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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a dog winds up alone at the humane society, but -- >> when the vets were checking >> this one, though, is a very special one.
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ing. and -- >> they wanted me to wear this so i could look right so i could play the role. >> that prankster joins a parental planning class. >> i think she just burped. >> that was me. i was just joking. >> what have other students doing some serious second guess ing ing. as you can see, that dog in the corner is frightened. she is skiddish. that dog has been turned in by her owners to this humane society. but look at that -- >> she is a momma dog. >> she is a momma dog and that is one of her puppies. he is in the corner. she is all terrified. then she comes to investigate -- >> now let me point out how tiny mommy is and how big those puppies are. >> well, maybe, maybe they're already a couple weeks old. >> she is reunited with two of
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are four of them. as you can see, that worker at the humane society is taking those puppies out. momma can't stay. here are my two. let me go check. here they are. let me go check. she is going back to make sure everybody is out of the crate that they've been brought in. >> her behavior changed immediately. as soon as that puppy came out, she was like, what? >> my babies. >> her tail started wagging. now she is all in love with the handler here. >> the babies are like, momma, we missed those. >> the story is incredible. when the vets were checking her out, they said she's given birth recently. so, they called the family back and discovered there were puppies and they convinced them to turn the puppies over saying they really need their mom. >> why would you turn in the mother without the puppies and why would you turn that dog in period, she is so cute. >> she really is adorable. >> at the humane society, they'll make sure she is taken care of and all the puppies get
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i want one. more police in sussex england getting a weapon, it's nothing new. they've had some of them since 2008. now they're expanding a lot more of them out into the body camera. three incidents of body camera working very, very well for the sussex police. >> put it down! >> they approach a man behind his door, maybe his apartment, he is not cooperating right away. they use the taser. but the camera captured the entire incident. this is another incident that police released to show off how well these work. a police officer is chasing down a man -- hard to see anything there, but the evidence here is the guy was running away from police, okay? >> he can't come back with his lawyers saying he didn't run. he gave up easily. they can say, no, the camera tells a completely different story. >> finally, you can see one of the officers being attacked by a man.
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>> keep in mind, these cameras work on many different levels. they expanded to 1,019 cameras. 232 -- in this case there's a screen on front so people can see what's being recorded. that alone is a huge deterrent police say once they're aware they're on camera, they're much more likely to apply. they have a tendency to change their behavior, almost like mom is watching. >> that's interesting. because it sounds like they're providing more accountability for everybody involved. >> not just the public. you're absolutely right. >> there seems to be a never-ending-battle between cyclists and motorists. >> uh-huh. >> the person recording this video is capturing an altercation between the guy on the bicycle and the driver of the vehicle in front of it. the cyclist is on a bike. the guy on the vehicle got into
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the bicycle decided to teach this guy a lesson. the guy in the car gets really mad. stop his car, get out. you see he pushes the guy and he falls to the ground. there's someone else in a different vehicle. i can't tell over there, also arguing with a bicyclist. he is in his car, about to drive away, but the altercation continues and now the man is out of the car again. that's when a real fight -- >> whoa. >> he just smashed the dude in the face. >> the dude in the red shirt should have made ate one punch because he is getting his butt kicked now. >> they fall to the ground. fortunately people that were watching this did come to help. eventually they are able to separate them. the driver of the car is expected to face fines.
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his motorcycle is not legal. this guy on his motorcycle decides traffic is very heavy, he is going to quickly switch lanes, go between cars. when the video slows down, this guy right here in this vehicle -- >> with the government play and the antennas on the back, doesn't say police across the back but it might as well. >> well, that police officer wasn't happy about this lane splitting and ended up chasing after this guy. in less than a minute, he is now getting pulled over. >> that's a drag. don't lie. >> i hate that that is not legal. >> he ended up getting a citation. he was hope sthag the officer would let him down -- >> i'm second guessing. you broke the rule. write it up. the first few times i saw this video, there was shock. there was awe.
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now starting to understand where these kids get it from. they're learning from adults. this man in brazil is doing it. he hangs completely off of the balcony. no protection gear. he is out there doing his work, getting it done. >> part of me feels a bit of relief. >> he has to go get the job done. if he doesn't have the proper equipment, he still has to get the job done. >> no way, man. i disagree. you call back your employer and say send the ladders. >> you definitely need protection even with it you can wind up in a sticky situation because this woman was cleaning windows from the 10th floor. she had all the safety equipment in place, still wound up waiving around out there. they had to go up and rescue her. >> good that they had to go up and rescue her and not clean her up. >> exactly because if the man installing this screen falls, it's not going to end like that. >> she's so lucky that her protection actually worked.
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we stay in brazil, another apartment building. you see that man climbing up the wall, it's not spider man, that's a man that heard a person screaming from inside the building, a kid -- that blur, is a kid, hanging out the window. someone was inside and that's how the kid made it to safety. someone else jumped into action and pulled the kid from the inside of the building as the gentleman held him up. >> wow. that was close. >> that is really bad. >> i'm just glad they both didn't fall because they're both in a precarious spot right there. look at that. a company puts their new interesting way. >> they decided, let's play with it and play with it they did because they turned the board room into a bill yard room. >> see how the leaf blower comes into play. this is the most attention any leaf blower has ever gotten. >> yeah. plus, chico found a new toy. >> this is a good way to test
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closed captioning provided by -- minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. 23 you're like me and get a new product, you don't want to get a read the instruction book, you want to play with it, work with it. these bosses told their employees you need to familiarize yourself with the product. their product is a leaf blower. they decided to play with it instead of read the manual. play with it they did. they turned the board room into a billiard room by creating and
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then using the leaf blower as pool cues. >> they can come up with just about anything. >> they had to go to the company to get the right size to use. >> this is probably the most attention any leaf blower has ever gotten. now their office is watching, we are watching -- >> i think it's a really neat idea that the bosses let them put this together to play with it to figure it out. if you have a product, a salesperson or people with the company should be familiar with it so now they know how it works. they know how strong it will blow. >> i think this is a clever idea. >> yes. >> now, it's off to the world of -- >> i have to say this is pretty epic. >> very cool. >> some people have a lot of time on their hands. >> they combined soccer and pool, there you go. >> that's awesome. i want to know how much these things cost.
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but how are they with a leaf blower. natalie here is celebrating her birthday and this is the moment she is getting to open all the birthday cards, the presents. this one, though, is a very special one -- >> big birthday surprise. >> it's just paper. very, very, very valuable paper. -- and then her expression tells you this paper is really cool. >> hit toll a house. >> no concert ticket. >> bieber, swift -- >> no, no. >> one direction? >> no. >> it's the avery brothers. >> apparently she is going to go see the abit brothers. >> apparently i need to add to that my list. >> me, too.
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>> when they get the it's legit. they break down in tears. i get it, though. it's one of the first times you'll go to a concert. it's a big deal. >> ladies, check this out. quite a beautiful vase. >> is that made of wood? >> it is made of wood. >> i love the process of making that gorgeous vase. kyle shows us behind the scenes of the handy work that goes into making his 93rd vase. he is using walnut, poly, ebony. >> so no two are alike. >> that's correct. he starts to make rings in between those rings, those little bits of wood that are going to create accents and off he goes. starts to stand, starts to glue all those rings together then he goes to work on the lays. >> look at that. making 100 of those. >> is he selling them?
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>> this particular one you can't get your hands on. it sold and it sold for 650 bucks. >> i can see why. >> i love this part here where he finished sanding and now he turns the oil and the stain on to it to bring out the rich colors and texture in the wood. after that, he engraves it and finally waxes and polishes it to get that towards you. one of a kind. >> i love it. >> that is absolutely beautiful. >> it's monday and that means more fresh videos to get your weak started. let's get it rolling with this dude who gets a dose of instant karma. plus, mr. fancy found a new mode of transportation. >> so he doesn't get his suit all wet. an extremely awkward moment. >> she's proposing. >> that's not a good response. >> is it real? is it fake? what's it going to be ebombs world is next. what body aches? what knee pain?
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like toasted marshmallow. get real. get jelly belly. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me if you have a case of the mondays -- i've got the cure. we have max from ebombs world. >> yeah! >> bring you the fresh videos for another monday. it's time for real or fake. let's run the footage. >> here we go with video one. >> whoa. [ laughter ]. >> i'm going to say real. >> looks like they've been smashing all other kinds of stuff. the roof where he is standing is slippery. >> and if they have been celebrating, that obviously made
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i'm going real because of the way he fell and landed and just wallowed as he landed. >> we've got four reals. what do you say? >> yeah. i don't think you need to feel bad for this guy. they're up there destroying things. he's trashed, so he gets thrown off with all those broken bottles. hopefully he cleans up the mes he made and he's been a drunk funk all day and needs to clean it up. >> video number two. >> i believe that man has like a cane or a crutch or something is that he is using to scoot himself in the shopping cart. >> where is he going? to his car? then what? >> so he doesn't get his suit all wet. >> here is a little background. they're having abnormal amounts of rain, it's not built for it. there's flooding everywhere.
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that don't want to get their shoes wet. you have people trying to find out all new means of transportation. this is definitely real. >> the funny part is here comes larry and darrell now. they're done laughing at the boss trying to get across the parking lot. we better go help the boss before we get fired. >> all right. here we go with the third and final for ebombs world. >> i can't tell whether this video is sad or happy, so you guys help me out with this. >> i love you and i want to know if you'll marry me. >> get out of here. >> no, she is proposing. >> is this real? >> for real. are you going to marry me? >> yeah, i'll marry you. >> yeah, i'll have lunch with you. >> yeah, i'll marry you. >> what's for dessert? >> why are you putting it on this finger. >> this is really awkward. that's what i'm going with. >> really uncomfortable. >> it's horrible.
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posted it. this is real bad all the way around. >> i'll wear it just like this. you are familiar with the popular youtuber. if you are, you know she has a cool dog named chico. this is chico right here and i think ally got herself a new carry on bag and i think that carry on bag will be -- >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >> it is going crazy over it. pushing it around, it's biting at it. i'm telling you this isn't going to last very long. >> this is a good way to test the durability of your luggage. if it can survive chico, it should be able to survive the baggage handlers. >> that was close. >> get ready to fall in love with this next video because this is in australia at the western australia police station. this is constable mason.
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they rescued just a few days before after its mom had been killed. constable mason took it in. he apparently has experience working with animals. he is passionate about it. he decided to adopt the joey and engaged the internet to name this joey. in this video he is revealing what the name is going to be. the name means a tale so it seems fitting. >> the joey climbed inside his shirt. watch this. >> how can you say no to that? it's cute. i pick him up and start going like this -- >> she is back and she needs help. >> this is tequila.
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t was insane. this is a giant balloon. check this out. this is crazy. when you're pregnant, you shouldn't drink tequila. >> they're working with someone who really needs help and
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>> this is teqwela. >> they need tequila after dealing with her. >> why don't we start by burping the baby. let's start with you. >> oh, i think she just burped. >> but now it's time to change a diaper but it's actually really soiled. >> some powder. oh, snap. >> powder is great. keep the baby nice and dry. >> that i do know because i use baby powder on my crouch. >> hey, the saddest part about all this is these guys probably do need training. they will never set foot in a class like this again. >> never. >> this simulates breast-feeding. >> you go with daddy right now. >> okay. >> you know what, why don't we get michael to help you with this to form that bond. >> okay. >> you're the adopted mother, you don't get that birthing experience that a natural mother would get. it's important for you to
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>> she makes it clear that she is not going to deliver the baby. it's going to be an adoption. >> i'm pushing as hard as i can. oh my goodness! oh, there he is. gorgeous. >> in the end, they have a nice little family with a baby. >> and those guys will forever be traumatized. >> we're going to make a great family. thanks for kicking your week off with us, everyone. have a great monday and we'll
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