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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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saturday night in williamstown, where she joins us now live. julie? it was just before closing time here at the marathon gas station on 36 west two men attempted to enterthe description and circumstances all too similar to what happened not far from here a few weeks agowith the same result. duped again??? they have the disguises, they have the gun, but these two would-be armed robbers don't have a key to get in.the clerk, dwayne nickell was one step ahead of them. i came out this door and i got about here and i heard somebody talking right over on the corner there and i just took the garbage just put it on that corner over there and then i went back inside the shop and locked my door and went back up to the cash register to do my work and about that time here they came.
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running when they couldn't get in did when they couldn't get into the marathon 10 miles down the interstate in corinth last month. same deal: the clerk locked them out. the circumstances so similar down to the clothing, williamstown police officer ron perkins is calling these guys the lockout bandits.the way they hit the place and everything pretty much a little fun, but takes this seriously asking people to share these pictures on line looking at him eyeball to eyeball. what was that like? it was scary because he had a worker becky hammons knows the feeling.53:58 it has actually happened to me. i have been robbed at gunpoint so it's very scary.hammons urging her co-workers now to do what seems to be working. 53:47 if you feel uncomfortable lock that door. everybody's like a team if something happened to one of our coworkers it would be devastating. 54:16
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working with the grant county sheriff's office. they have all the pictures on their facebook pages and ask you to share them. in williamstown, julie o'neill 9 on your side. a cold spring councilwoman is pleading guilty to domestic violence and a drug charge. lisa cavanaugh called police yesterday afternoon.when police arrived.. they arrested both her and her husband, john cavanaugh.both are charged with domestic violence. she was also charged with possession of marijuana.lisa cavanaugh has plead guilty to all the charges. her husband is pleading not guilty. charges have now been filed combs- hehl bridge. police tell us cory lippmeier was going east on i-275 when he rear-ended 41 year old scott petredis late last night. petredis was killed in
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serious injuries. he is now charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. police tell us he was going too fast and was probably under the influence. tomorrow marks one week since a car went off the combs-hehl bridge.later this weekcrews will resume efforts to bring the car to the surface.boone county water rescue met today to discuss what comes next.the water has been too high and swift for them to reach the car.campbell county police say they now have an idea of who was in the car. they say last week a family contacted them- inquiring about a missing person. a former butler county corrections officer now faces a federal sex abuse charge. kyle jordan was arrested by the f-b-i at wright- patterson air force base. the sheriff's office says he worked in the jail for a year before resigning in february of last year. federal officials have not released any details about the charges filed against jordan. a hearing was held today in
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township, clermont county officer accused of groping a teenager. investigators say the incident happened while the teen was with swing for a "ride along" as part of an explorers program. the teen says he touched her inapprorpriately at his house last year. he's charged with gross sexual imposition and assault. swing has emphatically denied the accusations. his trial is set for next month. one day.. three threats at local schools. campbell county middle school was evacuated today when a student made a verbal threat. a dater high school tenth grader is in custody after he made a threat on social media. and in north college hill.. high school and middle school students were evacuated to the elementary threat. aside from the safety considerations... how else does this affect schools. nine on your side's john genovese john. more than any dollar amount - officials say these threats
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time. earlier today hundreds of students here in north college hill had to be bussed to the elementary school because no matter what we're told you can't take any chances . in one day--three bomb threats putting tri-state schools on alert "this - i believe - almost certainly was a hoax. that being said when lives are at stake we have to take it very seriously" a dater 10th grader allegedly posting this facebook message threatening to blow up several cincinnati schools. in campbell county- 22:45:41"14 year old young man is in custody right now. he made a threat that he had a device in his backpack in his locker to several students" prompting 13-hundred students and staff to evacuate. week after week - hoax calls and social media comments are becoming all too common 3:07 "we're losing academic instructional time with our kids - it's a waste of our time - and you can't put a dollar amount on that"twice this school year at 'summit view academy' -bomb threats were called in from a robotic
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district into action1:31"it goes like clockwork - because they're trained. we practice for these types of situations." most bus drivers were already working - but some were called in on overtime. and in the middle of the day - during an evacuation -school districts have to scramble to make sure students get fed2:23"we have to create sack lunches for every kid - so that they can get lunch served while we're having the police check the building" districts like kenton county are teaching students to be responsible online. and if they see or hear something there or in person - to let someone know 8:07"we can't ever take that chance. we'll always contact the police and follow that protocol." the district officials i spoke with didnt have an estimated total cost for dealing with a threat- but they say having a plan in place is the best defense and drills are carried out with students at least once a year. john genovese 9oys flags at public buildings in indiana are now flying at
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howard county deputy carl koontz was shot while serving a warrant yesterday. are now looking for evan dorsey. he was wanted in court for possessin of a syringe. another deputy... seargent jordan buckley was also shot. officials say he is doing well. but... its not clear when he will be well enough to go home. a construction accident leaves 12 families without a place to live. also ahead... the u-s supreme court rules in the case of a former tri-state police officer. why this isn't the end of the case. rihanna gives a fan here the chance to sing for a few seconds.what happened next is something he'll remember for years. that story is coming up on nine on your side. president obama is in cuba for an historic visit. next on world news tonight.. anchor david muir's exclusive interview with the president and what he wants to see change in florida. you're watching 9 on your side
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the u-s supreme court will not hear the case of a formre springboro police lieutentant. jim barton is serving 15-to-50 years for the murder of his wife in 19-95.but an appeals court found prosecutors withheld key evidence... and ohio appeals to the high court. now that the case has been turned down... the case goes back to the court of appeals. it ruled barton should be retried or released. warren county prosecutor david fornshell hasn't said yet if he will retry the case. a fire leaves 12 families without a place to live. and right now... investigators want to know if a contractor's mistake is to blame. the fire at the villages of wildwood in fairfield began after a small excavator hit a two- inch gas line. firefighters say the fire was roaring by the time they arrived. what isn't clear tonight is whether the gas line was properly marked... and if not... why not. the
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19-70's.. so its possible the line had been moved. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? rihanna came to town... (nat) and this local man stole the show... (sot) "by doing this throne has thrown my life into funn and chaos." his high hopes for his moment in the're watching 9 on
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she calls herself the italian barbie of cincinnati and her expensive transformatio attention. this morning nannette hammond was on w-e-b-n's kidd-chris radio show. the 42 year old explained that she's spent 500-thousand dollars on her looks over the past 20 years. hammond says it's not all on plastic surgery, but on hair, nails and tanning too. since her story went viral earlier this month, the mother of six says she's been getting a lot of hurtful comments on social media, but her message to rise above it. 19 38 27 41 its just disgusting how people talk when they dont know me. they dont know anything about me. 19 41 55 00 you cant always judge a book by its cover. 19
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mom, i love my husnabdn dearly, i love my children dearly. 19 41 20 00 i never thought of myself as ugly. i just wanted to change my hair blonde and i got my breasts done a few times timeshammond has 46-thousand followers on her instagram account. she says she wouldn't hesitate to get plastic surgery again to help her age gracefully. a rihanna fan has the memory of a lifetime when he visits town for her concert. concert. nine on your sides tony mirones. caught up with the fan to give him his first tv interview. nats of svreaming giddy with excitement because of what happened moments before rihanna put the mike in front of terah stewart's facenats of singing he sounded impressive but look at rihanna's reactionnats stewart was actually worried about his voice terah stewart/rihanna fan"i don't want re-to put the mike in my face and for it to sound bad
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thinking about." his friend britney woodley was worried about something else "so i was trying to actually get the footage while being in the moment and not screaming at the top of my lungs."she got the moment and screamed terah stewart/rihanna fan"and literally just by doing this throne has thrown my life into funn and chaos." his instagram account went from 400 followers to 13000terah stewart/rihanna fan"texts emails on my phone won't even because there's so many yeah you found me." now the assistant director of intercultural studies at ohio state university is posting old stuff for his new followers natsterah stewart/rihanna fan so garages have the best acoustics so that's what that video was."but it's this video nats that people can't get enough ofbritney woodley/rihanna fan"like we weren't thinking about anything anything past past that moment we just couldn't believe it happened"terah stewart/rihanna fani think i'm
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a push to getting on a popular talk showtony mirones nine on your side columbus weather summary: winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy,
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to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies.warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid 60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only 20%.showers and storms will finally move in on thursday and our chance looks likely at this point. while the amount of rain still needs to be fine tuned, it looks like we'll have a decent chance for rain throughout the day. highs top out at 630f before cooling back to the 50 degree mark on
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stunned. any team that doesn't win the ncaa tournament....and that'd be 67- of the 68 that make the field every year....usually looks the way xavier looked around ten-30 last night. but often, it's not that you's the way that your lost.and bronson koenig, the wisconsin guard made it painful. hitting this three to tie the game with under 20- seconds to play.and then, nailing the game winner. great piece of strategy by the wisconsin coach, gets a time out with two seconds to play, sets the play, his team executes the play perfectly...leaving the
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trt :10outcue:...nothing you can do about it now."((myles davis: i still don't believe that it happened. it's a shock to me. my heart dropped to my stomach. there's nothing you can do about it now.)) and this was the xavier locker room soon after it was over. this team looked like it was poised for a deep run, maybe a game against notre dame, then maybe a match up with number one seed north carolina.there are a lot of reasons to like chris mack. he just gave us another reason, when he said this, late last night. trt :20outcue:..make it any easier."((mack: i told our players if this is the worst thing that happens in your life, you're going to live a pretty good life. that's reality. it's a game. nobody wants to lose. that's how you're defined. adversity is going to come and how you deal with is is going to define your charcter. and that doesn't make it any easier. )) so now the only local team left standing for a division championship....the indiana hoosiers. they play north carolina next, in the sweet 16. out in the fun and sun, the
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spring training.two weeks from today is opening day. and devin mesoraco is on track to start.that's big, for a player who's career was in jeopardy last summer. he couldn't squat...major problem for a catcher. surgery fixed that. and, now just 27, he's a young veteran on a much younger team. trt :14outcue:..i'll teach them the best that i can." ((mesoraco: to be honest, i won't change anything. if i can help guys out and teach guys a bit more. i certainly don't know everything at this point. but i feel like i learned a little bit the last couple of years. i'll teach them the best that i can. )) and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. a college student from northern kentucky was supposed to return to the tri-state this weekend for easter. but instead.. her friends and family are planning a memorial
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fall at a nature sanctuary. at 7- how her former high school is helping tonight. a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem. i'd send her to a hospital. not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account for free. we do that. for a fee of $10. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously.
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welcome to huntington --
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monday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from cuba. the president making history here, proclaiming the united enemies. standing side by side with raul castro. the extraordinary moment. castro taking questions from reporters. pressed on human rights. and the uncomfortable moment with president obama. and right after, my exclusive interview with the president. we asked, what was said inside that room with raul castro. you were in that room, do you trust president castro? do you believe that he truly wants change here? we also asked the president about criticism back home and the arrest of disdepartments


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