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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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bricks crumble and fall in over- the-rhine.the owner of a century-old building can't understand why.what he's saying about this starting scene downtown.and friends remember a kenton county woman -- killed after falling off a cliff.nine on your side at 11
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11 at 11 starts with breaking news... a deadly crash on the ohio side of the combs-hehl bridge.eastbound traffic shutdown because of that wreck -- and cincinnati police say it will be closed for several happened just after nine-30...two cars were involved in that wreck -- but we don't know how many people were inside. this is the same bridge a vehicle careened off of into the ohio river this past week.we'll keep you updated.
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are just heartbroken -- a three point buzzer-beater lifts wisconsin to a 66-63 win over the muskies in the n-c-double-a tournament.ken broo has a full recap of the game coming up later in sports. with no warning, an over the rhine building partially collapses...and new at 11 the owner says he had no idea it was in that kind of shape. now a pile of bricks leaves a lot of clean-up -- and questions. questions.he spoke only to nine on your side's rose-ann aragon... who is live at 13th and walnut with the latest. he said he's owned the building for more than 18 years-- and he's surprised by the can see everything inside this corner-- the broken glass and structure-- the fallen brick. owner tells me the last time he had this place checked. "i had somebody look at the structure maybe about 10 years ago and they went down and
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and everything but had no idea that rear of the building was anywhere near what it was." near this. crews say it happened around 2 this afternoon. neighbors couldn't help but look."take a look to the left and i was just amazed." no one was hurt. in fact- miller says no one was there. christine douglas was the last tenant ahs she moved her business out more than a year ago."it was called the ice cream palace. it was a walk up window so you know.. you could sit out. we had tables and chairs and benches."not anymore- and tonight she's feeling lucky."it's a blessing not to be there. and just to be able to stand here and speak on it."while crews worked on killing a nearby gasline-- miller says there's a lot on his plate."i've got a prospective tenant and they were going to move in...i was always interested in over the rhine. i liked the architecture and the whole
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with buildings built even before the early 1900s. -- he's one of several people bringing the city to life. but now he doesn't have a choice. "we're going to start making sure that the roof is secure and then we're going to have to work down. i have no idea what the cost will be." just by looking at this you can get an idea of just how much time will be spent on clean up alone. he says he won't rebuild the entire building just this part. he's meeting with the structural engineer tomorrow morning and he says he'll have a much better idea of what exactly happened here. reporting live ra 9 oys. her friends say she was one of a kind. tonight they are grieving the loss of a kenton county woman who fell to her death at a nature sanctuary.. sanctuary..friends -- coworkers -- and fellow students turned out for a fundraiser and memorial for katie stewart tonight... at an ice cream shop she worked at
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school at transylvania university. police say she fell off a cliff at an overlook at raven run nature sanctuary yesterday. "she was a very integral part of our ice cream family and their coffee family and so we really just wanted to come together today and mourn together and celebrate her life and honor her memory" memory"the proceeds from tonight's fundraiser will go into a "go-fund-me" account that benefits her family. new at 11...a former xavier women's basketball coach accused of groping a player is expected to start trial tomorrow.bryce mckey is charged with sexual assault. two student-athletes claimed that mckey invited them to his covington home last august -- to say goodbye before he left for a coaching job in maryland. he resigned from that job after those allegations
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a cold night with subfreezing temperatures may produce light frost for some areas as lows bottom out around 29 degrees. monday will bring a start to our spring warm up as temperatures reach near 50 degrees. while it's still below average, milder air from the south should take us over the top by tuesday and into the 60s. the next rainmaker will approach the ohio valley from the west late wednesday with rain that overspreads the
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it just might be a painful case of de ja vu for two would be robbers in northern kentucky.look at these surveillance pictures police in williamstown shared with us from a robbery attempt last night. you see the clerk just standing behind the counter watching as two men with hoods over their heads try to get in the glass doors of the marathon gas station on highway 36. they can't get in...because the clerk apparently *locked* the door. it's suspiciously similar to an attempted armed robbery a few weeks ago not far away. out of curiosity i pulled up the surveillance pictures from this attempted armed robbery on february 25th that i covered ...ten minutes away in corinth: another marathon station that sits right off the interstate. same scenario-- the clerk locked out the would be armed robbers, so they ran away... empty-handed. as we show you the
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side, you see...not only do the hoods look the same... it even looks like the two men may be wearing *the same plaid shirts*. i spoke with the grant county sheriff about this comparison by phone tonight. i'll be following up with him in the morning. 11 at 11 continues with history made today in cuba. airforce one landed in havanna just after 4:00pm our time today, marking the first visit to cuba by an american president in more than 90 years.his trip is brief -- but his mission important... try to normalize relations with a communist country.a-b-c's marci gonzalez has the lastest from havana cuba. nats - history in havana. president obama ending decades of frigid relations between the u-s and cuba? the first family touching down in the communist country - to a red-carpet welcome. this marks the first presidential visit to the impoverished island
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- president obama "for the first time ever, air force one landed in cuba. // president coolidge came on a battleship, it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. (laughter)" the president will only be here for about 48 hours - meeting with cuban president raul castro? though not with his brother fidel. the whirlwind trip will also focus on potential trade and business opportunities. and booking visitors to cuba - has become big business for american companies. sot - thomas mangas / starwood hotel & resort "it will take some time to train the cuban employees to our standards. i'm pretty confident." sot - nathan blecharczyk / airbnb "americans know so little about cuba. // to hear it directly from a cuban, i think is an amazing experience. i hope that's what our lasting legacy here is." with political arrests ongoing - there will be less friendly meetings too - the president is set to talk with political dissidents. still - critics remain concerned about whether the cuban people will be the ones benefiting from new
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two days before the next primary elections...and talk of a contested republican convention is growing louder. tonight -- john kasich is telling everyone to chill out! out!i've been to a convention that was contested in 1976. what happens is the delegates will take everything seriously. they will take a look at people's experience and their electability. and that's fine. i don't know why everyone's so panicked about this. everybody needs to take a little chill pill to tell you the truth." meanwhile -- video of trump's campaign manager putting his hands on a protestor at a rally yesterday is getting attention. trump said today he admired his campaign manager's spirit...for going into the crowd to get rid of signs that had profanity.the republican national committee chairman says the campaign should quote -- "leave it to the professionals." hillary clinton hopes to extend her big lead among
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this past tuesday night -- and bernie sanders said he was particularly disappointed by ohio's outcome. outcome."the disappointment, to be honest with you, was in ohio. i had hoped that we had an outside shot to winning ohio. losing there by 15 points was a disappointment." disappointment."he says he's confident west coast states like arizona will help him pick up delegates. heartbreak in indiana after a young sheriff deputy is shot dead while serving a search warrant. warrant."we've got shots fired. i've been hit! county 66 is down! get an ambulance started. county get admin on call. notify somebody!" somebody!"deputy carl koontz thought the person inside the russiaville indiana house had syringes... supervisors say he didn't know that suspect also had a *gun*.he and his partner were shot... koontz was taken to an indianapolis hospital -- but died early this morning. the person inside that home was found dead hours later -- police have not identified
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you better shop around. the words of toni tennille and john matarese tonight. he warns you to avoid one-stop shopping at some of the big box stores you don't waste your money. and pass the meatballs! a century-old tradition continues in camp washington...for thousands. why...and for whom...they keep
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 spring *is* here and soon enough you'll be landscaping. but buyer beware -- big box stores may *not* be ideal for all your purchases.consumer reporter john matarese shows us where the deals are and *are not*... not* you don't waste your money. its spring, which means many of us are heading out to home depot and lowes to buy our
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other gardening supplies.but before you do you should know about things to buy and things to not buy at these big box stores.-------------hardware stores...sears....home depot....and lowes...all overflowing with patio furniture, grills, and spring flowers.all are good quality, and at good prices.but a new report by says there are some things you should not buy at home depot or lowes.among them:-cleaning supplies: often cheaper at walmart or the grocery store. -home decor: better prices and selection at home goods and tjmaxx.-and small kitchen appliances: you'll find more, at better prices at target and walmart.--------------2 secs separator------------and from the doesn't that stink file, what is often the worst deal at home improvement stores: batteries.grab some without checking prices and you might say doesn't that stink. marketwatch found duracell aa's for 30 percent less at walmart and costco. costco.finally, get to know
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garden center.they may match many of the prices you find at lowes and home depot, and you are supporting local business owners, so you dont waste your money.i'm john matarese 9 on your side. some stand in line for more than an hour to buy a tradition spanning 105 years. years. ravoli -- spaghetti and meatballs is what they come sacred heart church in camp's a fundraiser for the church... but organizers say it's more than's a meal shared by families -- and having gone on for more than a century -- there have been a *lot* of families! "we see their mom and dad they go then we see their kids they used to bring with them then they come here with their new family" family"thousands come. would you believe ....cooks made 100-thousand raviolis this weekend... and that's on top of *another* 100-thousand made ahead of time!as for the meatballs... 37-thousand hand-rolled for this special
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a cold night with subfreezing temperatures may produce light frost for some areas as lows bottom out around 29 degrees. monday will bring a start to our spring warm up as temperatures reach near 50 degrees. while it's still below average, milder air from the south should take us over the top by tuesday and into the 60s. the next rainmaker will approach the ohio valley from the west late wednesday with rain that overspreads the
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coming up, ken broo is up next with the latest in sports....a heartbreaker for the xavier musketeers. would've meant a good friday match up with notre dame....but it wasn't to
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tell me this isn't eerily similar to the way the bearcats got know, i never really bought into the whole cincinnati sports curse thing...but you've got to wonder about that tonight... 66-63 final....wisconsin knocks xavier out of the
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shot, by bronson koenig, at the horn.13 points from both jalen reynolds and remy abel louis. trt :outcue:... wisconsin now plays notre dame...stephen f. austin's thomas walk up was just terrific in this game. look at the switch...and the basket. walk up had 21.the lumberjacks led by one, under ten seconds to go. notre dame's demetrius jackson drives, misses, zack august miss the tip in . but rex flueger, put
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purposes, winds up tipping it home.the lumberjacks with a desperation try at the horn to win it.but it's notre dame that plays on to the sweet 16, a 76-75 winner. could mick cronin be on the move. look, like the presidential race, this is the silly season in college basketball. rumors will abound. but a las vegas newspaper says unlv has identified cronin as a candidate for its head coach's job. the pga tour, near orlando today, final round of the arnold palmer invitational... kevin had the lead at one point. his third shot on number 16, just missing the eagle, taking birdie.let's go to 18. jason day. if he makes it, he'll share the lead. and day goes to 17- under and does just that.same hole, chappel again, staring down a long par save. but watch, he'll leave it short, took a bogey and falls a shot off the all day has to do is make his part save and
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the reds ran their opening day line up onto the field today. but the arizona diamondbacks ran starting pitcher brandon finnegan off the field after just one inning.finnegan isn't slated to be the opening day starter. anthony desclafani is. but finnegan gave up six earned runs in just one inning today. the dbacks won it, 9-3. joey votto went oh for two today. but, he's had a solid spring, hitting .37- and getting on base more than 50- percent of the time. that's in 34 plate appearances so far this spring. obviously, he's on the the top hitters in the game. he knows you, me and just about everyone thinks this is going to be a very long and not so good season. but it's 162-games he says...and the only game you can worry about is the next one. trt the world series((votto: the season hasn't started and hasn't finished. you're gonna have to take it from us every
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season that it's set in stone that we'll be in last place or won't make the playoffs or have a chance to win the world series. )) the sprint cup cars continued their west coast swing today... at the auto club 400 in california, lap 47, kyle larson has his left rear tire go down...and he's on the ride of his life.80-laps to go, danica patrick is trying to pass kasey kahne on the inside and the contact sends parick careening into the wall. that was it for danica.and she wasn't shy about letting kahne know about her displeasure.the day belonged to jimmie johnson, who crossed the finish line first for his 77th
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all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and
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what a heartbreaker in saint louis tonight... the muskies losing by a three-pointer at the buzzer.lots of xavier faithfuls saw it happen...
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this sunday.we're always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-
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coming up tonight on meijer sports of all sorts.the sweet 16 is on, and xavier is out we'll have reaction...another short stay for the uc bearcats. now there's a report mick cronin could be on the the vontaze burfict rule about to take effort. and will it change the way he plays the game.and would you want your kid, around you, 24-7, and on the job? the show is meijer sports of all sorts. and it begins, right now. welcome to the show it's been


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