, and no one would know? >> yes. >> later tonight, the dramatic story, diane sawyer's exclusive
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and much more still coming on "world news tonight." the explosion of a bakery, the baker survives. also, the fbi tonight with a warning for millions of american drivers. is your car vulnerable to a hacker that can take over control? and the simple tips. what to do with your car right now. and the image so many were talking about today. the sad grandpa, and why he was sad. he did something for all of his grandchildren, but only one showed up. we'll be back. the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost compact and 100 calories. i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start...
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next tonight, the fbi with a new warning for all drivers. hacker? we've reported before on the possibility that someone could driving. eva pilgrim with the new warning, and some tips. >> reporter: tonight, a new warning to drivers across the country, your car could be vulnerable to hackers. >> kill the engine. >> reporter: we've seen the demonstrations like this one by "wired" magazine showing how someone can take control of newer cars with internet connections. >> guys, i need the accelerator to work again. >> reporter: remotely shutting down the engine of this jeep, taking over the steering wheel, the wipers, radio, even the brakes. >> hold on tight. hold on. oh, [ bleep ]. >> reporter: days after that eye-opening experiment, fiat chrysler recalling 1.4 million vehicles for a software patch. and while there are no documented malicious hacks yet,
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with some simple steps. check the manufacturer's website to make sure your car's software is up to date. do the same for any device you add. and david, most newer cars have a port, like this one, so your mechanic can fix your car. but it also gives easy access to hackers so experts say be careful who you let inside. david? >> thanks. when we come back, we remember an actor from a very popular tv series. and sad grandpa going viral. tonight, the outpouring of support, right after the break. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler
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him. and joe santos, actor, died today after suffering a heart attack. he was 84. to the grandfather tonight, and an outpouring of support. he invited all 6 of his grandchildren, and only one showed. they'll show up next time. and dennis dunleavy, started here right out of college. retires today as our senior washington editor. we'll miss you, dennis.
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calling 844-844-2424. or visit a car plunges off this bridge... tonight, the car that may be in the water... expert analysis... and police's lead on the possible vicitm. cold air and snow are coming. the best times to make weekend plans in your 9 first warning forecast... next on 9 on your side at 7. finally tonight, our persons of the week. the conservationists behind the webcams capturing american eagle families around the country. today, it happened. the egg on the left cracking. the eaglet today, on the way out.
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president and the first lady. stay they started nesting about two years ago. >> they're kind of like a modern family in a lot of ways. take turns incubating the eggs, take turns going to fish and hunt for food. >> today, we saw it. one eagle flying back to the nest with the catch of the day. shared with each other, and then the eaglet. we've seen this before, live webcams in pittsburgh, capturing the egg roll, keeping the temperature constant, 100 degrees. but back in washington, d.c., all eyes on the other egg, still waiting for it to hatch. >> being able to see the love and caring that goes into
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now at seven - experts weigh in on this newly released video showing a car plunging into the ohio river.what else we're learning about the the people possibly inside that car... plus - taking a dip.the chilly air moving into the tri-state. when you need to bring the jacket in your nine first warning forecast! plus - we are hours away from tip in two very important games for tri-state basketball fans.a live report from saint louis - now on nine onyour side at seven! good evening - i'm craig mc-


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