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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  March 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a tri-state family is shattered after hamilton police say a son stabbed his own step-father to death... as his mother watched.9 on your side spoke with that woman... who called the victim "the love of her life"... and now
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family.she trusted only 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon to share her story. "i don't know what to do without him. i don't know what to do."cindy day wagers is without her best friend."he had a heart of gold. he was a good man. he treated me and my mom like we was queens."he was her husband--56-year-old clifford wagers. but on march 16th-- her whole world would change. wagers was stabbed to death. the man who police say did it was her son. ___ year old jonathon day."we noticed he wasn't acting right. he was a different person."his family says he was suffering mentally and also did drugs. they relied on god and prayer--hoping he would change."we all agreed that we didn't want him to stay here...but it's hard to turn down your kid when you want him to get him some help."he tried for days.. asking to say at home.. then wednesday.. jonathan returned with a knife... and turned on wagers in the backyard... he ran for the fence. it was too late. "he said help me cindy! i'm bleeding! he cut me." what she
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sliced him from here all the way down...stabbed him in his heart and his sides and his stomach it's like a monster had got a hold of him. he just ripped him apart for no reason at all (pause)in that moment -- she says he was not her son. my husband was so good to him. he had no right to do that to him."day is now charged with murder. this mother hopes her son will get help."m husband was my life. he was my everything. i hope it haunts him like it haunts me." that was 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon reporting. cindy says she's now trying to raise money for clifford's funeral expenses. expenses.she's launched a go-fund-me can find that on our website... w-c- p-o-dot-com. breaking overnight... we've learned that all 62 people aboard a jet that crashed in russia late last night have died.this is new video of the
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ground and exploding. the airliner... carrying 55 passengers and 7 crew members from dubai... went down while landing in the city of rostov-'s still unknown what caused the crash... but officials say the winds at the time were approaching hurricane levels. the n-c-a-a men's basketball tournament has already had its share of memorable moments.but u-c found itself on the wrong end of a buzzer-beater... falling in "heartbreaking fashion" last night.. to st. joseph's.9 on your side's keenan singleton was in spokane for the game... and has reaction from the players and coaches after this
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xavier also played last night... easily defeating wee- ber state by nearly 20 points. sports director john popovitch will join us in 30 minutes... breaking down the highlights. and nine on your side's chris riva has a look at the tri-state fans... who made it feel like a home game. turning dresses into dreams. that's the vision behind cinderella's closet, a non profit that gives prom dresses to girls that cant afford them. them. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live with how a dedicated group of volunteers makes the whole thing possible. this entire experience runs on donations of new and gently used prom dresses.but its so much more than that thanks to the fairy godmothers who help organize this and make everything possible.joining me
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and director of cinderella's closet. this 10th annual event starts at 9:30 at immanuel united methodist church.reporting live...kristen swilley...9 on your side. coming up next... war of words...donald trump attacks mitt romney on his home turf. why he has questions about
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coming up next... war of words...donald trump attacks mitt romney on his home turf. why he has questions about romney's faith. remembering a hero...the outpouring of support after a south carolina police officer is ambushed by a gang member. the strange phone call made by
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thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock.
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terror attacks suspect salah abdeslam has been released from a hospitalhe was one of five people taken into custody during a counter-terror raid earlier this week in belgiumhe was shot in the leg during the operation.abdeslam evaded police for four months after the attacks... which killed 130 people. donald trump is..again.. going after 20-12 republican presidential nominee mitt romney, this time on romney's home turf.he held a rally last night in salt lake city... questioning romney's faith. he's a choke artist. i can't believe... are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? sure?romney has openly expressed opposition to the real estate mogul winning the g-o-p nomination.he endorsed ohio governor john kasich last week.but now says republicans should back senator ted cruz... saying he's the only
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the war of words between donald trump and fox news is back on.the latest round started friday night on twitter... when trump referred to fox news host megyn kelly as "sick" and "overrated".fox news fired back... accusing the real estate mogul of making "sexist verbal assaults" against kelly... and said he had an "extreme, sick obsession" with her. this morning... a south carolina city is mourning the loss of one of its police officers... who was gunned down by a suicidal man.officer allan jacobs... a four and a half year veteran of greenville's police force... tried to stop known gang member deonte mackey.but officials say mackey ran off... hid around the corner of a nearby home... and ambushed jacobs.mackey called the police department a short time later... told officer he was going to shoot himself...
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multi-million dollar ruling.a major blow to a media company... accused of posting a sex tape featuring hulk hogan.the message jurors have for "gawker."you're watching good morning tri state weekend possibly mix with a few snowflakes mainly northeast of hover in the low to mid-40s showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly,
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side a tri-state man is due in court this morning... after police says he beat his pregnant wife... and then threatened police officers. officers.ralph white is charged with domestic abuse... endangering children and menacing.officers say he attacked his common-law wife.. while she was driving a car on interstate 75.they also say he was drinking at the time... and threatened police after he was put into handcuffs. this morning... gawker media is vowing to appeal a multi-
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handed down to hulk hogan over his sex tape lawsuit. hogan sobbed in court as the jury awarded him 115-million dollars.that's 15-million dollars *more* than hogan had demanded.the attorney for gawker accused the court of not giving his client a fair hearing... and said this case is far from over. it's a bright part of cincinnati...but the big sign at the horseshoe casino will be going dark in just a few hours. hours.this is a live picture of the horseshoe casino sight... which will be switched off at eight-30 tonight for "earth hour." casino officials say the blackout will help raise awareness about climate change. it's one of thousands of buildings across the world going dark tonight.gambling will continue inside the casino... however. it's time to check weather
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expect rain showers today to possibly mix with a few snowflakes mainly northeast of cincinnati. temperatures will hover in the low to mid-40s under cloudy skies. tonight, showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly, falling into the upper 20s and
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it is saturday and time now
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for more information on adopting one of these animals you can call the pet pals adoption line at 513-737-pets. celebrating the madness.xavier is moving on... after a big win in the n-c-a-a tournament...the tri-state fans... supporting the team in st. louis.
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tri-state is coming together to help local teens become the *belle* of the ball.this is good morning tri state weekend
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starts right now , good morning... expect rain showers today to possibly mix with a few snowflakes mainly northeast of cincinnati. temperatures will hover in the low to mid-40s under cloudy skies. tonight, showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly, falling into the upper 20s and
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new this morning... we're learning just how many impaired drivers were taken off tri-state highways overnight.according to the ohio state highway patrol... two drivers were arrested during a checkpoint last night in norwood.police say one of those suspects was also driving a stolen car.three others were cited for drug possession... and four were driving with a suspended license.
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that someone *may* have been inside this car after it fell off the combs-hehl (hail) bridge... and plunged into the ohio river. you can see the car tumbling off the bridge after a series of chain-reaction crashes. police have been in contact with the family of a missing person who commutes across the bridge.that person drives a red pontiac grand prix... which is similar to the description given by witnesses. but investigators say.. it's still too dangerous for divers to recover the car. chief sorrell: campbell county police chief03:14 for us, the most important aspect of this recovery is the occupants of the vehicle. we are not going to rush anything that might disturb that. the water rescue team says they won't be able to attempt to recover any victims or the car until tuesday or wednesday... at the earliest. the currents are just too
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no letdown this morning from xavier in a tournament full of upsets.the muskateers took care of business last night... knocking off weber (wee-ber) state in the first round of the n-c-a-a tournament.9 on your side's john popovitch st. louis. they strolled back into the locke room...relaxed...happy but up, one down for the xavier musketeers- couple of losses earlier in the tournament,...we wanted to make sure we would be one of those teams-every team in this tournament is good. eeither they've won their league or played really well. ya just can't show up and play-james farr said the muskies threw the first punch-actually the first few punches-weber state landed a few but when j-p macura hit this three..xavier had an eleven point lead at halftime-i think we made shots...played defnese and got rebounded and limited them to one shot as well-early in the second half, xavier was on the
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sumner to jalin marshall here- wen two quick passes game remy abell a clear three....xavier was up by 14.-but weber fought back....repeatedly...outshooti ng x for a time..cutting the lead to seven-that's when the musketeers showed another gear. james farr with a vicious putback pushed it back to eleven-then when weber cut it to seven again. jalin marshall just assaulted the basket...seemed to be a boost for x.-definitely was....i just wanted to finsih-the musketeteers definitely finished, strong deefense, solid boardworks...and resilient when they needed to be.-anytime you can answer the bell that's important......we saw that was difficult earlier today-it is the 28th victory for the musketers and their season continues. they'll play wisconsin on sunday night....a team that won a sloppy game over pitt friday night.john popovich, nine on
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musketeers in st louis "programs, souvenir hats and basketballs. programs with all teams rosters inside." riva track: when xavier took the court friday night, the muskie fans were ready to make their presence known. "lets go x!" riva track: during the game, they had plenty to cheer about. which turned into a post game celebration. kathy selzer/cincinnati resident "it was an exciting game. the muskies knew for sure they were going to win all of the way." buzz deters/white oak resident "i am glad they won." riva: "are you staying for the sunday game?" buzz "yes, i am extending." riva "it's the late game too." buzz "correct, i will not be driving home." patrick mchugh/cincinnati resident "the atmosphere was great. this is my first ncaa game, so it was fun." riva "is this starting to become a magical season?" jake freudenberg/xavier student "i think so. you can feel the spirit around campus, that is for sure. i think overall it feels like we are a much better team, a more balanced team." brett connely/xavier
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will be here sunday for the game and i have a test on monday. we are dedicated." riva "a test in what class?" brett "sign language." riva "just show them the x. the x for sign language." chris riva "in the end the tri-state was well represented in the first round of the ncaa tournament. those fans got exactly what they wanted. but on sunday they will be hoping to book a trip to philadelphia in the second round. in st. louis at the ncaa tournament - chris riva - 9 on your side." turning dresses into dreams. that's the vision behind cinderella's closet, a non profit that gives prom dresses to girls that cant afford them. 9 on your side's kristen swilley with how a dedicated group of volunteers is making
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swimming with sharks...a tri-state man dives into a-b- c's "shark tank."did he come away with a bite... or ended
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new from overnight... a spacecraft carrying an american astronaut has just arrived at the international space station . the *soy-youz* blasted off last night... and arrived at the station early
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williams and two two russian cosmonauts are on board. williams will spend six months on the station... and will become the u-s record holder for most cumulative days in space. eight u-s sailors on the aircraft carrier u-s-s eisenhower are recovering this morning after a landing cable broke. that cable is used to stop planes.. as they land on the carrier's deck.this is file video of the eisenhower.the nuclear powered ship was conducting exercises off the coast of virginia when the accdent occured. the injured sailors were airlifted to a navy hospital in norfolk for treatment. a mother's facebook photo has gone viral... and it's outraged shows two young children with duct tape over their hands and mouths. a woman with the screen name "jaton just-silly jai-babi" posted this picture of two young children in a vehicle in memphis... tennessee.the caption on the photo reads -quote- "kids for sale, 45
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the woman's cousin says this was just a practical joke.but memphis police say they've opened an investigation. expect rain showers today to possibly mix with a few snowflakes mainly northeast of cincinnati. temperatures will hover in the low to mid-40s under cloudy skies. tonight, showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly, falling into the upper 20s and
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you saw it right here on 9 on your side.a butler county inventor went swimming with the sharks on a popular a-b-c *bite.* "mikey here is the ceo....i am the cric chief red neck in
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redneck in charge makes me the expert in two categories. fashion and beer and sharks let me tell you something warm beer sucks." sucks."tom osborn from butler county and his partner from pittsburgh were on a-b-c's shark tank last night... showing the sharks their "beer blizzard."they're plastic ice cubes that fit perfectly into the bottom of aluminum cans. and it quickly caught the sharks' attention. spring will be here tomorrow... so you might start thinking about some household projects to tackle in the next few weeks.but as 9 consumer reporter john matarese tells us... there are some important d-i-y projects that most people can do *without* hiring a handyman. spring cleaning season is here. and there are many projects you sho8uld be able to do yourself."when deciding whether you should do a project yourself, you really need to think about three things: do you have the time; do you have the resources; and do you have the proper tools to do the project right?" our partners at the consumer guide angies list have named 3 d-i-y spring projects most people
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most important: cleaning your dryer vent, because it can be a fire hazard.angie says disconnect the tube fom the dryer, and use your vacuum cleaners long attachment to paint chips and cracks that popped up over the winter, and cover them up.but but professional painter neal fine says dont try to save money buying the cheapest paint....instead look for paint that includes primer. primer."it's very typical for most paints to have a built-in adhere better to the surface, and it also helps to cover in two coats and give you the true color."finally, check for mold that may have grown in your kitchen or bathrooms during the winter.if it is minor, a bleach water mixture can kill it. it. "you can probably tackle that yourself with water and a detergent solution, but the key to tackling that project is making sure that you find the source of the moisture, otherwise it's going to come right back,"but angie says if
8:50 am a pro. a robber got away with some chedder during a heist in arizona... and we're actually talking about cheese.police say he pulled a gun on a store clerk... and took a tray of nachos.that's it.he was so hungry... he even fired his gun at a worker who chased after him.officers nabbed him a short time later. it's time to check weather with meterologist jason adams adams expect rain showers today to possibly mix with a few snowflakes mainly northeast of cincinnati. temperatures will hover in the low to mid-40s under cloudy skies. tonight, showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly,
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waiting for the season to begin...a live look at great american ballpark right now... some of the tri-state's biggest reds fans are braving the elements to see their heroes.when you can grab
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in less than an hour... reds opening day ticket packages will go on sale.we shot this video overnight.there's
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great american ballpark... waiting for ticket kiosks to open at nine a-m.prices start at 75 dollars for standing room only on opening day... and a field box ticket to any game in april. last year's tickets sold out in less than an hour. rain or shine... nearly 5- thousand runners and walkers are expected to participate in the shamrock shuffle today in west chester. chester.the 5-k run/walk and 10-k run will wind through the "union center" area and beckett ridge neighborbood. that means there will be road closures in the area.the event started at 8-30... and roads should be fully re-opened by 1 this afternoon. five baby cheetahs at the cincinnati zoo are fighting to surivive. surivive.a total of six cheetahs were born premature last week at the zoo's "cheetah breeding facility" in clermont county. the three boys and two girls are now getting round-the-clock-care from their keepers and vets.
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c-section. their mother is still at the zoo facility in clermont county getting extra care herself. let's get one last check of your weekend forecast from meteorologist jason adams. let's get one last check of your weekend forecast from meteorologist jason adams. that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always weather updates on wcpo-dot-com.
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announcer: "jack hanna' s wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone. i' m jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." transporting large animals is always a challenging job. whether it' s moving them to better feeding grounds... i don' t know. it happened so daggum fast, i don' t know what happened. helping them repopulate their native habitat... you get chills when see that. jack: or returning them


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