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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sot: "a monster got ahold of him and just ripped him apart for no reason at all"this mother watches in horror as her son stabs her husband to death. the memory of the lost love of her life.a verdict in his sex tape trial leaves hulk hogan sobbing... the allegations the jury didn't get the whole story. 9 on your side
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new on 11 at 11... a horrible crime.. a son stabbing a man wife watches. "it's like a dream. it's like a horrible nightmare." tonight a man is behind bars after hamilton police say he stabbed another man to death and then ran-- 9 on your side
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mother. she says the victim of the deadly stabbing was her husband. husband.she trusted only 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon to share her story. it was a heart wrenching moment for this woman. she tells me she didn't just lose her *son but she lost her *family. she says her *husband was the love of her life. "i don't know what to do without him. i don't know what to do."cindy day wagers is without her best friend."he had a heart of gold. he was a good man. he treated me and my mom like we was queens."he was her husband--56-year-old clifford wagers. but on march 16th-- her whole world would change. wagers was stabbed to death. the man who police say did it was her son. ___ year old jonathon day."we noticed he wasn't acting right. he was a different person."his family says he was suffering mentally and also did drugs. they relied on god and prayer--hoping he would change."we all agreed that we didn't want him to stay here...but it's hard to turn down your kid when you want
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tried for days.. asking to say at home.. then wednesday.. jonathan returned with a knife... and turned on wagers in the backyard... he ran for the fence. it was too late. "he said help me cindy! i'm bleeding! he cut me." what she saw shattered her heart." sliced him from here all the way down...stabbed him in his heart and his sides and his stomach it's like a monster had got a hold of him. he just ripped him apart for no reason at all (pause)in that moment -- she says he was not her son. my husband was so good to him. he had no right to do that to him."roe: early thursday morning--jonathon day would eventualty be arrested on north west washington blvd. his mother hasn't spoken with him is now charged with murder. this mother hopes her son will get help."m husband was my life. he was my everything. i hope it haunts him like it haunts me." \ she says she's left picking up the pieces struggling to pay for the funeral. but she says god, her family and her
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this. she hopes her husband's beautiful spirit will be remembered forever. her son is due in court wednesday. craig. new on 11 at 11... hulk hogan wins his sex tape lawsuit against the website gawker. the jury also awarded hogan 115- million dollars.... 15 million dollars more than hogan had demanded. hogan sobbed in court as the decision was announced. but.. the attorney for gawker accused the court of not giving his client a fair hearing.. and said this case is far from over. " i am confident that we would have prevailed at trial if we had been allowed to present the full case to the jury. that's why we feel very positive about the appeal that we have already begun preparing, hogan claimed publishing the video of him in bed with his then best- friend's wife was a violation of privacy... and that putting it on the internet left him emotionally shattered. also new at 11... ohio's attorney general rejects a plan to legalize medical marijuana for a fourth time.
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found at least 11 problems in the petition.the group wants to amend ohio's constitution to allow medical marijuana. the attorney general has to approve the petition language before the group can start a second drive to actually put the issue on the november ballot. now on 11 at 11.. the stunning video that shows a car falling from the combs - hehl bridge into the ohio river. tonight we know police have an idea who might have been in the car when it fell on tuesday after it was hit by a semi. nine on your sides ashley zikla has more on the video.. and what police are saying about their investigation tonight. ashley. right now- the investigation is at a halt because the key piece of evidence sits at the bottom of the ohio river.there are a lot of questionsinc luding is anyone still in the car? robert detish//witness: " 55:31 it hit the water and it bobbed up for about five seconds and then it went straight under"robert detish witnessed the horrific crash on the combs-hehl bridge
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will never forget. 9 on your side obtained this surveillance a car plunges off the bridge after a series of chain reaction crashes. robert: "57:17 the next thing you know the squeals got louder, heavier, there was a succession of about five to seven bangs and the car flew up in the air here, the suv, and came down through the gertters, and when it came down it had no bridge to land on the rear end was hanging over the river and it came down like this straight into the water"police believe they may know at least one person who was in the car. a 911 caller had reported seeing three people in the water. 03:14 for us, the most important aspect of this recovery is the occupants of the vehicle. we are not going to rush anything that might disturb that. an accident reconstruction expert says once the car is recovered- investigators will look for a black box. it will have to be dried outbut it will work. 17:42:21 it also would have either 2.5 or 5 seconds of pre
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whether the driver was on the gas pedal or the brake. 31 the boone county water rescue team says they won't be able to attempt to recover any victims *or* the car until tuesday or wednesday... at the earliest. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. just days after he campaigned for ohio governor john kasich... mitt romney tonight said he'll vote for ted cruz in the utah primary. romney posted on facebook that the only path to nominate a republican other than donald trump is to have an open convention... and that supporting cruz is the best way to achieve that. that came as cruz today repeated his call for kasich to drop out of the race... saying a vote for kasich amounts to a vote for trump. their mission is to guard our nation's nuclear missles. tonight.. they are also under investigation for possible drug use. the air force announcing tonight its looking into allegations 14 members of a nuclear weapons security team
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including cocaine while off- duty. but commanders haven't said if it happened off- base. the airmen were stationed at f- e warren air force base near cheyenne, wyoming. they are currently suspended from their duties. now to nine first warning chief metorologist steve raleigh.. and the start of your weekend. steve. so this is the story: a canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest will combine for rain on saturday. there could be a mix of rain and snow tomorrow morning, as temperatures will be near freezing in some spots
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a butler county mother pleads guilty in the death of her two year old daughter. rebekah kinner now faces up to 25 years in prison when she's sentenced. she was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of her daughter kinsley. rebekah kinner's boyfriend.... bradley young.. is accused of beating the girl to death. he is charged with murder and will go on trial in april. tonight its all but certain that the charges against a step mom accused of scalding a four year old boy will be increased. anna ritchie was arraigned by video today in a franklin city courtroom. police say she put
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water tuesday night. the next morning.. cooper's father discovered his son had stopped breathing and died. cooper's grandmother didn't hold anything back after today's hearing. no 4-year-old can do anything that wrong to be punished like that. it wasn't hot bath water. it was boiling, scalding water off of a stove. she should never be allowed to walk the streets again because she's an evil evil monster. ritchie is being held on 350- thousand dollars bond. she's currently charged with child endangering. a grand jury will decide if that should be increased. students in monroe today took steps to fight violence on campus. the junior and senior high schools held a rally on the football field to encourage students to keep their school safe... and support each other. this event was motiviated by the shooting at madison high school last month. the students spent several
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a reminder reds opening day ticket packages go on sale tomorrow morning at nine a-m. prices start at 75 dollars for standing room only on opening day... and a field box ticket to any game in april. there is a limit of four packages per person. last year's tickets sold out in less than an hour. a nun accused of shoplifting. when police realised their suspect wasn't their usual kind of suspect. plane crash. the pilot not yet young enough to vote. the latest on the investigation. swimming with the sharks.a local businsess man hopes to boost his business with an apperance on tonight's show. baby cheetahs in an i-c-u. the round the clock effort underway at this hour at the cincinnati zoo to keep them alive. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 a nun in pennsylvania tonight is charged with shoplifting. police in briar creek near scranton... say surveillance video shows sister agnes pennino taking 23 dollars worth of items such as coffee.. snacks and toiletries and putting them into a bag.. then leaving without paying for them. officers realized it was nun when they tracked license on her car to a convent 20 miles away. convent officials aren't commenting. the store manager says he's stunned. sister agnes will pay a fine if she's convicted. eight u-s sailors on the aircraft carrier eisenhower were injured today when a landing cable broke. the cables are used to stop planes as they land on the deck. this is file video of the
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ship was conducting exercises off the coast of virginia when the accdient happened. the injured sailors were airlifted to a navy hospital in norfolk for treatment. we're told they will all recover. the crew of the aircraft that was trying to land took -off immediately.. and later landed in norfolk. in kansas.. two teenagers are injured after the small plane they were in crashed on a golf course in wichita. an 18 year old female and 17 year old male were on board. its not clear yet who was flying. the 18 year old suffered potentially critical injuries. the 17 year old isn't hurt as badly. its not clear yet why the plane went down. the big sign at the horseshoe casino will be turned off tomorrow night for one hour.. starting at officials say it will be in support of the world wildlife funds "earth hour".. which is held to raise awareness about climate change. while the light is off.. gambling will continue inside the casino, however. tom osborn from butler county ohio and his partner
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a-b-c's shark tank tonight showing the sharks their 'beer blizzard'. mikey here is the ceo....i am the cric chief red neck in charge and being the chief redneck in charge makes me the expert in two categories. fashion and beer and sharks let me tell you something warm beer sucks. sucks. they were first up on tonight's show and quickly caught the attention of the sharks with their plastic ice cubes that fit perfectly into the bottom of aluminum cans. they all treated us great and they were all interested in our product. no one ws rude no one said things like this is a terrible idea go home throw it on the program. program. ultimately mark cuban made the two an offer they couldn't refuse. cuban also agreed to have a
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five baby cheetahs at the cincinnati zoo tonight are fighting to surivive. a total of six cheetahs were born premature last week at the zoo's cheetah breeding facility in clermont county. the three boys and two girls are now getting round the clock care from their keepers and vets. no one is allowed with the babies without a surgical cap.. gown and facemask. "its like beng in an neonatal icu in a hospital. but in this case, a veternary one. " "they're slowly gainng weight, so we readlly do hope they'll make it but they are still in critical condition" condition"the cheetahs were delivered by c-section. so their mother is still at the zoo facility in clermont county getting extra care herself. maynard says that cheetahs are by nature fragile animals... built primarily for speed rather than toughness. a baboon's priceless reaction to a magic trick is making the rounds on the internet... and for a good reason!at first -- she seems bored -- but wait
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stunned by the man's trickery. the magician makes her jaw appear. weather summary: so this is the story: a canadian air mass and some moisture from the southwest
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saturday. there could be a mix of rain and snow tomorrow morning, as temperatures will be near freezing in some spots around here. the best chance to see snowflakes will be in our northern counties in se indiana, as well as butler, warren, & clinton and overall north of the ohio river. scattered showers will be around for the majority of saturday, with less than 1/2" of rain possible. temperatures only hit the mid 40s tomorrow.on to sunday, we could see a few flurries early in the morning, but this is the back edge of this system. by that afternoon, skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures only reach 40
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tonight in healthy
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doctor seuss... purple bread. but.. some say it could be a new superfood. the bread is digested 20 percent slower than regular bread.. so it doesn't cause as much of a spike in blood sugar also is rich in anti- oxidants. the secret ingredient... anti-oxidents extracted from black rice. time to get the latest on the n-c-double-a action with nine on your side sports anchor ken broo. coming up, it's game night for both xavier and uc in the ncaa tournament. tournament.and a tri state high school team is now just a couple of more steps away from a state championship. it's called sports. my nickname in high school was sport. it's
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it's game night....finally. xavier and uc both had the court tonight in their ncaa tournament openers. the musketeers are playing onto the round of 32 after a 71-53 win over weber state tonight. james farr had 18
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bench.xavier plays seven seed wisconsin sunday. the badgers beat pitt tonight, 47-43 uc and st. joe's are at the half.....and st. joe's has a one point lead, 41-40. the flyers were grounded today by syracuse. michael benn-a- jay to tyler robertson for the ally oopud shot just 32-percent. syracuse to the round of 32 with a 70-51 win. and michigan state is one and done. today middle tennessee, a 15 seed, knocked sparty off. jaquan raymond, a three...and a whistle for middle tennessee and giddy potts....who had 19, with a three here.all five middle tennessee starters were in double figures, as the blue raiders pull the upset. in columbus tonight, it was so hurricane. in the ohio division one semifinals....hurricane senior jarron cumberland missed a three from the top of the key
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and forced overtime. and for only the second time this year, wilmington loses. lima senior heads to the division one championship game. trt :14outcue:...first half over, believe me." newcath coach ron dawn has his team in the kentucky semi- finalsand the thorobreds play on, is senior forward ben weyer. weyer was five of six from outside the arc, had 27- points and 12-rebounds.and newcath beats murray to advance to the state semifinal, 75-54 final. dawn, after the game on weyer's performance. trt :11outcue:...knocked 'em down"((dawn: it just worked out. we usually take what's there. if ben's getting good looks outside or inside, he'll take his shots. so we usually just take what's there. we were' getting good shots. and
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cutdown day for the reds. and the future is not now for a couple of their top prospects: pitcher robert stephenson and outfielder jesse winker were sent to the minor league camp today. nice gathering tonight at xavier for a friendly between the new soccer teamin town: cincinnati fc and the goals to show you. but cincinnati fc won the match, 2-0. 3-0-2 now in their pre season matches. their season opens its season one week from saturday night
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breaking now in southern russia... a plane with as many as 55 passengers on board has crashed.the flight from dubai was making its second attempt at landing when it went down near the rostov- on- don airport. there are no reports of any survivors. that's 9 on your side at 11 for this friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ray romano and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's


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