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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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county woman who tragically fell to her death at a nature sanctuary over the weekend.why so any people turned out in support. good morning i'm kathrine nero. spring is officially here but it doesn't feel like it yet. your day is staring out chilly. but the warm up is coming. grab your jacket before heading out the door today as temperatures dip below freezing. skies will be partly cloudy and highs improve a few more degrees, up to the 50 degree mark this afternoon. we'll warm quickly in the days ahead before showers and
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happening today... the trial against a former xavier women's basketball coach... accused of groping a player... is expected to begin.. begin..bryce mckey is charged with sexual assault.two student-athletes claimed that mckey invited them to his covington home last august to say goodbye before he left for a coaching job in maryland. that's when the alleged attack happened.he resigned from that job after those allegations surfaced. this morning the owner of an over the rhine building that partially collapsed yesterday says he had no idea it was in that kind of shape. now that building is replaced with a pile of bricks and lots of questions.nine on your side's rose ann argon spoke with the owner of the building at 13th and walnut. "i had somebody look at the structure maybe
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went down and reinforced it.. the structure and everything but had no idea that rear of the building was anywhere near what it was."near this. crews say it happened around 2 this afternoon. neighbors couldn't help but look."take a look to the left and i was just amazed."no one was hurt. in fact- miller says no one was there. christine douglas was the last tenant ahs she moved her business out more than a year ago."it was called the ice cream palace. it was a walk up window so you know.. you could sit out. we had tables and chairs and benches." not anymore- and tonight she's feeling lucky."it's a blessing not to be there. and just to be able to stand here and speak on it."while crews worked on killing a nearby gasline-- miller says there's a lot on his plate."i've got a prospective tenant and they were going to move in...i was always interested in over the rhine. i liked the architecture and the whole feel of this area."an area with buildings built even before the early 1900s. -- he's one of several people bringing the city to life. but
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"we're going to start making sure that the roof is secure and then we're going to have to work down. i have no idea what the cost will be." for the first time in 88 years an american president stepped foot on cuban soil.president obama and the first lady touched down yesterday..the first of a two day visit. his first stop was the american embassy that reopened last year after more than 50 years.restrictions have
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delivered these's all part of a what obama says is a new relationship with cuba. (president obama) this is an historic visit and its an historic opportunity to engage with the cuban people. people.the trip hasn'tbeen with out a level of controversey.raoul castro was not at the airport to welcome the preident and firts lady upon their arrival.usually a courtousy for a top diplomats arrival.a move that didnt go unnoticed. (donald trump /(r) presidential candidate) "i mean we are amateur hour folks, amateur hour folks. and honestly obama should've turned the plane around and left. no, he should've he should've turned it around and said bye bye. you mean he is not here ? ?the obama will wrap up thier visit today before returning to the u-s tomorrow. friends family and fellow students turned out to greive the loss of a woman they say was one of a kind.katie stewart fell to he death at a
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saturday.last night they out for a fundraiser and memorial at the ice cream shop she going to school at transylvania university. police say she fell off a cliff at an overlook at raven run nature sanctuary. "she was a very integral part of our ice cream family and their coffee family and so we really just wanted to come together today and mourn together and celebrate her life and honor her memory" memory"the proceeds from last night's fundraiser will go into a "go-fund-me" account that benefits her family. it just might be a painful case of de ja vu for two would be robbers in northern kentucky.look at these surveillance pictures police in williamstown shared with us from a robbery attempt last night. you see the clerk standing behind the counter watching as two men with hoods over their heads try to get in the glass doors of the marathon gas station on highway 36. they can't
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*locked* the's earily similar to another attempted armed robbery a few weeks ago out of curiosity we pulled up the surveillance pictures from this attempted armed robbery on february 25th...ten minutes away in corinth.that's where another marathon station that sits right off the scenario-- the clerk locked out the would be armed empty-handed. as we show you the surveillance pictures side by side, not only do the hoods they are wearing look the same but so do the plaid shirts. nine on your side placed a call to the grant county sheriff about this comparison by phone. we will be morning. jennifer will call for graphic fullgrab your jacket before heading out the door today as temperatures dip below freezing. skies will be partly cloudy and highs improve a few more degrees, up to the 50 degree mark this afternoon. we'll warm quickly in the days ahead before showers and storms return on thursday.
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an indiana depty is killed serving a search warrant.what led to the confrontation and where the suspect is this morning. 22 children are hospitalized after swimming in a colorado community pool.the symptoms that forced officials to shut
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heartbreak in indiana after a young sheriff deputy is shot dead while serving a search warrant. warrant."we've got shots fired. i've been hit! county 66 is down! get an ambulance started. county get admin on call. notify somebody!" somebody!"supervisors say deputy carl koontz didn't know the suspect also had a *gun* when he responded to the call at the home in russvulle indiana.both koontz and his partner were shot.koontz died a short time later at an area hospital.the person inside that home was found dead hours later. in colorado...22 children are hospitalized after a hazmat situation at a community pool. pool.emergency crews responded
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"chemical incident" at the city rec center in lafayette. 22 people-mostly children were rushed to hospitals with symptoms like coughing, nausea, and vomiting. (chief david friedel /city of lafayette fire dept.)"we had our top people in the county looking at it. and they could not make a determination as to what it might have been." been."the boulder county hazmat team investigated for over an hour, but the cause is still a mystery. fire crews in hawaii are trying to gain control of a brush fire burning out of control .the fire erupted thursday, and has charred about 15-hundred acres.windy conditions and steep terrain are making it difficult for firefighters to contain this blaze.they're trying to keep it away from communication towers that service the island of oahu. grab your jacket before heading out the door today as temperatures dip below freezing. skies will be partly cloudy and highs improve a few more degrees, up to the 50 degree mark this afternoon. we'll warm quickly in the days ahead before showers and
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a dagger to the else would you describe this last second shot.a look at xaviers last second loss to wisconsin, and how fans felt just moments after the game. "everybody's got to face the fact that we are going to an open multi-ballot convention." convention."why ohio governor john kasich says the republican party is headed for a contested convention.what that means and why he says it
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introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" oh what a world...the injustice..another tri-state team has its hope dashed by yet another buzzer beater. xavier falling to wisconsin on bronson koenig's last second heave.the badgers winning 66-63. that was actually the last of six he hit during the game.his fifth three pointer tied the game just moments
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of xaviers players.many people thought this was the muskies year to make it to the final four.our chris riva was in st. louis and got reactions from fans still in shock. "heartbreak and disappointment. that is the only way xavier fans could describe how they were feeling as they walked out of the arena here in st. louis sunday night. while they are still proud of their team, they say the final shot truly defines march madness.riva track: the fans at the ncaa tournament tell the story. at first it was a sea of red cheering.but xavier got back in it giving fans and the band something to cheer about. in the second half, xaviers most famous fan got in on the act. then perhaps two of the muskie's cutest fans, haliee and lainee, thought they were going to dance their way to the sweet 16. but this is the moment when wisconsin hits the game winner.{**natural sound** *buzer* "ohhhhhhhhh!!!!"mark durket/cincinnati resident "oh that was just an unbelievable game. it is too bad we lost, but it was a great year."tom
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great year though. top ten, they did their thing all year. it's march madness. it is hard to be on the bad side of that one.""man, ups and downs. at this time of the year it is not about what you don't do, but what you do - do! you eventually get to the point where it is make or break and we did not do it."riva: "how would you describe that ending?" "phenomenal, phonemail. that is why they call it march madness."chris riva su "for muskie fans the season ends in heartbreak, but they are excited about this team next year. in stl. at the ncaa tournament - cr - 9oys as we head into another big tuesday for the campaign for president one thing seems to be becoming closer to reality. there is a real possibility no gop candidate could have enough delgates to win the nomination outright.
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yesterday the ohio governor says everyone is going to have to face the fact that we are going to have a n open multi ballot convention. that's where we're headed. and the convention is an extension of what we're going through right now. i've been to a contention that was contested in 1976. what happens is the delegates will take everything seriously. they will take a look at people's experience and their electability. and that's fine. fine.governor kasich despite being third in the three candidate race says he will not be running mate to any of the other candidates...manly because he says he's going to win. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell is sticking to his stance -- to delay holding a confirmation hearing for a supreme court nominee. this -- just days after president obama nominated merrick garland -- but mcconnell says it will be *months* before a nominee goes before his chamber. "new york times said it would move the court dramatically to
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this particular judge. this is about who should make the appointment. we're in the process of picking a president. and that new president ought to make this appointment which will affect the supreme court maybe for the next quarter century." century."but his fellow republicans aren't *completely* opposed -- a handful of senators are offering to *meet* with garland. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather.
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it's a chilly start to our monday forecast with lows dipping a few degrees below freezing. i wouldn't be surprised to see patchy frost this morning. thankfully, temperatures are warming up a few more degrees today and we should top out around 500f. this is still cool for the 21st of march, but warmer air is returning soon. here's a look at today's temperature trend: an area of low pressure will be developing out in the plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies. warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%. showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be fine-tuned, it looks like we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling
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no traffic issues,
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we ushered inthe start of spring over the weekend.but that also means the start of another season that will leave some 60 million americans suffering. you better shop around.the words of toni tennille and john matarese this morning.he warns you to avoid one-stop shopping at some of the big box stores you don't
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grab your jacket before
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temperatures dip below freezing. skies will be partly cloudy and highs improve a few more degrees, up to the 50 degree mark this afternoon. we'll warm quickly in the days ahead before showers and storms return on thursday. while many people us celebrated the start of spring on saturday, some 60 million americans aren't looking forward to what it brings with it...allergy season.think burning, itching eyes and noses that won't stop running. the website pollen-dot-com tracks pollen counts nation-wide.the site's national allergy map shows the southern half of the u-s got absolutely whacked with pollen yesterday. spring *is* here and soon enough you'll be landscaping. but buyer beware -- big box stores may *not* be ideal for all your purchases.consumer
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us where the deals are and *are not* you don't waste your money. its spring, which means many of us are heading out to home depot and lowes to buy our flowers, fertizlizer, and other gardening supplies.but before you do you should know about things to buy and things to not buy at these big box stores.-------------hardware stores...sears....home depot....and lowes...all overflowing with patio furniture, grills, and spring flowers.all are good quality, and at good prices.but a new report by says there are some things you should not buy at home depot or lowes.among them:-cleaning supplies: often cheaper at walmart or the grocery store. -home decor: better prices and selection at home goods and tjmaxx.-and small kitchen appliances: you'll find more, at better prices at target and walmart.--------------2 secs separator------------and from the doesn't that stink file, what is often the worst deal
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batteries.grab some without checking prices and you might say doesn't that stink. marketwatch found duracell aa's for 30 percent less at walmart and costco. costco.finally, get to know your loca hardware store and garden center.they may match many of the prices you find at lowes and home depot, and you are supporting local business owners, so you dont waste your money.i'm john matarese 9 on your side. apple's pring press conference is set for later today..but the tech giant is expected to go small this year. the headliner is expected to be a smaller version of the i-phone, followed by a smaller version of the i-pad pro. they are going full force with the theme.the event will take place at apple's cuper-tino's a modest venue that holds fewer reporters and guests than other popular apple event locations. a fatal accident only feet away from last weeks deadly accident on the combs hehl bridge. many are wishing they were
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morning.a look at lat night's nightmare end to the season
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honoring a northern kentucky woman.friends and family members are remembering katie stewart's you can help her family. good morning... i'm kathrine nero.chris riva is covering xavier's trip to the n-c-a-a's another chilly start to the morning... but a warmup is on the way.9 first


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