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a woman upset to find horses she says were starving and nearing -- she's calling for help to save them. xavier's moving on in the n-c-double-a tournament.what's next for the muskies... and how queen city natives are enjoying the gateway to the west. and dramatic video -- that could help investigators solve a deadly plane crash.what they think caused it..nine on your side at six starts now. a woman says she found three tri-state horses starved and dying...and now she's gathering help to make sure those horses pull through.nine on your side's rose-ann aragon shows us what's happening
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that woman is by their side tonight and *has been for days. she was looking for horses to give a new home. but sunday when she went to get them...she didn't know she'd be their only hope. "i've been up with this horse for 6 days. i've slept 2 hours in 6 days."kimberly kinder is a trainer at kinder sport horses-- when she came to pick up 3 horses she was looking to buy in clermont county-- she and her friend couldn't believe what they saw."just utter shock....the closer we got the more emaciated they looked.""the fence was broken down, you could tell where they had been reaching over fighting to get the grass." three horses--now recovering-- kinder says they were starved, sick and dying."chance is the baby he's the 2 year-old fighting for his life. destiny is his mom, she's the 13-year-old appalusa mair and bugs he is the mustang." destiny and bugs' health would improve..after days..but wednesday chance would collapse--he need 24 hour surveilance."he had active
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night he had a 20% chance last night he had 10%"but kinder, family and community members from all over the tri-state would come to their side."..." care labor and supplies giving these horses a chance at life."my focus wwas getting htem here getting htem well and everybody just started puitching in." we've reached out to the clermont county humane society and haven't yet received a response. for now, destiny and bugs are expected to survive and are starting to recover.. chance just got a new hoist and is improving.. they say they can use all the help they can get. for more information you can head to our website. back to you.
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this morning near centerville -- after a family's home caught on fire.they arrived to find the home fully involved... it sits on a steep hill and crews had to have water delivered.the two people who lived there weren't home. tonight -- it's not clear what started that fire. a cigarette takes down a clermont county barn!this is all that's left of the structure in bethel.several fire departments responded to the blaze report of any injuries associated with the fire. just a day before the start of spring... and it sure doesn't feel like it!sherry hughes is tracking the cooler temperatures in the nine first warning weather center. tonight, showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly, falling into the upper 20s and low 30s. sunday, expect overcast skies for much of the day with a few breaks
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she managed to escape her handcuffs -- and walked out of the mount healthy police station while she was under arrest!but tonight kimberly duffy is back in custody.she was taken in on friday for thefts from "family dollar" and "citi trends" in mount healthy...and caused a short
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custody.she now faces several charges -- including theft and escape. the xavier muskeeters and its fans are coming off a big win to start the n-c-double-a tournament.they're playing in saint louis this weekend... and some muskie faithfuls didn't pass up the trip to missouri. missouri.and nine on your side's chris riva couldn't pass it up either... he's live in saint louis. riva track: when you sight see in st. louis - everyone starts with the arch. fan: "today? we went to the arch." fan: "took a walk around, got a little exercise. i went down to the arch." fan" "st. louis is a lovely town and it reminds me of cincinnati." "i think it gets a bad wrap
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it is actually a fun place and a lot to do around here." being a jesuit university also means a trip to the famous cathedral bisicila of st. louis. "we just went to the bar to watch the game and we just visited the old cathedral and now we are off to the basilica to see that famous place." riva: you are a true catholic, first the bar then to church." "exactly, we have had our beer, now we are going to be holy. (laughs) from devine intervention to the arch... basketball is still on the minds of muskie fans. i am looking forward to watching the uk/indiana game supposed to say this being from cincinnati at the cardinal village, but they do have a really nice cardinal
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a fireball in the sky makes a huge explosion...and now investigators think it's a plane crash!what could be the cause of that fiery scene that killed dozens of people. turning dresses into dreams... see how a tri-state group is making sure teens in need feel
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charges today in the arrest of the only surviving terrorist in the deadly attacks on paris last year. year.salah abdeslam is out of
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in the leg during a raid.he's accused of driving the car to drop off the bombers that targeted the soccer stadium last november.130 people died in the attacks across paris. and tonight -- french prosecutors say the suspect was armed with a suicide vest himself -- but fled to belgium. his attorney also says he'll refuse extradition back to france. was is bad weather -- or something else that took down a plane in russia?that question lingers tonight... as we see new video that's believed to be that crash scene. in this closed circuit surveillance video -- you see what looks like a fireball shooting toward the ground... before an explosion that lights up the sky.61 people on that "fly-dubai" flight died. right now -- investigators are exploring every option for what caused that crash. over u-s skies, an airline passenger shocked -- when her iphone *caught fire
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flying to hawaii said she was watching a movie on her phone... when flames starting shooting out of it!she dropped it -- and the phone went underneath someone else's seat. the airline says its staff is trained for this -- and thankfully no one was hurt. their goal is make sure everything is "fit for a princess" -- a group helping teen girls in need look spectacular on prom night. night."cinderella's closet" in lakeside park opened their doors today for students referred to the non-profit by their schools.volunteers called "fairy godmothers" assist the girls in picking out dresses -- shoes -- and purses.founder erin peterson says it's about helping those teens. "we want to make sure that they feel loved and cherished and special, we want to make sure that this is a day of encouragement -- many of the girls that we see have never had a special day to themselves, and we want ot make sure this is very memorable for them" the group helped out
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it's the shot that broke thousands of bearcats hearts... but was there something else going on here than just a uc basket that didn't count.ken broo has the answer, coming up
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you're watching 9 on your side at 6 tonight, showers end with a few flurries. lows become chilly, falling into the upper 20s and low 30s. sunday, expect overcast skies for much of the day with a few breaks of sunshine here and there. temperatures will remain in the low to mid-40s. temperatures will remain in the low to mid-40s. isolated
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the day, especially areas east of cincinnati. monday, sunshine returns and temperatures climb into the
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if the first cut it the deepest, getting mowed down in the second round isn't all that great either. yale pulled off a big upset in round one, today, it ran into franklin's luke kennard and duke. kennard had 13.but duke had more than that. bobby ingram was seven of 19, lot of
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that with the kid who's a dead ringer for ted cruz, grayson allen and his 29and duke marches into the sweet 16, 71-64 final. out in st. louis, the xavier musketeers are spending this afternoon getting ready for wisconsin. that's their opponent in round two of the ncaa touranmentour john popovich is near the arch, with a straight line to the story, john? it was nearly 11:30 friday when xavier left the court here at the scot trade center. they had pulled away from weber state in the first round of the tournament.....they earned the right to play on sunday night in round two. within the hour.....xavier and wisconsin players talked with media....and expereicne deep into the tournament was part
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you'll recall that it was wisconsin that ended kentucky's unbeaten season a year ago and then finished second for the national's clear this is not the same wisconsin team. but definitely a force for xavier to contend with. john popovich nine on yoiur side live with the musketeers in st louis was it good? did octavius ellis beat the buzzer. and was he fouled before the buzzer went off.a lot of uc fans went 'off' last night on twitter, and on my wlw radio show this the end, it's just speculation and talk. ((take vo))uc stayed with st. joe's a high scoring team.
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evans, who was 10-20 and dropped 26 on the hawkskenyon martin was lapping that up.uc led by one, when with seconds to go, st. joe's isiah brown hits the three. uc got caught on a defense switch. so here come the cats, down two. the feed goes inside to octavius ellis. he first appears to get fouled, and then appears to tie the game at the buzzer. but appearances are deceiving. for this went to replay the refs talked about that....the replay seemed to show that ellis still has his right hand on the ball as the red light around the backboard, signaling time had expired....lights up.the basket is waved off. and uc was one and done, a 78-76 loser. trt :20outcue:...seen the replay enough"((caupain: i said it to myself about 50 times, not again. it's been happening all year. it's just tough, just tough ))((cronin: i don't have any comment on officiating. i will say he was clearly fouled. i
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were off the ball or not. so, i haven't seen the replay enough )) coming up, more teams looking for more championships tonight...and maybe the best shot of the ncaa tournament so far, when nine on your side
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with the division three player of the year....for the third year in a row, thomas more college is set to tip off in the semi-finals.they're in columbus tonight. at seven-30, sydney moss and the saints are up against amherst college. 'the' shot of this ncaa tournament may have been this one....northern iowa and texas, tied at 72 the horn, northern iowa's paul jeperson launches a prayer, that's answered.and eleventh seeded, northern iowa sends sixth seeded texas home, with a 75-72 win. after bringing alfred simon back to team, bryan price had to see what the reds had bought. simon spent last year with the tigers. the reds signed him off the street thursday.simon threw about 60- pitches in the bullpen friday. and price said today he's convinced simon will be one of
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that's 9 on your side at six for this saturday.we're always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-com.
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welcome to "world news tonight." protesters trying to stop donald trump in his tracks. taking to the streets in arizona, blocking the main road to a trump rally. the massive delays, the arrests and the rallying cry from phoenix to new york. >> while donald trump doubles down tonight. the passenger jet plunging to the ground, killing everyone onboard. a fireball lighting up the sky, was the pilot disoriented? details from the investigation coming in right now. the winter storm crashing spring break. from heavy rain to freezing


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