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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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at least *three local schools had to take action today after receiving threats that police say came directly from students. students.a 15-year-old was arrested after police say he made threats that he was going to be the new osama.. and bomb several cincinnati high schools.jordan burgess looks at the school's reaction to the threats. that student claimed he was making a crude joke on facebook.. but police took it much more seriously.. and now he's here at the hamilton
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classmates are getting a lesson on being careful on social media. media.classes are on.. but this is not a normal day at dater high school. school. this was almost certainly a hoax but when lives are at stake we had to take it very seriously.he's talking about this facebook post that police say a dater 10th grader made last it is a threat to bomb several cincinnati here.. stephen sippel.. says it was actually students who first brought attention to it. so many students who commented tagged law enforcement agencies so it wouldn't be ignored.sippel says he called the student.. and he claimed his page had been hacked.the student later put up this post.. claiming the first post was a crude joke.but the school isn't buying it.. and looking into kicking out the 15-year-old. old. the power and danger of
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immediate audience so people knew about it right away and i had to deal with it right away. and that included talking with students today about why it's not just posts like this one.. that can get you in trouble on media. everyday students are bullying or making comments about each other that are affecting lives, they're just same way. way. and that student will be held here at the hamilton county youth center.. at least until his hearing tomorrow morning. jordan burgess. the now cincinnati. cincinnati. that student is facing charges of inducing panic and telecommunications harrassment. the school says they had an issue with him previously.he apparently made comments online about not getting a snow day.. but he also claimed that his account was hacked. 12 families in fairfield are looking for a new home tonight after a plumbing contractor ruptured a two inch gas line at an apartment complex. the rupture caused a fire that burned through the roof of several units at the *villages
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fairfield fire department says it conducted an aggressive interior attack to prevent the fire from spreading to more units.the red cross is helping families with hotel accommodations as well as other basic needs while they look for new places to investigation is underway as to what went wrong---whether the gas lines were properly marked or whether there was some kind of error on the part of the contractor. a rollover crash in west chester late this morning -- is now fatal. fatal.witnesses say the 72 year old driver of a black suv raced through the intersection at tylersville and kingsgate and then hit another car.that suv then rolled at least three times, throwing 71 year old la- verne morlock from the vehicle. morlock died at the hospital. that intersection was closed for hours as officials investigated.the cause of the crash remains unknown. sympathy from the around the tri-state is aimed at a northern kentucky family today. 22 year old katie stewart died over the weekend while hiking at a popular lexington overlook.
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35 feet at the raven run nature sanctuary took firefighters more than an hour to get to her body.she attended transylvania university -- and is from kenton county. we now know the funeral plans for a four year old franklin boy.austin cooper was found dead in his bed the day after investigators say his step- mother put him into scalding water.visitation for austin is tomorrow from noon to one at herr-riggs funeral home in middletown.a funeral service will begin at one.austin will be buried at butler county memorial park. meantime -- cooper's step mother, anna ritchie, was in court over the weekend.she pleaded not guilty and is being held on 350 thousand dollars bond. charges for the driver accused in a deadly crash near the combs-hehl bridge. two cars were involved in that wreck last night just before 9:30.police say cory lippmeier rear-ended another car... the crash killed scott petredis. lippmeier is now charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. cincinnati police say excessive speed and impairment
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crash forced officials to close several lanes of i-275 for a few hours. later this week -- crews will resume efforts to bring the car that fell off the combs- hehl bridge last tuesday to the surface.boone county water rescue met today to discuss what comes next.the ohio river has been too high and the current too fast to allow crews to get to the wreckage. we know the plan is to find the victim or victims -- then the car.911 callers report seeing as many as three people in the water.cambell county police say they have an idea of who one of those victims may be.a missing persons report has been filed by the family of a man who drives a car similar to the one believed to have been involved. turning to weather -- a bit chillier this morning but things turned nice once the sun came out -- right jason? an area of low pressure will be developing out in the plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it. winds pick up on tuesday from
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warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with continues to surge into the few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%. showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be fine-tuned, it looks like we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling back to the 50 degree mark on friday. history is made today - with the first official talks between the united states and cuba in more than five decades. president obama met with cuban president raul castro here in havana. castro wants the u-s to lift the trade embargo and to return the guantanamo naval base to cuba. the president says he had a frank and candid discussion with castro about democracy and human rights.
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"our growing engagement with cuba is guided by one overarching goal advancing the mutal interest of our two countries including the lives of our people both cubans and americans. americans. president obama attended this wreath-laying ceremony today before the meeting with castro. this memorial honors jose marti. he's the man who led the fight for cuba's independence from spain more than a century ago. the now's laura harris is also in cuba right now as our two countries embrace change. change. she found the president's trip isn't just making history on the political front. baseball, is about to unite the u-s and cuba as well. president obama expected to attend the game tomorrow. historic game here as the tampa bay rays will be the first american baseball team to play here since 1999 when the baltimore orioles did. we talked to a man who says he has been to cuba more than 100 times! this baseball game means much more than just the
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carry on.=pkg=25-31 "this is a game changer. it doesn't matter who the next president is. they will not turn this clock back."albert fox's roots run deep in cuba. his mother leaving the island nation with her family when she was just 11 months old. seeing president obama landing in havana yesterday would have meant so much to her.*albert a. fox, jr., president alliance for responsible cuba policy foundation*2:18-2:31 "when i saw the president touch this soil today. it was very emotional. people were hugging and they were crying." and for the last 17 years, 125 visits to cuba- albert has made it his mission- to see relations between the u-s and cuba change in hopes of helping people understand what an improved dialogue really means for the u-s.45- 57 "family reunification. people being able to go back and forth. visiting their families in cuba and the other way around."encouraging others to keep an open mind- knowing this is about human relations
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the financial side.58-1:11 "it means economic development. it means tourism. business for the port. clearly for our airport. you're talking about thousands of more passengers tampa to cuba." despite rumors... throwing out the ceremonial reserved for two cuban players popular here in the havana cuba, lh for the now. now. it's still not like getting on a plane and going on a family vacation. there are still steps you have to take to travel to cuba definitely changing. changing. and with many commercial airliners applying to be able to fly to and from cuba, the travel path is getting easier and easier. president obama's trip to cuba is encouraging more of us to think about going there. a new survey from travel site "trip advisor" shows more than 60-percent of americans are interested in booking a trip to the country. country. trip strictly as a tourist are still technically banned.only congress can change that. but the obama administration is getting around that rule by saying you
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educational reasons on your own -- instead of with an educational group tour. you must fill out a form before you travel explaining why you're going. then you'll have to keep records about what you did in cuba that you can submit if the government asks you for them. more than 160-thousand people visited cuba from the u-s last year. that's according to information from cuba's government. but that number is expected to grow this year because travel will be much easier soon. more than 1-hundred commercial flights a day are expected to start between the u-s and cuba later this year. right now you can only take a charter flight to get there. a tri-state woman who has spent 500-thousand dollars to look like barbie -- sets the record straight. straight. our cameras were rolling as she talked about her transformation live on the radio this morning. what she has to say about it...
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it's the video that fans are sharing around the world -- and it was taken right here at
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a rihanna fan gets the chance of a lifetime and nails it! :14 you feel like singing with me? woah! taken for me yeah yeah yeah :36that's terah jay singing in front of a packed house saturday night.he was in the front row and got her to hand over the mic.that's when he delivered a massive performance.tmz even talked about it, using the headline "fan steals the show.the video is now trending on social media and terah jay is hoping it leads to fame. she calls herself the italian barbie of cincinnati.and the mother of six is making international headlines thanks
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spent 500-thousand dollars to look like barbie. this morning.. w-e-b-n's kidd chris radio show invited nannette hammond on to talk about it. our cameras were invited in for the interview. 19 41 55 00 you cant always judge a book by its cover. im a mom, i bust my tail. i wake up at 5-30 and start cleaning. dinner is served at 5-15 ever night. i dont have maids coming to my house. im blessed with 10 bedrooms and i clean them all. the 42 year old says the 500- thousand dollars wasn't just on plastic surgery .. she says it also includes hair, tanning, nails and other beauty regiments over a 20 year period. hammond defended her decision to look this way-- and says although she's not on facebook she's seen her fair share of negativity and bullying on instagram where she has more than 46-thousand followers. 19 38 27 41 its just disgusting how people talk when they dont know me. they
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they judge me bc the way i look, what i have and im blessed. im not out there flaunting myself or bragging of what i have i dont do that. im just who i am. 19 37 46 20 i want to tell everybody that the hot topic was me having my children take my racy pictures. by any means in a million trillion years would i have my kids take those pictures. my husband takes them oir i use my selfie stick. or a potographer. i want to clear that up asap. asap. hammond says her kids have not been bullied and she's grateful for that. if you want to read more about her transition and journey to becomming barbie-- head to an adele fan take action after realizing the singer has become the latest high-profile victim of hackers.
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photos had surfaced online of the singer taken during her pregnancy, an ultrasound scan of her son and newborn photos of the now three year old boy. adele has built a reputation for being protective of the child.the british newspaper "the sun reports the photos were stolen from adele's long- time's unclear if action. the new season of "dancing tonight-- and you can watch it right here on channel addition to the new team of stars - len goodman will return as head judge after taking last season can watch tonight's premiere live-- beginning at 8-- again-- right here on 9 on your side. it doesn't matter if you win in new york state -- draftkings and fanduel will stop paying players. the online sports gaming sites will no longer operate paid contest as it fights new york's attorney general to continue to operate in that state.the companies are also waiting until september to
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injunction filed earlier this year.that's when they were told to shut down amid claims they were illegal because the games rely on chance. apple and the u-s justice department will face off in court tomorrow in california to battle over an f-b-i request for apple to unlock the i-phone from one of the san bernadino say to do so it would need to create new software that could jeopardize the security of any i-phone.the f-b-i says there's no other way to learn whether the phone holds information about the december massacre.a federal judge will hear their arguments and make a ruling. despite the cold this weekend -- the cherry blossoms are blooming in washington d.c. temperatures are expected to reach near freezing tonight but the national park service says it shouldn't impact the iconic trees, which should hit peak bloom soon.typically -- peak bloom is between march 15 and april 15th.blossoms will remain on the trees four four to ten days.this year's
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festival begins sunday and runs through april 17th. weather an area of low pressure will be developing out in the plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies. warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a
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temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. there will be a day but right now it's only 20%. showers and storms will finally move in on thursday this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling
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cedar point says its new roller coaster is just about complete. complete.valravn (val'- ray-vuhn) is expected to open in may. it include a free-fall 90-degree drop of more than 200 feet and top speed of 75 mph.crews are now working on the walkways and souvenir stations. and that means construction is just about finished at kings island too.guests to the mason park this year will find a brand new entry way as well as a massive new water slide. you know we've all wished it -- can't that stop light just go away!well, you might just get what you want!why stoplights may soon be a thing
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introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. should men get more prize
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play? that's the controversial opinion of tennis star novak djokovic. (joke-a-vich) he says tennis prize money should be fairly distributed based on who attracts more attention, spectators and who sells more tickets. his comments come after the c-e-o of the tournament djokovic was playing in said women's tennis association players "ride on the coattails of the men." that c-e-o later apologized saying the comments were in poor taste. it's a possible effect from self-driving cars you may not expect. newsy's melissa prax found the technology could get rid of something we all use on the road. self-driving cars are a thing of the future, and if technology allows it, they could eventually mean the end of stoplights.researchers at massachusetts institute of technology imagined a scenario http://journals.plos.o rg/plosone/article?id =10.1371/journal.pone.0149607 where cars communicate with each other using sensors. the sensors can tell the cars how far to stay away from one
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study outlines a mathematical model similar to how people board airplanes to illustrate how cars have their own "slot" on the road, much like how each passenger belongs to a boarding zone. a steady flow at a slower rate could allow drivers to get to their destinations quicker and relieve bottleneck situations at a stoplight. but this means controlling the speed of cars and how they group up at intersections. a co-author of the study suggests by decreasing the speed of a car before the intersection, it would line up with its "slot," and cars would be able to pass through intersections without having to stop.researchers acknowledge the study has to wait for technology to catch up but believe their theory could benefit the transportation system as a whole by allowing up to twice as much traffic to use the roads. ohio governor john kasich -- comes out swinging in the gop presidential race! race!:12 in fact we are rising. we are raising more money. we are getting more
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supportbut is he really raising more money?we put his claims to the test! for years we've thought of language as something spanish (points at board)...but now there's a debate. could computer coding
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... need help? send a text.that's what is happening in butler county.the now's briana harper takes us inside the 9-1-1 call
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cons of texting in an emergency. ...nats typing... you might not hear a voice. but this is the sound of a 9-1-1 operator responding to an emergency. its part of butler county communications latest upgrade to text to 9-1-1. capt. matt franke// butler county 911 coordinator "it's another tool that enhances the safety of the citizens of the county and that's why we're pushing forward." briana harper// @brianawcpo "the text to 9-1-1 technology first began in hamilton county back in 2013. and ever since then the purpose has been simple-- if you can't call 911 then text 911." so far this year in hamilton county the communication center has received close to 500 9-1-1 texts. a handful (they had no exact number) have been false reports and those responsible face the same penalty as a prank 9-1-1 call. but in other instances its been a success when it matters most. shawn cruz//hamilton county communications center "we recently had a hearing impaired mother who's one- year-old needed help and because of the text to 911 she
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us." the text to 9-1-1 service is also helpful in domestic violence situations. "whe know there are situations where text does work and we just want to have it available but we don't want people to use it instead of actually calling 9-1-1. the main difference between text versus calls to 9-1-1 is that a text message can't send an exact location to 9-1-1 operators. butler county hopes to expand the text to 911 service within the next several months to all emergency communication centers throughout the county. briana harper reporting the now cincinnati. cincinnati emergency communications launched its complete text to 9-1-1 service last fall. norwood and amberley village are in the beginning stages of integrating text in its communications centers. a few dozen customers are still without natural gas service in parts of hamilton. on friday -- we told you on the now cincinnati about how crews found water entering
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crews spent the weekend making repairs.natural gas service was restored to all mains serving the affected area yesterday afternoon and those workers are now reconnecting lines to homes.but you have to be home to have service call 513.785.7550 any time of day to schedule and appointment. local law enforcement spent the day getting ready for vice president joe biden's visit to cincinnati tomorrow. tomorrow.he's speaking to the hamilton county democratic party at an event supporting former governor ted strickland. strickland won the democrats' nomination last week to run for incumbant senator rob portman's seat. campaign finance reports show john kasich didn't raise a lot of money in february. february.reports show ted cruz raised more in just one month -- than kasich has the entire course of the remains unknown how much kasich's victory in ohio last tuesday will impact his fundraising though.kaisch has
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endorsements including former marco rubio backer senator james inhofe of oklahoma. kasich says he's the only one who can beat hillary clinton this fall. :00 (governor john kasich)"now if i'm the only one that can beat hillary in the fall, why would anybody say i should leave? i mean that just - that's nuts! i'm not going anywhere anywhereit is mathematically impossible for kasich to get the number of delegates needed to win the republican nomination at the convention in cleveland this summer. however, kasich is hoping donald trump and ted cruz find themselves in the same position and he can win a contested convention. nearly all of the presidential candidates are making their pitch to a powerful pro-israel lobbying group today. today. but the one wild card they're really waiting to hear from right now is donald trump. in the past he's said it's best to be neutral on israel-palestinian peace talks. today hillary clinton challenged trump during her speech at the group's conference.
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(d) presidential candidate "yes, we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday. pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable." negotiable." john kasich will speak at the conference later tonight... followed by donald trump and then ted cruz. hundreds of people are expected to protest trump's speech outside the event. meantime trump is trying to improve his relationship with the republican party with a private meeting today in washington, d-c. it included former speaker newt gingrich who you see here arriving for that meeting. an area of low pressure will be developing out in the plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with
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tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%. showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be fine-tuned, it looks like we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling back to the 50 degree mark on friday. fantastic news out of kentucky today.a benefit to help rebulid the old rabbit hash general has raised eleven thousand dollars. hundreds gathered at the new world headquarters of colonel de herbs & spices for the event march 12th.all wanted to do something help rebuild the general store which burned in will cover part of the damage but not all of it, so fundraisers are needed to make up the difference. should computer coding count for foreign language credit? florida lawmakers recently debated becoming the first state to try it. but
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idea is catching on in high schools across the country. natscoding/social media/isaac montageinputs...output s...characters...and numbers... make up text messages...web history...our every conversation. steve beaty | metropolitan state university denver 13:38 everything. everyone. is always computing. let's put a language around that. let's have a way of expressing that both to ourselves and to everyone else. that language is called coding. to many of us -- it's foreign. and there's a push to count coding for foreign language credit in schools across the country. nats10:01 good opening shot 10:15 buenos dias!at arrupe jesuit...studen ts use technology in the classroom and in their personal lives...communicating more than ever. marissa chavez | high school senior 19:27 i'm always snapchatting and on twitter. i text a lot.maria elena navarro lopez | spanish teacher 8:47 these days the social media is kind of taking advantage of those social relationships. it's very important to keep reminding ourselves to talk to each other with a language and face each other anne mcnamara | @annemcnamaratv (with globe) there is one advantage coding's not centralized in world...the very nature of speaking in numbers (spins globe) opens up a more global conversation. 10:03 it is a different language and it does allow us to express things we havent been able to express before and so from that point of view, i think learning how to code, learning how to program,
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skill for essentially everybody nats - in spanish21:49 hola my name is marissa i like xxx... but even those who would benefit most...still have hesitation...calling it a "language." 20:48 i think a language requires personal interaction and caring about other people and eye contact and the physical stuff is what really makes a conversation. if you're at a computer, you can't really do that. for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. the florida bill was sponsored by a senator...who used to be an executive at yahoo. the state senate gave the go ahead...but the bill died in the house. right now...four other states -- are also discussing similar bills. not many of us want to pay more taxes!but one group is asking to shell out more!why they say they're willing to
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they wanted inspirational names based on an historic figure or landmark for this new polar research ship. instead a british group got "r-r-s boaty mcboatface." that's the most popular name right now in their public survey to name the ship. the man behind that suggestion has now apologized to the group on twitter. but they say they're actually loving the attention. the ship is similar to this one you see in action here. it may not end up being named "boaty mcboatface" because the group doesn't have to pick the name with the most votes. it's scheduled to set sail for antarctica in 20-19. this may be a first. some people you may not expect are actually asking to have their taxes raised. raised. a group of more than 40 millionaires in new york just sent a letter to the governor and top lawmakers about the tax hike. the
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afford to pay our current taxes and we can afford to pay even more." they say they want to have higher taxes to help address poverty in the state and to deal with aging roads and waterlines. but their idea may not make it too far. the republican-led senate in new york is against the idea. 9 on your side's craig mckee is joining me now with a quick look at what's coming up at 5. first it's something 14 families didn't expect - to be homeless. a ruptured gas line and a fire pushes them all into a dire situation. the area's only dedicated warren and butler county reporter jay warrent has the latest on making things somewhat normal for the families. more bomb threats and more costs. we're taking a closer look at what a series of school threats is doing to the school's bottomline. the impact for administrators and the connection to your pocket book. we're on your side with what we've found out.
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"airport security lines are getting longer and longer and those wait times are only going up. can the tsa do anything to change that? i
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... two teenagers are battered but alive today after their plane crashed on a golf course in florida!a 17 year old was piloting the 1939 vintage plane saturday.his 18 year old girlfriend was in the passenger seat.two other planes were flying with them. they were headed to nashville and everything was fine until an engine cut out during the last part of the journey.that teen says he tried to make an emergency landing but realized he wouldn't make it to an airport in st. petersburg.he's a certified pilot and his training kicked in. :34 sot christian dell - it just started sputtering and it ultimately failed failed:41 sot nicole klusner - i was just looking at him - trusting he knew what to do and praying to god that we
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okauthorities say that 17 year old did everything right and that saved their lives.both suffered concussions and some pretty nasty cuts and bruises but both are recovering. spring break and now the easter weekend coming up. it means busy airports. 65-million people will fly this month, about 4-million more than last year at this time. the now's todd walker brings us up to date on what to expect. :00-:05 suggested super: todd walker | @toddwalkernews security's now a part of our everyday travel reality, but at some of the nation's busiest airports, the long lines to get through security have gotten out of hand. like up to an hour wait in recent months. the t-s-a estimates it screens nearly 2- million passengers each day. they've now re-deployed 28 teams of canine teams to busier airports. the dogs explosives - then those passengers can move through faster screening without having to take off their shoes and they can leave their laptops in their carry-on bags. the t-s-a still advises you to get to the airport two hours early, just in case.
4:47 pm
shortages and increasing demand, the t-s-a is now training workers in double shifts in order to graduate nearly 2-hundred new agents per week. i will be at the t-s-a training academy this week to see what they go through, and to ask t-s-a if this effort will get the security lines moving without compromising your safety. and i will be at the world's busiest airport, where they've threatened to hire a private screening company if the t-s-a can't quickly improve things. for the now, i'm todd walker. walker. in the meantime, the t-s-a has posted ways to speed up your time at the security checkpoints, especially if you don't travel that often. often.those include arriving early, printing you boarding pass and knowing what you've packed, all while keeping the three-one-one rule in mind. new warnings right now about the zika virus. timing is everything - the centers for disease control has issued a travel alert to cuba, as the president makes
4:48 pm
there. and in puerto rico, they now expect one out of every four people to get the virus this year, and eventually 8 out of ten will get infected. many people there don't have screens on their windows to keep mosquitoes like these out. the c-d-c has a lab there and is sending more staff to do blood tests, especially on pregnant women. the virus is linked to birth defects and there is increasing concern about it being spread through sexual contact. we've told you how we could see the mosquitos that spread the zika virus in the u-s this summer. now we're learning the cities where they may be the most likely to show up. and some of them may surprise you.9 on your side anchor carol williams with a look. look. researchers at "the national center for atmospheric research" are using computer models to study this in 50 cities. cities. they looked at past weather patterns and the mosquitos' lifecycle. here's a map of their predictions. cities with red circles have the highest risk. you can see that includes miami and new orleans.
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like washington d-c have a moderate risk because the mosquitos that carry the zika virus can live there in the hot humid summers. cities with the lowest risk are places that are dry like san diego or have higher altitudes like denver. researchers say we could see small localized outbreaks this summer. but it won't be anything like the situations in the caribbean and south america. that's because a lot of us live and work inside by comparison. we're tracking new developments right now in the flint water crisis. michigan's governor is out with a new plan today calling for the state to implement stricter lead-testing rules than what the feds require. require. this comes after he got grilled by lawmakers last week. we showed it to you here on "the now." the plan also includes replacing thousands of lead pipes in flint. today flint's mayor says the city plans to start replacing those pipes by the
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julie and jason chat about weather an area of low pressure will be developing out in the plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies. warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%. showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be fine-tuned, it looks like we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling
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just six weeks after he was arrested for having sex on a ferris wheel in las vegas -- a texas man has been killed! killed!investigators say the 27 year old was shot to death in front of his fiance during a carjacking.that suspect reportedly told the victim to quote "come clean" before shooting him.police say its unclear what the suspect meant but that victim was recently arrested for having sex on a ferris wheel with a woman he
4:52 pm
:43 a metrobus was flagged down by a woman screaming frantically. at some point during the ride to this after hours club the passenger pulled a gun raised it to the man and started firing. firing. the suspects reportedly kicked the fiance out of the car following the shooting and that's when she raced for help. police have arrested two men in the case. a disturbing discovery near one of the country's most iconic landmarks.hikers find a human skull near the hollywood sign in los angeles. those hikers called police on saturday immediately after finding the remains.homicide detectives and the coroner were also called to the scene. investigators are still trying to figure out how long the skull had been in the area, along with the person's age,
4:53 pm
1:18 "who knows how long ago it was. it could have been quite some some time. i do hope get to the bottom of it as soon as possible and whoever's involved, from the family's perspective, i hope so they need some sort of closure on it." it."as of right now -- no other human remains have been found in that area.this isn't the first time remains have been found near the hollywood sign though.someone found remains in 2012 as well. a trip to the easter bunny -- ends in a brawl! brawl!why a father took aim at a colorful costumed mall worker! happening now -- president obama is speaking in cuba at an entrepreneurship event.this is a live look at the latest stop in his historic trip to cuba.the president is now taking questions.the now
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mall to see the easter bunny, ends with a trip to the hospital instead. video posted on twitter shows the chaos at this mall in new jersey. police say a father got mad when his 1- year-old daughter slipped from a chair after getting her picture taken with a man dressed as the easter bunny. they say he verbally and physically assaulted the man in the costume. both ended up going to the hospital with minor injuries. so far, we don't know of any charges - police are still investigating. terrifying moments on board a plane bound for hawaii when a woman's iphone bursts into flames mid-flight! anna crail/survived lithium-ion battery explosion :20 my mom yelled for them to get a fire extinguisher and at first they were like omg. i don't think they knew what to expect. expect.the federal aviation administration is now investigating reports that the woman was watching a movie on her iphone six when it caught fire -- the flames reaching about eight inches high.early evidence suggests the lithium battery over-heated.experts
4:58 pm
battery to combust -- but not unheard of. tony olson/president of d2 worldwide1:01 the problems with lithium ions can happen almost at any point. it can happen when it's fully charged and plugged in. it can happen when it's fully charged and running off the battery. battery.the faa has long been in the process of testing lithium batteries -- and already warned airlines about its concern that those batteries can self-ignite while being shipped as cargo. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. right now at five o-clock.a fire destroys a fairfield apartment complex...12 families are looking for a new place to live.we're with them as they pick through what's left of their homes. a van blows through a red light - crashing into two cars at a busy butler county intersection...the late developments we're just learning on this deadly crash, tonight. the duo charged in the deadly
4:59 pm
takes a plea.hear what the man's kids are saying tonight to their father's killer. and a last second basket means the muskies are coming home.a look at their attempt to make it past the second round of the ncaa tournament.this is nine on your side at five. 12 families are looking for a new place to live after a fire destroys their apartment. good evening - i'm craig mckee. mckee.and i'm carol williams. the fire was caused by a ruptured gas line. line.and nine on your side's butler and warren county reporter jay warren is live with the biggest questions investigators have tonight, jay? this wasn't an easy fire to put out according to the fairfield fire department-- fire was roaring higher than the roof and it was being
5:00 pm
needed to be shut off-- of wildwood was not the way michael meredith wanted to spend his monday--he explained what his wife heard((michael meredith/lost everything))"i was at work my wife called me and said she heard a big bang and she said the back yard was on fire and came home and no roof and everything is soaking wet."according to the fairfield fire department the person operating this little excavator struck a gas line ((chief don bennett/fairfield fire department))"we got into the rear of the building we found out that they had struck a two inch gas line. we had flames going four feet in diameter beyond the roof line." and it was a difficult fire to fight((sot))"that being the case it's pretty hard to extinguish the fire when you have this ongoing continuous gas leak."they worked to stop it on either side of the fire and were able to get it under control--as for meredith despite what happened he knows it could have been a lot worse ((sot))"everybody is safe my


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