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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a little boy runs into the arm of his adoptive parents. >> they are so emotional they get to reunite. >> the story behind the journey to bring two new brothers to their new family. a cease-fire makes an epic choice with an avalanche hot on his trail. >> no, no, no. >> the moments one force of nature meets another. >> not bad. she's barking and biting at it.
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sprinkler. >> the problem, here comes her owners. and a wife leads her husband to a gift he's been dreaming about for a long time. the sweet anniversary surprise that left him stunned. >> the whole time he's talking to mrs., he's looking at the car. grab your tissues because you're going to need it for this video. you see 7-year-old bronson right there holding the hand of his chaperone. then watch what happens as soon as he sees these people. and right behind him is his 14-year-old brother, joseph. parents. now this is the first time they see each other since january of 2015 when they first met. so you can see why they are so emotional in this moment that they got to reunite. and why this video is getting millions of views on facebook. since 2012 the parents have been
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it's taken this long because of the adoptive process. but also because the president for a while did a ban on all adoptions. >> it almost seems so hard sometimes. i have an adopted daughter as well. and it takes forever and the paperwork and the money. this is that moment where they realize now it just doesn't matter, you know? i'm mom, i'm dad, you're my kids, that's it. >> it's all worth it. >> yeah. >> the parents, jennifer and her husband, have wanted a big family for a long time. they already have three biological kids and some adopted kids. but they decided to have two more when they saw bronson and joseph in a picture and realized they had to be a part of their family as well. finally, everybody is together. >> big hearts, a lot of love to give. they put it all together to work hard to bring this family together. >> our family photo looks so different tonight and i wouldn't
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it's perfect. it's perfect. we head to the north face where we are going to see elliott pull off some speed flying. while you feel like we have seen the greatest of them all, you were wrong. >> right, i agree with that. >> it's pristine. look at that snow. >> it's not going to be perfect for long because this is fresh powder. he takes to the sky. right here as he touches down -- >> oh! he called it, too. >> there's an avalanche. disaster or the opportunity to the world. >> it doesn't matter if there's an avalanche at your feet, just fly right over it. >> no, no, no, you fly right through it. >> whoo! >> then in this epic shot from epic tv, he basingly starts
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then, hey, let's go through it. >> whoo! >> can't see where he's going -- >> it looks like a cloud. >> it's incredible. this guy basically caused his own avalanche just to make his already epic fall even more epic! >> he must know what that mountain looks like, because he was flying blinding into the avalanche. you don't know where the rocks are. >> i was clenched watching this video. >> i have never seen anything like it. it's one-of-a-kind. clearly, we just didn't think big enough. cameras, cameras, everywhere capturing all kinds of crazy stuff. first in mexico city, you hear the constant symphony of horns beeping obviously stuck in traffic. this rather large chap standing
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and there's some words being exchanged. >> oh, oh, oh! >> the guy yanks that driver out of his car and drags him over to the sidewalk and begins beating him up. you now know the driver is an uber driver and reports also say that large man is a bodyguard driving this red ferrari his employers rent ferrari. no word what sparked this rage. thankfully, reports say the injured. but he reports that two cell phones were stolen, a tablet and money by the same bodyguard. >> so beat him up and then robbed him. that's so wrong. >> reports say the owner of the ferrari and the employer of the bodyguard had no idea what he was up to and they also say he's since been fired. over to cleveland, australia, where i kind of wish i could play the audio for the folks at home without all the
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way of using expletives in almost lyrical way. cars move right after that, but even he saw this coming. >> oh! >> famous last words. >> the silver car shot out in the intersection right in front of the green car. >> that's why you need to be patient. >> soon after you see this woman driving the green car get right out, this guy at the sidewalk comes to help her. reports say there were no serious injuries in this collision. this is drummer eric improa. he has his go-pro strapped on to him because he's about to put on a show. i want you to pay attention to this. >> what the -- >> what happened? >> he just did a backflip? >> yes, without skipping a beat, honey. that's showmanship.
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you see him -- ba ba ba ba -- here we have it up on the box, backflip and -- yes, honey. >> he could have made it better by the drumroll first and then the ping. >> people absolutely love this dude. i think we can see why. he's a show stopper. >> all i can think of is -- animal! >> right? >> the video is title ed d kit lift, a backflip between a drum kit. it sounds simple but isn't. moving on, she is shocked and can't move it. she's making headlines for this very thing because fans and bloggers have given her props for continuing to go even though that could have been a little
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she's okay. >> the pops that you hear sound like electrical pops. >> imagine how horrible that felt. >> i guess the adrenaline from being on the stage in front of the crowd probably helped power her through. a parody attempting to settle the great internet debate. >> youtube or vine? vine can do anything better than you >> what happens when both sides stop throwing shades. >> it's enough for your mom. >> oh! and dude's all excited to hit the water and catch a wave. >> but pretty soon you're going to see the table turn. >> see why the waves might be catching him instead. buy one take one is back at olive garden because there's nothing like a great meal with the family except maybe another great meal with the family buy one take one choose one delicious entr\e at our place
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closed captioning provided by -- kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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what do we know about the ocean? >> it's dangerous, stay away from it. >> and highly unpredictable. in the first video, he's surfing in mexico and is here on his yellow surfboard. the first time that he ever caught a wave here. and it's a good wave. but pretty soon you're going to see the tables turn. because before he knows it, the waves have caught him. >> spin cycle. >> yep. >> mother nature is like, let me show you who is boss. >> this video is over just two-and-a-half minutes long. and the entire time tad is just getting wiped out by this wave. he gets back up, right, and you see him surface, but before you know it, he's back under because the waves just keep on coming. >> by the third minute, i would be on craigslist selling that
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>> that spin cycle was quoo ite the doozy for this guy. >> fortunately, he made it back to shore. now check this woman out, she's trying to get the perfect picture of her looking out into the ocean. watch this. >> oh! >> the worst part of this video, it's the laughter that comes afterward. it's humiliating, it's awful. >> sounds like a man. >> yes, i know. the video i'm about to show you has one thing in common. they are whacked. [ dog barking ] >> that was a prank. that was a prank.
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the dog is barking at the sprinkler. it attacks back. >> it attacks his owner. and this one hasn't quite learned the concept of a doggy bed yet. >> he just needs to find the right place. >> get it, get it, get it, get it, get it. and this one, well -- >> just keep going forever. >> oh, yeah. >> eventually -- >> it looks like they are going to toss the toy. poor little dog. give the dog a treat. >> meanwhile, the other one is looking on like, okay, let me just help you out. teamwork. >> which they do get it. there are eternal questions out there in the world, but many of the questions matter here at why this minute.
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anything you can do i can do better vine can do anything better than youtube no it can't yes it can >> this is john coza. he has all kinds of great inventive songs and you have thomas from vine. you may recognize him from all kinds of very funny, very short videos. i can do impressions i can help depression. >> while it all seems quite nice, a bit of shade comes through. i can reach double as far as you can no you can't yes i can >> john wins that one. go back to mom and daddy
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youtube gamers it's enough for your mom anything i can do i can do better everything i can do better than you no it's not no it's not no it's not >> that's how you get him quiet. anything i can do youtube does better anything youtube does vine can do best >> the song as entertaining as it is, i don't think they answered the question. young kids out buying high-end goods. >> this kid might be rich kids. >> they actually rammed his cart. and still to come, rescuers work quickly to save a young boy trapped in a well who -- >> you can hear is screaming and
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>> see the clever operations to get him back up safely. plus, these guys get the bright idea to blend some o.j. with some toothpaste. >> and drink it. >> why this movie is anything
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gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used dai promotional considerations provided by -- reduces bumps 72 percent. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. the original gourmet jelly bean in fifty true-to-life flavors, like toasted marshmallow. get real. get jelly belly. there once was a boy who fell down a well. in the the country of china where the well was felt. 30 feet deep, dark and narrow. don't worry right here is this
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on a whirl he descends under the ground. and ten minutes later the boy is safe and sound. now we have seen videos like this before, of course, but there are some pretty interesting things. we always talk about the ingenuity of chinese rescues. here at the beginning, watch what they're doing. as they open the o2 tank and start lowering it down on this rope to the bottom of the 30-foot hole, because the 3-year-old is down there, you can hear his screaming and shouting in terror. they just make sure he has enough air to breathe down there. that's exactly what i think they are doing down there. because of the screaming that the boy was doing, it may cause an oxygen deprivation situation. so they lower this young fellow
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and sound. cut live. >> we have all done it. brushed our teeth and run downstairs to get the morning o.j. and it doesn't taste good, does it? >> you never drink o.j. after brushing your teeth. >> well, you never do this either. >> today we're going to do the toothpaste orange juice challenge. >> the guys at dude where's my challenge decided to blend fluoride-free mint toothpaste with orange juice and drink it. >> yeah, right?
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>> so they juice it and then you see it looks almost like an orange julius but doesn't taste like one. >> it looks green. >> let's see how it tastes? >> they all just take a couple of sips and then we get the review. >> it is like brushing your teeth and then an avalanche drinking it. >> harry on the right decides, i'm just finding to chug the whole thing. >> at least he had the bucket ready. >> the problem is, they only have one bucket for the three of them. >> i want that back. >> it is like taking me back to college. >> paul, the guy in the middle, he decides after watching these guys have a problem, okay, i'll chug it, too. but interestingly, you never see him lose his lunch. >> i'm about to lose mine. >> it's in your contract, you
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>> do not watch this video. it's considered insubordination. she's got a big surprise for her husband. >> what the heck? >> a jeep sahara.
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it. >> the power button done. >> don't jump into a tar pit with your phone.
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when you've been married for 23 years you pretty much know each other quite well. stacey knows her husband adam very well. she knows that for the last 23 years through five children he's always wanted a jeep sahara. >> you went out and bought a car. >> yeah. >> what the heck? a sahara. >> yes. >> stacey and her daughter went out, shopped around, found the perfect vehicle for dad and purchased it. this is the moment adam gets to lay eyes on that jeep he's been dreaming about for a long time. >> looks like stacey nailed it. the great thing is, the whole time he's talking to mrs., he's looking at the car. >> can i just have the keys now? just give me the keys, i would like to go in the car, actually go in the the car. >> what the heck? >> do you like it?
5:28 pm
>> do you like the light? >> nice mudders on there. >> nice updates to the tires, led lights across the top, doesn't look like adam has to do anything but get in and drive. perfect husband. >> i don't even know what to say. that's it for today, but we'll see you next time on
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divers are stunning to find a sea creature -- >> who was kept in a cage under water. >> wait until you hear the shocking reason why. >> that's just awful. dancing for shoplifters. >> that's pretty clever, if you will. >> see how one big coat can get you another. a jaguar tries to shake a drone. >> what's it going to take? >> the driver putting a world class sports car through the ultimate obstacle course. and another viral hit from some talented brothers. >> this apple didn't fall far
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>> why this time it's the momma getting mad props. check this out. this is a sea cow, it's related to the manitee. you can see its tail is tied. and it's being kept in a cage under water. some drivers were under the sea in indonesia in a remote island area and ran across a fisherman who was saying he would charge money for people to take pictures or even come look at the dugong. that's just -- ah. >> i thought it was caught in fishing line or something. >> no, it was intentionally put on this creature's tail. this creature is a mom and say that her baby is in another holding area. but it's tail was not roped like her's. but the sad thing is the poor creature is believed to have
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>> it's good to know that social media is used for something other than kim kardashian pictures. >> somebody at the top levels of government was able to see this and execute the release of this poor little sea cow. happier. somewhere else under the sea some divers came across a shark pup. and shark pups like human pups -- shark pups like dog pups want attention. this one wanted his back scratched. just wanted to play, follows the divers around and eventually swims around them, just wants to hang out and say, hey, give me some attention. >> his mom doesn't want to play fetch with the divers, then we're okay. >> yeah, that won't be good. this is tv from the inside of a clothing store in russia that helped aid in the capture of the suspect who they dubbed a kangaroo. because of the way she had to steal the coat.
5:33 pm
left-hand side. while her accomplice is distracting the shop clerk, she grabs the coat off and has a special pocket in her skirt. and you can see there as she push, push, pushes it into this special pocket before then walking out with the jacket. it was worth about $95,000 roubles which is about $14 u.s. >> clever. >> clever as it may be, it did end up catching up to her. he was captured on the border and recognized because of this video. and it turns out this is not the first time she's done it. so now unfortunately for her she's in custody. i do have a second video and it's believed to be from venezuela and captured from a car that is following this truck. look closely there towards the top, what can you see in. >> are those legs hanging over? >> that's exactly what they are. a young boy has climbed onto this moving truck because watch
5:34 pm
there you can see as he grabs two live chickens. >> hey, the boy's got to eat. >> funny enough, that's a good point. you'll see here as he rides the back of the truck before quite eventually impressively makes the the dismount while the truck is still moving, pops off here and makes his getaway. now the thing is venezuela is in the middle of quite a serious economic crisis where a lot of every day basics are almost impossible to find. so what this video is going viral and people are sharing it, it's a sad reflection of the day-to-day life people are going through in order to survive. i spy a guy in fatigues. that can only mean one thing. >> be back in just a second. >> no, but the other woman on the end of the surprise most definitely is. >> i'm home! >> that's her husband holding the roses.
5:35 pm
he's walking up to the door -- >> i brought you something. >> there's not much that can make a man in fatigues sexier to women except roses. add roses on top of that -- >> and a surprise and you've been away for a while, pretty much you're just done. >> put a puppy in his arms and he's a killer. >> my goodness! >> good thing he's got energy. >> i thought it was like season one and two. >> maybe they made it back. he's got his arms full of loving. >> apparently he's been deployed for a while so they wanted to make this happen. she's about to be upped. >> they are already in the bedroom.
5:36 pm
during this next video, it is also for a big moment. this time with dad, he's sitting in walmart doing some shopping when his son appears -- he's like, wait, i can't get up fast enough. and this hug just goes on and on and on and i don't blame him. love is ooey-gooey. >> like the surprise. for all those people who are sitting around at home wondering, gosh, how do i shake all these prying eyes of drones? i've got your solution. you need a jaguar xj. >> this guy is faster than the drone. >> yeah, and has the nimble ability that is demonstrated here with the jaguar xj. of course, the video put out by jaguar to show off the beautiful car, not only how sleek and sexy it is but how quickly it can maneuver.
5:37 pm
eyes of this and fire one? it's going to be tricky. >> this thing is pretty nimble. >> they are nimble and have a rather powerful camera. looks like the professional pilot behind the stick there has some ability to follow this jag right into this old abandoneded garage there. but the driver tries to shake the tail -- >> i want that car. i really want that car. >> i'll take the drone. >> that's pretty done. >> i just hope there's a professional girl pilot out there. >> they are getting to be more and more professional pilots out there. but it looks like the jag still can't shake loose the eyes of that drone. what's it going to take? >> an eagle. we have seen eagles do it. >> just a good old fashioned speed. nevermind the nimbleness of the car, just find a flat spot at this circuit in china, mash the
5:38 pm
she's up to no good. >> but older brother knows all the tricks so he keeps asking questions. >> see what elle is smuggling in the back. >> he's also got the cheese powder so he's equally as guilty now. and it's march madness, which means marvel racing time. >> it's like a game. >> find out which country wins the world cup. >> oh! >> ooh! >> what an upset. >> yeah, unpredictable winner right there. because there's nothing like a great meal with the family except maybe another great meal with the family buy one take one choose one delicious entr\e at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today olive garden
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closed captioning provided by -- edgy. .. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. let's take a little ride. first up, russia, riding
5:42 pm
>> i see it. i see it coming. >> oh! >> i knew it. >> oh! >> i knew it. >> okay, maybe the music wasn't up. maybe that was just the sound of an avalanche. all of this snow just slid off the roof. doesn't look like this dude's going anywhere. >> oh, my gosh, deep enough for him to go around. >> this guy is lucky to escape. we have seen snow crush cars in that situation. >> yeah. well, do you see this coming? >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. that thing just swung open and brained that guy. >> oh, that was brutal. >> yeah, this went down in china. these two folks are on the motorcycle when this side door swings open and knocks them both off the bike. >> that's a heavy door, man. >> yeah, it is. and the truck keeps going. i don't think the driver knew it hit those folks. >> dang, man.
5:43 pm
but wow. literally, i felt like i got hit by a truck. nothing more adorable than a baby cracking up. [ baby laughing ] >> can dad do more because he's just dying here. >> duh. >> do it again, daddy. >> they are going to try to get me to eat that in the future. >> and i'm going to give them a hard time and it's going to be funny. this little girl loves her toy but dad is being goofy. over and over and over again. the movement is the same. >> he's hamming it up for her, definitely. but the video i love is the next one. this little girl around midnight decides to be up. her older brother reuben starts
5:44 pm
up to no good. he starts asking questions. the bathroom is on the other side, what are you doing over here? she says, i was going to the other room to grab a pillow. he's like, tell me the truth. but did you notice the slight move in her hand. she places it behind her back. she's smuggling another bag of cheetos and he says, i'm sorry, i have to tell mom you're eating it at this hour. no, no, no, she puts her hand in the bag and gives the cheat cheetos to the kid and says, don't tell mom. >> she just gave him the equivalent of $20. >> right? the video's gone viral with millions of views. it's the middle of march, everybody's got their bracket because it's time for -- >> march madness! >> no. >> basketball! >> no. it's the marvel racing world
5:45 pm
>> that sounds much more interesting. >> this guy has put together this obstacle course. so this is round one you're seeing and it starts with 40 countries represented by their own marvels and he sends them down a giant game of plinko until you end up with a winner. as you slowly go through the bracket, you have round one and round two with a different course. then we end up with the grand finals. the u.s. is in the u.s. course finals. >> so is mexico. >> obviously, it's homemade but the really cool thing is on the final round you get commentary as well. >> this is really interesting. i want to know how the u.s. marvel does or the italy one or the mexico one. >> i want to believe heads of states from each of these countries selected a marvel and sent them in. >> that would be glorious. >> place your bets right now, ladies and gentlemen.
5:46 pm
world cup, head to our website >> can't you show who won? >> okay. >> what an upset. >> yeah, unpredictable winner right there. billy smith is experiencing one of the happiest moments of his life. >> you are best friends to her. we're going to go pick up chicks. >>. see why he feels like a disney princess. plus, a signifier that can save your life. >> does he start off with a vaseline covered caramel? >> no.
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you guys are going to thank me. mark my words, you're going to thank me the day you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and you have to build a signal fire. this is how you do it. from the youtube channel survival russia, this guy knows what he's doing because he was in the military, the army, as a matter of fact, where he learned to build the signal fire he's about to show you here. >> they can save your budd. >> first you start building your tps aspen and then you build this on a platform. what if you're out there for a few days? you don't want all the dry wood you collected to be sitting in the snow. the expert says he has a flare to light the fire. >> always have a lot of flares. i usually carry like five or ten. >> the flare is not going to work in broad daylight. a signal fire is much more easy to spot. >> hang on. if you've got a flare, what do you need the fire for?
5:50 pm
not as easy to spot in the daylight as a signal fire. >> plus, a signal fire has smoke that you can signal for longer than that flare will last. >> right. >> i'm going to die. >> now he's going to cover that little tepee that he's built with fresh spruce leaves again to protect it from possible snow. >> you want to use the fresh spruce, right, because that will create more smoke in. >> exactly. you want a nice smoky fire. that's what he gets here. i love the fact that he uses his little flint here to start the fire. once he's got it lit, producing lots of smoke and like you say, gayle, for an extended period of time. you want to maximize your chances of being spotted. this could potentially save you. these videos prove that the internet just keeps on giving. we start with billy smith -- [ bleep ]. >> i'm a disney princess.
5:51 pm
>> because he's able to pet a bird. >> and he is not just petting a bird. he really is a disney princess. watch where the bird is now. >> you just don't give a [ bleep ] do you? >> if you want to be like a disney princess, the potty mouth has to go but he's entertaining. >> with the giant glass door, the bird is like, i'm going to fly right -- no, i'm not. >>. i'm still trying to figure out where he got to where he was going. >> and the bird flies away. but billy had a fun video. and then there's this -- who is driving this motorbike motorbike? is it sidney the dog or the owner? at one point you realize that is sidney in control of the motorbike. >> not exactly. >> he's got some little throttle lock on there. and you're hearing the scooter with the weight of his body. >> i love the fact that the dog is basically in control of that
5:52 pm
but entertaining. what's really funny is a bunch of school girls love it. this guy said sidney used to ride on the back but he was afraid he would fall off. a new way to serve champagne at your next party. >> like a champagne super-soaker. >> why this will blow your mind. >> you can squirt champagne
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
when they it's broken, you need to self-medicate. >> i'm with you. forget the lame champagne service. guys, you are going to love this new way to serve your champagne. the sam champagne gun. >> it's like a champagne super-soaker. >> apparently you need the magnum champagne which is the only one that will fit.
5:56 pm
use it as a gun. and for 45 seconds you can squirt champagne about 16 to 23 feet. you could, though, also use it to surf. >> why would anyone do that? >> or you can use it just as a decoration. it doesn't come cheap. >> no kidding. >> guess how much this costs? >> it looks plated with something, is it just gold or looks gold? >> you can get it in three different colors including gold, rose gold and platinum. >> i'm going to say $1500. >> $1500. okay, no, it's going to cost you roughly $460. >> okay. wasn't far off. >> it is such an adventure. hey, why not.
5:57 pm
biology major from u.k. >> we had these guys on and this went completely viral. they are so fly. they've got rhythm, they've got rhyme. can therapy buy you a medicine get it >> the twins are terrace and terry and their boy john joins them. while it looks like they had a few words with momma. >> these guys, i'm already in love with them. >> these guys have mad problems in this video. >> so far it's pretty sly. you see apples don't fall far from the tree.
5:58 pm
>> she's so good and funny. she has a great sense of humor. >> i like it a lot. it looks like the guys are still making their videos. hey, if you're going to do it, why not include mom? >> all the girls watching this across the country are thinking, mother-in-law. >> oh, yeah. she's like, stay away from my sons. >> exactly. >> they are not good enough. >> plenty of time for that. >> good job, all. we had fun, didn't we today? we'll do it again next time.
5:59 pm
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a woman upset to find horses she says were starving and nearing -- she's calling for help to save them. xavier's moving on in the n-c-double-a tournament.what's next for the muskies... and how queen city natives are enjoying the gateway to the west. and dramatic video -- that could help investigators solve a deadly plane crash.what they think caused it..nine on your side at six starts now. a woman says she found three tri-state horses starved and dying...and now she's gathering help to make sure those horses pull through.nine on your side's rose-ann aragon shows us what's happening


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