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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  ABC  March 19, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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it isn't who i am. i have a life. i have a good life. i have a great life that has nothing to do with hollywood. >> that does it for this edition of "women of power." for more information on anything featured on today's show, visit us on the web at women of and don't forget to like us on facebook and follow me on twitter at caroline clark, hashtag women of power tv. we'll see you next week. until then, embrace your power. your moment is now. welcome to a special edition of "our world with black enterprise." we're at the 2016 north american international auto show in detroit.
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benson. it's the year of mobility, innovation and performance. >> we talked to the woman making history as the first female ceo and chairman of general motors, mary barra has plans to take car culture to the next level. >> i really have to give a lot of people at general motors credit for giving me great assignments, stretching me, challenging me. that's something that general motors has done really well. michael sprague of kia motors shows how they drive hard to put 1 million cars on the road. >> you bought your car five years ago, even up ten years ago you have a perception of that old kia we talked about earlier. >> right. >> this is a completely different brand. that's what we're trying to drive people to our advertising to say hey, this is the new kia. >> we'll get an inside look at the new diversity volume
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national association of minority automobile dealers honoring carmakers who have made the greatest inroads in minority communities. >> there were some winners that deserved every award that they received because they have invested in not only resources which you have to have somebody that owns the diversity focus. >> and rob shield, head of design at fiat chrysler will give us a glimpse of the minivan getting major buzz. >> not too often in my career as a designer i've had a chance to start with this ground up brand-new. you look at the car coming down it looks very very sexy. i think it's going to turn some heads. >> all that and more coming up when we come back.
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welcome back to the nation's largest auto show, the top names in the business are here showing off their best and boldest cars and trucks in one of the biggest names in the industry right now is mary ra b mary barra, ceo of general motors. mary barra, ceo of general motors pleasure to have you on our world. >> it's great to be here. >> i was very excited to talk to you.
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this is my second auto show. >> okay. >> when i was there last year and als o came this year, what i saw was a sea of blue suits. men in blue suits, right? and now i'm talking to a female ceo. so tell me, is the auto industry still this old boy macho industry? or has it evolved? has it changed? i feel like it has evolved and you are the clear reason why. >> i can definitely tell you at general motors it has. it started a couple decades ago. had it not 20 years back i wouldn't be here right now. i really have to give a lot of people at general motors credit for giving me great assignments, stretching me, challenging me. that's something that general motors has done really well. when you look at the key women that are in positions across the company, really heavy lifting roles, i'm really proud of general motors. >> tell me about your leadership style especially coming off of the g.m. recall and how you were able to really transform the company. >> culture change is something you don't do overnight.
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situation that had tragic consequences. and so we wanted to make sure everybody knew how seriously we take safety and how committed we are to becoming the safety leaders. the team and the way the men and women of general motors rallied to do what needed to be done when we were faced with that challenge and that issue, i was so proud. and so we've really just used that to accelerate. right now i'd say i'm more determined, i'm more impatient. but i think it's the team. >> absolutely. so clearly making major inroads, how does general motors stack up and compete differently against traditional technology companies? >> i think what you have to look at is the strength that general we have scale. we have a lot of technical capability. i'm so proud of the men and women who design the bold -- the capability to scale. aspects of the bold is a technology platform. not only is it electrification. we believe we're leading from a sell cost perspective which
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>> we see in the last few years companies like uber, lift, which you're quite familiar with. i want to find out from you as the company now balances between ownership and access, how does picture? >> the traditional owner driver model is being challenged. and it's going to take time. one of the great things with lift, we found that we had a common view of what we think the future of transportation will be. and with that alignment we were very quickly able to put together the alliance. the other thing that is a real opportunity for general motors is that type of mode of transportation of sharing is most popular in urban areas. that's an area where we can make more progress. we're really strong in the core of the country and with trucks. and those are some of the last places that we'll see sharing. so we see it as an opportunity to really grow. so yes, we're disrupting but in an area where we think it offers a huge opportunity for us. >> so you just talked about the future of the auto industry. what is that future? what does it look like 10, 15,
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>> i wish i knew. because i said that in the next five to ten years i think we'll see more change. but clearly it will be a more connected world and it will be leverage the whole sharing economy. and that's why we're making such important investments in each of those areas. >> that makes sense coming from the leader of the number one automobile company in the united states. thank you very much, mary, for coming on. >> thank you very much. pleasure to meet you. coming up, the look of luxury, the big push to mix
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one day it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. welcome back to "our world with black enterprise." at the north american international auto show, getting
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brand is key to getting them in the show room. and key executive vice president of sales and marketing michael sprague is adding luxury details as one route to getting more kias on the road. >> michael sprague, thank you for joining us on "our world." now you remember where we left off last year? >> right. >> we were standing in front of this car, the k-900. >> yes. >> this car when i posted it last year on social media, it had more comments than any other car that we taped that day. >> right. >> why do you think there's such love for the k-900? >> i think because it's so unexpected coming from the kia brand. we've only been in the u.s. for 21 years. the initial two vehicles we had were probably not the best in terms of the quality or the value. they weren't great vehicles. and a lot of people remember that. but now we've got a portfolio of 12 products all really designed really well, filled with technology, safety, really cool cars. not only is it a cool car but it feels like it's a luxury car.
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company. kia was the company where if you had a job and $199 you got a car. >> right. >> so is this considered luxury driving? >> yes. absolutely. we see the luxury brands moving down into kind of what i would call the mainstream marketplace. we said to ourselves why can't we move up? we had customers coming in for optima and credenza saying i want more. i love the products but i want something bigger more luxurious. as a marketer we respond to our customers. >> absolutely. also it's infused with technology. that seems to be the theme here at the show. >> right. >> can you tell us about the technological advances you've made over the last year? >> this year we're introducing uvo 3. if you recall, it's our in-vehicle connectivity that allows you to control your iphone or your samsung galaxy, any device that you bring into the vehicle with your voice. >> okay. >> now we're introducing with
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so basically on the screen in the car it will replicate the screen on your device. >> interesting. >> and that's really cool nowadays. because before you had a different screen and you had to figure out how to operate it and things like that. now you just use the device in your hand. >> right there. >> looking at the future i know that with regard to kia there's a significant number of minorities that own kias. but a low number of minority automobile dealers. i believe it's 5%. that's roughly 1,000 out of all automobile dealers in the country are owned by minorities. >> right. >> what do you think can be done to change that number? >> it's a great question and something that we're working with our minority dealers now actively recruiting other minority dealers. it requires a significant investment, a lot of capital. so that's always one of the first barriers. but once they've got the right capital and they've worked in the business, it's a very complex business. it's not something that you can
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be a car dealer so i'm going to go buy a car dealership. you really have to understand it. but we recognize that the landscape is changing and so we're actively looking to change the landscape of our dealerships. >> you have brought tremendous change to kia. >> it's a team effort. not just me. >> sure. >> if you bought your car say five years ago, even ten years ago, you have a per ception of that old kia we talked about earlier. >> right. >> this is a completely different brand. >> completely different. >> that's what we're trying to drive people through our advertising to say hey, this is the new kia. >> if lebron james can drive this k-900, anyone should be able to drive that. >> i need you to drive the k-900. >> i tell you what. you know what? you send this to me and i will drive it. >> sounds like a deal. >> michael sprague, thank you very much. wish you all the best. >> thank you. happy to be here. >> up next, encouraging and
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welcome back. one group at the auto show is hard at work shifting industry attitudes toward diversity. this year namad and ihs automotive joined forces to create the diversity volume leadership award. it's to recognize automakers who have sold the mold cars in the multicultural market. i sat down with two of the leaders driving the initiatives. take a look. >> fellows, thanks for joining us on "other world" it's a pleasure to have you. >> thank you for having us, man. >> dammann lester president of national association of minority automobile dealers. mark brand vice president of diversity inclusion and ihs ought moat you've got it. >> we're here at the auto show 2016 detroit. >> right. >> but inside there's not a lot of folks that look like us. i just want to find out why is that the case? >> we're looking to change that. with you guys being here for the
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that there's a very lack of diversity within the media, minority media presence here. hopefully with the awards show that we just did, that we'll begin to have -- change that and have some more exposure to the auto show. >> have you seen the number of people of diversity, of different ethnic groups change over the years? >> yeah. i watch with a very keen eye. i'm part of the global automobile -- i look at the numbers. so i look behind the covers. it is improving. and i think it's reflective of what's going on in the auto industry as a whole. especially you look at the corporate and the senior positions. >> okay. >> it's changing but changing at a much slower rate i think african-american and minority group as a whole would like for it to change. >> help make you more effective i would assume data is really the key asset. that's probably where you come in work with ihs zwlt ethnic consumer we look at the big three groups, african-american, asian, hispanic, i'll say four
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they comprise 20% of new vehicle sales this year. we look at the dealer body, dave will attest, we represent like 5% of the dealer body. you start looking at the senior leadership positions, so director, vice president, and it gets really thin. we're probably somewhere in the single digits, right, as well. >> at the executive level i think there's an opportunity issue, right? as well as an access issue. because what we've seen from being in the auto industry for i guess collectively for over 20, 30 years, you're looking at people that tend to just bounce back from other manufacturers. and so those abilities to pierce that ceiling for minorities, so to speak, we don't have those opportunities presented to us. >> is the awards show, dvo, was that at all connected to helping
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and diversity? does that drive it? >> 100% plus. the whole formation was to bring some awareness to our industry particularly as it represents people of color. >> okay. >> in all aspects, within the manufacturing, car sales, dealers, philanthropic, ad agencies, suppliers. and hopefully that the feedback that we received thus far has been very positive thought was an awakening, an eye-opening thing to see those manufacturers that repeatedly received awards and also those manufacturers who were in the top three. a lot of people left out. a lot of folks thought they were going to win. >> >> to dammann's point, there were some winners that deserved every award that they received because they have invested in not only resources, which we would agree you have to have somebody that owns the diversity focus. >> i'm curious, very curious, who were the winners and also what did you learn as a result
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>> the big winner for the evening is toyota. >> okay. >> we gave out 20 awards. i'll just go through those really high levels the gave out eight award based on the ihs region. breaks out the company in eight regions. we start to identify and educate the entire industry on what is the top ethnic vehicle within the eight regions in the united states? who. >> who was the top ethnic vehicle? >> toyota corolla. >> what did you learn as a result of that? >> my biggest takeaway was, when it comes from the top that diversity is an imperative, it resonates within that company. it trickles down to what the dealer representation is, what they do with minority spend with their ad agencies and also resonates with their minorities supplier base. so it brings everything full circle. >> okay. >> that a strong diversity department really brings forth increase in market share within
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here in detroit, fiat chrysler head of design is rethinking the minivan by making it full of firsts. in this process he's making it
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>> ralph, it's a pleasure to have you on the show. we're sitting here in a minivan. and for most people this might be uncomfortable. but for me, this is my normal day-to-day because i have two kids. >> yeah. >> this is absolutely beautiful. it feels like i'm in a luxury sedan. >> i'm glad you're saying that. that was the mission. it's funny you're a male. typical buyer is female, young family, usually starting. they got baby seats and carriages and all the gear. this format is the best solution. we had to stop and disrupt ourselves. ask what are the latent needs of the customer. it wasn't functionality. it was the image need. it was a big deal. >> i get that. i totally get it. it's interesting. for me it is. because a lot of my friends will tease me you got a minivan. if i had this minivan i would not be joked with. making my day. >> not too often in my career as a designer i've had a chance to start with this thing is ground up brand-new.
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as we could. the track is four inches wider. good stance. coming down the road you're not sure what it is. it looks athletic very sexy. i think it's going to turn some heads. >> how does technology play in your designs? >> it's a big deal. we actually have a whole hmi human interface team that didn't ex ikt four or five years ago. they come from the product industry. minivan is chockful. largest rear entertainment dual screens for the kids. flush mount 8.4 inch screen and 7 inch screen in the cluster. we want to integrate it in such a way it's not assaulting. it's secondary. it's a hectic life when you have kid as you know we design the interi to feel like a spa. technology is there but secondary. >> cameras all throughout the car. >> yes. >> including the front of the car. >> we have two cameras in the front. one for parking right under the badge and one right behind the mirror here.
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let's take a look here and see. >> there's one up here. one of my favorite ones was kind of hiding it. you don't want the camera to spoil the design but there it is. >> right there. >> then we have this as a radar which measures the car in front of you on the freeway. you can automatic cruise control. it will set the speed for you. >> you literally can take your hands off the wheel. >> your feet off the gas. i wouldn't recommend but you can if you fall asleep for example the van can tell that you have and put an input in and alarms will start going off it will wake you up. there's a lot of safety features going on here. >> the first time i heard about you was when you designed the chrysler 300. >> way back. >> not that long ago. >> 12 years ago. >> there you go. since then that was a phenomenal success. >> thank you. >> i think you caught a lot of attention. what have you learned from that experience that's made you so successful today? >> well, back then it was team work. at time it wasn't an obviously solution for us at the time. getting the engineering team rallied, everybody was rallied around the car.
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jewels. no one takes this vehicle lightly. it's very important to us. we look at the segment like 300 was dying. dying segment. why would you invest in the segment again. we think we can change the conversation, change the products. and i think we're starting to get there. i love it. will not forget. thanks very much for your work. >> thank you. >> and that does it for the special edition of "our world with black enterprise." the north american international auto show. be sure to visit us on the web at you can also like us on facebook and follow me on twitter @paul
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