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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a drone captures riders curving along the famous mullholland highway. see why the view from a helicam is not always so scenic. a parched elephant guzzlels water as villagers try to get it -- >> out of this sticky situation. >> see what it takes to pull off one herculean rescue. cameras show a woman walking down the street.
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>> no! and -- >> how many people were in the family? >> a blonde brit baffled. >> oh. >> figures -- not working it out. >> see if you can solve the riddle that has her stumped. >> oh! many motorcyclists are out in search of that perfect road. and there is one road in california called mulholland highway that attracts so many motor vehicles because it seems to have been engineered for enjoyment. we are out there week after week getting incredible video, just like this. with the help of a drone above, and multiple different camera angles provided by his buddies, this group tightly packed together as they make their way through the different corners. followed by a sport bike. >> he has become so notorious
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you'll see why this footage is getting so much attention. >> ooh! >> no! >> at the exact spot where he could go over the canyon. >> right. now that left-hander is the reason why so many guys go out there. it's that particular corner, just the radius of it, the way it curves around and goes uphill. it just feels so good to get around that corner. >> he didn't slow down? what happened? >> it's hard to tell. we can watch it from a lot of different angles. you guys go down -- >> oh, and he's on the other side of the guardrail. >> yeah. >> he went right through it. here it is from the drone shot. >> oh! >> and finally the clip i think is most telling, the slow-motion video from the pob right behind the rider that first went down. may have been going in too hot. the bike slides out from under him. the guy behind him, no chance to avoid him.
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they say it takes a village to raise a child. but it also takes a village to rescue a 20-year-old elephant. oh, poor baby. >> as you can see, that guy has got a barrel of water and he's feeding this horrible elephant that got stuck. they gave this elephant 100 liters of water. you can see auto the people from the village trying to get this elephant out of this sticky situation. >> poor thing is just looking for some water. saw some moisture down in there and basically found its tomb. >> it only took the villagers and three cars to get this elephant out. they didn't get heavy equipment, just three cars and people. and you can see those ropes they wrap around this elephant and they say the entire time he remained pretty chill while they were doing this. i mean, this is a bull elephant, 20 years old.
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and they say after they got him out, he just walked away like thanks everybody. >> probably exhausted. totally exhausted. >> a different kind of elephant encounter in neighboring tanzania knee. there is a very large pachyderm. >> now he's coming for us. so do we close the roof? >> they start backing up. but they back up to a point, and the elephant has a straight but slow trajectory to that car. so they have a lot of time to think about what's coming their way. >> but it's not charging at them. you know? his behavior isn't necessarily aggressive. he's just curious about them. >> remember that part in "jurassic park" where the t red sox is looking inside the vehicle? that woman says yeah, this is where we had that similar moment. >> the thing is, you know that elephants are huge, but this puts it in perspective.
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i see you. hello, goodbye. >> what a beautiful shot. we see some pretty brutal crimes on this show. this one left me with my mouth hanging open. this woman in ecuador is walking down the street with her sister and her 16-year-old daughter when suddenly her ex runs up behind her and pours acid all over her. >> oh! >> no! >> psychopath. >> yes, he then runs away and you see the woman holding herself in pure agony. suddenly, another person comes running into the frame. they chase the man down, and tackle him until police come. >> how heartless that he would do this in front of her sister and daughter. >> i mean, how? impact there. >> yeah, they say it's the result of a domestic dispute they had. she has been hospitalized.
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burned. >> just a cowardly ridiculous, psychotic behavior. >> in front of your daughter. >> moving over to russia at a gas station, you see a few people in there milling about. one of them is a security guard. when three masked men approach the gas station, baseball bat in hand -- now, this gas station has been hit several times, and so you see the security guard hop up as these men start bashing and dashing. there's a special film on these doors. because they have been targeted so many times. but the security guard is having none of it. he breaks the glass with a chair and the crooks run off. >> they say it's been hit before and they took measures to reinforce the doors and hire security. maybe that's enough. >> it looks like it paid off. of. >> exactly. let's head on over to las vegas. but let's leave the flashing lights at the strip behind and
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you can see this guy and this video already sitting on the line. he's already fallen once. he's trying to get back up. >> i don't think i could do that. >> no. >> no! >> you need impeccable balance and insane mind control. but pay close attention. because not only is he really high up on this line, it's also insanely windy. >> sheesh. >> so he is -- you can tell when the camera pans over, you can see his legs, you can see he's strapped into the harness. but he's got one leg on the line. and he's about to get the second one up. the wind is strong, you can see it on his pant leg. he's almost got it, he's almost there! >> do it, do it, do it. he looks like he's on a garden hose. oh! >> and he just goes, falling down. but he is harnessed in, so he's not going too far. and just in case you're
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he makes it very clear for us. [ bleep ] it's just another day at the office. as you can see, that guy is working in what looks like a back room. >> see what's about to barrel through the roof. oh! plus, an art project guaranteed to leave you dumbfounded. >> it looks like some sort of biological experiment on a large scale. like a big petri dish. >> good guess. >> see what this true beauty really is. >> this is completely individual. buy one take one is back at olive garden because there's nothing like a great meal with the family except maybe another great meal with the family choose one delicious entr\e at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today
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closed captioning provided by: d on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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that dog fell through the roof. how did this happen? what was the dog doing? was it pulling off a heist? >> we don't know how the dog got up there. except it's a dog. animals find their way into places they shouldn't be. notice, the poor dog is like standing on top of the desk like how the heck did i get here? he starts moving stuff away from the dog, and he pushes the chair up and is trying to coax the dog on to the floor. the dog is a little reluctant to climb down from the desk, because look what just happened. >> yeah, he's a little disoriented. he needs a minute. >> and it doesn't move at all from that spot. because it's like you know what, i'm not going to test fate. a second time. one more step could be the last. the guy walked out of the room, pretty sure he's saying, hey, uh, you guys won't believe what
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pretty soon there are multiple people in the room. you could tell this guy in the black hat, he knows dog, because he immediately walks over to the dog and picks it up, like come on, buddy. aulz well that ends well except for the ceiling. tell me what's happening here. >> it looks like some sort of biological experiment on a large scale. like a big petri dish. >> okay, good guess. >> i'm going to guess it's some type of art project because of the randomness of it. >> that's correct, gail. college in ohio. the artist is dropping a series of colors, creating a pattern. but this is barely the tip of the iceberg. once you see just how detailed this art project becomes, what he's creating is a marble pattern. once he's got all his collars in there, he takes this bar with
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running that across the sheet from one side to the other. and now he's got this zigzag action going on. he's going to take another bar and kind of zigzag it down the way, making it look like flowers. >> so now what, this is a beautiful pattern but all in this tray of water. >> so now he has to take a sheet the size of that tray and gently lay it over the paint. >> oh, my goodness. >> and once he does that, the paint will actually transfer directly over to the paper, and elicit it off the water and let it sit and now he's got that beautiful bouquet marble pattern. schadenfreude, a glorious word to describe pleasure at the miss fortune of others. we're going to do it here. >> a trifecta. >> the first one starts in australia.
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may day, may day! >> i think the person with the camera fell more than the person with the paraglider. you can't hold a shot when you think the guy is going to -- he has to run for cover. >> we'll never know. second video. atvs, glorious machine that's also absolutely bloody lethal. ooh, look, it's a puddle. that's awesome. second puddle, yay -- another huge puddle, oh-oh. and that is why, they roll on top of you. he was able to stop it with his hand and maybe learn next time if there is a puddle -- >> don't go through the puddle? what kind of fun sucker are you? that's what they're for! get back up roll it back on to the rubber side and go again. >> this viral uk video -- you can see from his post, he's up into it. he's got enough speed, he's about to evel knievel, the legendary jump. and then -- >> oh!
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are evel knievel, if you just end up being a little weebl. >> yeah, he didn't have anywhere near enough speed. we've all been there. >> i disagree. i don't think the speed was the issue. watch, he was sitting down, didn't use any of the springs in his legs to jump. >> get himself up, dust himself off. this could be a travis of the future. >> try again. only way to learn. colin firth is all fired up, because -- >> he built himself a rocket launcher! >> see why his explosive idea will blow your socks off. plus -- the story behind the big gift that makes this little
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jelly belly jelly beans. the original gourmet jelly bean in fifty true-to-life flavors, like toasted marshmallow. get real. get jelly belly. this little girl is celebrating her birthday, and it looks like right here at the beginning of the video she's already received a bite. but there is another gift she's about to receive. >> what is this? can i open it, can i open it? >> oh, my gosh, it's such a big box! she gets so excited. dad is recording this. in fact, dad posted this video on our facebook page. she starts tearing it up, she's already screaming. what is it? >> it's a barbie! >> it's the exact barbie dream house i just four hours building last week! >> wow! >> well -- >> oh, man. >> she's so excited about it, she can barely speak!
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>> i love it! >> watch when she realizes, it still has to be built. >> you have to build it? with nails and screws? >> like, there's a pause. a huge pause in this moment. she can't play with it until it's built and it's going to take dad how long? >> like four hours. >> to build it. >> yeah. >> so dad has to start bargaining with her. >> if it doesn't get put together tonight tomorrow while you're at school, i will put it together. okay, i promise? and i'll even let you stay up later tomorrow night and play with it, okay? >> you know what sucks, it should be a 16, 17-page instruction booklet. but they put all 17 pages on one page and you have to just do this. >> my daughter was so happy. >> the world was watching, daddy, so you better post the pictures to your facebook page. >> i feel, you man.
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carrots. as usual, colin firth's day starts with a bucket full of wins. >> yes, yes. he built himself a rocket launcher. pretty simple. you just put the fire work in there. he's got basically kind of like a lighter in the back. pushes that button, it lights the fuse, and shoom, dreams come true! >> it's even got style, too. look at what he cut into the back. you can actually buy on a game, "grand theft auto." but there's more.
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colin cannot hit a thing. try shooting his buddy in this tent. oh! so close! >> so it went around? >> and the sails continue when he tries to hit the truck. >> well, they're fireworks. not real munition. >> then his next idea will blow your socks off. literally >> yeah. you guys love colin firth. what else could we do with this rocket launcher? i know, tie it to my socks. >> he's like, yeah, we're doing this. >> totally build this. >> people just loving this ridiculousness ridiculousness. let's see what else he comes up with. >> brilliant!
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>> he's asked his girl a simple question, but she just cannot get it. >> and that's where it gets really good. >> so it's ten! >> how things get hilarious as she struggles to find the answer.
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love this. >> love at first sight. >> ladies, folks at home, we've got a very simple question for you.
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>> of each has one brother. how many people were in the family. >> listen to this poor girl rack her head trying to figure this one out. >> a mom and dad have four daughters. >> yeah. >> they've each got a brother. how many in the family? >> yeah. >> eight. >> all right, her first guess. eight. wrong. >> ten. >> okay, she amends her answer. ten. forget about mom and dad. >> wrong. >> mom and dad have got four daughters, okay. so mom, dad, one, two, three, four, four daughters. plus four brothers. one, two, three, four. ten. >> not working it out. but brad's girl continues to be told no, she gets more and more frustrated and that's where it >> exactly. >> mom, dad, daughter, daughter, daughter, daughter. brother, brother, brother, brother. [ bleep ] ten. >> wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!
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eventually about a minute after that, light bulb begins to flicker a little bit. >> it would be seven. >> no. you said four girls. >> yes. they've all got one brother. >> yeah. they've still got one, haven't they? >> oh [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> she is not happy. okay. so ladies, what's the answer? how many people in that family? >> seven! >> including the parents. >> they've all got one brother. so it's ten! >> hope you enjoyed our show today.
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. some good 'ole boys doing a good deed get dirty when they -- see the swap odyssey to save some uncooperative creatures. >> a skateboarder is flying like the wind. >> and he's moving and grooving. >> the moment he hits a heck of a bump in the road. a daredevil combines sailing with kite surfing at a height of -- >> 280 feet. that's 25 stories high, guys. >> the spectacular stunt all done in a suit.


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