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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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lexington, one of her favorite spots. there, he said, she slipped and fell to her death. "it's so sad and tragic that her beautiful, wonderful life was ended way too soon." soon." that's how notre dame academy president laura koehl described 2012 graduate katie stewart monday after learning of her death. death. "katie, i think, was a very open and welcoming person. she made people feel good about who they are." are." stewart was one of two co- presidents her senior year at the park hills high school. school. "she was very involved. she worked closely with the students. she got to know them well and dild things that were in their best interest. she worked well with her teachers and the staff to really promote notre dame academy." academy." stewart fell over a cliff saturday at raven run nature sanctuary. firefighters recovered her body and while trying to move it in a boat, it capsized. six firefighters in life vests swam to safety, but stewart's body hasn't been found. she was a manager at crank and boom ice cream lounge and
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marketing. co-workers and sunday. "we really just wanted to come together today to share in our grief and to mourn together -- to celebrate her life and to honor her memory." memory." katie's father, tom, called her a brillant student for whom academics came easy. she was majoring in spanish and communications at transylvania university. her mother, stephanie, called katie a bright light, a jewel, whose inside beauty spread to the world around her. notre dame academy, friends and alumni gathered monday for a private vigil in her memory. memory. "it's really an opportunity to welcome back katie's classmates and other alumni who want to come back to notre dame to be together and to share in their grief and to be supported." that private vigil is underway right now in park hills. visitation for katie is at 3:30 wednesday afternoon at saint agnes church in fort wright with the funeral set for 7:00 p.m. her father works for the world wresling federation and that show's broadcast tonight will
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an arrest warrant is now out for a woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the university of cincinnati. cincinnati.kassandra jackson faces theft, telecommunica tions, and identity fraud charges.police say she took at least 75-hundred dollars from the school between april 2013 and october 2014.they have not released how the theft took place. in the case of an emergency-- there's some good news for butler county residents.text to 911 is now officially an option when calling is not. not.briana harper is on your side tonite to explain how you can make the most of this latest emergency technology. she joins us live from the newsroom. briana? butler county is following the lead of hamilton county and only about 400 other emergency communication centers nationwide that are using cellphone technology to save lives. instead of a call for help it's a text.notifying 9-1-1 operators of an emergency - without saying a word.hamilton county was one of the first in
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9-1-1 service back in butler county is also responding to a public safety want and a need they see neccessary. "a lot of people thought it already existed and going all the way back to the virginia tech shooting where numerous 911 calls were made by text and went really nowhere and people didn't understand that they weren't capable of being recieved. so we want to push forward as qucikly as we could as the technology became available."the text to 9-1-1 service is meant to help those with hearing impairments and also serves a purpose in domestic violence situations. some things to keep in mind if you every need to use text to 9-1-1. remember the text message does not provide 9-1-1 operators with an exact location.also if you're in a position to call 9-1-1 instead craig? the trial for the former xavier women's basketball coach accused of groping a
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rescheduled.bryce mckey's trial was set for's now rescheduled for april 11th. a player he coached claims he invited her over to his covington home where she claims he innapropriately touched her.mckey's attorney had already entered a "not guilty" plea on a third-degree sexual assault charge. a police chase ended with two people hurt -- after the car crashed into a power pole and gaslight on east sharon road. road.the car went airborne in the crash ...first responders found one person unconscious and trapped inside. that victim and another person were taken to west chester hospital. we are investigating ...... came up on themduke energy crews were on scene for hours trying to get everything back in working order ... while police completed their investigation.
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who investigators say died after his step-mother put him in scalding water will be held tomorrow. for austin cooper will be at the "herr-riggs funeral home" in middletown.warren county's coroner ruled the 4-year-old's death a homicide.anna ritchie is charged with child endangering.the boy's father told 9-1-1 that his child got into a hot bath and was later found unresponsive in his bed. those on the front lines of the fight against heroin say the crisis is only getting worse... and they need a million dollars from the solve the problem. in a presentation to commissioners- the statistics were staggering. those with the hamilton county mental health and recovery services board say the number of opiate users is up 140 percent since 2012. nick tilow is president and ceo of the talbert house, one of the partnering agencies. he says they want to try a different approach...medicine that could numb the heroin user's high and keep them from
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"medically assisted treatment is a co-occuring sort of approach to the traditional counseling and residential care because it is a way of reducing the cravings for the drug. as well as in some cases reducing the ability to get high from the drug." the plan will cost 4 point seven million dollars including the million dollars from commissioners. ohio is launching a new advertising campaign to attract visitors to the state's tourist destinations. destinations.the campaign began today with a 30 second t-v spot featuring the new "ohio. find it here" brand.the ad will air on t-v's across the state and also in detroit and pittsburgh.most of ohio's 200 million visits come from travelers who already live in the state.according to the ohio tourism director -- the campaign is expected to cost six million dollars. coming up next on nine on your
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shooting.we'll show you the tense moments leading up to when bullets began flying. and two kids are recovering after the ground beneath their feet suddenly opened up.see how rescuers were able to get them out of the 30-foot hole. i'm john matarese. a big announcement from apple today they try to get you to upgrade with a new cheaper much cheaper? that story coming up on 9 on your side. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in chopper 9."
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a michigan woman is now in custody for wild weekend shooting that was caught on camera. camera.police say the woman shot a man in his car at detroit gas station. surveillance video shows her getting into a heated argument and then taking out the gun. two men were shot before the weapon was wrestled away from her.those men are expected to survive. two maryland boys are recovering after falling down a 30-foot hole. hole.a firefighter say the hole opened beneath a mulched area.the children were
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spot in the ground caved in. one of the kid's brothers says this is not the first time something like this has happened. five years ago a dog fell in. putting mulch over a hole is not covering the hole. my brother could have died. you're not understanding. my brother could have lost his life liferescue crews used a rope to to pull one boy out.the other boy was able to climb out.both were taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. apple and the u-s justice department will face off in court tomorrow. f-b-i request for apple to unlock the i-phone of san bernadino shooter syed farook is at says to do so it would need to create new software that could jeopardize the security of any i-phone.the f-b-i says there's no other way to learn whether the phone holds information about the december massacre. your nine first warning
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recognizable robbers... local gas station clerks band together to stop these crooks in their tracks.and smart phone sales are down... (sot) "after the second or third one it's just the same thing with a new wrapper." but that means good news for you... john matarese is on your side with the smaller iphone you can finally afford... (sot) "i think it makes sense for a lot of kids... younger teens and stuff like that."you're
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. a big announcement from apple today about new they try to get you to upgrade with a new cheaper phone. consumer reporter john matarese has all the details. but first, why you need to update your kindle tablet....immediately! john? tanya....we're always being told we have to upgrade our apps....and many of us never take the time to do it.but in this case you should. should.if you want to keep using your older amazon kindle, you need to update it in before says if you dont update the original kindle e-reader, it will no longer access the internet as of will have to manually install new software after that, which will be a hassle. an update tonight on a story we told you about
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woman without a working fridge becuase her warranty company denied her claim. claim.9 on your side told you that lashawn huckaby had no way of keeping her special needs daughter's formula cold. dave schrorer, maintainance supervisor at towne properties, saw our report, and jumped into action.he donated a working fridge, and delivered it yesterday.thanks to dave for his generosity. with subsidized smarphones now a thing of the past, phone sales are down sharply in the past apple hopes to reverse that trend...unveiling a new, cheaper iphone today! but will people be interested? remember when a new iphone meant a rush of hundreds of people to be the first to have the hottest new device?new iphone these days?not so the downtown reminded us. us."i mean i'm not really excited about it. it's not
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form the last iphone." iphone.""not really, i mean after the second or third one it's just the same thing with a new wrapper."so apple is hoping to rekindle the old flames ...with its unveiling of the new iphone se, which will re released next week. unlike recent phones that have gotten bigger and bigger, the se will be a small 4 inch phone, like the old 4s, to better fit in tight pockets. pockets.the problem though is no matter what type of phone apple releases, you cant get them anymore for just 199 dollars with that 2 year contract.and that may make it a tough sell.-------------so to bring in budget minded shoppers, the se will be the cheap cheapest new iphone, just 399 dollars instead of 600 or addition, major carriers plan to offer it on an installment plan for just 17 dollars a month, much less than any other new iphone. apple hopes to hear more of this in the coming weeks.... weeks...."it excites me. i like to have new technology, and know that apple is good at bringing whatever make my life
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the company hopes to see more people in its stores snapping up the newest phone. the new cheaper iphone goes on sale next thursday. thursday.finally, it's cheap gas monday.ron mckiddey finds 1.75 at thorntons in fairfield. in kentucky, kermit ballmer found 1.87 at kroger in florence.and in indiana, terry henkenburns reports 1.77 at valero in aurora. aurora.triple a says tri state gas prices have jumped 17 cents the past two weeks...and expects to see prices over 2 dollars in the next few weeks. an area of low pressure will plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it.
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the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies.warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid 60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%.showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at
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coming up next at 5:30... some researchers are learning to be more careful about what they ask for. for.the internet is getting a say in the naming of a new ship and the suggestions are getting a little snarky.
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a fan to stun rihanna. but that's exactly what happened at her concert here in cincinnati this weekend. new at six... we talk with the fan about his brush with fame. a little over two hours before the celebrity cast of "dancing with the stars" begin season of the contestants is "good morning america's" very own ginger zee. the live event starts at 8
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the british governmentis asking the public for name suggestions. its launching a new 3-hundred million dollar polar research ship. ship.and if the internet gets its way... it will be called 'boaty mcboatface."british government officials are learning the hard way that when you ask the internet for something serious... most likely, you will get something snarky in return.other suggestions include "the r- r-s it's bloody cold here" and "usain boat". they've been dubbed the "lockout bandits." bandits."carol williams joins us with a look ahead at that story we're covering for you at six. carol.
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video.. and its easy to see why its the same two men involved. in both cases.. they are wearing ski masks hiding their faces. that precaution may actually have hurt them when it came to trying to rob local stores. you'll hear from the local clerk who stopped the men in their tracks. there were threats today against three local schools... forcing officials to take special precautions to keep students safe. new at six... the cost of protecting
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track: they've been nicknamed the lockout bandits.sot: it was scary because he had a gun. track: only on 9 on your side.. the clerk who foiled two robbers. track: school threats. there were three here just today. the hidden cost to students and districts... even when the threat is bogus. track: rihanna fan-struck.sot: "sound of concert"track: the look on her face says it all. the voice that shocked a superstar in cincinnati. you're watching nine on your side at six. good evening. they're being called "the lock-out bandits." two would-be armed robbers have now been locked out *twice* by clerks at gas stations in northern kentucky. 9 on your side's julie o'neill spoke exclusively with
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saturday night in williamstown, where she joins us now live. julie? it was just before closing time here at the marathon gas station on 36 west two men attempted to enterthe description and circumstances all too similar to what happened not far from here a few weeks agowith the same result. duped again??? they have the disguises, they have the gun, but these two would-be armed robbers don't have a key to get in.the clerk, dwayne nickell was one step ahead of them. i came out this door and i got about here and i heard somebody talking right over on the corner there and i just took the garbage just put it on that corner over there and then i went back inside the shop and locked my door and went back up to the cash register to do my work and about that time here they came.


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