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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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needed to be shut off-- of wildwood was not the way michael meredith wanted to spend his monday--he explained what his wife heard((michael meredith/lost everything))"i was at work my wife called me and said she heard a big bang and she said the back yard was on fire and came home and no roof and everything is soaking wet."according to the fairfield fire department the person operating this little excavator struck a gas line ((chief don bennett/fairfield fire department))"we got into the rear of the building we found out that they had struck a two inch gas line. we had flames going four feet in diameter beyond the roof line." and it was a difficult fire to fight((sot))"that being the case it's pretty hard to extinguish the fire when you have this ongoing continuous gas leak."they worked to stop it on either side of the fire and were able to get it under control--as for meredith despite what happened he knows it could have been a lot worse ((sot))"everybody is safe my
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of the house ok everything is good there."and now the quest is on to figure out what happened((sot))"it's really going to be up to the investigators to see where this line was whether it had been moved this complex was built back in the '70's so there's been a lot of modifications."> so right now the question is were the gas lines properly marked and if not why not--- but if they were properly marked then why didn't contractor see it--we have calls in to both to the property manager and to best plumbing out of loveland for comment but so far we haven't heard back--jay warren 9 on your side fairfield a west chester woman dies in a serious crash. crash.police say 72-year-old "john morlock" was going east on tylersville road this morning when he struck two other cars at kingsgate way. his passsenger "la verne
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were taken to west chester hospital. it's not clear what happened causing "john morlock" to run the light. three suspects pleaded guilty today to their involvment in a brutal homicide in st. bernard. but the family isn't satisfied with the case being over. served.">nine on your side's scott wegener was in court and has the story. one by one, they faced the judge.and one by one, james kirby, chasidy brewer and mario lewis pleaded guilty to their involvement in the brutal beating death of seventy three year old carl engel.engel's battered body was found in his home in st. bernard a year ago.police say kirby and lewis broke into his home for a burglary that went bad.kirby was handed the stiffest senetence- twenty seven years.brewer, who helped destroy evidence of the crime in a cemetery was handed seven years, and lewis:"fourteen years in the department of corrections." the suspects
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deal--something the family believes meant for a lighter sentence."we just feel like justice isn't completely served.""the whole process of plea deals and all this ridiculous legal maze to get to these convictions is a travesty."both cynthia koelher and brian engel let their frustrations be known before each sentencing."he's only getting a deal because he agreed to tell his story.""my dad was beat over fifteen times with multiple weapons throughout the house."lewis took issue with the family's anger in front of judge nadine allen."without me speaking up, you wouldn't have kniow the truth through the whole case scenario.""what they know sir, is that their father is dead, and was killed and that you participated."the family says they hope to change the laws about plea deals so no one has to have the kind of conversations they are dreading with their children. "one day i'm going to have to explain to her, why she doesn't get to meet her
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bad people in the world, and i'm not looking forward to that conversdation."scott wegener, nine on your side, cincinnati. a man in his 70's is hurt after being run over by his own happened around 1-30 this afternoon near compton road in springfield township.police say the man got out of his car - which was not in park.he tried jumping back in -- but fell.the man's legs stopped the car.he was taken to the hospital as a be just fine. a series of threats land two tri-state teens in serious trouble tonight. tonight.the first round of threats were made last night on facebook.the 15-year-old who allegedly wrote he was going to blow up every other school in cincinnati was arrested late last night.the 15-year-old refers to himself as "the new osama." and just this afternoon - campbell county police say a teenager made a bomb threat at the county's middle school. all 14-hundred students were taken to the high school. officers brought in bomb sniffing dogs to check the
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classes resumed.a 14-year-old was taken into custody for allegedly making the threats. coming up tonight at six - nine on your side reporter john genovese takes a closer look at how much these threats are costing school districts. the u-s supreme court is not going to consider the case of a former springboro police lieutenant. lieutenant.jim barton is serving time in the 1995 murder of his's believed that barton hired two men to scare his wife so that she would move off their farm and into the city.he wanted to move so he could become the next police chief. but an appeals court found that prosecutors withheld key evidence.ohio was hoping to appeal that ruling to the supreme court. the hearts of muskie fans dropped in the final second of last night's second round game against wisconsin... the xavier musketeers didn't make it past the second round of the n-c double a tournament.
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broo is here with a look at the play the sealed xavier's fate! a sudden end that always brings a lingering ache.for every team, in every ncaa tournament, since forever, the end to a season comes quickly..and then, you agonize over the what ifs.friday night it was uc's turn.last night it was xavier's turn. tied at 63, two seconds to play. wisconsin's branson keonig in the corner for the win. that's just a great play design....great execution of the play. xavier had it defended well. the kid just made a terrific shot. it's happens, a lot.and what makes it even tougher, this current xavier team was constructed to make a deep run. instead, it came home, out in the round of 32. trt :16outcue:...makes a big time shot"((davis: i still don't believe that it happened. it's a shok to me, and my heart dropped to my stomach. nothing you can do about it now.))((farr: we had a good defensive possesion there, going away from the basket. big time player makes
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wisconsin plays on and meets notre dame next.and for march madness around here, the only team left standing is indiana. coming up next at five. historic trip. trip.what president obama is saying tonight after meeting with cuba's president.a look at his trip to the communist nation. plus - we'll show you the ground-breaking treatment that could resolve those terrible headaches so many of us live with... "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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tonight president obama is making a historic trip to cuba. these are live pictures of him actually. he is meeting with cuban president raul's the first time a u-s president has visited cuba in nearly ninety years.and while the embargo still exists... american businesses are starting to take advantange of newly relaxed restrictions - bringing more tourism dollars to cuba.the president says change is going to happen in
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change.">earlier today... the president laid a wreath at the memorial of cuban's national hero - jose marti.tomorrow - mr. obama will attend a baseball game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. an indiana sheriff's deputy is shot to death while serving a search warrant over the weekend. deputy carl koontz was only 27 years old.authorities say he was with another deputy when they knocked on the suspect's door early sunday morning. instead of answering the door - the suspect started firing his gun.deputy koontz was on the force for nearly three years.he was married and father to an eight month old son. coming up next at five.finding relief! relief!the new treatment for
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headaches can get, to stop the pain! your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 dan carroll is live in chopper 9, the only local helicopter
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millions suffer from migranes everyday.and while some have tried everything -- they never seem to be able to find relief. but there is a new - cutting edge treatment - to help stop the pain for some... we all get them from time to time... the pounding headache - most of us pop a couple of ibuprofren and ride it out. millions of others find it debilitating.
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hard.">diane franklin is undergoing a new proceedure called sphenocath. it is aimed at treating chronic daily headaches and migraines. doctors use an "unelegant catheter" that goes up the nasal passage and targets the errant firing pattern causing the headaches.the procedure - usually covered by insurance - is non invasive, using a bit of topical cream to numb just the surface of the nose. patients will spend about five minutes in recovery before going home.but there is another option...
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stimulation to your nerves. and we think that is where possibly the headaches start originating from, and that is able to then stop that process.">a few things to consider -the cefaly device is for prevention only.users must wear it 20 minutes a day *everyday.the cost is about 350-dollars and *not covered by most insurance plans."it's a very good option for people not looking for a chronic oral daily medication to prevent their headaches in that regard. it does require more studies because so far we know that the device is no better than oral medications and they still are a little more efficacious than the device is right now." the national headache foundation estimates roughly 37-million americans suffer
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after high temperatures this afternoon around 50, we'll drop back into the 40s tonight, with lows falling into the mid-30s by sunrise tuesday.tuesday's weather story will be the gusty winds. we'll see mostly sunny skies with highs in the low to mid-60s, but southwest winds will be strong, gusting at times to around 35 mph.our next shot of rain arrives thursday with a strong cold front. we could even see a few thunderstorms as the front passes by. highs will cool off
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sticking with it! it!we'll tell you a few reasons why new research shows your lenten diet may be working!what more you can be doing, coming up in healthy living. and a tri-state mother's warning about gummy vitamins that should have all parents on alert tonight! i'm john matarese. a big announcement from apple today about new iphones....but do people really care anymore? that story coming up on 9 on
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tonight in healthy living... just because the lenten season comes to an end next sunday on easter - does not mean you have to return to poor eating habits. research tonight shows the "paleo diet", also known as "the cave man diet," can extend past lent.and can actually lead to a lifetime of eating well.studies show fasting and self-denial can lead to a healthier way of living. and for those of you - already on the "paleo diet" making some tweaks like eating more vegetables can help as well.
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raising awareness for national poison prevention week! week!rosalind jones' son was only two when he swallowed an entire bottle of gummy vitamins.jones called poison control and immediately got help for her son...who is alive and well today. are some important reminders to prevent getting poisoned.-keep all drugs in medicine cabinets that children cannot reach.-never leave children alone with cleaning products or drugs. -and never share or sell prescription drugs. when in doubt - call 1-800-222- connects you to a poison control can get immediate answers if you believe you or someone you know were just poisoned. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. coming up next on nine on your side at 5:30... and friends mourn the loss of a young
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fell to her death.we're speaking with those who knew katie stewart.hear how she was able to touch so many lives in such a short life span. and buttler county is trying to mkae it easier for you to reach 9-1-1 dispatchers. see the new way you can get emergency crews to your
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this evening friends and family are grieving the loss of a kenton county woman who fell to her death. death.katie stewart fell off a cliff at an overlook at raven run nature sanctuary in lexington over the weekend. tom mckee talked to loved ones at stewart's high school about what tough loss this is. katie stewart and her twin sister turned 22 on march 14th. her father, tom, told me she was coming to lakeside park for a party on saturday night. but, first, the transylvania university senior went to
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lexington, one of her favorite spots. there, he said, she slipped and fell to her death. "it's so sad and tragic that her beautiful, wonderful life was ended way too soon." soon." that's how notre dame academy president laura koehl described 2012 graduate katie stewart monday after learning of her death. death. "katie, i think, was a very open and welcoming person. she made people feel good about who they are." are." stewart was one of two co- presidents her senior year at the park hills high school. school. "she was very involved. she worked closely with the students. she got to know them well and dild things that were in their best interest. she worked well with her teachers and the staff to really promote notre dame academy." academy." stewart fell over a cliff saturday at raven run nature sanctuary. firefighters recovered her body and while trying to move it in a boat, it capsized. six firefighters in life vests swam to safety, but stewart's body hasn't been found. she was a manager at crank and boom ice cream lounge and


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