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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 21, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation tv equipment and epix included. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now, and welcome back. a disturbing scene in a shopping center as a man chases down a little boy. >> holy cow! >> and slams him to the ground. >> see how that steps off an angry mob out for a little street justice. he does have -- >> a lovable sheep needs a helping hand. >> because he is totally blind. >> the ingenious device that has him hanging with the herd. there are motorcycles and then there are motorcycles. >> i have no idea how to control this thing.
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and the singing trucker. near far >> why his heart may go on but our ears won't as he belts out the hits from the legends. i will always love you and you know what i thought, there would never be a voice like her's. this video whether you are a parent or not is going to enrage you to no end. this is bizarre from turkey. you see a lot of people walking around and then you see a little boy run into the screen being followed by a 35-year-old man. watch what that man does. he picks up the boy -- >> holy cow! >> and slams him to the ground. but something so atrocious does not go unnoticed. you can see how this man chases after that man. these people just saw the attack on this little boy and they're
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>> the little boy is still on the ground. >> you can see when he slams to the ground he bounces. he's able to get up and it does look like he's relatively okay. another boy rushes over to where the little boy is and you do see adults come to aid the little boy while a group gathers around this man. >> that quickly turns into a mob. >> we do know that police caught up with him a short while later. >> who is this guy? >> so this guy apparently owns a food cart down the way at the bazaar. apparently the little boy was playing with the cart. according to a report, he ended up hitting a woman with the cart. and this man became so frustrated and angered by what apparently had happened he chased after the boy and then what he see in this video happens. child. >> he could have caused some serious, serious damage. the turkish government is looking for this little boy who
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they want to offer him, he and his family, some counseling because of this awful attack on him. >> do they think that the man's rage was because this guy was an immigrant? >> no word on where the source of the anger comes from. but it doesn't matter, he's still attacking a little boy in such a vicious manner. you know, there's room for everyone on this planet. and everything. like number 64 here. number 64 is that lamb who has two women that have surrounded him. >> this is annibel. >> he bumps into things because he is totally blind. but they got a donation from halo's for hogs. that donation and that halo or basically a bumper. >> it's like whiskers for a cat so you can tell when he rubs into something, it's time to stop. >> exactly.
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created by halos for hogs and dogs but they donated it to the edgar mission barn sanctuary in australia because they thought, dogs can use it, so can she. she's getting along with the pack and the rest of them come to give her love. i think it is ingenious because it is plastic tubing and the plastic tubing helps stabilize what is in the vest. >> bring it out a little bit. i want to see bebopping things in there with stars or something. >> the highlight is getting people to see this. >> i think that is really neat, that a dog charity came up with something they could use for a sheep. baa-d. >> this is a great charity. they take in animals that may have been destined for the
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so good for them. oh! >> dude, that car that just drove in disappear in a flash. >> yes, it did. that was an explosion that happened at a gas station in russia. we have several views. it starts as a small explosion and then just goes pow all over the place. >> wow! >> shut up. >> you see people running away from the site, drivers turning around -- >> and then pow! it's like this huge mushroom cloud. >> it happened while some people were trying to refuel. the tanks underneath the gas station. >> now what you've got is loads of supply to burn up. >> i think you mean kapow!
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were injured and as of right now, no fatalities. >> when you see a fire like this, you can't say, oh, it is just a fire, because you never know, it could go kapow. in the world of cuss testimony motorcycles, it seems that nothing is too ridiculous. >> however, i give you this. and this is ridiculous. >> how can he ride it? >> well, that's what i thought. i thought it was a show bite to let people look at. but here you see the guy riding it down the road. i have no idea how you control this thing. it looks impossible to ride. >> what is so funny is there's no way to miss the roadway but it has three headlights just in case. >> this is a custom bike builder in japan. i do not have a price for this bike but he builds all this stuff by hand. i believe the bike is about 9-feet tall.
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the peg to see the road. i can't imagine this is safe. >> when you turn, you have to tilt. >> there's no argument that this thing does not handle very well. if you got a bike to make your buddies go, wow! that's the bike for you. from what i was able to understand from translation on the website, i believe this particular bike, which looks to be a slightly more tame interpretation of extreme >> get out! >> it's not out of the realm of possibility. many custom bike builders here in the states have sold bikes for well over $100,000. >> you can see this guy starring in his own movie "uneasy rider." >> no kidding. i don't know how you ever get comfortable on something like that. hey, batter batter! they are doing a gender are e veal the only way the they know how. >> see if he hits it on the
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spring is here, that doesn't mean that we don't still have some really awesome videos from the snow. this first one, these guys out on their snowmobiles having a good old time. he looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous. but this guy is setting up to go over this ramp, that's right here right in front of us. he's going to take off, get some air and land perfectly. >> yeah! oh! >> yeah. he then runs into another snowmobiler out there. >> i think what happened is this rider goes up, gets way back on the sled and he's holding on to the handlebars for dear life. and that's where the throttle is. he just got out of shape and never had a chance to slow down. >> for the most part, i think the guys are okay. injuries sustained probably only by the snowmobiles. this guy is out there snowboarding down this slope in minnesota getting this really cool shot.
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staying up, looking awesome -- >> oh! was that you? >> yes. >> sounded like your alarm. >> no, it was. what happened was this girl that you captured just briefly in the shot with the blue jacket, she's coming down behind him, loses control, probably goes too fast and ends up crashing into him. i have a feeling they were snowboarding together so nobody really got mad at anybody. it was more like, you're cool, you're cool, all right, let's do. go. ashley waldon and steve owen are expecting a little baby. but they don't know what it's going to be, so they are doing a gender reveal only the way they know how. because they both like baseball. >> are you ready? >> she says steve played baseball from the age of 9 to 29 and they saw a baseball player do a gender reveal like this so
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the sex was put in an envelope, the ball picks the ball with the right color powder in it. now it's time to swing the ball and find out what it's going to be. >> oh! that's a home run. >> it's a boy. >> it's a boy. >> and this next video, grandpa gets the honor of revealing what the the baby is. he doesn't know, but shoot to know. here they have a balloon and look what grandpa has to shoot with, a bow and arrow. >> everybody ready? all right. >> another boy. the world is going to be full of new baby boys. if you've ever been to london, you know that city just
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different look. and what you may have never noticed about the city, the lamps. you probably don't pay much attention, but those lamps have been there since 1813. >> that's a really long time. >> yep, there's more than a thousand of them left and there's a team of three of british that still take care of the lamps every day. >> we cherish these lamps every day, every week. the guys are always maintaining them. >> this is kind of neat because they are on timers. >> we set this and it comes on and goes off. we wind it every 14 days. >> huh, they have to wind the timers every 14 days to keep the lamps on time as to when they come on and off. >> that's so crazy. that's an old school job. what do you do? i turn on the lamps much like my great great great great great grandfather did. >> a lot of people love the
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lamp. >> the architecture features give you a nice modern building looking old. >> i think the coolest part about this video, my movie files here are going to find very interesting. >> we take underprivileged children and put them into a place here. the lamp in the corner was from "harry potter." >> he does look like he's from "harry potter." >> just a neat video put out to show off their heritage and what they go through to keep this tiny little speck of london history alive and bright. >> come to think of it -- ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for your mac dradle as we start with the battle of
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>> number one. >> really? >> of course, i think this is real. >> i have to believe it's real. i'm just going with real. >> i'm going with it, too. it's way too hard to fake that. >> i think it would be fake. quite easy to fake, just cut the clip of the drone flying. it's an easy thing to fake. >> right. i don't think in this case. >> i agree. i think it is real. >> i think it lost a propeller when it got hit. >> so we're thinking, everybody -- >> it's real. >> i'm with you, it's possible to fake this but i broke it down frame by frame. also, the guy who was on the jet ski is claiming this actually happened to him. so we're going to go with real. >> okay. number two, now wait for it. you have to keep your eyes peeled.
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>> i'm going to differ to you christian. because you have done those news stories where you investigate the paranormal. >> for me, why is that person just filming around like this for no real reason until -- oh, look! >> that's the biggest tell-tale of fakery. >> really? >> no, no, is it fake or just a crummy piece of video with some lens slayer dirt on the lens? where are they trying to make it look like there's a ghost or something? >> yeah. i believe in these videos but i'm going to roll with you guys. i'm not looking too wacky this week. i'm going fake, too. if you take that piece of banana and kiwi and put them flesh sides together, put it in a pot of soil, cover it by an inch and water it. then they begin to grow as one fruit. after about three weeks' time it
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>> i am no horticulturalist, but pretty sure that's not how it works. >> three weeks later, a whole banana -- >> we cut into it and it has the beautiful flesh of the kiwi. >> i wish it were real, though. >> i think it is real. actually, it's pretty funny but no. >> i know what you think, but i still want to try it. like hope it works watering my fake plant. if it were man in real life, this is what he would look like. >> a few costume designers came together to transform this man dilbert. >> here's the thing, apparently this is a satirical site. so they are just poking fun at the other outlets to create the time lapsed transformations. >> i have to say that's a good job to have. have these kind of transformation videos.
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>> just you wait until you see the process and the final product. after they measured him, shaved him up, they start dressing him with the silver dilbert classic button-down shirt. watch this. this is my favorite part. they dress him up, the tie comes -- the tie was never down. >> really? >> yeah. >> they fixed the tie. >> wow. >> it goes inside. it's so good. and this guy really does look like a real life dilbert. he's got the voice of an angel. near far wherever you are >> it's amazing. sounds just like her. >> he knows the words, though.
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in a few moments the president will be greeted by president raul castro, 84 years old, of course the brother of fidel castro, the founding present of the state of cuba. he and his brother together have ruled cuba together with an iron fist for nearly six decades. you see the president now approaching the palace. inside an honor guard of the cuban military. the president will also be meeting with president raul castro later today, holding a joint press statement, press availability as well, before a state dinner tonight. as we watch the president i'm joined by "world news" anchor david muir. you met with the president yesterday. you'll have an exclusive interview tonight. as we keep our eye on the president, we are hear from david later. but we are about to see
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raul castro. there's president raul castro and president obama together for this moment of history. jon karl in cuba as well. a long time coming for this meeting. >> reporter: it sure has been, george. and you know it's a meeting that also shows one thing that is yet to be done here with the president's policy. when he announced this dramatic change, re-opening diplomatic relations with cuba, he said that he would visit this country if there were signs of improvement to the human rights situation, and frankly, one thing we have not seen since diplomatic relations have been re-established is any improvement. in fact, 50 dissidents were arrested just a few miles from here. human rights groups say 25 dissidents were arrested in this country just in the fist
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as the president makes this historic visit here, meeting face-to-face with raul castro here in havana, this is still a country that is very much a one-party state, a country where it is dangerous to be critical of the government. >> and david muir spoke with the president yesterday and will sit down with him today after he what do you expect to be the focus of that meeting? >> reporter: listen, he told me that he's going to be very frank with president castro. the meeting will be a private one where the president said that raul castro already understands that change is coming to cuba, george. the only question is how much president castro can actually control the pace of that. and the real test here will be the president's historic speech on live television here to the cuban people. i asked the president how strongly he would word that speech, will he take on their president during that speech, will there be a berlin wall moment. he told me that essentially that
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business has begun to open up, entrepreneurs are blossoming, but he said expect him to be very honest with the cuban people that there needs to be reform here when it comes to human rights and the freedoms of ordinary cuban people, george. >> jim avila also in havana. the president starting this process back in december 2014 with his opening up to cuba. you visited cuba more than 35 times in the last 20 years. what are the hopes there for the kind of changes that will follow? >> reporter: i think there's a lot of hope, george. in fact, when the cuban people see the pictures they're seeing today, it will have quite an impression. remember, this is a president from the united states. the united states for years has been trying to topple the castros. in fact, there have been -- this is just 50 years since the bay of pigs when the united states officially tried to overthrow this government, and now you have riding down the mol acohn of cuba, president obama
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one of the generals who was trying to fight the americans just 55 years ago. this is quite an impression that's being made on the cuban people today. they have a lot of hope for more freedom, but as we've heard, there's still a lot of work to do and the president acknowledges that. the biggest change you will see on the streets today since the change in december is that there are more americans here. there are about 30 percent more americans traveling to this country than ever before. >> and we're seeing the president there walk in with president raul castro. we saw his team there as well, secretary of state john kerry and the secretary of agriculture. . and the cuban military band plays their national anthem, we're going to sign off right programming.
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trip and all the latest news on and watch for david's exclusi interview with the president tonight on "world news." have a good day. >> announcer: "the view" is live right now. the ladies are jump starting your week with an entire show of "hot topics." hulk cash. hogan's $115 million victory. is it a huge win for your internet privacy? ol la, obama. the backlash over the first american president to step foot in cuba in almost 90 years. sexist slam, how serena is hitting back against a tennis big wig who says she's riding the coat tails of male pros.


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