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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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cameras in a baby ward catch a woman walked in and store a baby. away with it. bystanders can't believe it when a bmw is reduced to wreckage, but the woman in the passenger seat seems to be completely unaffected. scene? it's a rainy day rescue with a big problem -- >> the cat keeps walking away. >> how mr. cranky pants finally makes it down. plus, freckles the
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>> look what you've done. and the kids are all bundled in the back. >> they think they're going to murphysburo. >> see why mom and dad's detour leads to the trip of a life time. >> we're on our way to the airport right now. >> are we going? >> that's even better. >> i think you figured out by now that i can be a wee pit -- >> no comment. >> a little bit. >> these stories we're about to show you, i couldn't make this up. the first one takes place in a maternity ward in a hospital. see this woman in the green robe, limping, walks past these people talking and comes back. is he is a woman that just delivered a baby? >> she's a woman who just lost her baby and stole a baby. >> what? >> oh my god! >> how could somebody do that? >> is that why she was leaning over, she had a baby in the bag and she was fearful? >> yes.
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another room, wrapped that baby up. that baby was also born immaturity and was being treated accordingly. >> i cannot begin to imagine what this woman is going through, but to take another woman's baby is mind boggling. >> it gets deeper. she gets the baby home and her family turned her in. had to. >> you do have to. >> they did the right thing. the baby was returned facely. criminal case has been opened up against her. this man bit off more than he can chew. he just got out of jail. he went down for 15 days, got out, broke into a sandwich shop and ate pie, too many pies because he fell asleep. when they found him, he was asleep and wouldn't wake up. >> even when they put him in the police car, he fell back asleep. >> drunk on pie. >> that sounds pretty good. >> i bet he was sitting in jail
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and he got his pie. good for him. this next video is crazy, shocking and stunning all at the same time. cell phone video, apollo, brazil, the aftermath of a horrific crash. what you see that twisted bucket of metal used to be a bmw 3 series. apparently it was traveling through some sort of tunnel, hit a post and shredded that car. >> the left side of the frame of the car is gone. all you see is the guts of the engine. >> the woman in the passenger seat seems to be completely unaffected. you see her rifling through her bag, she is on her cell phone, at one point is even seen putting oj makeup. >> she is probably in shock. >> she is definitely in shock. that explains her nonchalant response. the driver in the car was killed but people and bystanders were
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sitting inside this wreckage, seemingly untouched. >> there's not a bruise on her face, doesn't look like an air bag came out and smacked her. >> people were stunned. now, over to california -- >> did you see what happened? >> they were on a three-hour drive when they came around one corner -- >> a few seconds before we dime this location, the trees had fallen down like crazy. >> that was real close to being a bad accident for these two. >> yeah. and for everyone else on the were hit. >> incredible. these folks just happened to come across this, quarter amile away from their destination when they saw many. hours. when the help finally appears to arrive, it is dark. >> you know, this is a bummer. you're so close to your destination and you have to sit there and wait, but you're alive.
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out of here. where there are cats, there will always be a cat rescue. on this very rainy day, this guy has to climb all the way up to where this cat is. do you see snim the cat keeps walking away. >> cats are finky. >> don't go with strangers. >> as the cat continues to get further out and this guy keeps getting closer, the cats meows get angrier. >> good way to get your tree trimmed. >> it took this guy five minutes to finally get to the cat. he has to earn the trust first. >> that's a big cat. >> uh-huh. >> he grabs the cat. >> he doesn't like me grabbing on him. >> he does put the cat in the bag so he is able to carry it all the way down. you can kind of hear it still meowing from the bag, but he
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all the way back down. now, that happened on a rainy day in california, now we're heading over to illinois where the family of geese found themselves in a courtyard in this office building with no way out. it looks like they flu in and ew in and you see one up on the roof. as they try to guide it through the out let -- but this guy really does know what he is doing. he is able to collect all of the little gosslings. puts them in a crate and guides them through the office until they make it all the way out to the front. >> that's the way to bait them. >> that's a cute way to do it. >> reunited. this segment is brought to
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you buckle because you'll start chuckling. we start on snow. got a guy on skis going to do a flip. nails -- not. you're supposed to go over and under. he straightened out too fast. i think the ground came up just a little too quick for him. >> now, mike may is on the jenny trail up in colorado, but check this out. he says he is wiped out on this trail plenty of times. but watch this. >> that's so rocky and rough, that just looks like a broken bone no matter where you go. >> this makes you want to say slow down, right? here we go. around a corner. he says he's taken this corner plenty of times, but this is the first time he's bit it. he says speed was a factor. he says -- >> too slow. >> he said he took it too slow, that's right. >> you have to jump off that. he just teetered over it. this last one, if you're going to name this after a
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this guy looks like his para gliding e ing ing adventure is about to start. you don't even have a good story on that one, dog, you just failed. i can guarantee you the only thing hurting after that was his pride. someone made a mess in a bathroom -- >> now the reveal of the culprit. >> why there's no hiding who done it this time. >> i was just taking a bath. funny you should find me here. and a natural phenomenon -- >> that's also kind of scary. >> see how crashing ice makes for a cool scene. my feel all day. yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel
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by -- results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. look at this old bucket of rust. >> you see bucket of rust -- >> well, this is an old mercedes 407d. >> how do you revive that thing, it's falling apart? >> in this 17-long video, the mechanics begin to give a little tlc. let's start with some fuel. then a new battery in it. a red light on the dash. after that, they opened up the engine compartment, try to work that gas through the lines. he is stuck in the gas, through the fuel lines and now it's time to start her up. >> no way. >> 12 years. come on.
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cranks for a long time. then get out the heat gun to try to breathe some warm air into this cold engine. not yet. still not working. but with a little persistence and some know how -- >> oh wow they got it to go. >> i wish these mechanics lived in my hometown. over to kentucky where some folks in a school were looking out the window and noticed a bar garbage man doing a slide. >> you have to have fun at work. looks like the roads by school are closed. >> i would like to think he went for safety practice just if he knew what would happen if the truck started to slide. >> practice makes perfect. >> you are going to appreciate this video that comes from russia because it's beautiful in
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also kind of scary. >> how cool. >> this is ice crashing and grinding against itself as the ice that was covering this river in russia just starts moving, pushing the still frozen ice against the shore, forcing it to crash and making these really amazing sounds as well. >> this is like erosion and fast forward. a lot of destruction a lot of carving happening much quicker than maybe if it was just water going by. >> apparently this was captured in may. >> it is beautiful and terrifying. if you're out there, that is incredibly dangerous. thinking of those big chunks that could hurt you. fortunately so the guy reporting is capturing the beauty of flawlessly.
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>> i love dogs and horses because they have the ability to mimic human emotions like roxie. roxie has done something she oughten'. the reveal of the culprit priceless. >> roxie, did you get in the trash? did you do it? >> i was just taking a bath. funny you couldn't find me here. >> you're not mad, are you? i did dog behavior. any way. am i going to get a treat? >> i can imagine what this dog was doing when he jumped in the first place. it heard the door, the owner arriving, where can i hide, hide, hide? shower. >> of course. >> roxie has figured out the perfect hiding place for herself. you can't hide freckle. there he is and there is a doggie bed.
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bed? no. in this facebook page she shows us it's not just dogs who do stuff like this. >> you're not supposed to tear that up. freckles, that is the dog's stuffing for the bed. stop it. >> toss over the plastic chairs, now going after the dog bed. >> freckles, you're going to buy that dog a new bed. i don't know how but you're going to get him a new bed. >> freckles pulls a roxie. i'll give her the face and mosey on up to her. >> was it me? nay. after this surprise, this dad may be the -- >> greatest dad ever. still to come, a pro snowmobiler is hitting the streets of st. paul to nail some stunts. the ride around town you just
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it's basically a fun, ka comedic cooking channel with a little rapping and riming. >> i'm going to show you how to make french fries. first off, give me a potato, the real french fries, peeps. sit down and chop them up. >> i would have to watch this video a couple times. some of these steps are flying right by me. >> i'm just at picking the potatoes. >> y'all listen to rap music, right? >> you have oil, sun pepper on the pan so that the olive oil gets all over them. >> incredibly creative. >> yeah, sit. >> to cooking.
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i'm impressed. >> you're hooked, right? you're paying attention. >> so there you have it. try them out. hopefully they taste good. you both said you don't know how to do this because you suck at cooking. now you don't suck. this guy levi is a professional snow beale bealer in minnesota. >> yee-haw. >> you don't necessarily need snow to ride your snow beebl. he is ripping across that bridge. getting up to a high speed. this is just getting started. >> whoa. >> where is he going to land? >> he probably knows every place.
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mind, gayle. he said he had so much fun, almost too much fun putting together this video. >> look, ma, no hands. >> i'm doing it. >> look at that stunt way behind the snowmobile. >> if you train hard enough, you earn the respect it requires to be able to be allowed to do this. >> good point. the city of st. paul, the entire crew, the police officers that locked down the streets for him all made this possible. they all worked together to make this red bull video one of the best i've ever seen. this was scary. even though he has done lots of other bigger jumps, that right there -- >> hi. >> goes through the parking garage, works his way up the ramp, throwing sparks as he goes, loif ve that shot and then other the cars, over some more cars and then he jumps that edge.
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>> you want to see the entire, incredible video go to right the kids think they're taking a trip to a town in tennessee but really -- >> we're going to disney world. >> the priceless reaction when they find out they're actually
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one. >> that was good. this is mark johnson. >> we're going to leave in about 10 minutes and the kids think they're going to church. >> he's whispering because he has a surprise for his family. >> he and his wife have loaded them up in the car and they think they're going to murphysboro. >> what's there? >> very nice people. the other gayle bass in the country lives there. >> only you would know that. >> i get her e-mails.
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>> we're actually not going to murphysboro. >> pete in the green hat -- >> not so much. >> you got to get a plane to orlando and we're spending the week in disney. >> i love the kid on the right in the stripes. he was so uninterested. he was stuck in the back of the car. >> we're going to disney world! >> the fingers, the smelly fingers. >> you'll be out of school for a week. >> that's even better, no school. >> what if you didn't pack the right stuff. >> that's okay. >> that's exactly my concern. that's exactly what i was thinking. >> guess what, you're not going to a deserted island, okay. you can get stuff. >> orlando is different than murphysboro.
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out of the car, grab her bag and >> what? >> oh, murphys boro chamber of commerce. >> pay that man. >> i'm sure as soon as they step foot inside of epicourt, he'll be fine. the let the montage of the fun begin. >> he's smiling now. >> i think these parents deserve a thumbs up for this. >> hope you enjoyed the show.
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a dog winds up alone at the humane society, but -- >> when the vets were checking >> this one, though, is a very special one.


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